New to me: The people who vaccinate the least are the most educated and affluent

Here is a quote from Prevent Disease

Studies Demonstrate The More Educated You Are, The Less Chance You Will Vaccinate

More educated parents are less likely to vaccinate, which contradicts the misconceptions of many health professionals who profess that parents don't vaccinate because they are under-educated, poor or misinformed.

One publication of medical research linking the MMR vaccine to autism in The Lancet in February 1998 sparked a decade-long controversy about the triple jab. Following the initial publication, the uptake rate of the MMR vaccine dropped from 92% in 1997/98 to 80% in 2003/04.

A report examines how the response to the MMR controversy varied between parents with different levels of education. It revealed that:

Before 1998, highly educated parents were up to 8% more likely to take up the MMR vaccine than parents with lower education. By 2002, this gap had not only closed; it had actually been reversed, with highly educated parents being 2-3% less likely to accept the MMR vaccine.

Most of the relative decline in the MMR uptake by highly educated parents occurred soon after the controversy broke when the media coverage was still relatively low.

After the increased media attention in 2001 and 2002, there were no discernible differences in trends across educational groups. The controversy also appears to have had effects on the uptake of other childhood vaccines: after 1998, highly educated parents also reduced their relative uptake of other non-controversial childhood vaccines.

The relative decline in uptake by highly educated parents also potentially has wider significance. Generally speaking, individuals with more education have better health. This is possibly because they are better informed about how to achieve better health outcomes. The finding that highly educated parents were the first to react to the information that the MMR had potential side effects is consistent with this hypothesis.

More encouraging for anti-vaccine advocates is the finding that highly educated parents also reduced their uptake of other non-controversial childhood vaccines, a good sign that most of the hidden toxins in vaccines are slowly being discovered by parents and the public in general.

My comment: Low and behold, the fact that the more educated and affluent you are, the more likely you won't vaccinate your kids has been reported widely:

Experts Say Those Who Don't Vaccinate Their Kids Tend to Be Wealthy and White

Parents who don't vaccinate kids tend to be affluent, better educated, experts say

Highly Educated Parents ‘Far More Likely’ To Not Vaccinate Children

Why Do Affluent, Well-Educated People Refuse Vaccines?

Obviously, people who are well educated and affluent are more able to observe the obvious - that the vaccines are destroying the children, and (oops, did I say it) Educated does not cut it, Affluent does, and those permitted to become affluent are FAR MORE likely to be Jews, who know damn well what the shots are really for.

OMG, I think I nailed it!

Musk's new space ship will be made of stainless steel

Reason: He's expecting it to need repairs during the mission, and other materials won't be repairable

A test version of the Mars ship has already been made. Musk plans to use it for take off and landing tests up to 16, 000 feet. Musk's ship will have to land itself on Mars and remain intact while doing so, so he's getting practice now. It is made of stainless steel and looks like crap, but for test purposes that does not matter.

The final version will be made of thicker stainless steel and look better. Why stainless steel? A good answer:

Despite the steel being heavier than other materials that have previously been used in spacecraft, it is much much easier to repair in space than any other material, and the melting point is so much higher than the lightweight metals the space shuttle used that he can get away with not using any thermal protection. As long as the outer shell holds up, and the insulation behind it holds up, heat shielding will not be needed. Aesthetics will be much better with an all stainless design, durability will be excellent with an all stainless design, and overall re-usability will be much better with an all stainless design. The large booster that will help put it in orbit and then subsequently returns to earth (where repairs can be made a lot more easily) will be made of carbon fiber.

If Musk's plan works, it will be a shining example of how well "rugged individualism" out-does Nasa's "teamwork". And I bet it will work, because all too often, too many cooks spoil the broth!


Hungary's answer to immigration:

Any woman who has 3 children automatically becomes exempt from income tax for her entire life, and then receives a large bonus from the state to buy a car large enough to haul them all!

This is being done under the direction of Hungarian Prime Minister Orban, who wants to build the nation up with native Hungarians, not immigrants. Orban's statement on this topic:

"We have to understand that the European peoples have come to a historical crossroads. Those who decide in favor of immigration and migrants, no matter why they do so, are in fact creating a country with a mixed population. Europe's left-wing has become the gravedigger of nations, the family and the Christian way of life. This is the Hungarians' answer, not immigration.".

My comment: That's a positive step, however, a better one would be to make sure anti family B.S. is not constantly spewed by the media, colleges, and everywhere else, and a ban on abortion would also help.

The Two "Muslim" Congresswomen

One is real, and one is not real

FAKE: Rashida Tlaib, who likely does not have a hijab anywhere in her wardrobe and does every last possible thing she can to make people hate Palestine, to justify Israel wiping it off the map. She looks like a full spirited Ashkenazi Jew on top of it all. Crypto JEW is OK and encouraged, while Crypto currency is not I guess.

Name ONE THING Rashida has done that would actually help her cause. There is not anything at all, and she does not look too stupid to realize the outcome of what her behavior will be.

REAL: Ilhan Omar, who recently went on a tweet rant about how the Jews own Washington DC. HA HA HA, FAT CHANCE any crypto anything would ever admit that, GOOD STUFF.

However, all is not roses with Ilhan Omar, who does not understand ONE THING about Shariah law, proven by the fact that she wants a 90 percent tax rate, when Shariah Law tops out at 2.5 percent, and she's a self proclaimed feminist. She's real, but not any good anyway. You have to do a LOT more than say the Jews have bought out DC and call them hook nosed to impress me, HOW ABOUT FIGURING OUT THAT IF SHARIAH LAW SAYS 2.5 PERCENT, AMERICA NEEDS A TAX CUT? How about figuring out it is the Jews that would love a 90 percent tax rate, that through some loophole they'd never pay? Then, with such a huge financial advantage, they can turn around and buy the government, (what she's mad at them for!) She's as delirious as Ocasio (except on the taxes, Ocasio, a total closet Jew knows that game.) Awareness score of 1 for Ocasio!

Meteor in Venezuela

This is just to repeat and clarify a very important story.

On Saturday, a "meteor" hit Venezuela, was seen by the entire country and sparked a large fire in the middle of a populated area. It stayed bright all the way to the ground and flashed when it hit. Very suspiciously, this meteor did not make the news anywhere except briefly on Sputnik news and the Venezuelan media, which both posted video that was not from the meteor strike. Sputnik posted the recent Mexican meteor which went dark before it hit, and the Venezuelan media posted aerial pyrotechnic footage. Very odd.

However, people posted the actual footage of the meteor on Twitter (which I have linked below here, ) and it perfectly matched what an incoming ballistic missile looks like. Ballistic missiles have re-entry like any other space launch and the warheads look like meteors coming in. What sets them apart from normal meteors is the angle of approach, their color, plus they stay bright until they hit and they flash when they hit, from the ordnance going off.

I expected the news to be dominated with a meteor that was enough to be seen for hundreds of miles and spark fires where it came down (when has that ever happened?) to dominate the news cycle, yet nothing happened. WHY? Why were fakes of the event used instead of the real footage, posted by witnesses, including of the fire where it hit? Short answer: Because if it was a missile, which it sure looked like, and a warning shot to Maduro, someone gave an order of silence and this will NOT be news. It will be interesting to see where Venezuela turns in the next few days.

Comment about immigrant situation in Britain, get the police called

Take a look at this twitter, it is RIDICULOUS All anyone did was state that immigrants were getting housing preference and BAM, someone notified the police!

Update to the meteor report below:

ALL media sources are now calling it an "alleged" meteor with some speculating it was a ballistic missile, as I have. IMPORTANT: There are many false videos of this and even the MSM is using them. The two most notable are one where it turns before hitting, (this was an airshow with an airplane that had sparklers) and the other is where it looks orange and vanishes before it actually hits (this was the Mexican meteor.) The real videos have it bright bluish green all the way to the ground without it slowing down, and it flashes when it hits. Many others are, as I initially speculated, suspicious this was a ballistic missile re-entry, even the ones Yemen launches look like this, they all burn bright on re-entry. If that is what this was, we probably won't get any daytime video of where the impact was because it will all get expunged (the night time videos of the flaming aftermath did get posted) but there's no way to see what actually happened in them, other than that the area was burning afterward.

An Italian parade featured a giant paper mache statue of God Emperor Trump with giant twitter sword

About the meteor post below: There had better be a giant bolide and lots of meteor debris along with a large crater if this really was a meteor. Still waiting for the sun to come up . . . .


Posted at approximately 8:30 PM CST Feb 9


I am going to condense everything that follows down into one report and get rid of the totally messed up initial reports because I was jumping while posting this initially. If you can't find this posted elsewhere yet, wait 12 hours or so for others to catch word of this.

This is a highly probable ICBM re-entry

First, let's see what an ICBM looks like when it comes in. See this 40 second video of ICBM re-entry testing in Russia

Now take a look at this video of what just came down in Venezuela

The trajectory, size, speed, and color is the same, with the tails looking different on the Russian re-entry because the sun was able to backlight it all. We're looking at an ICBM hitting Venezuela. Who did it? GUESS. And it was a probable warning shot, it hit in a harmless location in the middle of a populated area, right when there's trouble in Venezuela. MESSAGE: STEP DOWN MADURO OR WE WILL NAIL YOU, YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THIS.

Here is video of the flaming aftermath on the ground

Here is another video of it entering, and you can see the different colored flash from the warhead when it hits the ground. Twitter has flagged this video, and ONLY this video as "sensitive", possibly because you can see that flash clearly.

MY CONCLUSION: This was an ICBM re-entry and impact, with a very low yield conventional round on it, sent as a warning shot to Maduro. Obviously it could also have been a legit meteor, but with the trajectory and characteristics matching the re-entry of Russian ICBM's (America's can't be too different, the tech is the same,) plus the bright flash just like a bomb, plus the firey aftermath which we have never seen from a meteor before, I seriously, and I mean seriously doubt this was a meteor.

FACT: We have not ever had video of flames on the ground from a meteor impact, have we? Not EVER. Why Venezuela? Why now???


Wow, here's a GREAT social media post from 2007. SPOT ON.

A now well aged post turned out to be a near prophetic writing.

"Have fun in your little made-up universe where the government comes to round you up and you manage to fight it off.

In the real world, fascism is when the corporations and governments work as a single entity, and you can wander around with your fucking gun all you want. In fact, you'll have to wander around, because the government/corporations took your house and your car, and no one will hire you.

At which point you'll be arrested, not as some big anti-government hero by jackboot thugs, but for stealing bread to live on, by a perfectly normal cop who's just doing his job, a job that absolutely no one except you disagrees with, so when you shoot and kill him you're getting the electric chair and no one thinks you're a hero at all.

There are different types of totalitarian governments, and assuming a fascist one operates like a communist one is faulty. Fascist governments don't put troops in the streets...;they work with corporations to make sure 'the wrong sort of people' do not have any economic power, and do not have anywhere to peddle their ideas.

Modern fascist states don't even bother to kill those people, and pretending they're going to show up in some stormtrooper outfit and start a gun battle with you is insane. They'll show up with a court order to evict you from your home because you failed to pay your mortgage, because pressure came from the top at your company to let you go. Or they'll just sue you and ruin your finances.

America is not a bunch of tiny castles where, as long as you can hold off the invading armies, you will be fine. The idea that that is how the world works is astonishingly naive. Almost all the population of America lives in housing they do not fully own, they get food from places they do not control like the supermarket, they require operating in society for money to obtain said food and shelter, a society where economics are controlled by some very large players that can crush them like bugs.

And a fascist state isn't going to 'assume control', you asshat. There's not going to some insane coup, there's a going to be a slow change, which has, in fact, already happened, or have you not looked at the telecom immunity stuff? That's classic fascism. The government breaks the law, the government gets private companies to break the law, the government gives said companies huge amounts of cash, the government attempts to make such behavior legal retroactively. We've got government officials and AT&T officers leaping back and forth between each other in an incestuous loop. Your government spying on you, sponsored by AT&T. It's not 'totalitarian' yet, as evidenced by the fact Democrats managed to stop the immunity, but it is fascism, at least the start of it. (And the same thing's happened with Blackwater.)

Oh, and before you start ranting about gun control some more, be forewarned I'm against it. I'm just not stupid enough to think that the US government being slowly corrupted by business is something that can be fought off with gunpowder. Guns are useful to deter crime and to deter invasion. They aren't useful against a corrupt government in any meaningful way.

My comment: The facist state has just completed yet another round of de-funding the alt media. It might be better to let Ocasio win, because if she does we will all be able to point at the enemy directly, and unify to overthrow it. We can't keep Bezos, Google, or Faceplant or the telecoms at bay, it might be best to just let her nationalize the whole damn thing and then we will know precisely what the target has to be to take it all back.

The following is a double post because I made an error that made the above hard to read. I'll fix this later

Wow, here's a GREAT social media post from 2007. SPOT ON.

A now well aged post turned out to be a near prophetic writing.

"Have fun in your little made-up universe where the government comes to round you up and you manage to fight it off.

In the real world, fascism is when the corporations and governments work as a single entity, and you can wander around with your fucking gun all you want. In fact, you'll have to wander around, because the government/corporations took your house and your car, and no one will hire you.

At which point you'll be arrested, not as some big anti-government hero by jackboot thugs, but for stealing bread to live on, by a perfectly normal cop who's just doing his job, a job that absolutely no one except you disagrees with, so when you shoot and kill him you're getting the electric chair and no one thinks you're a hero at all.

There are different types of totalitarian governments, and assuming a fascist one operates like a communist one is faulty. Fascist governments don't put troops in the streets...;they work with corporations to make sure 'the wrong sort of people' do not have any economic power, and do not have anywhere to peddle their ideas.

Modern fascist states don't even bother to kill those people, and pretending they're going to show up in some stormtrooper outfit and start a gun battle with you is insane. They'll show up with a court order to evict you from your home because you failed to pay your mortgage, because pressure came from the top at your company to let you go. Or they'll just sue you and ruin your finances.

America is not a bunch of tiny castles where, as long as you can hold off the invading armies, you will be fine. The idea that that is how the world works is astonishingly naive. Almost all the population of America lives in housing they do not fully own, they get food from places they do not control like the supermarket, they require operating in society for money to obtain said food and shelter, a society where economics are controlled by some very large players that can crush them like bugs.

And a fascist state isn't going to 'assume control', you asshat. There's not going to some insane coup, there's a going to be a slow change, which has, in fact, already happened, or have you not looked at the telecom immunity stuff? That's classic fascism. The government breaks the law, the government gets private companies to break the law, the government gives said companies huge amounts of cash, the government attempts to make such behavior legal retroactively. We've got government officials and AT&T officers leaping back and forth between each other in an incestuous loop. Your government spying on you, sponsored by AT&T. It's not 'totalitarian' yet, as evidenced by the fact Democrats managed to stop the immunity, but it is fascism, at least the start of it. (And the same thing's happened with Blackwater.)

Oh, and before you start ranting about gun control some more, be forewarned I'm against it. I'm just not stupid enough to think that the US government being slowly corrupted by business is something that can be fought off with gunpowder. Guns are useful to deter crime and to deter invasion. They aren't useful against a corrupt government in any meaningful way.

My comment: The facist state has just completed yet another round of de-funding the alt media. It might be better to let Ocasio win, because if she does we will all be able to point at the enemy directly, and unify to overthrow it. We can't keep Bezos, Google, or Faceplant or the telecoms at bay, it might be best to just let her nationalize the whole damn thing and then we will know precisely what the target has to be to take it all back.

Keep in mind with the post about warts that you now HAVE TO attribute them to the papaloma virus or you are going to look like a fool, the precedent has been set. I beg to differ!

I am going to call out phony agenda driven science

Just when Gardasil was getting a very well deserved bad rap, the makers of that vaccine discovered ALL warts were caused by the virus it is supposed to prevent. I CALL BUNK.

Why? Because viruses don't have roots like trees that grow under the skin and pop up new sprouts elsewhere via those roots. Anyone who has ever taken out a wart knows it has roots, which means it is a full blown organism and not a DAMN VIRUS.

Add to this the fact that there are many many different types of warts and Gardasil only treats one (scratch that, ZERO viruses, I'd bet it is a total scam 100 percent).

FACT: OLD SCHOOL: Warts are FUNGAL. PERIOD. The old school was not too stupid to figure that out. There are plenty of examples of similar fungus on other species, most notably ants with the zombie fungus, but the human body is complex enough to usually keep the fungus from totally taking over.

FACT: Viruses are microscopic and don't grow large structures like warts. The Papaloma virus was never associated with plantar warts or any other warts until AFTER the gardasil shot. You might be able to find it back dated on the web to before Gardasil now, but I'd bet you can't find it in a printed encyclopedia Britannica from the 70's.

FACT: If warts were caused by the papaloma virus, it would not be important to kill one off to prevent it from spreading because if the virus caused it, it would be all over your body, and you'd sprout warts everywhere regardless of whether or not you killed them off. Killing one off would have no effect at all.

FACT: If some types of warts are not kept in check, they will grow a stalk out their center and start spewing spores. Those spores are SURE AS HELL NOT HPV.

FACT: "Science" has been usurped and is now predominantly AGENDA. You can't trust a word of what the bullshitters who are pretending to do research nowadays say.

FACT: EVERTHING WE HAVE CAME FROM THE OLD SCHOOL, THAT SAID WARTS WERE FUNGAL. The internet. Jets, Rockets, electricity, the WHOLE BALL OF WAX. The old school was not too stupid to figure it all out, and was not too stupid to know when a fungus really was a fungus.

People need to realize that there really is an effort to destroy what the old school did, so the whole of humanity can once again become the subject of a tyrannical power structure. They are trying to turn us backwards so we are easier to control, the entire realm of "climate science" has that as an obvious hidden objective. And it is not legit at all. Part of this process will require total disinformation about anything that can justify you getting shots, which are more and more often becoming MANDATORY. Why? Why are they making it more and more difficult to avoid shots, that are supposed to protect anyone who does get them from whatever they are claiming the shot is for? The line is: Get your shots so you don't infect those who already had their shots? BULLSHIT. How stupid are people anyway? Obviously many are not that stupid, but if they "get with the program" they probably will be, via the shot! And from there, tyrannical control becomes easy.

FACT: WARTS ARE FUNGAL, PERIOD. Remember that when they come after you with a jab they say will wipe out a VIRUS that causes a FUNGUS to grow, when the two are separated by an entire top level biological phylum. Aah yes, but "research" said so!


??!!?? and Bezos is not happy about getting his pants pulled down while he builds a surveillance state on everyone else. What's good for the goose is definitely not good for the gander I guess.

Hillary: "It takes a woman to get the job done"

She's RIGHT. No man can possibly do it. Just ask Ocasio Cortez, who knows all about saving the environment with train tunnels OVER the Atlantic and banning all flights within 10 years. She has it all sorted out, including how it will be financed, while admitting her plan would consume every last dollar of every last company in the United States, but like magic, "it will work anyway!

Just imagine what a little continental drift would do if it ruptured a train tunnel UNDER the Atlantic (not the impossible over as she suggested) with 10,000+ feet of water pressure above it. That would be fun. The Chunnel only worked because it is in confirmed geologically stable rock and has a maximum water depth above it of 180 feet. Ocasio just can't have that, the world itself says so!


There's no molestation, no child rape, there is simply nothing there at all. Who the * cares if a dick pic got sent or not and as it turns out, there is no actual dick pic taken for the sake of having a dick pic! So Roseanne is supposed to be wiped out for being bigoted, and even the pro-abort governor of Virginia got wiped out for 30 year old blackface. I can't say I am sad about it but I will say it is ridiculous, and Bezos did the right thing by publishing the whole damn script.


Trump announced a ban on all Chinese internet products. He's probably been poorly informed by his so called "advisors". Here is what is most likely the real reason for the ban.

MY GUESS: Huawei has created it's own totally in house processors that are too modified from the original Cortex configuration for the NSA (or Israel) to accept. Huawei's Kirin 980 processors blow away all processors developed for use in Apple's products and totally destroy all other processors in all other products, including all products from Samsung. Huawei actually designs the chips from the ground up, requiring Huawei's own background operating system that Huawei wrote itself, and they did not play suck up to the NSA or Israel and the phones are actually secure. Therefore, their products are banned because once they became the best there is, it was the last straw for the NSA and Israel if they could not have their back doors, complete with gold trim and idiot assistance on top of the best performance. They just could not stomach having Huawei block them and on top of that be officially "vogue" in the #1 spot. Want proof? HERE IT IS

Banning Huawei products is absolutely ridiculous when operation Talpiot has completely raped every processor there is. In this case, what is good for the goose is obviously NOT good for the gander! If you want a truly modern awesome processor that is not NSA or Israeli Ashkenazi raped the Kirin 980 it is. (and frankly I could care less if China has it raped because they are not going to send storm troopers to an American door) and I doubt it is raped anyway. Doubt is far far better than total confirmation to boot!

FACT: The tribe is backstabbing China's superior work (finally superior) because they can't muster up something better themselves and don't want people to notice China has something better than their BUGGED BULLSHIT. That is the introduction, first chapter, middle and END OF STORY. Who cares if China is communist, when what the vaccine sabotaging Trump overthrowing AMERICA LAST Ashkenazi tribe' form of communism they have in store for us is the alternative? At least China is not destroying it's population en masse with phoney shots under the disguise of "vaccines" PLUS the nation itself on purpose! I'd take the Chinese brand of communism long before the Ashkenazi version, but that does not mean what China has is acceptable - I'd kill before accepting even their "less awful" version.

The Chinese ought to start putting their Kirin 980 into laptops and desktops. Why stop with phones? They could probably put an end to Stuxnet and free the world.

LOUD BOOMS, BRIGHT FLASHES: Probable test of Haarp type tech/project blue beam

I avoided posting this here because sound recordings can be faked, or oftentimes explained plausibly. One explanation I previously gave for the loud booms was people shooting tannerite. However, one recording from a couple days ago was intriguing, and clearly was not tannerite. It appeared to me to be project blue beam - but since at the time it could not be proven, I did not put it here despite being tempted. Now it has hit the MSM, and was confirmed and I'll explain how such tech can work

First of all, to throw it off the shelf - these booms are not any forewarning of any earthquake. The earth did not change overnight and just suddenly start doing this. if these booms and flashes were any kind of warning of an earthquake, it would be known about so far back even the Bible would have it. The fact that "earthquake lights" have only been known about for 20 years or so is proof it is tech at work and not nature - the previous generations were not too stupid to observe this. There are natural light phenomenons such as St Elmo's fire, lightning, the aurora or even piezoelectric effects DURING earthquakes, but not mysterious forewarnings where everyone goes back to bed. Someone is playing games.

In the illustration below, it is assumed the signal is silent and only being used to generate heat. To make the signal silent, all you have to do is avoid AM modulating it. Any sound produced will be at such a high frequency it would be inaudible and not travel far. However, if you wanted to create a scene, the exact same system that can heat up or steer a hurricane can be used to make tremendous noises, by amplitude modulating the phase canceling signals and having the resulting electrical current interact with the earth's magnetic field. It would in effect be a plasma speaker of enormous size. Electrostatic speakers are common in audiophile systems, (these types interact with a diaphragm) but the plasma speaker is a different type that experimenters play with that is more like (but not exactly) how a blue beam type system would work. Here is a video of a hobby type plasma speaker, that accomplishes the same effect blue beam does a different way. Skip 30 seconds in, a few years ago the geeks would explain what is going on but for some reason no videos at all come up anymore that explain what is going on and not a single geek out there knows how to do a Youtube video. Annoying, but 30 seconds into this video you'll see it work.

ALL of the plasma speakers produce light. The booms spoken of are often accompanied by flashes. However, because of how the radio waves interact in the blue beam type diagram below, it should be able to make sound without producing a lot of light. This could explain the trumpet sounds and other mysterious sounds people are hearing. The following diagram was done to explain weather modification, but it would also work to create sound.

Venezuelans speak out against socialism

In this four minute video Venezuelans speak out against socialism, explain that it cannot be implemented because too many people cannot be trusted even with elections to oust them, and explicitly point out Bernie Sanders as an enemy. Obviously, with how much the shadow state in America lies, socialism would not work here even for a little while.

The war on Trump's SOTU is stunning and well orchestrated

I'd just like to throw out there that social media is abuzz with trolls that are coming out of the shadows with stealth accounts I have not seen before (too numerous to mention) on conservative social media hotspots. They are doing everything possible to destroy Trump and they are using misleading headlines to get people to read through their crap. Here's a prime example that occurred on a very conservative and Trump supporting site:

"Venezuelan Coup Update - It's On!

In President Trump's mostly lame with lots of fluff and very little substance SOTU address, Trump skilfully maneuvered emotional talking points into a superficial dichotomy show of dumbed down political rhetoric; saying nothing that any individual with the smallest amount of intellect did not already know.

From one side of his mouth, destroyer class sycophant Trump claimed to be pro life, while from the other side of his mouth licking the boots of his anti-life, destroyer class owners.

From one side of his mouth Trump said; "Great nations do NOT PARTICIPATE in perpetual war", while from the other side of his mouth Trump officially, and publicly endorsed random CIA asset guy named Juan as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, officially green lighting, and setting the official stage for a full blown military coup of the legitimate Nicolas Maduro government, by US military forces.

Trump's idea of making America great again is continuing the exact same foreign policy as Obama, Bushes, and Clintons.

The names change, but the policy of the destroyer class remains the same.

Trump is not the enemy of the deep state.

Trump is simply another deep state stooge, just like Obama, Bushes, and Clintons.

My comment: That was a well thought out back stab. However well stated, every point is easily rebuffed. If Trump is "licking the boots of the anti-life destroyer class", why did he try to de-fund planned parenthood, and get blocked by the deep state? If he is just another stooge, why is he continually tripping off the 9th circuit? If he's like Obama, why is China pissed, and why are jobs returning, and why does he have a legit birth certificate and actual female wife? Why did Hillary freak out, saying "if that bastard wins we all go to jail?" If he is not the enemy of the deep state, why is he constantly being attacked, with Schiff announcing a deep dredge investigation of Trump's past, AFTER that awesome SOTU which the MSM including even FOX is now constantly attacking, after the balance of the MSM bashed him for two entire years prior? What pulled FOX out of the closet?

SO TRUMP is continuing the exact same foreign policy of Obama, Bush and Clinton, while ousting the UN and de-funding NATO while he turned back on the ABM treaty and started designing new nukes while attempting to pull out of Syria and Afghanistan, only to meet resistance from the deep state he's supposed to be a stooge for? How ridiculous is the crap being spewed after that AWESOME SOTU? Well, just read the quoted post - it is typical!

They are DESPERATE, and I'd like to point out - FOX supported Trump for as long as they believed Mueller would be successful. Now that Mueller came up with nothing, even FOX is doing a lot to destroy Trump, and the assault on Trump across the board is now showing with pre-registered trolls (even on) conservative venues that are tightly controlled and not easy to get into showing their true colors - lurkers waiting in the darkness to use well trusted venues to stab from. I gotta say, I'm a bit pissed.

The shadow state has CLEARLY, UNQUESTIONABLY pulled out all the stops and is showing it's full hand right now in a massive attempt to back stab Trump after he delivered in a way that could only be described as epic, and paradigm shifting. They are scared to death after being exposed so eloquently as the frauds they are, and we are seeing this with how they have chosen to behave and comment in the aftermath. Now is the litmus test, if any of your preferred news venues are attacking or trying to diminish Trump right now, they FAILED, and it is time to ditch them.

VERY STRANGE: Madonna really did post this to her twitter:

On January 23, Madonna posted the following:

"Be careful before you act . . . . . .

Her subsequent tweets are about women's liberation and how great she is, but it is interesting indeed that she threw that in to the mix. Clearly, she is speaking from experience.

Here you go (if this embed works) Rand Paul petition to overturn RoeVwade

A warning about EMP no one has given

Many of my readers know I call total B.S. about EMP destroying microelectronics. FACT: If they are not plugged into anything, it can't. The cross section of the circuits is too small and all of the circuits now have static protection that will shunt EMP. However, the same is not true of the grid

The grid does have the large wire runs necessary to build an enormous surge of EMP, exceeding that of lightning. There are circuits in place for lightning that might work to protect the system partially, however, there's something no one has ever mentioned: Transformers and generators that are in storage. If the cases on the transformers do not adequately shield them from EMP, they will blow where they sit in storage, not hooked up to anything at all because they have enough of a length of wire in them to couple with the EMP. Ditto for generators.

However, to be very clear: Starfish Prime caused a disturbance, but no failures that can be directly linked. All the nuclear tests in Nevada caused disturbances, but no long term electrical grid failures - only a phone system failure and a possible re-settable power outage in Vegas. But clearly, failures are possible, and if an enemy tried to EMP the United States out, it would probably work to at least a limited degree if they did it directly over areas that were heavily populated.

You would probably not have your electronics get blown, but there is a chance you won't be able to charge them and if an EMP attack was ever as successful as an enemy would hope, the power would go out and the parts to fix it would be blown on the shelves. Additionally, many of the large transformers and generators have a wait time of months before they can be made and shipped, there are very few of the truly large ones and they are not off the shelf parts. It is probably fairly easy to get transformers in many varieties off the shelf up to 10 megawatts (10, 000KVA) but after that my guess is that it starts to get sparse and beyond 50 megawatts, forget it. Considering mundane power generating stations are a gigawatt or more, and well, the problem is obvious.

If an EMP ruptured the insulation on a large generator or transformer, there is enough physical inertia in the system from spinning generators alone to hopelessly blow everything to kingdom come, the generators are absolutely massive and have tremendous physical inertia - an EMP would simply provide the push to get it all started, and then the system would eat it's own self wherever a failure was introduced.

The bottom line in all of this and my previous statements - EMP is not going to eat your car or cell phone or TV, so if those go out it is a ruse triggered by a command from a central location. But if the actual grid itself gets blown, it will be anything possible, from minor to major trouble. Those who have sustainable systems such as solar had better lay low and not show off their lights as chaos looms outside . . . . .


Yes, Schiff is pushing for a full investigation of Trump's finances, PIG PILE ON THE ORANGE MAN.

Remember that unenthusiastic sounding turtle in the Swan Princess? It is THAT again. Orange Man BAD!

. . . . . . . so sick of the B.S.


Russia is now jailing Jehova's Witnesses just for being Jehova's witnesses. How different is that from China and Falun Gong?

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A Russian court on Wednesday found a Danish adherent of the Jehovah's Witnesses guilty of organizing a banned extremist group and jailed him for six years in a case critics condemn as crushing religious freedom.

Armed police detained Dennis Christensen, a 46-year-old builder, in May 2017 at a prayer meeting in Oryol, some 200 miles (320 km) south of Moscow after a court in the region outlawed the local Jehovah's Witnesses a year earlier.

Russia's Supreme Court later ruled the group was "extremist" and ordered it to disband nationwide. Christiansen's detention, Russia's first extremism-related arrest of a Jehovah's Witness, foreshadowed dozens more.

The court in the city of Oryol on Wednesday found Christiansen guilty after a long trial, his lawyer, his wife and a representative for the Jehovah's Witnesses told Reuters.

Christiansen had pleaded innocent, saying he was exercising freedom of religion guaranteed in Russia’s constitution. Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen called on Moscow to respect religious freedom and criticized it for classifying Jehovah's Witnesses on a par with terrorist groups.

The U.S.-headquartered Jehovah's Witnesses have been under pressure for years in Russia, where the dominant Orthodox Church is championed by President Vladimir Putin. Orthodox scholars have cast them as a dangerous foreign sect that erodes state institutions and traditional values, allegations they reject.

More on this here

My comment: He forgot that Russia's constitution is still interpreted by closet communists! Jehova's witnesses are "on par with terrorists??!!??" HA HA they may knock a lot of doors and cause a few people to hide for a few minutes, but that does not qualify as "terrorism". Putin is a TURD with that one. The base reality is that Jehova's witnesses are actually decent. YEP, Putin wants EVERYONE in the "dominant orthodox church" the same way China welcomes Catholics, provided they accept the communist version and go to the state approved church with state approved priests!

What have I been saying about Russia? This pulled their pants down, and this time, all I need to say is "TOLD YOU SO!!!"

Mormons had better bail on that sh*thole country if they have not already, they are NEXT.


"There could be no greater contrast to the beautiful image of a mother holding her infant child than the chilling displays our Nation saw in recent days. Lawmakers in New York cheered with delight upon the passage of legislation that would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother's womb moments before birth. These are living, feeling, beautiful babies who will never get the chance to share their love and dreams with the world. And then, we had the case of the Governor of Virginia where he basically stated he would execute a baby after birth.

To defend the dignity of every person, I am asking the Congress to pass legislation to prohibit the late-term abortion of children who can feel pain in the mother's womb. Let us work together to build a culture that cherishes innocent life. And let us reaffirm a fundamental truth: all children -- born and unborn -- are made in the holy image of God."

My comment: That is the first time any president has made such a statement. And it is about time.


This is where socialism almost always ends. This is what Trump spoke out against so well last night. In this video posted to Twitter, Maduro's hit squads drag a man out of his yard (probably after he was tracked down via Faceplant) and shoot his knee out. Facebook (for dummies) the most probable way they hunted him down for this.

Tennessee may be about to take a huge step towards restoring constitutional courts

In today's courts, you are guilty until proven innocent regardless of the surface claims, PLUS the juries are not informed and are instead mis-informed and told to vote however the judges want them to, and that usually means to the letter of the law. If the juries are expected to agree with the judge, they might as well not be there at all. Tennessee is changing that. Take a look at an excerpt from some new proposed legislation (which is a return to the old way)

Sen. Frank Nicely (R-Strawberry Plains) filed Senate Bill (SB369) on Jan. 30. Rep. Martin Daniel (R-Knoxville) filed a companion bill (HB368) the following day. Under the proposed law, courts would be required to fully inform jurors of their rights at the request of a defendant’s attorney using the following language. "If you have a reasonable doubt as to whether the state has proven any one (1) or more of the elements of the crime charged, you must find the defendant not guilty. However, if you find that the state has proven all the elements of the offense charged beyond a reasonable doubt, you should find the defendant guilty. Even if you find that the state has proven all of the elements of the offense charged beyond a reasonable doubt, you may still find that based upon the facts of this case, a guilty verdict will yield an unjust result, and you may find the defendant not guilty."

The bolded text is where it's at. This fits the original intentions of the courts to have the juries follow the spirit of the law, rather than the letter of the law. It is important to allow juries to temper the will of the state, and be the final voice as to whether or not a particular law should be applied in a particular case. It is the jury itself that should serve the purpose of squelching tyranny.

This new legislation proposal is the first time I have heard of anyone at the state level make a proposal to return the courts to functioning as they should. There is more on this topic HERE, they say it with more detail but my take on this is in agreement, and is based on an "old school" education from the public school system, which used to teach this. Clearly they don't anymore.

Trump KILLED IT at the State of the Union

There's little question Pelosi had her worst nightmares fulfilled. Even according to the scamming MSM, they are reporting that 76 percent of the people agreed with the speech and thought the message was awesome. If they report that, there's little question Trump hit 85+percent approval at a bare minimum.

We are going to have to see what comes of this, and if they are going to JFK him because it appears they can't handle Trump any other way. Pelosi had a nervous tick of varying intensity all the way through, it was definitely not her day.

Take a look at This patent

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors


Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near 1/2 Hz or 2.4 Hz, such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal. The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program. For certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity.

My comment: This is a very long and detailed patent which spells it all out perfectly. There's no "tinfoil hat" to this, they really can mess with your brain via a television screen or monitor and made it all run on Windows.

STRONG CREDIBLE RUMOR: The "concert" Ruth Bader Ginsburg attended last night was her funeral

They cut the eulogy out. Her robe is hanging off to the side of the stage along with her gavel. She may have "attended" but it was in a coffin or box. It all makes sense, watch the video of Ginsburg's funeral HERE Yes, she did "attend a concert in her honor" but she did it as a corpse.

It is time for them to show her alive and well. They can't, and Trump had damn well better step on this.

My final conclusion on the F-35

I have suspected for a long long time that it was a spectacular plane that Israel sabotaged. If you want the F-35 to work right, you have to be an Israeli pilot. Guaranteed: All F-35's that attack Israel will instantly crash themselves, if that ever happens. Whatever number of them actually succeed in their missions elsewhere will be directly determined by how Israel wants it to go.

This is all just a gut feeling. But it is what I think, anyone who believes Israel does not have a unilateral hack on the F-35 is probably mistaken. Absent Israeli interference, it is probably great.

Additionally, I don't for a minute suspect Putin is NOT in Israel's back pocket. The only thing Russia will ever do is "surface help" to it's allies which is all pretend and always comes up short of ultimate success. I have no question whatsoever that if Russia nuked the United States, and the U.S. was unable to respond, Israel would party for a month. The United States is the last great bastion against the New World Order and Russia not being part of the New World Order is probably nothing but stage play. ALL of the conquest of Europe and attempted conquest of the United States has it's roots in the Bolshevik communists of Russia, who definitely DID NOT just one day decide to roll over and play dead. The "Fall of Russia" was, as far as I see it, a predominant hoax.

I seriously doubt the F-35 would ever be allowed to successfully conduct direct attacks against Russia. There is little chance that Israel would actually want that.

After McDonalds lost a lawsuit, Burger King is trolling McDonalds in Sweden

The following menu is a reality. Funny!

This is not the first time Burger King has trolled McDonald's, the following appeared in the United States:

My opinion: There are better burgers out there than burger king, but they at least beat McDonalds and Jack In The Box, both of which make me sick. Wendy's comes off as being better, but also makes me sick. "sick" means: I feel satisfied immediately after eating, but a few hours later a headache creeps in, progresses to bad muscle pains the following day, the next day is worse, and then, 3 days later I start to pull out of it. It totally destroys 3 days. It does not matter what menu item, a lot of the fast food (even Starbucks now) clearly has something wrong with it that Burger King does not have wrong. The fast foods I can eat without consequence are Burger King, KFC, Little Caesars, In-N-Out, Carl's Junior and Church's chicken provided I don't touch the Pepsi products, which also have the same "poison", whatever it is.

A recap of the "spy chips" in Chinese made Iphones

This is a first grader level "conspiracy" that happens to be totally impossible. Just because a product is made in China does not mean they can sneak a "spy chip" into it.

REALITY: Apple products are designed by Apple with Apple engineers mandating all parts, circuit board layouts, EVERYTHING. And when they get their products back from China, after having "China build them" they know exactly how they should look and be laid out and what parts are supposed to be there.

The original TOTALLY IDIOTIC rumor was published by the MSM in numerous places, claiming that the "spy chip" would be un-noticed because it is "only the size of a grain of rice". Well, that's just dandy, because a grain of rice is 8 millimeters long and 2 millimeters in width and an Iphone X is 7.7 millimeters thick, which means that by the time you subtract the thickness of a circuit board, plus the back, plus the front, there's no room for "a grain of rice", none of the chips on the board are even that thick. 2 millimeters thickness in a microelectronics device is totally unheard of except for maybe a capacitor and then, probably not even that.

The "chinese spy chip" story is a load of BUNK, 2 millimeters by 8 millimeters exceeds the size of microelectronic components, and the "grain of rice" ruse was fronted by a fool who thought that was small. Even back in the 1980's, when things were just starting to be miniaturized and surface mounted, most components such as resistors and diodes were approximately 1 millimeter thick, 2 millimeters wide, and 3 millimeters long, far smaller than a "grain of rice" which in reality, most fittingly matches the size of the components used in the 1970's. Obviously things like capacitors and transformers are often going to be larger but even then, they are sometimes that small.

There's no conceivable way the Chinese would ever get a "spy chip" put into anything by any manufacturer without that manufacturer knowing about it, the engineers who designed the products will definitely take a few apart just to see how "their baby" looks and they'd definitely notice after building and testing the prototypes and looking at it on a computer screen for a year during development. There's no such thing as a CHINESE "spy chip" in an Iphone, the ISRAELI spy chip, (which is the whole damn device) is what you need to worry about.

There's little question that the entire Chinese spy chip ruse, and the attacks on Huawei, are for the sole purpose of bashing China (which happens to have Huawei, a home grown company that does not cooperate well enough with the NSA and Israel) beating out Apple and approaching topping Samsung. The tribe can't have the world's most popular cell phone company not be in their back pocket, so "grain of rice spy chip OMG the Gook's gonna get you" is what it will be via their flatulent fraudulent media, and deep state intelligence traitors.

Drudge has the Ginsburg concert I linked earlier, and there's fewer than "4, 000 views?" YEAH RIGHT!!!!

Youtube shenanigans as usual.

Drudge is reporting the Ginsburg "concert appearance" accurately, questioning why no photos of Ginsburg

The article he linked is priceless, especially the comments, FINALLY Drudge posted something that was like the good old days of Drudge.

My original post on this topic follows.


Here is the video of the entire concert that was posted by the Constitution Center (where the concert happened) as a "not listed video" to keep it hidden. (not for long, it got found and they will probably pull this) it can only be found via direct link. Ginsburg was not there. At no point in the entire hour and a half video was she ever shown, and the audience was very small, with only 30 or so people. She should have been highly visible. Additionally, despite the Constitution center posting this themselves, they called her "the notorious" Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Why?

I tried downloading this, and for the first time ever received an error, saying I was not permitted by Google to download it. Obviously they don't want evidence gathered.

Here is the back story: The Washington Post published a piece claiming Ginsburg attended a concert "in her honor" and that she appeared to be "Resplendent, Glam, Magnificent, and great". They have since edited their bullshit to not include that.

BIG PROBLEM: The linked video of the concert above, despite running for an hour and a half, does not show her there. Additionally leaked photos of the event afterward do not show her there. She was obviously not there. So why would this story be run? ANSWER: The SOTU is tomorrow night, and the world needed convincing she's alive. Now all they will say is she did not show up to the SOTU because she needed rest after the concert.

Ok, here's the kicker: Click the video link for that concert. Below the video, it is showing as "not listed in Youtube's search". So whoever posted it wanted it to be there, but not be found so the media can claim it was posted to Youtube, and cause people to assume Ruth must be in it. But it was never linked from any news reports and cannot be found in a Youtube search. WHY? HERE IS THE ANSWER: Read the comments! The Long View: A Portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Nine Songs


Where in the World is RBG? Asking for 64 million friends

Janet Canary
Wheres proof of life

We were told that RBG was there! By WAPO and CNN! Please post photos so we can share in her triumph! How exciting! I am SO glad that she will now definitely be at the SOTU tomorrow!

Bud Harton
WaPo and the Hill report that RBG was there but she doesn't show up in the video in a concert in her honor?

Rob Powpowgnargnar
no proof of life. #wheresruth

Not one picture or mention of RBG? She's on LIFE SUPPORT MACHINES.

Is it just me or does this seem like a bunch of communists?

Robert A
57:05 I mean, WTF is this?!

Joseph Smith
From 11:12 through 14:17, no mention of Ginsberg. Then, coincidentally it cuts off the rest of what he said at 14:18. Then again 1:20:26 concluding remarks, no Ginsberg acknowledment anywhere until she ends with song at 1:21:55. Then 1:25:52 to the end, never an acknowledgement of Ginsberg in the audience at all. We DEMAND proof of life!

Robert A
This is the most cringeworthy video I've ever scrolled through...No words

Mr Bojangles
Ruth looked stunning ! The mile-long walks and twice weekly workouts with a trainer have her in tip-top shape for the Impeachment of Drumpf.

M Perkins
(((you demons))) are not fooling ANYONE, PERIOD.

Sergi Mason
This had me cringing to death William Healy
Ya'll give Adolph Hitler a good name

Black Labs Matter
That was waterboarding to the ears. This should be a war crime to have to listen to.

Patricia W
Ha! I knew it! RBG is not there!!!

Good morning!
Where's the gargoyle?

We were told that RBG was there! By WAPO and CNN! Please post photos so we can share in her triumph! How exciting! I am SO glad that she will now definitely be at the SOTU tomorrow!

AJ78 J
Rumour to sell tickets?

Janet Canary
> Wheres proof of life

Don Allen
This is a gigantic scam! The Left is THAT DESPERATE that CIA-bought and paid for Washington Post is lying through their teeth. NO RBG was seen at this concert, not a SINGLE PIC was taken by ANYONE. More bullshit on the part of the Democrats, they are truly the party of DEATh and DESTRUCTION. They offer NO real practical solutions. The Democrats should be banned as a party. They are treasonous rat turds.


Remember the 2016 NDAA? It was the latest iteration of the NDAA that had a stipulation put through by Obama which allowed the government to fund the media to lie to the American people. It just expired, and coincidentally 2100 "journalists" just got laid off, and a few hostile web sites have vanished altogether. The 2018 version (which is for 2019) did not have any funding for this.

With 2100 layoffs in the MSM, the money obviously vanished somewhere!

Yes, in typical liberal blood sucking fashion, as soon as someone else was not picking up the tab for their bullshit, it appears to have meant ADIOS, X 2100!

Hillary acquaintance "John of God" busted for child trafficking and sex slaves, and witness committed suicide!

As it turns out, Bill Clinton was one of his clients. "John of God" was a Brazilian faith healer who did business with the "elite" providing sex slaves, who, once pregnant, carried their babies to term to then be sold against their will. 700 women, it was not a small operation.

But wait, there's more! "John of God" was Bill and Hillary Clinton's faith healer, who provided sexual services to Bill. And in proper fashion, the whistle blower is now dead from suicide.

This Daily Mail article has a LOT of details, but is missing a couple of the details, (the Clinton connection) obviously. As it turns out, "John of God" appeared on Oprah, and bragged about having the Clintons as clients. This is confirmed, despite the Daily Mail failing on that detail, calling it "rumor".

Gee, the "suicide" fits a pattern!

Nancy Pelosi continuously quotes a bible verse that does not exist!

This is not a hoax, even Drudge covered it. And worse? There's no bible verse that is even remotely close to it, despite Pelosi insisting it is real and claiming it is in Isaiah. Surprisingly, the following is from Slate:

"Nancy Pelosi addressed a gathering of presidents of Christian colleges this week in Washington, where she thanked the evangelical community for its leadership on immigration and refugee policy reform. To this end, the speaker of the House quoted a favorite bit of biblical wisdom in her opening statement: "To minister to the needs of God's creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us."

OK, actually, she said, it might not technically be from the Bible. "I can't find it in the Bible, but I quote it all the time, " Pelosi said as she introduced the quote. "I keep reading and reading the Bible - I know it's there someplace. It's supposed to be in Isaiah. I heard a bishop say, 'To minister to the needs of God's creation..."

To clarify: It is not "there someplace."



New Spacex rocket thruster at least as impressive as Apollo

I have seen the thrusters at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space museum and what is in this picture is far more impressive. Musk is on track to out-do the best NASA ever did.

He has a test firing of this engine on his twitter now.

The NFL may have made a bad mistake.

Remember This Jeep commercial I posted yesterday?

From what I can tell, this did not air during the super bowl for whatever reason, even though it was specifically stated to be a super bowl commercial. If it did not air, it is obviously because it was patriotic. None of the forums or social media have any discussion of this showing, only that people did not see it and they were expecting to. It is titled "Jeep Big Game Blitz" on Jeep's own youtube, which strongly implies it should have aired for the super bowl. If it really did not and it was not just a market issue where some people saw it and others did not, BIG MISTAKE NFL, because despite it posting on Youtube only three days ago, it has 41, 750, 000 views and is climbing by more than a million an hour. The commercial is THAT GOOD. If you have not seen it yet, you ought to watch.

I have not gotten the final answer as to whether or not it was banned, but right now it sure looks like it. The NFL will never live this down if the commercial was not permitted to air.

I am not concerned about the super bowl AT ALL

If the kneelers and other things were not enough, then knowing that this particular game was rigged to produce the highest possible revenues ought to be enough. The two best teams will not be playing against each other, with the refs in the last game proving it. So who cares? I don't.

I am now convinced that all the professional sports have winners that are rigged to make the most profit. It is beneficial to at least not have to rig the referees so badly it is not obvious, and this time around, there was NOTHING beneficial, it was so provably rigged. I did not even watch it, the post commentary was enough to confirm this.

What can you expect from an organization that has it's key members crap all over the country? Of course two traitor teams who are scheduled to make an epic kneeling sh** show made it, (in addition to being profitable). The entire basis of the NFL was originally patriotism and a fair game. If they lost that, why bother with it?

Cleaning up the mess: Let's get the details of 5G clear

5G is the LEAST penetrating of all wireless technologies by a factor of an average of 20 cubed. This means it has a hard time penetrating anything, including your skin. If anyone posts "it penetrates better than anything" they are wrong, and don't understand how frequencies behave. The fact that 5G has such a difficult time penetrating anything at all is what makes it dangerous.

Why would a lack of an ability to penetrate make it dangerous? Answer: Because of the type of phase array antenna all 5g devices need to function. The device can easily triangulate where the tower is because the frequencies are high enough to allow triangulation from only the antennas in a small device. The device, knowing exactly where the tower is, then uses a phase array antenna to blast a signal back to the tower. This would not be a problem if the device never tried to reach the tower through your brain, but if your brain is between it and the tower, you're going to have massively focused energy cutting a thin line through your brain, and it will definitely cause damage. And even if they figure out how to cause the device to normally point that beam away from you, what about other people nearby? They cannot be factored in. 5G is going to be a haphazard wave throw. Interestingly, because of the nature of how such devices work, mark my word: People will notice the device giving off "heat". It will definitely happen. it will "give off heat" but won't be hot itself. That's because the "heat" will be the radio waves getting absorbed by your body, with as much gain as they are using people are without question going to notice.

What's going to happen when your brain gets that heat, and you can't feel it? The brain itself can't feel injury, headaches are felt from the inside linings of blood vessels in the brain and not the actual neurons. You could fry lots of them and never feel a thing.

And the elite don't care, they are doing all they can to destroy our intelligence with shots they claim are vaccines and are clearly not. 5G brain damage would probably be an asset to them as far as they see it. I cannot believe they are legalizing it at all.

I will NEVER use 5g, EVER. I don't need a daily dose of brain damage!~

A really good commercial by Jeep

Jeep was bought out by Fiat along with Chrysler motors. They are all still American made. And it looks like Fiat is not over-run by SJW's because they produced a patriotic super bowl commercial that is worth watching.

This two minute commercial starts out with a guy in a recording studio, singing the first few words of the national anthem. The words then stop, but the piano back up continues, with the words replaced by scenes of America that are the words in the national anthem. It is quite well done. At the end, it cuts back to the recording studio where the recording artist sings the last few words.

It is a Jeep commercial, yes, but they definitely put the country first. They were smart enough to realize their customer base is patriotic and that Americans are totally sick of corporations bashing everything that is American, and makes America great. They will probably sell a lot of Jeeps with this, And I'd like to make a point here: Fiat cars are second to none and equal to Toyota. You have to ignore the Fiat 500 which I do not like at all, I really don't know why they made that because it does not represent Fiat well at all. They have many other cars that kick the 500 to the curb for a lot less cash and they also own Alfa Romeo which is at present seriously encroaching on Audi and BMW with amazingly good cars. They will definitely root out everything that was wrong with Chrysler and Jeep. They have had enough time to do it by now, and it will definitely make those brands better than they have been. So if you were considering Jeep, consider this commercial, and how excellent Jeep's new steward is.


I had just gotten finished telling Claudia how Maduro had to be legitimate because Venezuela uses positive ID including fingerprint and the people can go and see how they voted. Claudia then said: "I have a friend in Venezuela who's dead mom votes, and she can go into the records and see her mom does!!!!

So it looks like Venezuela needs a little practice to match the Dems in America. And to hell with a confirmed vote I guess. Maduro may not be legit after all.

New to me: An enormous fleet of earth photographing satellites has been launched

A California based company called "planet" has launched more than 170 earth photographing satellites with a goal of launching 300. When the satellite network is complete, it will be able to produce detailed photos of the entire earth every day.

They are lying about the specs of this system.

They are claiming the resolution is 3.7 meters in some reports (which is 12 feet) yet in other reports it is claimed they can see cars move. Since cars are typically less than 6 feet wide, you'd never be able to identify one at that resolution, if you could even tell what it was. Additionally, they are claiming you can see downed trees, which again, would only be a few pixels across with such low resolution which means you would not be able to tell jack. So we already know they are lying about this system.

Let's skip their phony resolution specs and instead consider what this means:

A private satellite system has been launched that can photograph the entire surface of the earth daily, in great enough detail to see which cars have moved and are being used, if any trees are down, how healthy farmer's crops are and more. I'll tell you what that means:

If this system can tell how healthy a corn plant (one of the biggest plants in agriculture) is, which has to be the case if farmers are supposed to be able to use it to check their crops, and a corn plant would have approximately the same cross section of a human from above, then they can track you so clearly they know how healthy you are from the photos. That will take a resolution of millimeters, not meters. So we know the shadow state now has it's eye in the sky, under the cover of a "private company", it can update daily and see the entire world.

What does that mean? Easy answer: If enough resources are dedicated to combing photos, they are going to know exactly where bug out bob went and will be able to check on him daily. They will know if he planted food, gathered wood, made a shelter, the whole 9 yards unless everything he does is under the decent cover provided by a forest. PROBLEM: The forest is not the answer.

If you are going to be self sufficient, you have to cut down trees to do it. You need that for shelter, you need that for heat, you need that to let the sunshine through so you can grow crops, and there's a new system in orbit now that will notice every tree you cut down DAILY. They are at least admitting that much. That's a serious problem.

One would think there would be too much data to go through. However, the system uses AI to flag anything that changes. So whatever goons comb the photos will have anything that changed already flagged for them. It will make their work a whole lot easier. Multiply that by 500, 000 goons, (not even close to the size of the armed forces) and the equation outputs: YOU ARE SCREWED.


This is not a spurious story, it was recently covered by 60 minutes and smaller (text based reports) like this one.

None of the reports state it the way I did, but sometimes some people need a translator to see the obvious. That's my job with crap like this. Here's the shortest translation I can post:

Bugging out may be useless. If you go to an area where "nothing changes" and you are the only one changing it, it is going to get flagged post haste. Cities change all the time, so it will be a lot harder to nail dissenters there. End translation.

But in the city, you will have to deal with police, inspectors, GOONS on the ground daily.

Satan's system of total accountability, where no man can buy or sell save he who has the mark, will be made possible by systems like this. Enjoy the rapture.

How hot do you really need to get food or water before you are (usually) safe?

I am going to throw this out there, while I am thinking about it because it is important in a survival scenario -

The actual temperature you need to get food up to if you want to kill off 99 percent of what can cause you serious harm is 140 farenheit. There are a few bugs that hold out until 180 degrees, but in general all it takes is 140 to kill practically everything and make food or water safe. Why is this important? Easy answer:

Because it is not easy to boil water on the spot without generating a bunch of smoke that storm troopers would use to zero in on you. it is probably the reason why everything that can make smoke has been banned - the elite want it to be easy to find people in hiding and if so many environmental restrictions are on everything, - the way it is now - it's not permitted to make the kind of smoke that you need to make when you have no clean fuels available. That's the scenario you will be in when tshtf. This is probably why all the wood burning stoves are being banned and fireplace use is so strictly regulated. They want positive feedback - if X type of smoke is generated, it can only mean people are hiding in X location.

SO, just to get things safe on a constant continual basis you are going to have to use the sun, or a hot transformer, or whatever else might be hot in your environment that can't achieve a full boil. OR, you might be using very precious fuel and not want to waste it. Additionally, you can get water up to 140 degrees with only candles quite easily, but boiling water with candles is OUT, I have only accomplished that once and it took 4, which kicked each other off into a "no wick needed" wax fire. Candles have their limits.

However, something as basic as a small metal cup and a way to cover and insulate it (such as a dry piece of cloth) can be used to quickly get water up to 140 degrees with only a single tea light candle if it is burning fairly well.

There are many sources that say "boil water for X number of minutes to be sure" and that, in 100 percent of cases is B.S. - it is well proven that there's nothing at all that can survive being brought to boiling temperatures for even a second other than well adapted bacteria in a few Yellowstone hot spots and keeping water at boiling for safety reasons is nothing but a waste of fuel.

So how hot is hot enough when you don't have a thermometer to prove how hot it is? Easy answer: Hot coffee temperature. Not tepid "acceptable" coffee temperature, I mean, a nice steaming cup that is hot enough to make instant coffee produce a layer of foam and then burn you if you drink it too fast. That's well below boiling. The actual temperature it takes to burn you every time if you don't pull away eventually is 129 degrees. Snowflakes have downgraded this to 119 degrees, but safe will be "hot enough to burn you quickly, but not instantly" and 119 degrees would never in a million years do that. 129 would not either. It has to actually be very hot. Perceptions vary, so if you want to learn this and have a thermometer to do it with and you are worried about tshtf, it would not hurt to get familiar with this. And to try to get water hot enough with a candle . . . .

By the way, Sterno is totally over rated crap, it takes a lot of space considering the benefit of having it, produces tepid heat, it is VERY expensive considering what it is capable of and takes a half can to boil anything. A better bet is alcohol based windshield washer fluid marketed to cold environments, some of that in a tuna can will blow away Sterno. Be careful not to spill it. Anyway, enough of that.

This is actually important: Pelosi botching her speech

One would not think that watching someone speak would be a required watch, but it is. This speech is actually promising, it appears to be delivered by a group so desperate to stay in power they can't call it quits no matter what. If this is all they have, the communists trying to overthrow our government are on an expiring clock. MUST WATCH: 2 minute Pelosi speech before congress

Ocasio will probably start to glitch out like this before she's 40 - she's off to a good start anyway . . . .

Caution: GMO foods will soon be falsely labeled as "biofortified". Remember that!

NOT RUMOR: Trump found a loophole provided by the "war on drugs" by George Bush which will allow him to immediately begin construction of the wall without congressional approval

Libs are flipping and darting like nerve poisoned roaches over this. 10 U.S. Code § 284 - Support for counterdrug activities and activities to counter transnational organized crime does indeed have in it a stipulation that will allow Trump to block off the entire southern border by building a fully lit fence complete with perfect observational access along it's entire length, for the purpose of stopping the flow of drugs across the border. The legislation does not say "wall" but a fence can mean anything, including many of the designs already submitted, including the designs which are made out of closely spaced steel poles 30 feet tall the border patrol wants the most because they can see people approach from the other side.

Trump does not need congressional approval, or even to declare a national emergency to get going on this TODAY. Pelosi is gonna be SEETHING at the SOTU.

CONFIRMED FAKE NEWS HAS SWEPT ALT MEDIA: The fake news is that Virginia's governor Ralph Northam received $2 million from Planned Parenthood to ensure he won to push through post-birth abortion.

THAT NEWS IS FAKE. RALPH DID NOT RECEIVE TWO MILLION, HE RECEIVED THREE MILLION FROM PLANNED PARENTHOOD and it is not just this source that has this, MULTIPLE if not most sources have this. Please update your numbers if you happened to get this wrong!

Here is some text from the linked report:

"Planned Parenthood, one of the largest abortion providers in the United States, donated millions of dollars to the Virginia governor who made controversial abortion comments on Jan. 30.

The Virginia affiliate of Planned Parenthood threw its support behind Ralph Northam, a Democrat, in August 2017, dropping $3 million and providing close support, deploying canvassers to knock on 300, 000 doors and sending mailers to another 400, 000 homes.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia confirmed the donation and support to the Washington Post. While Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie voiced opposition to abortion unless it was in the case of rape, incest, or when a mother’s life was at stake, Northam voiced support for abortion even in the second and third trimesters, despite the majority of Americans being against late abortions.

My comment: I am glad I fact checked that! It is WORSE than two million! That guy must be a serious piece of malfunctioning trash. I bet he campaigned on "family values!" I am sure he won and did not steal the governorship with a rigged vote too!

During the Presidential debates, Trump said Dems would push for late term abortion

He was right. Watch this video of Trump saying it, and Hillary's response, saying he was just using "scare tactics". This really flushes out the communists for the liars they are.

Hundreds of thousands of web sites to go down tomorrow?

Rumor has it that an IVP4 issue is going to cause countless web sites to go offline tomorrow, some of them permanently. I therefore announce right now that I have already tested this site and if it is an issue for anyone, it won't be an issue for this site, which is totally compliant with the new standards.

I doubt it will go down but even if it does, people can still get to it via which IVP4 has no impact on. I did it that way for a reason. There's no reason for it to go down tomorrow but if they try to pull that crap (they did it before already once a couple years ago) the direct IP access will still work. That's what saved it last time - at the peak of their attack which saw this site removed from DNS entirely, traffic only dropped by 45 percent and that was not enough, they want their targets gone in one whack and can't bear the scrutiny of having someone mostly alive and shouting about it.

Tomorrows problem is more like Y2K than anything, and that was a flop. So most likely nothing will happen that anyone notices. However, if any site you go to goes down tomorrow, this will be the reason.

Here is exactly what is going to happen tomorrow, from

"The current DNS is unnecessarily slow and inefficient because of efforts to accommodate a few DNS systems that are not in compliance with DNS standards established two decades ago.

To ensure further sustainability of the system it is time to end these accommodations and remediate the non-compliant systems. This change will make most DNS operations slightly more efficient, and also allow operators to deploy new functionality, including new mechanisms to protect against DDoS attacks.

DNS software and service providers listed on this site have agreed to coordinate removing accommodations for non-compliant DNS implementations from their software or services, on or around February 1st 2019. This change will affect only sites operating non-compliant software."

My comment: So a few lazy server operators will be going down tomorrow. It is predicted this adds up to hundreds of thousands of web sites. But this site has already been proven to work quite well without DNS anyway, because so many people have the IP saved and it is configured to cause direct access, which is unusual, even Drudge and others won't work with direct IP. I did it that way because I figured this site would be taken down if I did not, and they already tried and failed. Once again, there's no reason for this site to vanish tomorrow, it is totally compliant and on top of that, has direct IP backup for those who have the direct IP (and that's a lot of people)

I'd also like to re-state: This is probably a big nothingburger. I don't think anyone (in general) will notice anything at all, but it is worth giving a heads up for.

America's left has been so rotten under Trump that . . . . .

Rumor has it that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is going to destroy all chances of Dems winning against Trump's re-election bid. I'd say that's a sad excuse if they stand by it. the Dem's real problem? Trump nailed it: The Dems are the party of late term abortion, illegal immigration, high crime, high taxes . . . . and that's not what Americans want. In fact, all these latino illegals Dems are depending on TOTALLY DEPLORE ABORTION, and they won't overlook the Dems pushing to have even after birth "abortion" normalized. I'd say that's a lot more of a problem for them than Schultz.

Supposedly they are in a panic because they think they will lose. I think they ought to panic instead because Schultz is not as bad as they need the next president to be, he's no Trump but he's simply not "Hillary." If he does end up becoming their next front runner, I will be LMAO!

Yesterday I saw "Becoming Michelle Obama" at Wal Mart in Mexico!

I figured I'd buy it for $2.50 so I could at least comment on it here, but when I scanned it the price was $20. NO WAY. I'm not giving (him) that much! Why on earth would they sell that here??!!??

I'll check occasionally and when it gets flushed out to the "dollar stores" MAYBE I'll give it a look. I am sure it has a few things worth posting.

Virginia governor really is pushing to get "abortion after birth" legalized

I posted this yesterday but was skeptical (I did not state it that way because it seemed credible but I was skeptical.) Now Drudge finally had it this morning. It is true. First New York, now Virginia. So post-partum "abortion" is becoming a reality. The goal they stated five years ago as a next step was to get it legalized up to a year after birth. Then later. I can't remember where I saw it, but they have a specified age where you become "real" and it is after the age of 3. They will probably go for that, IF the people they have subverted allow it.

Last night, there was an enormous fire at the Marcal paper factory in Newark.

For some reason, the MSM refused to report it. The smoke rose to 10,000 feet and showed on weather radar for 50 miles. 1 person reported that the temperature was 9 degrees, but when he drove by the fire the car's exterior thermometer went up to 59. Brightly visible embers flew distances of more than 30 miles. Additionally, the embers blew over to the New York side and sparked fires there. Drudge had only a report of a fire at the Newark airport parking garage but that fire was started by embers that flew into the parking area from the Marcal fire which was not mentioned. Why?. In total, 33 different municipalities battled the blaze with all they had. The fire burned nearby residential areas to the ground, in addition to a power generating station.

The problem was greatly worsened by frozen fire hydrants and fire hoses. It must have been awful fighting it.

See this.

I cannot believe this is not major news this morning. Why not? Perhaps because they'd rather commit all their airtime and efforts into overthrowing the president? Yep, maybe that's it!

If you are in the midwest deep freeze right now, DO NOT turn your heater below 72 until you have confirmed your pipes will not freeze even if the gas company told you to turn it down.

Some homes have no heating vents in basements and none have heating vents in crawl spaces, and in these cases all the heat has to come down from above, especially with the modern high efficiency furnaces. It is cold enough to freeze the basement even if the home above is warm in many cases. Additionally, some homes with only crawl spaces have open ventilation ports and there's no way in such cases that heat from above will be enough if you turn your thermostat down. You'll lose your pipes in all cases if the heat goes out, but if that happens, everyone is screwed, it won't just be you in your lonely misery.

It is now so cold that having a coat if your car breaks down won't matter much, you had better have a coat and a LOT MORE in your car and don't even think about running out of gas.

RUMOR: Presidential motorcade had an accident

This news is 10 minutes old at time of posting with conflicting reports. Some say it was a collision with another vehicle, others are saying a secret service agent tried to push a retard out of the way, and both got hit. Developing . . . .

UPDATE: a Trump protester tried to stop the motorcade by running in front of it and instead got his @ss run over. Not sad.

Virginia governor just stated this morning that abortion in the moments after live birth is OK, as that same governor tries to get a duplicate of New York's new abortion laws passed.

The comment went along with "what if the mom decided not to keep it after birth, or what if something was wrong with the baby that was not known about during pregnancy". Obviously, a corrupted doctor could make any claim at all to the mother and suggest killing it.

Twitter is blocking Trump again from where I sit.

The situation with Maduro in Venezuela is one to watch.

There are all kinds of rumors going around, here's some solid reference:

1. The New World Order claims Maduro rigged the election. But there's a problem: Venezuela uses positive ID complete with fingerprint scan for all elections, so there's little chance they are rigged. That is a BIG PROBLEM. Maduro is probably actually the legit president. Trump is probably wrong on the position he has taken with this.

2. RUMOR: 8 million Venezuelans are likely to seek refuge in the U.S. MY TAKE: That would be a good deal. They are well educated, hard working, expect a high standard of living and before this latest debacle had a GDP per capita of $15,000 even in the totally crappy system they had. They are a hot blooded people and they know ALL ABOUT SOCIALISM AND WOULD HATE OCASIO CORTEZ. They are ALL 100 PERCENT PRO TRUMP. If civil war broke out, they'd totally out perform Beer Belly Bob. America's conservative right would gain an 8 million man army. There are large numbers of highly desirable right-wing Latinos, and Venezuela would prove it.

3. Rumor: 5,000 U.S. troops are set to invade Venezuela from Colombia. My take: If true, that's not enough.

4. FACT: Last night, Venezuela sent 20 tons of gold to Russia on a 747. Why would they do that? Obvious answer: They did not want Hillary to end up with it the way she did Ghadaffi. I'd expect more than that to be sent soon.

5. MY SUSPICION: I think the New World Order and Trump's phoney advisors are trying to set up a war with Russia, to derail Trump's presidency. I think Trump got played. If the U.S. does not back down, there will be war with Russia and Maduro is currently winning, having already totally de-funded America's proven NWO stooge "officially recognized" president by disabling his bank accounts. If Maduro can still do that, he's still totally in charge.

6. Russia has already made it perfectly clear they are supporting Maduro and war with Venezuela will equal war with Russia. NOT RUMOR: Russia has EPIC tsunami bombs that can set off 3,000 foot waves, and New York, after it's brand new abortion law, would be better off the map. If God's will plays into this, if any of that is real, New York just set itself up for a severe punishment and "flyover country" is the new hip.

Rumor has it that technically, it is supposed to be impossible for nature to produce a wave more than 110 feet tall. But rumor is false. That rumor is based on weather generated waves with a set rise and fall period, when it comes to things like crustal slips, avalanches, and 100 MEGATON NUCLEAR BOMBS, the sky is pretty much the limit, and I mean, you might need to use high altitude instructions to bake a cake on top of what is possible.

7. COLD HARD FACT, PROVEN BY BERNIE: Russian Bolshevik communists are running the show in the United States, 100 percent supported and known about by the Jewish community. COLD HARD FACT: Putin won't attack, punish, or even mouth off to Israel. QUESTION: WHY? Who's side is he on when Uranium One happened? Surely not Trump's side, don't expect Putin to be your white knight, he's probably still full blooded KGB.

All of the above adds up to UGLY (except for the potential for an Ocasio hating 8 million man march.) We had probably better back off on Venezuela.

About the Apple facetime bug

I was not going to even bother with commenting on this because what did anyone expect? I have the answer! People expected the bugs to be hidden so they could continue living in ignorant bliss. And once this bug is patched to allow priviledged people only (as all the other bugs have been) the Iphone will once again be great!


Good news: It appears Roger Stone is doing the right thing and fighting false allegations by Mueller, rather than buckling in and lying to hang Trump. Roger Stone is likely a good man who will not be a traitor to America. He needs our prayers and blessings, because he's headed for the same beating Cohen got.

The Main Core

It appears Snowden has finally spoken up about the "main core", which has been featured in the right hand column of this web site for 7 years now. That report has not been restored since I lost one of the main servers but it is still on backup and will one day be put back up.

The "main core" consists of the people who are the heart of America keeping it alive, who have already been fully identified right down to where they throw their coffee grounds, all their favorite private locations, all their acquaintances, EVERYTHING, so when a crack down happens they can be quickly put away by the Communist super state. Guns are the only reason the main core is still around.

Snowden gave a number of about "8 million" that is in the main core. That's close to my original estimate, but now I believe that number has grown to 30 - 40 million due to awesome brain snooping afforded by Facebook Google, and your friendly smartphone. It's going to be an AWESOME genocide if people choose to sit on their butts after Trump is either ousted or gone for some other reason.

Most likely, if the shadow state has to, they will simply fly over cities with helicopters that have incindiary rounds, and GPS target every home that is considered part of the "main core". They'll get it done in a single three minute whack. Since every home in America is a wooden tinder box, including those with brick faces, they will immediately, in one fell swoop displace the resistance by burning it to the ground and afterward a gun grab will be very easy. If you wake up in the middle of the night and your house and lots of others are on fire, GRAB ALL YOUR GUNS AND AMMO AND NOTHING ELSE AND GET IT INTO THE CAR. If they have not already remote disabled it or shot the engine out, leaving it to burn in the garage, at least you'll have your guns and ammo and seeing your house and 5,000 others burn will do a LOT to make using those guns "mentally acceptable" no matter how brainwashed you are into the non-action non-violence mantra.

The fire department will not come, they'll make it to homes 1 - 7 of 5,000 and deplete their resources. There will be no hotels available. There will be a massive police presense attempting to take people's guns. SHOOT BACK IMMEDIATELY. Waiting will equal DOOM, you're going to the camp or gallows or perhaps a pack of hot dogs if your house was targeted anyway.

Burning America to the ground has been in their plans for decades, at least since the Federal Reserve, when mysteriously coding laws made solid concrete and solid brick private homes virtually impossible to do in the U.S. Question: Why are there ZERO (and I mean ZEEERO homes in Mexico that have wooden structures?) The only homes that are burnable in Mexico belong to gypsies, and account for fewer than one percent. If they are going to go so cheap they are burnable, the walls will be made of box cardboard. They won't be made of wood. The roof will be made of sticks, not 2X4's.



In a report about Bernie Sanders, The Forward, which is a Jewish publication, revealed that Burlington Vermont was one of the "sister cities" Soviet Russia set up to raise fake Americans in. These fake Americans would arrive from Russia with a perfect memory of the "American home town" they grew up in, and would then infiltrate and subvert American institutions, having a "perfect American reference" to launch their subversion from. I have mentioned these cities numerous times.


There were three sister cities with populations of approximately 50,000 that Russia set up to raise fake Americans in, all the way through their entire childhood. In these cities, they ate American style food, watched American television, and all the streets, landmarks and businesses were identical to the ones in the United States. The reason for these cities is so when the people who grew up in them arrived in America to subvert America, they would have a perfect recall of their "American" home town and they would blend in perfectly. I knew about Racine Wisconsin being one and knew there were two more, but did not know until today that Burlington Vermont was one of them.

Everyone knew he was a communist. What's worse? They are singing "this land is your land", likely rejoicing over taking over the United States. Bernie would be a disaster, everyone figured he would be better than Hillary so he has been forgiven for a lot, but electing him would be an enormous mistake.

Hey look everyone! The Forward is giving away free gifts, free gifts! FREE GIFTS! HA HA, MY GOD they screwed up with that one!

BOOOOOOOOOOOOM WHAT DID I SAY? Trump caving was a HUGE error, Pelosi canceled the SOTU ANYWAY!

* (1)Totally unsubstantiated rumor based on "someone's word" has it that it will be on Feb 5th, DOUBT IT.

* (1) No one's word can be trusted in the shadow state unless it is a promise to push through legislation the American people hate!

Update to New York's new abortion law -

Folks, this is DISGUSTING. A recap:

RECAP: New York just rammed a law through that allows abortion on a baby's day zero birth day. No doctor has to be present, anyone can kill the baby. Additionally, no witness needs to be present. So anything that happens "happens". I have speculated this is just a veiled method of using midwives to deliver live babies to be used in satanic sacrifice rituals. Anyway, that's the original scoop. But wait, there's more!

You'd think this has to be fake news, but it is not fake news. I double and triple checked all of this, and it is positively NOT FAKE:

New York governor Cuomo went the whole 9 yards and officially stated that if you are pro-life, or conservative, or support the second amendment, you are not welcome in New York. It will take going over a few reports to get all of it, but Here is a nice start. But wait: There's MORE!!!

Suddenly having a zone where you can murder people in their birthday suit is a FESTIVE OCCASION. So to celebrate, Cuomo has ordered state landmarks to be lit up with lights that are BABY GIRL PINK!!! I KID YOU NOT, you'd have to think that was fake news, but no, it happened, Cuomo really was THAT AUDACIOUS about it.

The event was so festive, he even ordered the spire of ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER - you know - the not-so-"freedom tower" to be lit up pink, declaring "In the face of a federal government intent on rolling back Roe v. Wade and women's reproductive rights, I promised that we would enact this critical legislation within the first 30 days of the new session - and we got it done. I am directing that New York's landmarks be lit in pink to celebrate this achievement and shine a bright light forward for the rest of the nation to follow."

Folks, I repeat: That is not fake news. It is so disgusting it "has to be fake", but even The Onion would not be that audacious.

Cuomo was probably rigged into office. Maybe not. Maybe. Well, considering New York is Jew central, maybe not. But there is no maybe to this: If Cuomo really was elected, and the people who rammed this legislation through really were elected, and this legislation really is supported by a majority of New Yorkers, Russia has several a 100 megaton tsunami bombs off the east coast, just waiting to fill the role of God's hand in this. If you live in New York and don't agree with this kind of behavior, I suggest you leave before an unscheduled swim.

Want to know why Trump is having such trouble with the deep state? Here it is, in a nut shell:

This is an old story, but it is just a reminder (this version was at the Daily Caller)

The FBI raided the home of a whistleblower who was in possession of documents regarding the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One, according to the whistleblower's lawyer, Michael Socarras.

The whistleblower, Dennis Nathan Cain, had turned the documents over to the Department of Justice's inspector general and both the House and Senate Intelligence committees, according to the lawyer.

The FBI rummaged through Cain's home for six hours, even after the whistleblower handed over the documents, according to Socarras.

The report then goes on to explain how the raid, which should never have happened, was arranged by the FBI via a corrupted judge and was likely only conducted to make good and sure everything the whistleblower had was expunged totally so it could not be used in court against Hillary even after Congress got a copy of all of it.

Ok, so that's the gist of it.

This is why Trump is having such a hard time winning, and it is totally not his fault: Too many corrupt judges are in the system acting totally illegally, and can't be removed because they are supported by other corrupt judges and corrupt employees at the federal level. Corrupted cops farther down the chain go with the flow rather than get fired, and therefore enforce the will of the corrupted judges that got orders for everything from a corrupted FBI, which is headed by totally corrupte Mueller, who is supported by a corrupt DOJ giving orders to slay a totally clean president.

Their only problem is they need something solid to use against Trump, and they never found it. But that won't stop them, they are skilled manipulators that can trick anyone into an accidental and totally innocent mis-stepping of wording, and that is how they wiped out Roger Stone.

In my pre-common core education, we were taught how communists function. They do exactly what Mueller is doing, (as a preliminary step to setting up a scenario where they can get away with killing everyone and not need to mess with these details) - If communists cannot get a direct hit on their desired target, they destroy everyone and everything around that target so the target has it's support eliminated and no new support will arrive because it is scared to death of what will happen. Then, as soon as they think they can get away with it, they remove that target one way or another.

The only thing supporting Trump now is US, the American people.

Trump is a great president. He might be the greatest president in history. Though my outlook is gloomy I am not going to stop supporting Trump, he needs us now more than ever and the outlook is not so good.

I seriously doubt his caving on the wall was any sort of 5D chess, and I doubt there is a silver lining in this anywhere. Trump can't win in this system, there is little question his advisors are communists fronting a false face to accomplish a job, Trump is not stupid and a lot of the decisions he has made recently sure make him look like it. There has to be a reason. I believe I have stated it.

Do not give up on Trump until the enemy has actually finished the job of destroying him, he is highly capable and absolutely brilliant. I just hope that matters.

RUMOR: "80 percent of millenials can't change a light bulb"

I doubt that. In an age where the older generations are more than happy to gobble up the incompetence of the millenial generation (which is sadly real, and inflicted and not their fault) I have to say I don't believe 80 percent can't change a light bulb. I'd buy "80 percent of millenials can't change a light bulb in a microwave oven" or on a random 2019 model car, or maybe that many can't change the transmission fluid come hell or high water, but I can't believe they really can't change an ordinary light bulb.

If you can screw the top off a peanut butter jar and put it back on, you can change a light bulb, and therefore any claims that millennials who:

1. have a ladder and can reach the fixture and

2. are not too afraid of heights to climb up to the bulb (many from older generations are afraid enough of heights to turn the job over to someone else, so it would not be an exclusively millenial problem) -

have to be bogus.

Remove those two factors and my guess is that well over 90 percent of millenials can change a light bulb. Especially in a table lamp.

Obviously I have not lined up 100 millenials to get a solid answer, but 80 percent not capable of something so simple is for me, not believable.

I will say, however, that probably any number between 30-50 percent would burn their hands doing it if the bulb still worked . . . .

CONCLUSION: New York's new abortion law was passed strictly for making it possible to get a steady, high volume stream of live births that are un accounted for, to be used in satanic rituals. Just ask Vicki Polin!

We had an emergency yesterday, so I could not expound on this. Vicki Polin is a Jewish woman who testified on Oprah in 1989 that some Jewish women would carry children to term in complete secrecy, give birth, and then hand the children over to be murdered in rituals. She was totally messed up after being forced to partake in these rituals.

There's no question whatsoever that New York, which is Jew central, passed the recent abortion legislation to make it easy to get ahold of fully developed babies to be used this way, after all, if "anyone" can perform the abortion (it does not require a doctor anymore) and it can now be done without witnesses, who's to say where that baby really went?

Here is the testimony that proves this is going on, and strongly indicates New York's new abortion laws are specifically for this purpose.

This testimony by Vicki Polin is not fiction, I myself have known someone who was forced to participate in such rituals who was not Jewish and it messed her up badly (the details of this have been on this site several times) but with regard to what went on in New York recently, Vicki Polin's testimony is thorough enough to say it all.


I have to tend to the same emergency that happened yesterday today also, so here's a few brief things -

Maduro -

President Obrador took a neutral stance to the ouster of Maduro yesterday. I think he wants to take sides badly but he respects Trump and therefore chose to take a neutral stance. However

Mex media did a very lengthy broadcast showing Maduro still in full power. He's very nervous, but there is no indication WHATSOEVER, NO INDICATION AT ALL that he won't remain in power. The riots appeared to have accomplished nothing at all. In addition to my previous comments it is likely that anyone who claims Maduro is out has jumped the gun. It is not over until it is over.

Inflammatory conspiratorial stories abound now

My B.S. meter has pegged, and people I normally respect appear to be off their rocker lately.

I am not going to point out stories specifically, and it is now happening with LARGE numbers of people in the alt media - they are either too hopeful or too doomy and are running on air as to what happens next with Trump, the cabal, the NWO or whatever, with no input. Everyone is guessing as to what is going to go on now even despite "having inside sources", they are circling the truth like a mob of mad wasps but not a single one can manage to get a stinger into the truth, and lots of good minded people are pushing stories that contradict what other good minded people are saying. That's why none of it is ending up here.

I have not missed any of this, but until we see something solid that proves it all out I am only going to watch.

HOWEVER, the following in the main window below is PURE GOLD, FOLKS, Trump is probably playing it all beautifully, SEE THE NEXT REPORT:

If this page has not updated in a while, CLICK HERE to force the page to load fresh.

I am going to say it like it is:

Roger Stone is guilty of NOTHING and they racked up 7 felony charges against him. How was it done? via perjury traps. They are claiming he lied while giving testimony. However, he probably never intentionally lied about anything. The way it works in a Kangaroo court is you have someone give hours and hours and ours of "testimony", being grilled on the same topics over and over and over and over and over again until you wear them out mentally, and the victim then says something slightly different that still means the same thing, but it was said differently, and then you dissect what was said differently 50 different ways until you find one interpretation you can peddle as a lie, and then charge him with perjury.

There's absolutely no crime associated with anything Roger Stone mis-stated, it is the fact that they managed, under the extreme duress of extensive interrogation, managed to produce an inconsistency of wording, which could be caused just from being worn the hell out. And the MSM is then taking this and saying it proves Russia helped Trump win the election.

The writing is on the wall:

Trump could just fire Mueller. Why is Trump permitting this? There is no excuse for what Mueller is doing whatsoever. Trump has a DEEP MORAL OBLIGATION to fire Mueller post haste and gulag his ass 500 miles North of Fairbanks in the dead of winter, and when he's within an inch of dying from hypothermia, warm him up, give him a nice cup of hot chocolate and then HANG HIS ASS.

The fact that Mueller is staying in power despite being clearly observably a treasonous subversive fraud is an enormous signal something is seriously wrong, the fact the FBI exists at all after setting up patsy after patsy (the latest being some idiot they gave a fake anti-tank round to, and then peddled it off as a genuine threat) is only proof the FBI needs to be disbanded, Trump could do it with no congressional process (the FBI was created via executive order) and Trump could just cancel it. WHY NOT? Why is it still there, despite being so obviously corrupt?

There is an obvious answer in this: The coup has already happened. The only reason why they have not managed to ditch Trump is because he kept his entire life totally clean of anything he could ever be nailed for. He's pure as the driven snow and the people running the coup don't want to make it obvious that it really is a coup.

Folks, it really is a coup. Are you going to settle for that and let them run with it after Trump is gone?

Yippy search engine

I figured out that Gibiru, Duck Duck, and all others outside of Bing just use Google with a different face. However, there is one I forgot about that does not use Google at all, and is not rigged like Bing (Bing is rigged less than Google but it is still rigged and is not that great. However, Yippy is actually decent. take a look at this search of Donald Trump at Yippy! The top results are accurate. Later in the results it starts showing the media back stabs, but it does not start out with B.S! Nice!

Washington DC area Craigslist listing:

URGENT:Do you resemble Ruth Bader Ginsberg? Are you free January 29th? (House of Congress)

Hello and thank you for your interest!

We have an immediate and URGENT need for someone who resembles the Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (pictured above, in life, on right). No need for a robe, we will supply. Must have ability to stay awake for approximately 2 hours.

We are trying to delay an important meeting in which she is scheduled to appear but it seems as though we are utterly powerless to postpone this meeting due to an uncontrollable and unmoving orange force whose name we shall not speak of. This meeting is scheduled for January 29th. We will do everything possible to change the date but it is possible our best is just not good enough.

Name your price for the appearance. We have plenty of Soros cash for you. Please email us ASAP.

See this.


I have read quite a few optimistic headlines in alt media. However, reality does not support optimism. We have the MSM gloating and partying, and Trump did not do what could have been done, he did not use the situation he leveraged in an effective way at all. There is a serious problem and If Trump does not come out with something huge in the next two months, KISS IT ALL AWAY. There won't be a recovery from the subversion.

Trump is doing all he can to get the country back but there is simply no way to do it anymore, Obama really was the death sentence for America and no amount of brains is going to help Trump think his way past this. Trump's position reminds me of a scene from Robocop, where a geek was studying while tending a gas station, and one of the bad guys pulled up on a motorcycle and said "I bet you think you are smart! Do you think you can out-smart a bullet? That's Trump's situation, sometimes brains and ability simply can't out-smart a force that has no inherent intelligence, sometimes force is all it takes to win. Obama provided that force which is now being applied and it appears to be insurmountable. If anything could show there is no hope, it is Trump caving, and then being called a "cave man" by the same MSM that was ridiculing him for standing his ground before he caved. You just can't win with these people. I am beginning to believe we will not. Preparation is the only answer, FORCE IN RETURN is the only answer - this cannot be resolved peacefully.


I have read quite a few optimistic headlines in alt media. However, reality does not support optimism. We have the MSM gloating and partying, and Trump did not do what could have been done, he did not use the situation he leveraged in an effective way at all. There is a serious problem and If Trump does not come out with something huge in the next two months, KISS IT ALL AWAY. There won't be a recovery from the subversion.

Trump is doing all he can to get the country back but there is simply no way to do it anymore, Obama really was the death sentence for America and no amount of brains is going to help Trump think his way past this. Trump's position reminds me of a scene from Robocop, where a geek was studying while tending a gas station, and one of the bad guys pulled up on a motorcycle and said "I bet you think you are smart! Do you think you can out-smart a bullet? That's Trump's situation, sometimes brains and ability simply can't out-smart a force that has no inherent intelligence, sometimes force is all it takes to win. Obama provided that force which is now being applied and it appears to be insurmountable. If anything could show there is no hope, it is Trump caving, and then being called a "cave man" by the same MSM that was ridiculing him for standing his ground before he caved. You just can't win with these people. I am beginning to believe we will not. Preparation is the only answer, FORCE IN RETURN is the only answer - this cannot be resolved peacefully.

Update to below:

The Trump administration has claimed a wall is coming in 21 days. That won't happen, the system is so subverted that all the Dems will do is throw it into the court system and tie it up until Trump is gone. That should not be possible, but corrupted judges can do anything now. The key word is subversion. The only thing Trump has actually gotten done that the Dems tried to stop was a temporary (TEMPORARY) ban on transvestites in the military. That is certainly not enough to convince me he can go up against the corrupted courts effectively AT ALL.

And it is worse than that - Everyone in the chain below KNOWS the court was corrupt, and they enforce the corrupt rulings anyway!!! Double triple quintuple TO INFINITY AND BEYOND subversion!

I WAS RIGHT - Trump should NOT have caved, he's screwed

Pelosi and Schumer have thrown the shutdown blame successfully at Trump's feet and said the American people hate him for it, and they are rejoicing. It is clear now that Trump is incapable of not only draining the swamp, he's incapable of holding out. Someone, a traitor, is probably manipulating him as well, which probably means all the way up the ladder to a Kushner brainwashed Ivanka. He has the enemy of the American people THAT CLOSE to him at all times, Kushner is a certified DISASTER for this country.

I am convinced now that there is no chess being effectively played, and that we are toast. I am changing future plans because of it. There was hope, and if Trump, arguably the greatest president we have ever had can't make it happen, it can only mean the war was already lost and the subversion runs too deep. We are TOAST, and only direct targeted action, physical action, can fix this. We can't vote, protest, or bitch our way out of this. The message is now clear.

I removed my initial comments about Trump caving on the wall after seeing this tweet from Trump, and have replaced them with a different comment


"I wish people would read or listen to my words on the Border Wall. This was in no way a concession. It was taking care of millions of people who were getting badly hurt by the Shutdown with the understanding that in 21 days, if no deal is done, it's off to the races!"

My comment: Originally I suggested the empty cities in China were built for Americans, and that it would probably not be a bad idea to run there if Pelosi's mob starts killing off Americans. I'll change it to this:

Trump just blew an awesome chance to clean the crap out of government by ending the shutdown, he could have cleaned all that crap out TODAY by laying off all the traitors, and never calling them back. Instead, he caved, and re-set the clock to a big fat ZERO. The loss of such an opportunity amounts to a devastation of the potential he once had to fix the country overnight. He could have done it, and he THREW IT AWAY. I am PISSED.

I am SICK of losing. Where's the winning? I am SURE not "tired of winning". Trump is appearing to be a weebil in the hands of a two year old, getting knocked about and "wobbled" but miraculously, somehow, he did not fall down (yet).

Trump had better stop backing down and he had BETTER DELIVER on the indictments, national security, and a WHOLE LOT ELSE over the next couple months or he will be on his way OUT of the history books and into a forgotten grave or prison cell. Who the hell are his "advisors" anyway?

His excuse for backing down today is BULLSHIT, he did not deliver before and gave them what they wanted. I am sure Soros is having a martini over a buzz from the previous five martinis. If we don't get solid action post haste, WE ARE SCREWED.

UPDATE TO VICKI POLIN ABOVE: It appears a "site error" is being substituted for her video testimony. There is nothing wrong with this site causing another page to open instead of her testimony, if it does that, try again.


The Daily Caller has published a lengthy dissertation from an anonymous "senior Trump staffer". It is PURE GOLD. Here is enough of it to get a taste:

"As one of the senior officials working without a paycheck, a few words of advice for the president's next move at shuttered government agencies: lock the doors, sell the furniture, and cut them down.

Federal employees are starting to feel the strain of the shutdown. I am one of them. But for the sake of our nation, I hope it lasts a very long time, till the government is changed and can never return to its previous form.

The lapse in appropriations is more than a battle over a wall. It is an opportunity to strip wasteful government agencies for good.

On an average day, roughly 15 percent of the employees around me are exceptional patriots serving their country. I wish I could give competitive salaries to them and no one else. But 80 percent feel no pressure to produce results. If they don't feel like doing what they are told, they don't.

Why would they? We can't fire them. They avoid attention, plan their weekend, schedule vacation, their second job, their next position - some do this in the same position for more than a decade. (RELATED: diGenova and Toensing: Judge Napolitano Is Wrong On The Law and The Facts)

They do nothing that warrants punishment and nothing of external value. That is their workday: errands for the sake of errands - administering, refining, following and collaborating on process. "Process is your friend" is what delusional civil servants tell themselves. Even senior officials must gain approval from every rank across their department, other agencies and work units for basic administrative chores.

Process is what we serve, process keeps us safe, process is our core value. It takes a lot of people to maintain the process. Process provides jobs. In fact, there are process experts and certified process managers who protect the process. Then there are the 5 percent with moxie (career managers). At any given time they can change, clarify or add to the process - even to distort or block policy counsel for the president.

Saboteurs peddling opinion as research, tasking their staff on pet projects or pitching wasteful grants to their friends. Most of my career colleagues actively work against the president's agenda. This means I typically spend about 15 percent of my time on the president's agenda and 85 percent of my time trying to stop sabotage, and we have no power to get rid of them. Until the shutdown.

Due to the lack of funding, many federal agencies are now operating more effectively from the top down on a fraction of their workforce, with only select essential personnel serving national security tasks. One might think this is how government should function, but bureaucracies operate from the bottom up - a collective of self-generated ideas. Ideas become initiatives, formalize into offices, they seek funds from Congress and become bureaus or sub-agencies, and maybe one day grow to be their own independent agency, like ours. The nature of a big administrative bureaucracy is to grow to serve itself. I watch it and fight it daily.

When the agency is full, employees held liable for poor performance respond with threats, lawsuits, complaints and process in at least a dozen offices, taking years of mounting paperwork with no fear of accountability, extending their careers, while no real work is done. Do we succumb to such extortion? Yes. We pay them settlements, we waive bad reviews, and we promote them.

(I edited out a significant portion here that is worth reading)

But President Trump can end this abuse. Senior officials can re-prioritize during an extended shutdown, focus on valuable results and weed out the saboteurs. We do not want most employees to return, because we are working better without them.

This was only about half of what he said, and all of it is good, see the rest HERE

My comment:

I don't believe Pelosi's popularity pulled ahead of Trump's because of the shutdown, any reports of this are likely from rigged polls and the wishful thinking of poorly guided snowflakes. KEEP IT UP BUDDY, KEEP IT UP!!!! HA HA HA, FINALLY THE PURGE IS WITHIN VIEW.

Additionally - This Trump staffer mentioned how 15 percent of the people were doing all the work, with 80 percent being dead weight. Remember "teamwork"? It started to get mentioned in the late 70's, became a huge meme in the 80's and stayed the same ever since. I called B.S. because if everyone had to be on a team, it only meant the losers were able to suck credit from the winners and be pushed to the same level of perceived accomplishment. This is definitely happening in the government now. Here is reality:

In most cases, (and I mean most - at least 80 percent of cases) teamwork amounts to 1 master, 2 highly skilled people who can actually produce, and FIVE LOSERS hanging around, parasiting the glory off the other 3 on the team. Teamwork allows those who can't accomplish much to rack up "accomplishments". That's not what the successful America was -

Practically all of what we have today aside from nuclear tech and astrophysics and astronomy was the result of rugged individualism, where no one parasited anyone elses greatness. We have electricity because of Edison (DC) and Tesla (AC) we have rockets because of Robert Goddard and we have jets, airplanes and gasoline engines strictly from the work of INDIVIDUALS who were not part of any team. Almost every last one of the other major scientific discoveries of the olden days, even television, was accomplished by either lone individuals or pairs of people at most. As soon as teamwork took off, which put average people on par with genius, the great era of discovery ended and there's nothing new, only improvements and refinements and re-application of what great individual minds accomplished in the past.

This Trump Staffer just killed the "teamwork" concept, probably without even realizing it. 15 percent workers and 80 percent dead weight? HA! THAT SAYS IT ALL.


Update to below: I am convinced New York's new abortion law is for providing babies to be sacrificed

There was a Jewish witness to child sacrifice on Oprah in the 80's. This got rendered from VHS and put on Youtube and may still be there (I have this saved on a back up hard drive somewhere). In the video the Jewish woman describes how horrible it was, and that some Jewish women would carry children to term while hid away, deliver the baby, and then hand it over for sacrifice rituals done "for power". So New York, being Jew Central, probably wants abortion legalized up until birth to provide cover for babies they want to use for sacrificial rituals, and they don't want to explain where they went. "She just had an abortion, not performed by a doctor, that's all!".

Jewish midwives would help with the delivery, and the baby goes to the altar.

They are losing ground badly now with Trump as president, the timing of this is also suspect. They need a super caffeinated meth boost of "power" now, and they may plan to get that boost from an enormous pile of rituals. The public is already suspect of child protective services helping these people get their "material" to work with, and a totally abhorrent abortion law would provide perfect cover.


New York is on the verge of fully legalized abortion at the full 9 months including during birth.

Hillary Clinton pushed hard for this, and got it. It can be performed by anyone, no doctor needed provided the "mothers health is at risk", her life does not need to be at risk, only her "health" and they don't define "health" which means any reason at all, including "I don't want it and I am going to cry and that will damage my mental health". It has to mean that if non doctors can do the abortion, it will be perfectly legal to simply bash the baby to death in the womb until the mother miscarries

But of course, if the mother does drugs while pregnant, she's still "endangering the child". There's no danger to the "child" if you kill it altogether because it is not a child if you just want to kill it at birth.

A full term "fetus" still has to be delivered, so there's no chance the "health" excuse is legit. Dead or alive, the birth is still a birth, they can't tear a full term "fetus" in the womb apart without injuring the mother with the broken bones, once they get past a certain point they have to come out whole.

So the whole damn thing is a certified scam, probably fronted to provide a source of live babies for rituals and blood draws - "Oh, I did not have that baby, I had an abortion". Who's going to know where it really went, dead or alive?

OUCH! Look at this Trump tweet:

"So interesting that bad lawyer Michael Cohen, who sadly will not be testifying before Congress, is using the lawyer of Crooked Hillary Clinton to represent him - Gee, how did that happen? Remember July 4th weekend when Crooked went before FBI & wasn't sworn in, no tape, nothing?"

My comment: How did Cohen end up in such bad shape while in the hands of people who want to destroy Trump, and then get Hillary's lawyer to represent him? Something does not add up here.


The following is not about whether or not I agree with America messing around with other people's countries, (I called Maduro's replacement a stooge) the post is instead about how Mexico covered Trump with this, giving him credit for the revolution, and if you go into the comments, Venezuela does not want to become a refugee nation, they want to "Make Venezuela great again" and see Trump as an inspiration. There's no chance America's MSM is going to report this, which is why the following post needs to be spread far and wide.


Make sure you send along what my summary of that report says below.

With the way trolls and Trump's opposition responded to this, which amounted to an outright attempt to destroy how Mex media reported this (they made Trump a hero) it is very important for this to receive widespread exposure in America and Alex would be just the guy to do it. If the Latino community gets ahold of this, it is ADIOS DEMS.

BOOOOM! Mex media gave Trump 100 percent credit for today's overthrow of Veneuela's president Maduro

Fat chance you'll hear this on America's MSM -

Here's the story, as reported by Diez En Punto (A very popular Mex MSM news program) They said that Trump successfully got a message to the people of Venezuela that there is proof that Maduro stole the election and was not Venezuela's legitimate president.

They then stated in clear terms that immediately after this statement from Trump was widely spread, people took to the streets and rioted.

Trump was credited 100 percent for this, with no other cause or reason for Maduro's sudden ouster.

Why did I not hear about this Trump victory until the Mex MSM said it? Very odd . . . . .

Unfortunately, the Mex media also reported that the people of Venezuela then listened to the U.N. and appointed a U.N. stooge as a temporary president until elections are held . . . . they did not use the word "stooge", but, you know . . . . .

This is highly probably Trump's statement that Diez En Punto stated directly caused the uprising

To be VERY CLEAR: Diez En Punto flatly stated there was no other cause for Maduro's sudden ouster than that statement from Trump, and that when the Venezuelan people saw it, they snapped because life is CRAP there and they suddenly FLIPPED OUT. Total chaos.

If you have not heard about the recent rebellion in Venezuela, it is because the news is too fresh. It kicked off FULL SCALE this evening. It (may) be headlines in the U.S. tomorrow but you can bet Trump causing this won't be mentioned in America's MSM.

An LED flashlight the way it should be!

When LED flashlights were released, I figured that FINALLY, a high duration flashlight (on a single battery) would be a reality. That did not happen, instead, they made LED flashlights require multiple batteries, usually low capacity button cells, AAA'S and AA's. So the length of time they worked on a set of batteries was only slightly better than the old bulb type flashlights, if it was better at all. Even when one was obviously large enough to accomodate D-cells. ANNOYING.

Well, I found the cat's meow. A couple days ago I found the perfect LED flashlight at a store called Waldo's (Mexico's version of Dollar General.) It takes ONE D-cell, and has ONE LED that goes approximately as bright as a 7 LED flashlight I have that takes 3 AAA's (casts a beam about 250 feet) and I was so intrigued I checked the current draw with a multimeter to see how long that SINGLE SUPER CHEAP 41 CENT CARBON BASED D-CELL would last. ANSWER: Full (totally full) brightness for about 30 hours, tapering off to acceptable brightness for about 30 more hours, and then down to, gee it's weak but I'll tolerate it for about 50 more hours. This is with an Eveready 1250-R20S D-cell I can get in a pack of 2 for less than $1, the current draw shown on the meter, and Eveready's engineering specifications from their web site. I did not run the flashlight for that long, but as long as you did not get common core, math works!

It is not super bright for LED, but it is still much brighter than any bulb based flashlight was. It will be a good bicycle light (which is what I got it for because of the gas crisis in Mexico now).


Trump sent a letter to the Capitol Police Sgt at Arms and scheduled a walk through, and then said he'd do the SOTU wherever he wants!

Evidently, Pelosi never did have the power to lock him out, and was only going on air and assumptions. If Trump gets his walk through, that will prove this is precisely the case. Here's how Trump could do it, even if Pelosi could order it: Simply furlough the capitol police and then walk through with the secret service.

Either way, Pelosi loses, it is not possible for any member of government to block the President from the capitol building.

ADVERTISING MONOPOLY: Google to program Chrome to reject ALL ad blockers that can block Google ads, while the browser, by default, blocks an enormous pile of ads from other ad services or web sites

You can't make this stuff up. Google programmers are about to update Chrome to reject all ad blocking add-ons that can block Google's adsense, yet Chrome itself is designed from the ground up to reject many ads that don't originate at Google. Obviously no one is going to report this the way I am going to say it at this point in time, but it was not long ago that Google announced it would be programming Chrome to block "all ads from "bad sources"". Remember that? Or did it slip under the rug? Remember this?:

"Essentially, as part of the Coalition for Better Ads, Google applies a set of standards, and filters out ads that don't abide by the rules. If a website is found to be employing bad ads, Google will block all ads on that site until it cleans up its act.

So what is a "bad ad"? They claim it is any ad that operates maliciously. Here is reality: A bad ad is any ad that is funding Google's information opposition. Any ad on any Alt media web site. If ad servers fail to comply with Google's orders to not issue ads to a particular web site, their entire company can be blocked in Chrome and all it will take is to enter the URL of that ad server into Chrome's filter at Google headquarters, and the second you hit the web, Chrome will update the latest list of "bad people" in 0.26 seconds and POOF, the ad provider will be gone. DITTO FOR ANY ALT MEDIA SITE THAT HOSTS THEIR OWN ADS.

Google will never admit that is what they are doing, but totally de-funding ideological opposition is one of Google's primary objectives. At this point, Google even has this down to banning any animated gif or other image that links to a company, this happened here with Check Mate Rifle company. It worked great for about a day and a half, and then POOF, absolutely no one with Chrome was getting through because the ad simply was not showing up.




PROBABLY TRUE: Rumor has it that this morning, Pelosi told security that no executive branch official is to be allowed in the capitol building. NO ONE AT ALL. She can do that, but it probably was not a good move if she did.

If this turns out to be true, the writing is on the wall. I think it is a fact that Trump is wearing a bullet proof vest now, and the rumors of over a dozen assassination attempts on Trump are also probably true. It is a CERTIFIED fact that Pelosi has done a great job of making America look like it is below most banana republics, and she probably wanted that - anything she can possibly do to harm the United States is the goal, ANYTHING AT ALL. I have no doubt whatsoever that Pelosi despises the United States and the American people, and wants it all flushed straight into the New World Order. Her actions, which go far beyond this morning's probable theatrics, PROVE IT.

Obrador called for an invasion of the United States? NOT HARDLY

There is a rumor "circulating" today that Obrador called for a full on invasion of the United States. He did no such thing, and the only comment he had on immigration was last year before he was elected president. Granted, it is a bit more than I thought he said, but it is not calling for an invasion. See this.

Remember, Obrador did what he could to block the previous caravan from entering the U.S. in Tijuana. If the illegals decide to circumvent that and bust the border elsewhere there's little anyone can do to stop that. Obrador's actions on the ground already have proven todays claims FALSE.


For years we have heard the MSM lament about a "plastic wasteland circulating in the Pacific." YOU KNOW, THE "OCEAN OF WASTE", the "Pacific garbage patch" that was going to end the world. Then Trump announced a plan to send out ships that combed the ocean's surface to clean it up. It was one of his campaign promises, now delivered on. BAM-O, WITHIN TWO MONTHS we then get this tripe from The Atlantic which talks all about the little sea creatures that are out there living on the floating garbage, and if we clean it up, we are going to wipe them all out. So Trump wants to clean up the garbage, and he's going to destroy the world doing it.

They mention something called a "Neuston" or floating island that is alive. However, what they don't mention is that the floating garbage IS ITSELF WHAT FORMS NEUSTONS. There's no individual species in the ocean that floats and lets everything live on it, only crap from land that drifts out there and remains floating can form a living island. And all that garbage worked PERFECT. There's tons of sea life out there living on it. Now they are lamenting cleaning it up ONLY because Trump was the one who finally set out to do it, after the liberal media sat there bashing it for decades, calling it "poor stewardship of the planet". Now that Trump is being the "good steward" they can't take it. And the hipocracy is clear - If they really cared about all that sea life, they'd have never called it a "floating garbage patch," no, most certainly if Obama ever praised it, it would be a "wild life sanctuary".

Once again, we have a MEDIA HOAX to bash Trump with. One of Trump's campaign promises was to clean up the Pacific and now that he is doing it, they just have to trash him for it. Disgusting!


NOTHING, not even opening a private window or clicking the link below works to get the site to load fresh now. Only deleting your cache will (until I totally re-set the page myself, which can't happen more than once a day with all the interference.)

The balance of this report has been moved to the page below.

This is provable browser based sabotage.


First command Chrome ignores: --force browser reload -->

Second command Chrome ignores: !-- meta http-equiv="Cache-Control" content="no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate" />

Third command Chrome ignores: meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache" />

4th command Chrome ignores: meta http-equiv="Expires" content="0" /> -->

Any one of those commands should force the page to always load fresh. Yet for this site, to censor it and make people think it is old and there's nothing new today (so an old page loads instead of anything new) ALL those commands get ignored! You only saw this because I told the server to send an entirely new page that Chrome has never seen before. That's why when you look at the address bar for this site, it never says "index.html", if I had it do that, the page would appear to be 4 years old, because that's when damn near every web browser started wanting to claim this site is dead and never updated.

Anything to block alternative views I guess (this site appears to be targeted a lot more than at least most, if not any other.

GOOGLE EMPLOYEE: "We don't want this guy flapping his yap, so just make the browser recognize that site and load a shitty old page when possible." THIS IS AN OBVIOUS FORM OF CLANDESTINE CENSORSHIP, YET AGAIN PERPETRATED BY GOOGLE, AND IN THIS CASE, SEVERAL OTHERS AS WELL.

Clicking the link to make the page load fresh used to work, but they got around that, now you have to delete your cache entirely, or wait for me to finally get in and tell the server to send an entirely re-identified page. Pretty soon, deleting your cache won't work either I bet. They will probably back off until they think ehough people forgot this rant and when "the coast is clear" it will be right back to the same old crap.

By the way, this is totally confirmed, before messaging got totally cut off I frequently got messages from people asking why I have not posted for "weeks!" (that is why there is the odd numbering system on the pages now, as part of my efforts to help make updates visible)

Not much news today other than a few hoaxes, and a living hoax - Ocasio Cortez


My God she's worse than Al Gore! And no one should be a billionaire either.

. . . . . . first they came for the billionaires . . . and . . . now you can't live in a trailer, it has to be a 5X6 foot box.

Ocasio really would be stupid enough to tear down every home in America because "no one can afford to live in them anymore". Box it will be.

HOAX Ocasio headline: 75 percent of Dems support her as president! WATCH OUT, they just might try a rig that extreme . . . . .

Meteor impact during eclipse

Many independent people captured a meteor impact on the moon during the eclipse. I was not doing video, so I can't go back and confirm. Interesting.

Trump not caving on wall

Here is this morning's tweet on the topic:

"Without a Wall our Country can never have Border or National Security. With a powerful Wall or Steel Barrier, Crime Rates (and Drugs) will go substantially down all over the U.S. The Dems know this but want to play political games. Must finally be done correctly. No Cave!"

And a few more tweets from this morning:

"Marist/NPR/PBS Poll shows President Trump’s approval rating among Latinos going to 50%, an increase in one year of 19%. Thank you, working hard!"

My comment: Latinos are too much like white America for an invasion plan that uses them to work long term. If they can have the rough edges trimmed and get off welfare, well, they go Trump! Dems can't use them if they drift towards the correct path that quickly, 50 percent approval is not survivable for Dems in their key constituency. And it is probably more like 60 - 70 percent if they are admitting 50 percent. But rigged elections are still a key element of Democrat victories if that is not fixed it does not matter how a vote really goes.

Back to Trump's latest tweets

"FBI top lawyer confirms "unusual steps." They relied on the Clinton Campaign’s Fake & Unverified "Dossier, " which is illegal. "That has corrupted them. That has enabled them to gather evidence by UNCONSTITUTIONAL MEANS, and that's what they did to the President." - Judge Napolitano"

My comment: "Judge Napolitano" has said a lot of things that were not good for Trump recently. What's up with that? Is this latest comment just to make sure he's on the winning team, now that the latest smear jobs failed? Also, going with a dossier they knew was fake did not corrupt them, they were already corrupt!

More Trump:

"Nick Sandmann and the students of Covington have become symbols of Fake News and how evil it can be. They have captivated the attention of the world, and I know they will use it for the good - maybe even to bring people together. It started off unpleasant, but can end in a dream!"

My comment: Like I said yesterday, it was a setup and the "Indian" (who might have some real indian blood) was an ACTOR trying to make a scene on purpose. That failed miserably because the liberal lies about white people did not play out as planned. But they lied about it anyway afterward as if it happened because it is what they wanted, in addition to having a story line they already had canned and ready to go. It is a good thing they got busted - However, even after being exposed, there's a good chance their fake history books will record the event as real, because they need it to be "real."

More Trump:

"China posts slowest economic numbers since 1990 due to U.S. trade tensions and new policies. Makes so much sense for China to finally do a Real Deal, and stop playing around!"

My comment: Americans are hyper productive. Even at higher pay for Americans, there's a chance China might not ever be able to compete on a level playing field.

Blood moon

Last night I tried to get a shot of the blood moon that was worth keeping. Right when the eclipse hit totality, for some reason I can't figure out, the manual focus option vanished from the camera. For the entire hour it was in totality, I could not get the option to appear on the camera at all **FREAKOUT** because Autofocus won't work on something like this, with practically any camera. SO, I figured I got nothing.

After looking at what Fox News posted as "great shots", I figured despite the problem, I did manage to get a shot that they would have accepted as one of the good ones, which is the last shot I took before all focus options other than full auto vanished. Here it is.

As soon as, (and I mean precisely) when totality ended, the manual focus option appeared again. Very odd.

Just in case anyone missed these topics:

A phoney "native American drummer" harassed a large group of teen boys from a catholic school, who were all wearing MAGA hats and doing school chants. That's all they were doing.

The "native American," who, as it turns out is an actor who was featured in a 2012 video about attacking police, and also held a "drum protest" at the Trump tower in 2017, held his drum right in the face of one boy and beat it loudly, while telling all the boys to go back to Europe. The boys showed amazing restraint and did nothing.

It was an obvious setup the "indian" was paid to do.

The MSM, across the board, said the white boys attacked the indian, and committed a horrendous race hate crime. PROBLEM:

There were WAY TOO MANY cell phones there, all getting video from different angles and it proved the indian hoaxed the hate, the MSM amplified that hoax and blew it like a clarion to the 4 corners of the earth.

Now there is a lawsuit that just may happen against numerous MSM outlets for slandering the boys and the school. It just might stick, SEE THIS.

Israel has conducted massive strikes on Syria

There's no telling how this will all work out, but Russia is pissed (fat chance that will matter) and Iran was targeted.

I am now awaiting Putin's limp wristed "scared sh*tless about the samson option" response.

New Russian hooker story revelation:

I know a fake story when I see one, so if you scroll down the page a ways you'll see where I mentioned this and called it fake. When a story is fake, I skip it to avoid cluttering the front page. And every time I have called one fake, it has been fake.

Low and behold

The Russian hooker (who was jailed in Thailand) only claimed to have dirt on Trump because she figured Mueller would jail break her to get testimony. She was right. Now that she's in Russia, she has admitted it was all a hoax.

If "amazing breaking news" is not on this front page, I probably did not miss it, it is likely not here for other reasons.

Now that this story has worked out the way it has, it is at least news enough to mention.

Related: Cohen-

I am still 100 percent confident the Buzzfeed report where Cohen made a confession that would definitely get Trump impeached was, as far as Buzzfeed saw it, enforceable. I am 100 percent certain Buzzfeed knew he was tortured and he may have even said what they reported under extreme duress. The story only died after Cohen mysteriously appeared with a black eye after a mysterious "scheduled" NOT!! shoulder surgery.

I am 100 percent positive Cohen was tortured and that they were going to use the false testimony against Trump that Cohen gave under severe duress. The entire thing was blown up by the fact that they damaged him too much to run with it. He was so obviously tortured they knew they blew it, so Mueller decided to can it.

I never thought I'd say it, but I am sympathetic for Cohen after this. If he was in such bad condition afterward, he obviously held out for the truth awful damn well.

Ginsburg is dead: Fox screwed up

Fox News posted a graphic for Ruth Bader Ginsburg that stated "1933 - 2019". She's dead, (or at least it is virtually guaranteed) and FOX probably retracted this because the order was given to keep it under wraps for as long as possible. The deep state needs her, so - like most Democrats, she will continue to vote from the grave.

Bill to get the United States totally out of the U.N.

This one slipped past me - it was proposed on January 3. I doubt it will get anywhere under the current congress, but perhaps it or something simiar will in 2020. It is PERFECT.

Trump punked Pelosi BIG TIME with the following memo:

"Under no circumstances during a government shutdown will any government owned, rented, leased, or chartered aircraft support any Congressional delegation, without the express written approval of the White House Chief of Staff, " "Nor will any funds appropriated to the Executive Branch be used for any Congressional delegation travel expenses, without his express written approval. Departments and Agencies shall continue to provide appropriate logistical and security support for such delegations" My comment: Translation: You are not going to waste money on airplanes at the government's expense during the shut down, but security forces are totally available Including for the state of the union address, which Pelosi shut down by lying about this!

EPIC trollage. So good.

My take on Trump's Saturday speech:

He did another setup to prove the shut down was a Pelosi shut down. He offered everything on a silver platter as part of strategic planning, knowing she'd say no to ANYTHING. Now, he can declare a national emergency and build the wall, but he wont do that yet, at least if I am right about this. FIRST:

He will do ONE MORE widely publicized speech, offering even more in concessions, to REALLY show the American people what a dirt bag Pelosi is. After this third whack, he will shut her down. GAME OVER, he will bury her but this needs to go one more round. Just watch and enjoy.

I hope I am not right about the third whack, maybe he's already destroyed her credibility enough and I am ready to just get on with it all. He will know what to do, and his decision will be correct and an absolute desert burial, sans ceremony.

And on another note, Trump looks like he gained 50 pounds in one day. Gee, I wonder why. Bullet proof fat?

A great Charlie Daniels (proprietor of the Charlie Daniel's band) quote:

The degree that the Schumer and Pelosi-led Democrats will go to prevent Donald Trump from having the promised wall is truly disgusting and appalling.

They say they want border security, but they sidestep the details, citing lofty pie-in-the-sky technology, drones and electronic sniffing devices, most of which have been on the job for years but have only detection and no deterrent properties against a couple of thousand determined illegals who rush in and overwhelm our border security.

Pelosi and Schumer, who never met a pro-abortion bill they didn't like, now plead compassion for children, while the two wax figures who rebutted President Trump the other night showed about as much compassion as a rattlesnake - their cold, stiff, almost inhuman demeanor and appearance more closely resembling a cold-blooded apparition than a warm-blooded human being.

Pelosi says that a wall sends the wrong message, while what it actually does is send a message that America is a nation of laws, a nation in control, a nation whose sovereignty will not be violated by any and all who can traverse its porous borders.

What sends a wrong message is people who are supposed to be concerned with the security of the citizens of the nation who pay their salary and voluminous benefits and whose laws they have sworn to protect and enforce are saying to the world, "It's alright. Come on in to America and reap our benefits and entitlements, enjoy our social welfare, use our medical system, and do it all free of charge. There are plenty of working fools who continue to put people like us in office to waste their hard-earned money."

People, wake up! Do you think the likes of Pelosi, Schumer et al give a horse apple about anything but power? The ultimate goal of this diabolical duo is to naturalize millions of new Democrat voters, creating an unbeatable majority that wants to turn our nation into a godless, socialist purgatory.

And with socialism comes totalitarianism. You can't have one without the other because force is the only way the elite can stay on top.

Anybody with enough sense to walk through a door without bumping their head can see where this is heading, knows that a properly built wall will stem the flow of illegals and knows that the Democrats know it will work, and therein is the rub.

There are sections of walls that work now. San Diego, El Paso and other border areas have short stretches of wall that have been extremely effective, and the Democrats know it. And they also know that if Trump builds the wall, it will severely curtail their dreams of ultimate power and a stranglehold over everything in the United States. Plus, it will reveal, that as in so many other things, they don't know what they are talking about.

In Schumer-Pelosi's ideal America:

Guns would be confiscated. There would be no restrictions whatsoever on abortion. Taxes would be through the roof. Global warming - the new religion of the left - would become front and center, and American manufacturing would, again, begin a monolithic evacuation.

Self-proliferating bureaucracies would spring up and regulate every facet of personal life in this nation. Eventually, you would have to get a permit to dig a hole in your own back yard.

Think that's impossible?

Ask someone in Holland where you have to get a permit to build a dog house.

Getting any kind of license would become a nightmare as self-governing bureaucracies would hire inept political cronies, and inefficiency would slow the process down to a snail's pace.

Think that won't happen?

Ask the people in Italy where the licensing offices only work four days a week, use any excuse for a holiday and make even obtaining a marriage license like taking a trip down Alice's rabbit hole.

Do you want to live in such a country?

If you don't, you'd better let your voice be heard because with the Democrat/media cartel it can happen very quickly, and you could wake up one morning to find out that your country has been pulled right out from under you.

Note, don't look for the Republicans to save you. It's like a mass castration has taken place on that side of the aisle, and there's not enough testosterone - and its female equivalent - left to muster anything but a milquetoast acquiescence.

I, for one, will not stand silently by and watch a bunch of greedy, power-hungry politicians steal the rights and freedoms that so many good men have died to give us.

I may go down, but I will go down swinging, kicking, hollering and praying.

What do you think?


By Charlie Daniels

I found this at CNS News My comment: I think Charlie Daniels is a bit optimistic about the Republicans - many of them are in on the conspiracy to destroy the United States as much as the Democrats are, it is not a lack of testosterone. The rest of it had some eye opening points for even me. Very good.

UPDATE: Mueller has called the buzzfeed report "inaccurate". That does not mean, however, that Cohen was not tortured. Maybe he held out. Any way you cut it, that black eye needs some serious explaining, that is not a side effect of shoulder surgery.

If Cohen was tortured badly and held out, he's a national hero.

I am leaving the report below top posted. I cannot be convinced he was not tortured. The evidence is too damn obvious. One way or another, they fully intend to take out Trump and for whatever reason, Trump is not firing Mueller. Therefore I still believe "nuclear blackmail" is a distinct possibility.


Most likely the Buzzfeed report was done on the assumption Cohen would crack. Maybe he did not.





Take a look at this photo of Cohen after he leaves the hospital. It is obvious he just got through a horrific life changing experience. AM I RIGHT, OR WHAT.

Here is the look on Cohen's face in a nutshell: "Gee, I did not think the United States did stuff like that, I am CRUSHED.

Cohen's condition strongly implies they have now resorted to horrific torture sessions to get people to say what they need to nail Trump. That's the only way you get a black eye during shoulder surgery. Would they do it? HELL YES.


I hate to say it, but if they are going to take it this far, Trump is probably gone. If so, we are F***ED. IT IS NO LONGER A SOFT COUP.

I softened what I said above just in case they were not able to crack Cohen. If they failed at this it does not mean they won't stop trying, so this is no time to relax.

I hate to say it, but I am in VERY BAD shape after seeing what happened to Cohen

Usually, with most stories, I blow a little steam and walk off. However, seeing Cohen, A JEW no less in THAT condition screwed with me long term. It proves he's not a sellout despite being a tribe member, It proves even tribe members are not immune to what is coming, and it proves Trump just might be toast. If you want proof there is a civil war on the horizon, one that might not be avoidable, all you need is that picture of Cohen. SPOOKY. I'm scared sh*tless.

I have to work on the alt income plan today, so posts will be brief (if they happen at all)

I hate to say it, but I am scared to death at what happened to Cohen

Very good evidence is out there that they will immediately proceed with rounding people up if Trump gets ousted. Now we have:

1. Some white people may have to die for whites to advance

2. Several people working within the government issuing dire warnings for people to stock up on essentials, all within the last month. There is no doubt you have seen these.

3. A total sh*t show with Trump and Pelosi, strongly indicating a totally unstable government.

4. Whites being maligned and slandered constantly in a way that will make it a lot easier to get others to cope with killing whites.

5. Numerous references to Trump supporters being low lifes (to set the precedent they have no value and can be disposed of)

6. Total media dishonesty and subversion

7. A Russian hooker story, where supposedly she has the goods on Trump.

8. Cohen obviously tortured right when he "ratted out Trump" for something that would be an impeachable felony

9.The Deagel report, which shows and has shown for five years now a massive population reduction at around this time for the United States, subsequently followed up with a bullshit explanation.

10. An effective coup against Trump taking shape, that is no longer a soft coup.

11.Google, Facebook and more now actively censoring everything, including E-mail, to prevent people from networking and sounding the alarm about gulags being opened, or mass killings occurring. You can bet that when it does start, Google, Facebook, E-mail, and even the phone system will be of no use to warn people to BUG OUT.

All that, dear folks amounts to "I am scared shitless now", COHEN'S CONDITION SAYS IT ALL. TIME IS SHORT FOLKS. THEY WILL NOT BACK OFF.

Nothing foretelling about upcoming lunar eclipse

It is going to be a doozie and will be visible in ALL of the Americas on Sunday night. I'll try to bag some decent shots of it and will post them. It has been predominantly cloudy here lately so no guarantees. Meanwhile, the Chinese lunar probe on the far side of the moon is dying before the peak of the lunar night. It was obviously not designed correctly because the experiments are long dead. Perhaps the lunar rover will turn out cool. I hope it does, I'd like for that thing to last a decade or so but it is doubtful it will.

On that note - the CEO of Huawei has officially stated the United States is full of crap about their products being bugged. He has stated that he said no to everyone, including the Chinese government, with the attitude that if they want a bug, they have to pay for it themselves and it won't be in a Huawei phone. I believe he thinks it is true, but the NSA bug is in it no matter what - Huawei phones do, after all, have American/Israeli designed processors and a Google OS. So he's deluded if he thinks his products are totally bug free (but they are not bugged enough for the American market at least)

Instant karma delivered by large snow man

Someone tried to mow down a 9 foot snowman with a truck, not realizing it was built with a large tree stump in it's base. I usually don't cover stuff like this, but this one is PRIME. See this

Reporting "news" has been difficult lately, because so much is FAKE

The latest example of fakery was yesterday (which I was skeptical of) and therefore did not report, because I figured there was too high a probability of it being fake (and it was.) This fake story came from Buzzfeed, where a report about Trump telling people to lie about a trump tower deal in Russia was fabricated with no evidence and no witness to support it. I sort of figured it was another stab in the dark to distract people from Trump winning by canceling Pelosi's "traitor trip" where she no doubt would have undermined Trump internationally.

Now today, Pelosi has canceled the trip even on private aircraft because "Trump spilled the beans on that, so it won't be safe". That's not fake news, but it is a fake statement. REALITY: Such trips cost MILLIONS of dollars, Pelosi has just shy of $200 million and if she could not do it on the taxpayer dime with "money that did not exist" because of the shut down, she won't do it at all. She'd have to pay multiple airfares for multiple people across multiple flights each plus security plus hotels, food, you name it, and if the taxpayer won't be picking up the tab, it is off. This is the woman who rang up a $100, 000 liquor tab on the taxpayer dime all by herself don't you know! Her trip was NOT going to be cheap.

So she's sulking on Capitol Hill with "battered woman syndrome" because Trump successfully showed her who's boss. Yep, she's the victim. And the MSM knows it. They believe it too, (NOT!).

Update on Rand Paul saying to move the SOTU to Congress:

As it turns out, it is not a hoax, and it is "pretty please with sugar on top" good. Not only did Rand Paul suggest moving it to the Senate, which can be done, Rand suggested shutting out ALL DEMOCRATS, which can be done. That means Pelosi won't be attending the SOTU, and Trump will be there.

Rumor has it that Trump is strongly considering doing exactly this, and if he does not, I'd call not doing so a very big blunder, if not a catastrophic blunder.

Trump and Cohen:

I am a little bit worried by Trump's latest tweets, which were "America First" and "Make America great again". There's no reason for him to tweet that unless he was worried, and is trying to remind Americans what his administration is all about. In addition to those two tweets he reminded people that Cohen is proven guilty of perjury and other crimes, and will therefore lie to shorten his sentence. The problem with all of this is that there is so much corruption and a clear coup underway, so even a liar is going to be given the power to destroy Trump IF it is allowed to happen. This is a legitimate concern and cause for worry.

We are headed for a major power play. This is not a case of "let's hope the good guy wins, - this is instead a case of "Prepare to lock and load". Interesting it is how several states are going for the gun grab. Even Trump (foolishly) signed off on a bump stock ban but I'd have to say that was very minimum damage - you can't just trash ammo with a hurky jerky show when you won't be getting re-supplied. Semi auto is where it is at, it will reduce ammo wastage by at least 50:1 when compared to a bump stock. Even a smooth operating full auto is a terrible ammo waster. Perhaps Trump realized this and did everyone a favor?

Fox News has reported that Pelosi had an over staffed security entourage for her entire trip that Trump canceled

What a liar. She canceled Trumps state of the union because security "could not be paid," subsequently got busted by both the DHS and Secret service for lying about that, and then scheduled an exhorbitant trip to Egypt, Afghanistan and Belgium with extra security for the entire trip (far more expensive than covering the SOTU), invited all her friends on top of that (on the government dime) which jacked up the costs far more, and then had ALL OF IT with cream and sugar on top. What a despicable lying woman - a classic Communist!

WOW: Mister and Miss (Saarland) Germany are an African immigrant and an Arab! Tell me that was not rigged!

Yep. They fully intend on erasing everyone, including the German people

VERY INTERESTING: A great white shark that is actually the size of "Jaws" turned up in the Pacific.

This shark really does match "Jaws" which prior to this was, to me, mythically huge. However, it can happen as the photo below which is not photoshop proves.

This shark turned up near Hawaii, SEE THIS.

This needs to be spread to be effective, so I am posting it here.

We need to re-define the term LBGT. Take it away from the perverts the way they destroyed the perfectly fine word "Gay". Gay used to be an awesome word, to describe bliss and happiness and they took it from us. So let's return the favor:

Liberty, Beer, Guns TRUMP!

Let's see how long the "gays" keep that title now that it has a LOT MORE meaning.

UPDATE: HA HA: Trump already had Pelosi's luggage returned to the Congress building (of all places) SEE THIS.

I really wanted to keep the posts below on top for today, but this is TOO GOOD

After Pelosi canceled the State of the Union due to "lack of government funding", Trump canceled a one week vacation to be taken by Pelosi on a government paid for jet one hour before the flight was supposed to take off and now Pelosi's bus is circling the capitol with nowhere to go. HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Well, I guess he is not so powerless after all!

The video is HERE

Observation: The Jews are scared sh*tless

They have been busted rigging elections, destroying our media, poisoning our foods, destroying our children, assaulting our families, intentionally staging the immigrant crisis - EVERYONE KNOWS IT IS THEM yet no one can say it. I will.

Here is the future: The genie is out of the bottle, and the massive un-quenchable support for Trump (who is fighting all of the above whether he knows it or not) proves the people know what is happening and want it stopped. And no matter how much the Jews use their rigged media, they can't kill the support for Trump because too many people know what is going on and that Trump is the only chance against it.

They are screwed. They are going to lose this war. There are so many more of us than them that when it all hits the fan, they are TOAST.

So we are now seeing freak stupid headlines: Trump rigged the polls. White man bad. Simply referring to family caused an enormous pile of Google employees to freak out. I'd bet a majority of those are Jewish and have strong families but that's not supposed to "be" for the rest of us . . . . . so FREAKOUT.

They are stepping up the pace of this freak out well beyond safe limits because they HAVE TO, and it is exposing just where they want to take us too rapidly, - we can clearly see their intent to extinct us and the frog is about to jump the pot and explode.


The American Jewish community is beginning to make Communist China look like heaven

After all, at least that government knows it needs it's subjects in good condition to remain powerful and is NOT erasing them with tainted vaccines, GMO's and anti-family BULLSHIT. On a moral and common sense basis, Communist China BLOWS American Jewry away.

The Jews themselves had better watch out about how they sell America out to China for the sole purpose of destroying America. America and Europe are their protection, and you can damn well bet Chairman Xi knows all about what the Jews are doing to their own support and when they pull that crap in China, Israel is gonna be TOAST. If they are able to take all of this to that point we'll be so diminished we won't be able to save them, no matter how good their brainwashing is.

Here's the skinny: The Jews want Communism installed with everyone below them having a destroyed intellect so they can rule as gods with "1,000 goy slaves each". PROBLEM: Communist China is not gonna go for it. The Jews at present are using China as a tool of destruction FROM AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN SHORES. But once that job is complete the Jewish quest for supremacy won't stop there, they will definitely go after China on China's own mainland and that's gonna backfire BIGLY.

This will obviously happen AFTER the American gulags have run their course. Why let it go that far?

What the media behavior and behavior of the government overall has shown us:

Trump's greatest accomplishment may be the fact that he has clearly shown that if he does not succeed, civil war is the only option. Additionally, he has shown us precisely who the enemies are that need to be wiped out in a civil war. I am still hoping that somehow he can still save it all, but after seeing how Cohen was clearly tortured, I am having doubts. And it is not Trump's fault, even the world's greatest mechanic can't fix an engine that has been melted down in a blast furnace. America may well be too far gone to have a peaceful process work.

If that be the case, this is what needs to be wiped out to restore America: The entire staffs of all universities and public schools. ALL OF THEM. We are, at this point, better off without even the teachers. The entire medical community from top to bottom has to go. It is corrupt and rotten to the core. American medical is now nothing but a scam that takes people in difficult condition that is easy to remedy, and uses that condition as a weapon to rob them blind. I don't need to expound on this, everyone with any sense knows American medical is more than a scam, it is a weapon. The only people who ought to survive a civil war will be the EMT's and nurses.

Additionally, Obamacare, which extorts approximately 10,000 from everyone on average (payers and non payers combined) is not a solution to the problem, all it did was provide an entirely new way to use the medical system as an excuse to rob the people. The real answer is simply fairly priced medical that is not an extortion scheme.

How about companies? Monsanto, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, all media outlets, including Hollywood producers that are pushing faggotry, ALL OF THEM need to be wiped out, right down to the last corrupted employee and ALL of them are corrupted or they won't have a job. If they are not dealt with, it won't matter what gets fixed, they will seek it out and destroy it all over again. Every lawyer and every judge that worked in the family court system also needs to be expunged down to the last one, until none exist at all. The family courts are a primary weapon that has to be dealt with or we go NOWHERE. Additionally, the entire abortion industry and Planned Parenthood, in addition to all employees of all foundations need to be targeted and wiped out, if only as a punishment. These are the most corrupted and most wicked people in the country, however, they are further down the list because without their enablers in the media and education system, they'd go defunct.

And that's just the private sector for the most part, the Federal government is where the main action has to take place, or we go NOWHERE.

The better option: TRUMP SUCCEEDS.

Over time, the media would be dealt with and the appropriate people removed. The medical system could simply be de-funded and "Doctor Simi" could be brought in from Latin America and that one act alone would bankrupt the entire corrupted medical system and it would be gone. If the system was allowed to run freely, the $200 cat scan on a machine identical to the one in the most recent Terminator would become a reality. The family courts could be rendered unconstitutional, and they are. They, on paper, don't even exist, they are a false front staged by an enemy that has no basis or right to operate. Simply bringing this to light and applying the constitution would evaporate them like a ghost.

A simple application of the law that already exists would do away with Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and no one would have to die. Ditto for the corrupted media, which now commits egregious and illegal offenses daily - there are laws on the books that would wipe them out instantly after how they have behaved, and all it takes is a pen stroke to make it happen. The supreme court could kill off the entire abortion industry in an afternoon session.

PROBLEM: Due to how subverted and corrupted the government has become, it is beginning to look impossible for the problems to be fixed peacefully. If the peaceful option does not work - if they successfully flush and irrelevate Trump, the only solution to the problem is going to be nasty. And it will be their fault, they know damn well the American people have offered a peaceful solution and they have clearly said NO. They are making it very clear that if Trump fails, violence is the only option, and that will NOT be the fault of gun toting Joe.

The vaccine scam is far worse than anyone realizes

Jim Stone January 17 2019

When the claims are that most kids are going to be autistic in a little over 10 years it is pretty obvious there is something seriously wrong. Worse yet, the most affected are white males, - the exact group under attack as adults now - by a stunning stark majority. That parallel is obvious, and should not be overlooked.

It is annoying to have trolls claim anti-vaxxers are anti-science when people who realize something is amiss speak up. Obviously the goal is to make people feel stupid for SCIENTIFICALY observing the obvious - too many kids start to sink mentally or get damaged after "vaccination" and many go autistic.

Trolls call anyone who notices a problem after the shots "anti science" but that's really a weak statement when anyone with any observational ability can see it clearly now, the scam is wide open. "Science" is nothing more than experimenting, documenting, hypothesizing, theorizing - gathering evidence to prove a reality.

We have ALL the evidence we need to prove the reality behind what is happening to our kids.

Don't forget, - the Italian government ousted it's entire vaccine board and the new people appointed to that board did lab testing of a 6 in 1 childhood vaccine over Christmas 2018 and discovered it had NONE of the antigens for the diseases it was supposed to prevent, and NONE of the listed ingredients to boot. That proves there's no curative science behind what they are claiming is a vaccine, which begs the question: What the hell are those shots?CLEARLY, if they don't have any of the listed antigens needed to trigger an immune response against a particular disease, and don't even have the listed ingredients, they are not vaccines at all.

So what are the shots really for? It's called Eugenics. A weapons program launched by an elite few who want to seek permanent dominance by destroying everyone else, especially their greatest competition - the white male.

It is not a matter of questioning what is "in those shots" anymore, it is instead a question of "what the hell the shots really are".

It has become awful damn obvious our children are NOT being vaccinated anymore, they are instead receiving injections that determine what they will be when they grow up, decided just after birth by truly despicable heathens. The white race is destroyed by eugenics injections disguised as vaccines a lot worse than any other race. The white race is being trashed and maligned EVERYWHERE more than any other race. The white race is being asked to bend and compromise, and give up everything it is more than any other race, and if anyone resists, they are called a bigot. A racist. A supremacist. WHY?

The writing is on the wall. We are at war. We are already so destroyed it may be too late to fight back.

The mind control aspect of this war is too entrenched for many to even hope of recovering from, and that recovery is the first step to saying NO to phony shots that will definitely destroy us if we fail to find a way to prevent them en masse. The white race has been tricked into despising itself. How do you go from despising your race to saying no to it's destruction, especially when the dagger of destruction is in a shot pushed by people who hide under a cloak of goodness and claim authority and credibility? Many people won't make it. The losses are going to be extreme.


The following is old reports I dropped in here to confuse hackers