This would, without question, work.

Carlos sent:

I would like to know your response, about the feasebility of an idea , that could be a solution for stopping the Fukushima leakage once and for all.

The idea consists of digging a tunnel beneath the damaged reactors, to provide a way to build a reinforced sarcaphagus structure under them. Once the sarcophagus is finished, use explosives to cause the damaged reactors and containments to fall into the sarcaphagus. Then use the soil that was around the containments to cover it all, and then put a prefabricated dome over it all, to completely seal off the radiation.

My response: Yep. That would work. No one thought that big, but if the U.S. can dig giant holes and put NSA spook facilities in them, Japan can dig a less giant hole for a sarcaphagus, and drop Fukushima into it. Yep. That would work.

<1>FEDERAL JUDGES RULE: No recreational drone weighing less than 55 pounds has to be registered

Police state centric CNN is crying over this one. Got a Dji phantom? That's 50+ pounds below the limit! The limit for unregistered drones is now 55 pounds.

From CNN:

A Washington, D.C. court ruled Friday that the FAA drone registration rule violates the FAA Modernization and Reform Act, which Congress passed in 2012. Hobbyist John Taylor argued successfully that he should not have to register because the act states that the FAA "may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model aircraft."

My response: After that leading paragraph, CNN plays dodgeball with the truth. HERE IS THE TRUTH: Ever since the dawn of aviation, model aircraft of all sizes up to 55 pounds, flying at all altitudes were allowed if anyone had the ability to do it. This really took off in the 1960's when transistors made it possible to make excellent model aircraft controllers. And lots and lots of people did it, with many very large model aircraft (which were all "drones") being flown. Youtube is full of videos of huge model aircraft that weigh under 55 pounds taking off and looking like they are so big they are real. And quite frankly, at the weight of 55 pounds, with modern tech, anything is possible. You can really have a superb piece of gear in that weight.

Then drones with cameras came out, and someone got their underwear all bunched up over it. It was realized by people in the power structure that GEE, if I am going to RAPE the American people, I'd really rather not have it be possible for the average joe to mount a high end SLR with a giant spy lens on a toy plane and get into my business. My hunch is that the DJI phantom drones are what made someone act on this, because they are good enough to provide a portion of the functionality of a lot of the military stuff, and are out of box ready and perfect. So some elite jerk figured it would be best to have that registered, after all, it could really nail a molech festival.

The DJI Phantom, (or even worse, the Mavic, with a 5 kilometer range) which provides ultra clear and stable HD footage in real time was too much for someone, and the ridiculous limit of 0.55 pounds was suddenly put on model aircraft. That's a 100 fold decrease in what is allowed to be flown by model enthusiasts. And there really is nothing worth flying that weighs that little, my guess is the limit, even with the best tech, will always be right around 3 pounds absent a military budget. That's what a good model aircraft has always weighed, at a minimum.

John Taylor, a model airplane enthusiast, realized how ridiculous the new limits set by the FAA were, and he challenged their new registration rules before a federal court and won. After all, what about all the fixed wing model aircraft that already existed since the 1960's? Suddenly they were illegal? What about all the people who have been doing this for decades without incident?

I always thought that the recent incidents with drones at the ends of runways, threatening jumbo jets with "bird strikes" were nothing but Jews trying to slam limits on everyone. What about the decades of sensible model airplane enthusiasts that never did that ONCE in the years prior, years where no model could support an HD camera? People who can afford anything good enough to be capable of flying high enough to threaten jets are simply not stupid enough to fly it at the end of a runway. But when it comes to an agenda, creating mayhem is key. That is how the Jews operate after all - do something ridiculous, and false flag a control net over everyone. And this time, it failed - In defiance of the norm. I am surprised.

So guess what folks? It looks like the limit is going right back up to 55 pounds. And Soros is gonna puke over it.

HEADS UP: When a 55 pound drone crashes into the white house, A JEW DID IT.

Next time a drone gets in the flight path of a jumbo jet, A JEW DID IT.

The next time a ridiculous limit is put on something, REMEMBER: A JEW DID IT, and I am sick of it all, I am really quite surprised that FOR ONCE, they did not get their way. Expect mayhem, tantrums, and crashes now, because they are going to do everything possible to "prove" they are right, and that decent people really do need to be controlled.

I may have been wrong about the latest North Korean missile test

A reader wrote to me a few days ago, saying the North Korean missile went 2000 kilometers up. I responded, saying that was total distance traveled. That appears to be wrong, if the MSM is not lying. I'd say it is 90 percent probable (simply because you can't trust the msm 100 percent) that Kim Jong actually did get a missile up 2, 111 kilometers as the reader claimed he did. And that means my response was an error.

So here is the official story now, that is probably accurate: Kim Jong launched a fully nuclear capable missile to an altitude of 2, 111 kilometers, had it fly a total ground distance of 489 miles, and survive a very nasty re-entry and on top of that, hit its target. The altitude is critical here, because if he could get it 2, 111 kilometers up, it means that if the missile was pointed differently to rather than use all it's power to go up, and instead go around the earth, it has an enormous range. It might even be powerful enough to put a nuke in orbit. The power the missile has is enough to equal a significant amount more than the total free fall speed from an elevation of 1, 312 miles. I am not in the mood to do the math for that right now, but I can say it is a lot.

Evidently, this particular missile does not have Intel Inside, (or maybe it does, and it was allowed to live to give Kim Jong a false hope).

At any rate, for whatever an MSM report on a controvesial topic is worth, See this


Anonymous sent:

Ivanka went to Germany to celebrate holohoax with Merkel.
Trump went to Jerusalem to pray at the wailing wall.
Jared arranged an alliance between America, Israhell and Saudis with 150 saudi billion.

Great ! our government is working.


Chew sent: Can you comment on Assange? I feel that he is an imposter and I have a hunch you do as well. ~chew"

My comment:

Assange supposedly showed up on the balcony today. I checked out what the opinion was at 4chan, and every last comment out of about 200 was calling him a clone or body double or whatever, not one commenter there bought it was the real Assange because there is this huge nagging question: Why in the * amidst all of the controversy did he never step up to the window to show he was there and alive? All the way from October until now? HALF A YEAR? Why?

And the other top 3 people from Wikileaks are confirmed dead. My thoughts are that if it is Assange, they tortured him so bad it took this long to get him presentable, and back into the embassy with a sufficient case of amnesia. I don't buy it, Assange was never the type to just vanish. He spoke from the balcony many times in the past, and spoke from inside the embassy many times, with video, pictures, stills, the whole 9 yards. He was also not cut off and received food from the outside every single day, multiple times a day, and there is no way the pizza guy did not know who he was, to give the message of a balcony appearance if his internet really was cut off. And people watching the embassy would have noticed that. Why no word of it? And what about the other supposed appearances, where he never actually showed his face? The whole story stinks to high heaven. He simply was not rude enough to leave millions of people hanging on the question of whether or not he was alive. He was not too rude to walk up to the window, not at all.

Why, out of all the millions of people on earth, did no one go into the embassy to talk to him or see if he was there? They allowed that, people can't possibly miss that. It was perfectly allowed to walk right up to Assange and shake his hand, provided it was in the embassy, a fact made clear by thousands of meals delivered straight to him over the years, it was the only way he could eat. ALL his food was delivered. You can't tell me bagel man, coffee man, pizza man, and burger man never went in there to check on him if he really was there, and you can't tell me that joe "freelance" never went in there either to see if he was there, to dispel the rumors. If he was in the Ecuadorian embassy in Mexico, I sure would have. I have been to the Ecuadorian embassy myself, in Mexico. It is not some huge barracaded secret. You just walk in.

So is it the real Assange? My opinion: ONLY if he has been sufficiently erased and re-written on someone elses terms. Accomplishing that is old news, circa 1960 or before.

Abel Danger

Walking Turtle sent a lengthy message about trying to get ahold of Field McConnel to tell him is down. The site is up at, but that is not what the site was before all of this happened, it was NOT an .org and the current site layout is different than it was before. I am suspicious of the latest goings on to say the least, others have blinked out . . . . . .

Hijacking attempt on American Airlines today

A man tried to get into the cockpit of a flight from LA to Honolulu and failed. Figher jets escorted the plane to honolulu where the plane safely landed and the man was arrested. He is a Turkish national. No one can figure out why he wanted to take over a plane headed to Honolulu. Makes no sense to me either.

Maybe we are supposed to attack Turkey next, and he played his part? I would not be the least bit surprised.

It appears Huma is divorcing Weiner

She could handle the shower incidents and whatever else, as long as it kept her in the power structure. But now that is over, Anthony is going to jail, and well, why stay? SEE THIS, and well, what can I say? Maybe Hillary is better?

About the Infowars post:

Anonymous sent:

info wars did not say trump is resigning. where did u get your info.

My response: Click the link. It goes to an Alex rant that has "Trump may resign on Monday" right in the video title. May and WILL are two entirely different words.

Anonymous sent:

Jim, in a small country in the middle of EU for an economic conference. One of the top people here told me privately that he believes Trump is in great danger, but they won't do anything to him until after Merkel gets re-elected. They need Trump to be the "bad one" to get out the vote for Merkel."

My response: That is why I linked the report where the co-writer for "The Art of the Deal" said he knows Trump well enough to say Trump will quit, and turn even resigning the Presidency into a win. It is all a setup, so if they do get rid of him by threatening his family, there is already a canned explanation for it. And if Trump speaks up, three bullets to the back of the head.

Aztlanrising sent:

"With the crap being circulated like "Trump may resign on Monday" plus Mike Cernovich's revelation that the C Class employees in the Trump admin are set to not have their employment renewed at the 120 day point, it looks like next week prior to Memorial Day weekend things really could come to a head. Then consider that Trump is supposed to travel overseas to Europe and the Middle East, and the Continuity of Government coup could be a real possibility to be played out when Trump is out of the country.......--AztlanRising"

Anonymous sent:

"Trumps resignation will come with the news that USA, Inc. is insolvent! Notice how Trump tells Lester Holt that his impeachment will bring more ratings that Nixon and Clinton combined. Then notice McCain coming out and saying that maybe impeachment is not the best way to go! Either his resignation will come with full disclosure of USA, Inc or the truth will come out in impeachment proceedings. Trumps main job as CEO of USA, Inc is to turn out the lights and close the doors!!! Anyone smart enough to shake the dew off their lily can see the economy teetering on the edge of the sewer plant. Trump knows it has to fall, but doesn't want to be seen as the one pushing it. So, Monday resignation? Maybe? One can never tell in this game, but I don't see him doing it until it will clearly leave Rothschild and company holding the bag with their pants around their ankles!"

My response: Trump could save the economy if the people standing in his way backed off. As it is, the enemy has purchased all the large companies and can decide if they do well or not. Trump cannot possibly win against that, without years in power, during which he could implement policies that allowed small upstarts to rise up and compete against the corrupt. (Obviously this will only happen if whoever threatens to rise up economically does not get arkancided, or whatever other term you might want to apply based on whoever the competition is.) Anonymous Muslim sent:

According to Islam the Kaaba will be destroyed! Please google for hadith about the destruction of Kaaba and you will see.

My response: I am not that much of an expert on the topic. And the Hadith is as long as the Talmud. Maybe, but it won't make a difference, as long as the black stone is still there.

Small charges brought against Weiner

I wonder if after he gets out of jail anyone can still prosecute him for murdering at least one boy? You know . . . . . that shower video that leaked out. He will get up to 27 months for inappropriate texts sent to a 15 year old girl. If only the real truth would be told. Anyway, it is better than nothing I guess, SEE THIS

What has made it into the message window indicates this hit close to home, with absolute freak out trollage and insults/inaccurate "corrections" to articles going back more than a week. This got someone's undies in a bundle which is a good reason to keep it top posted for the day.

Trump has now been set up to have death threats against himself and family be successfully used to totally shut him up and force him to resign, and the public will buy and eat the story that "Trump gave up" because the man who co-wrote "The Art of the Deal" said it was in Trump's nature to quit, and that Trump would find a way to call himself resigning a win. What better "source" could possibly predict Trump resigning and walking away than that? It is the perfect setup and back stab. SEE THIS:

Trump to resign on Monday? I DOUBT IT, however . . . . .

The Trump resignation rumors are due to the co-writer of "The Art of the Deal" saying Trump will soon quit. THIS IS A PERFECT SETUP FOR A FORCED RESIGNATION DUE TO DEATH THREATS AGAINST TRUMP'S FAMILY.

How much more of a back stab and setup could there possibly be than to have someone who was involved with "The Art of the Deal" saying Trump will turn a resignation into a win? This stinks to high heaven with the reek of a setup!

They may get to Trump by threatening to kill his family. And if he does not keep his mouth shut and resign, saying he did so willingly, then everyone is dead. Trump might bow to that kind of threat. With Seth Rich exploding onto the scene and the shadow government in panic mode, and nothing legit to nail Trump with, death threats against family are becoming the only option. On those conditions, would Trump resign, in silence?

WE ALREADY HAVE THE SETUP FOR IT, SEE THIS with that kind of a back stab out there, it will provide perfect cover to threaten Trump with the death of his family and force him to resign and STAY SHUT UP ABOUT IT. Then, all they have to do is hijack his car when all of them are going somewhere and kill them all.




In the post about Eretz Israel and the destruction of the kabba, I said the border of Eretz Israel is 10 miles to the East of Mecca. I meant to say Mecca is 10 miles to the east of the border. This would mean it would be unneccesary for Israel to destroy the Kabba to achieve a greater Israel, but you can bet Israel will try to destroy it anyway.

Iranian elections happening today

Iran is holding Presidential elections on May 19, which means if this notice is still on the top of the page, they are probably happening now.

These are important elections because they will decide what direction one of the main players on the world stage is headed. I am worried they will be rigged because of electronic voting machines, but they were developed in Iran and it appears they produce a paper printout that can be verified later.

After posting about the message window, it started getting the regulars.

Down under (who I believe is Muslim, ) sent this:

Not much to say, but you are quite correct on your synopsis of Saudi and Kushner. The Saud's won't be flying any jets, first of all they will probably crash them and second of all they would be too scared to even think about it. It will be pilots from around the world getting hired to do it.

On a side note of 'why bother with sauds then if they are so incompetent?' well it's important for the jews to get the sauds fighting because they want the war to eventually head into Mecca itself so they can destroy the kabba. The Kabba has been promised by Allah that it will not be touched, so the Jews have the destruction of the Kabba as one of their primary goals. Whatever god has willed the jews will go they are doing their best to destroy the Kabba, stop Jesus from returning, trying to find out who Mehdi to name just a few things that is on their plans. All the best Jim. DownUnder."

My response I did not know the Jews actually wanted to destroy the Kabba. If you look at the map of eretz israel, the border is about 10 miles east of Mecca. it comes close, but not quite. So I assumed they would not touch it. But they do have an ego even the horizon can't contain, so it would not surprise me if they did try to destroy the kabba. But like you, I believe they will fail. Muslims have done a lot better job of keeping the faith than the Jews ever imagined they would.

I think al Aqsa will be destroyed but only for a short while. Maybe Medina might be destroyed, maybe not, but I seriously doubt the Kabba will be destroyed. One thing people need to realize is that Islam really is not a violent terror religion, and that everything that has happened thus far has been false flags and patsies. So it seems the only Muslims the FBI and CIA can get to do anything at all are retards like the shoe bomber.

But as anyone on the aware side of the fence knows, the same Jews who may try to destroy the Kabba are the same Jews that false flag everything, and frame up both sides of a conflict to look as bad as possible to each other. So Muslims get back stabbed with phony suicide attacks, and Americans get framed up with phony cruise missile attacks. Too bad the rest of what America has done - destroying Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and whatever else was not phony. So as far as I see it, Muslims have a lot more to be angry about. Even the World Trade Center can't match even mundane destruction from America (like the city of Fallujah) and to top it off, Muslims did not do the WTC either.

Anyway, I am preaching to the choir, anyone who reads this site ought to know a lot of this.


I understand completely that what I have posted here - from the doctor who operated on Seth - is the bare minimalistic watered down take on this. I did it that way because I know that what I have posted is overwhelmingly likely to be completely accurate, and it is all that needs to be said anyway. Getting into deeper discussions, guessing, the whole 9 yards, even getting into later posts is not necessary, and could compromise accuracy. That is why I left it with what I posted.

As sensationai as this web site may seem to be at times, I actually take it easy a lot because when you try to get too fancy, it is also too easy for someone to slip in B.S. In the interest of avoiding B.S., I am going to keep it stripped down to the doctor's initial basic statement, which is completely and totally all that is needed anyway. We now know damn well Seth survived the intitial attack and was killed at the hospital. We know the police report is a lie. We know damn well (in posts farther down this page) that the second in status responding police officer was the husband of a woman deeply rooted in the DNC and worked directly for Clinton's campaign. What more do we need to know? That says it ALL.

Message window:

It seems to me like the message window is still 100 percent controlled and that I am not in touch with my real readers. However, the new tactic for them is to not appear to be trolling. Messages are arriving well written (as usual when all is well) But I can tell something is obviously wrong because the dynamics are gone, and the messages don't follow what is on the front page, and there is nowhere near the normal volume. There is a greater error however, that really nails it, and I won't say what it is.

If you sent anything decent and it did not get posted, most likely I did not get it. Judgedredd has tried sending the same message at least 10 times now, and it has been unilaterally blocked, all I get is messages where he's saying he's trying to send something that never arrives. But this is not the "greater error". The greater error sticks out like a sore thumb when I know what "normal" looks like.


DOOM OFF. It has obviously been saved.

The following is getting deleted and tripping bans EVERYWHERE

If I don't put it here you will never see it. Seth Rich overwhelmingly probably killed at hospital

Any location that bans or deletes this is enemy turf. It was hard to find because of it. I only heard this talked about but did not see it until I found this. SEE THIS:

Kushner, Israel, and the Saudi military alliance

42 sent:

Jared Kushner is leading the negotiations for the Trump admin with Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni Arab nations regarding a new alliance (Arab NATO) to fight "terrorism". This new alliance will include the largest arms deal in history. Remember this is Kushner as the architect. MARK MY WORDS: This new Arab NATO is the brain child of Israel and world Zionism. It is nothing more than the alliance needed to finally take out Iran. That's what this is. It's not against Isis as we're told. Israel and the US created Isis, period. I don't like this at all. What do you think? Best, 42"

My response: I think we might end up finding out how much of a chicken Russia is, and if Russia will stand by friends. If Russia enters the equation all bets are off.

I do not like Sauds, people make the mistake of thinking it is a Jewish problem, but unilaterally every Saudi I have met usually has a college "diploma" and can't accomplish anything of substance. The women walk around all covered up, but there is nothing worth having under the covers, they are programmed to be the worst of feminists in Saudi higher education, at obviously the behest of the Jew.

Saudis won't work. Not even the lower tier Saudis. Everything is done for them by imported labor from Pakistan and other Islamic countries while they are handed oil money to pay for it. It has caused them to rot into oblivion. Seriously - you won't find a less capable yet more "educated" group of people on the planet. Fitting it would be for that particular group to be used to take out Iran, BUT IT WONT BE SAUDIS DOING IT, SAUDIS DO NOT EVEN FIGHT IN THEIR OWN MILITARY OR FLY THEIR OWN FIGHTER JETS. That is usually done by Pakis! Yes, the Sauds hire foreigners to staff their military because Sauds are too lazy for even that!


When I looked over the post below, I noticed I understated the damage by Alexa by at least 10X. Actual traffic to this web site is 500, 000 per month, give or take 100, 000 depending upon the month. This has been posted several times.


The people that own the certificate issuing sites are all Jewish, and they can and will use the HTTPS system to cause problems. Here is an example:

Anonymous sent:

Using Firefox under Linux I was blocked from Ron Pauls website but was allowed immediate access after removing the SSL request in the address (h t t p instead of h t t p s)

My response: The main server for this web site comes with HTTPS but I do not use it because the people who issue the tokens can destroy the web site by simply refusing to issue the token. Since I don't actually have anything on this site people need to log into, there is no need for HTTPS anyway.

If this is what is killing Ron Paul (I should have looked for that) he needs to get rid of it. There is an overwhelming chance this is how he is being interfered with. ALSO:

NO GOOGLE ANALYTICS. Google uses the analytics script to destroy web sites when Google sees fit. I saw this happen directly with the American based site for uncensored publications. Their web site worked fine, but it appeared to be offline because the screen stayed white, and hung on the analytics script. It stayed that way for months until they were dead. And at that time, they asked me what the * happened to the ad on the top of the page, (why it was not driving traffic anymore). I could not get them to believe the problem was Google, and they died for that. I could clearly see this site was getting plenty of traffic, easily enough to get people to theirs, but after many attempts to access their site, could clearly see that every time I tried, no matter what computer I did it from, Google blocked it by hanging the web site when the analytics script executed.

I viewed their page source and they did nothing wrong, it was pure and complete sabotage by Google. Google simply would not let the page load. Anyone who uses Google analytics is playing with fire, and now that Google won't give ads to any legitimate web site, why even mess with Google analytics? It is now only a venue for boosting Jews and sabotaging anyone who speaks out against them. Totally USELESS and a menacing hazard for any truther.

Alexa is not innocent either. it seems like ALL the stats web sites went rogue. Before Alexa basically de-listed this web site by giving it a rating that would indicate only 50 hits a month AT MOST, they first wrecked the value by changing the "average visitor" type from college educated males, to high school dropout welfare females who did not work, while moving the traffic stats downward when they were actually going up. At the peak with Alexa, this site was listed at about #60, 000. That's a decent web site. Now the traffic is more than five times as much, and Alexa cut the traffic rating by more than 50X.

The bottom line? In this age of Jewish fronted electronic warfare, any truth site has to be completely self contained, not calling out to any source for anything. If you have HTTPS, Google analytics, or ads from a few of the unscrupulous ad servers, you will be doomed, because all the people who run those types of sites will use your requests to their resources to hang you.

This has been a topic here at least 5 times over the last couple years.

routing test

Ron Paul Institute errors

Ron Paul's web site has been put in all the virus filters, and will be identified as hostile if it loads at all. So people who are having problems with the link I posted are only seeing the information war first hand. I, from my computer, was told it was a virus site, and it took clicking a bunch of exceptions to get in. This is all part of what you would expect in a nation that is being pushed to the point of failure, where the enemy has infiltrated key infrastructure to destroy someone. It will only work for as long as Ron Paul does not know about it, and as bright as he is, he probably does not know it is even happening.

When these attacks are put in place, they make good and sure the person they are attacking never sees the attack. To Ron Paul, everything he posts works perfect and he never sees the problems that are being caused. He will only think he's not as popular as he thought, or that people have lost interest. These same types of things are in place against this web site, but (as far as I know) visual notices are not given, it is simply silent blocking to many people who have not hit it before, and censorship. What is happening to Ron Paul is so blatant it puts the issue out in the open, for all to see.

It is probably pointless to ask people to try to get through to Ron Paul and tell him what is happening, because any input of this type that is sent to him will be censored before he gets it. But maybe it is worth a try.


Trump is turning against his entire "swamp creature" staff, INCLUDING JARED KUSHNER

From the New York Times:

"And the day was capped by the even more stunning revelation that the president had prodded Mr. Comey to drop an investigation into Michael T. Flynn, his former national security adviser. That prompted a stampede of reporters from the White House briefing room into the lower press gallery of the White House, where Mr. Trump’s first-line defenders had few answers but an abundance of anxieties about their job security.

The president’s appetite for chaos, coupled with his disregard for the self-protective conventions of the presidency, has left his staff confused and squabbling. And his own mood, according to two advisers who spoke on the condition of anonymity, has become sour and dark, and he has turned against most of his aides - even his son-in-law, Jared Kushner - describing them in a fury as "incompetent, " according to one of those advisers.

As the maelstrom raged around the staff, reports swirled inside the White House that the president was about to embark on a major shake-up, probably starting with the dismissal or reassignment of Sean Spicer, the press secretary.

My response:

I have NEVER watched Jim Bakker even once. I never liked him. But when he is calling out to the nation that we need to pray for Trump, and that Trump will be assassinated soon, HE'S RIGHT.

There is a report on Jim Bakker's comments farther down the page.


Just in case Israel does this anyway, this was posted on May 17 at 7 AM cst.

I believe this leak is highly credible.

Israel hatched another new 911 terror plot, and Trump shut it down. Here is how the story line was supposed to go

Terrorists were going to board a U.S. bound plane from Europe, with laptops. They were going to hack the plane with their laptops, and do a second 911. When Trump mentioned terrorists with laptops to Russia, and to get them off of planes, and then Trump banned laptops on flights to the U.S., he shut down the Israeli terror plot.

The plot was obviously as fabricated as 911. I do not know who leaked it to Trump, but Kushner is close enough to all of it to do it. And even if Trump did not know it was Israel (highly probable he did not know) even if Trump thought it really was an independent terror plot, the end result was that him telling Russia to get laptops off their planes, shut it down.

SO THAT is the HUGE "Trump Russia intelligence leak" and Israel is PISSED AS HELL ABOUT IT, because they had a whole new plan, and now it will not go forward.



Down the page a ways here there is the police report from the police who responded to the Seth Rich murder. Some people are saying they can't see it. Obviously it may be censored for some people, because it is coming in from Twitter (I will get it onto this server here later).

The police report makes it clear: The main assisting officer's wife worked within the Clinton campaign, and directly for Hillary Clinton. Seth was not shot in the head, and was alive and concious when found. Then, somehow he died. Maybe the injuries were enough, but I'd say having someone so close to Clinton respond to the shooting was probably the main factor in Seth's death.

The police report, and the officer's wife's (Nandi Robinson's) linkdin are embedded in this column. They work from here at the time of this posting. If they don't come in where you are, they are getting censored.

I am starting to think Trump really was playing 4d chess as some have said. I think he waited for everyone to hang themselves, and then acted. I am even starting to think the cruise missile attack on Syria was part of the game, because Trump notified the air base 40 minutes before the missiles arrived, and most of them missed. But it appeased his enemies. Whatever happened with Trump, having the Seth Rich story explode at this time could not possibly be better, Hannity is all over this and other major players are all over this also. I posted a warning from preacher Jim Bakker. The last time I saw him was decades ago, but he is probably onto something and I think people should listen. The left is cornered. They are going to fail with Trump Watergate. And when they fail (it will be soon) they will probably move quickly to kill Trump. Because if they don't they are going down, they cannot possibly get through a Comey firing and then have the truth about Seth Rich, which many of them were involved in murdering, come to light.


Judgedredd has been trying to get through with an important message

Not one thing you have sent has made it through the message box, because it is currently on the server I use all the time and all the censors do is ride my connection into it. They have that mastered now through an internet provider I am stuck with. Later today it will be moved back to the server that expired and is now working again, which gets locked down and never logged into. If a message makes it into that one (it can still be blocked on the way) but if it makes it I will get it.

Obviously, if you send it via E-mail you might as well shred it first.

This was very odd: I had to find a way to re-word this headline because the server gave the message that it would refuse to post it as it was originally worded!!!


The Lord Told Me President Trump's Life is in Danger - Pray for His Safety

From Breaking Christian News, May 16

Jim Bakker said during a recent podcast interview with Charisma Media founder Steve Strang that God told him there will soon be an attempt on President Donald Trump's life, and that Christians need to be crying out in prayer for their president's protection.

During the same podcast interview with Charisma Media founder Steve Strang in which he discussed the 'WannaCry' ransomware attack [as] an end-times event, Jim Bakker shared that he sometimes feels alone in his calls to pray for President Donald Trump.

But another word he received from the Lord has added to his urgency.

"There is going to be an attempt on our president's life very soon, " he said. "We need to pray for the protection of our president."

Bakker said the president's election last November was a miracle, and "the adversary is so angry because they expected to win." They're not going to give up until they destroy him, he added.

"They want him killed—they refer to him as being like Nixon, " he said. "They want him impeached. If they cannot kill him with words, they will try to physically murder the president of the United States.

"They have called for it online. There have literally been thousands of people online calling for the assassination of the president of the United States ... I believe voices of sound reasoning need to speak out, 'This is wrong. What is going on?'"

Bakker said the same Antichrist spirit that is responsible for the 'WannaCry' ransomware attack is a "twisted, serpent spirit" that is twisting everything the president does. That is why he's so fervently calling on the Church to pray.

My response: I believe this is SPOT ON. Time to pray again.

Trump made a few mistakes, and is now back on the right track, with a vengeance. They will kill him for it. It really is time to pray for his safety, because he is our best, and last chance, to get America back. It would be a disaster to lose him.

With regard to Wannacry, there are now credible secondary reports that it is in the wild again, multiplying, with the kill switch removed. It could end up being an extrordinary disaster, as Baaker said.

The Syrian air base attack was Trump's only significant mistake, and then, even with that mistake, the airbase was warned ahead of time to evacuate people. Everything else was forced on him, including Kushner. He deserves the benefit of the doubt, OBVIOUSLY if the Washington Post is working so hard to destroy him, he is OUR president, not an enemy hack. Pray for his safety now that he is draining the swamp, I know I will.

OUCH: Officers that handled Seth Rich had strong Clinton ties, AND SETH RICH WAS ALIVE WHEN FOUND

Take a look at the officer's name. These officers wore body cams. We need the video of their response, and subsequent handling. Seth Rich was alive when found, and only pronounced dead an hour and a half later!

WELL LOOKIE HERE! Officer Robinson's wife has VERY STRONG CLINTON TIES. No wonder why her husband handled the call for Seth Rich!

I myself am not a scientologist, but if I do a report on the topic, IT WILL BE RIGHT.

The reason for the following Scientology post:

Claudia, who is former Sea org, has said that when people take antidepressants an E-meter won't read anything from them, to the meter they are dead. And more often than not, even after quitting antidepressants, they stay dead to an E-meter permanently. That's huge, because if true it would prove beyond any doubt whatsoever that antidepressants destroy people.

I had this posted earlier but decided to take it down until I talked to an auditor directly about what happens when people take antidepressants. Then someone wrote to me, ripping me for mentioning Scientology favorably at all. Quick response: This is not a scientology site, it is a news site, and if people get fried by antidepressants so bad an E-meter can't read them anymore, THAT IS NEWS, pure and simple!

Now onto the following:

Scientology: Anonymous sent:

Jim . . per usual, when you stray too far away from technical topics, you revert to a lazy, egocentric, flawed counsel to your readers. I.e., "scientology" is A-Ok 'cause you say so. No serious homework, no reasonable level of due diligence before spouting off.

My response: Actually, Claudia is a Scientologist, the entire family is scientologist, I have, as a result been to that church at least 100 times, installed a theater there three years ago, advised on a sauna, worked side by side with people from the Sea Org and know you are completely whacked when you say I did "no serious homework" "had no diligence" and "spouted off". If you think I spouted off, you are CLUELESS about scientology yourself. What, did you google the topic or WHAT??

COLD HARD FACT: Scientology runs EXACTLY, TO THE LETTER, the same as any Christian church I have seen. No one "gets the life sucked out of them" or "commits to a cult", or "gets financially drained" or "entrapped" or any of the other PURE BULLSHIT that gets spewed. Every single member of Claudia's large extended Mexican family is Scientologist and has been since the early 80's, and they live regular lives, running their stores, manufacturing, and other things. They are regulars. They go to the church frequently. They are WAY above the average Mexican. AND ON TOP OF THAT, IN ADDITION TO BEING SCIENTOLOGISTS, THEY ARE CATHOLIC and ALL of their kids are baptised and confirmed. There is no conflict of interest.

Not one of them is an alchoholic, druggie, or on antidepressants. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Not even the two that are the under dogs. Every single one of them runs their own finances very well, and not a single one got "parasited" to death by the church. One is in the Sea Org in Mexico City. Claudia is also former Sea Org.

The only reason why I removed today's scientology report is because I wanted to talk to an auditor directly about what happens when someone has antidepressant damage. I wanted that straight from an auditor, and not just what Claudia said, (though she is probably right).

I myself am not a scientologist, but if I do a report on the topic, IT WILL BE RIGHT.

There will be no idiotic Google spew from this site, and also, I can call a spade a spade because due to my politics, I won't trust an auditor and will NEVER be a Scientologist, partly because there are too many Jews there. I won't trust enough simply because there are too damn many Jews. But that's a Jew problem, not a Scientology problem.

Hey, how about that BIG SCREW UP TOM CRUISE! Looks like the Scientologists DRAINED HIM DRY, NOT!!!!!

Have you ever wondered why the political elite, Google, and the MSM hate the Scientologists so much? I HAVE THE ANSWER: Because Scientology is the biggest, greatest last stand against the psychiatric drug state, and the eugenics program that antidepressants are part of. The elite also HATE scientologists because they are completely pro life and anti gay and know the truth about vaccines, but the Jewish presense has shut a lot of the vaccine discussion down. I got along with Claudia because after she was in the sea org for a decade or so, she knew enough to know this web site is not B.S.

So, if you want to "advise" me on Scientology topics, be my guest, you will lose against all cannons loaded, and a perfectly objective position.

Yes, the lies fall like dominoes when you have seen what I have seen. Cult??? NOT HARDLY.

Comparatively, the Jews are the cult. They think there are demons in their fingernails, which is why they trim them so close. Every synagogue has a special sink, with it's only purpose being to get the demons out of your finger nails!

And NEVER give to the Locks of Love, because there is a fairly dominant sect of Judiasim that shaves their heads bald, and wants YOUR HAIR to put on their head when they go out in public! That is what "Locks of Love" is predominantly for!

OK, so debunk that, the way I debunked your scientology rip against this web site. Don't do Google, Don't spew a response without a "reasonable level of due diligence, " NO, GO TO THE SYNAGOGUES AND OBSERVE FOR A FEW YEARS, LIKE I HAVE WITH BOTH THE SCIENTOLOGISTS AND THE JEWS. I can tell you who's really crazy. HINT: It is NOT the Scientologists!

Ron Paul's latest weekly column needs to be seen by all. Here it is:

President Trump: Toss Your Generals' War Escalation Plans In the Trash

Written by Ron Paul Sunday May 14, 2017

By the end of this month, Defense Secretary James Mattis and National Security Advisor HR McMaster will deliver to President Trump their plans for military escalations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. President Trump would be wise to rip the plans up and send his national security team back to the drawing board - or replace them. There is no way another "surge" in Afghanistan and Iraq (plus a new one in Syria) puts America first. There is no way doing the same thing over again will succeed any better than it did the last time.

Near the tenth anniversary of the US war on Afghanistan - seven years ago - I went to the Floor of Congress to point out that the war makes no sense. The original authorization had little to do with eliminating the Taliban. It was a resolution to retaliate against those who attacked the United States on September 11, 2001. From what we know now, the government of Saudi Arabia had far more to do with the financing and planning of 9/11 than did the Taliban. But we're still pumping money into that lost cause. We are still killing Afghanis and in so doing creating the next generation of terrorists.

The war against ISIS will not end with its defeat in Mosul and Raqqa. We will not pack up and go home. Instead, the Pentagon and State Department have both said that US troops would remain in Iraq after ISIS is defeated. The continued presence of US troops in Iraq will provide all the recruiting needed for more ISIS or ISIS-like resistance groups to arise, which will in turn lead to a permanent US occupation of Iraq. The US "experts" have completely misdiagnosed the problem so it no surprise that their solutions will not work. They have claimed that al-Qaeda and ISIS arose in Iraq because we left, when actually they arose because we invaded in the first place.

General David Petraeus is said to have a lot of influence over HR McMaster, and in Syria he is pushing for the kind of US troop "surge" that he still believes was successful in Iraq. The two are said to favor thousands of US troops to fight ISIS in eastern Syria instead of relying on the US-sponsored and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces to do the job. This "surge" into Syria would also lead to a lengthy US occupation of a large part of that country, as it is unlikely that the US would return the territory to the Syrian government. Would it remain an outpost of armed rebels that could be unleashed on Assad at the US President’s will? It's hard to know from week to week whether "regime change" in Syria is a US priority or not. But we do know that a long-term US occupation of half of Syria would be illegal, dangerous, and enormously expensive.

President Trump's Generals all seem to be pushing for a major US military escalation in the Middle East and south Asia. The President goes back and forth, one minute saying "we're not going into Syria, " while the next seeming to favor another surge. He has given the military much decision-making latitude and may be persuaded by his Generals that the only solution is to go in big. If he follows such advice, it is likely his presidency itself will be buried in that graveyard of empires.

SEE THIS. It is a great column, but I did notice that Ron Paul still will not say 911 was an inside job. Israel had a LOT more to do with 911 than "Saudi Arabia".

Life on other worlds

Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf only 4.3 light years away from Earth. It has a planet that is 7.5 million kilometers away from it, that is slightly larger than Earth. This planet has been assigned a name of Proxima B.

Scientists have recently discovered that it has water, and that though there are large dry regions, there are also two tropical regions that get large amounts of rain fall, on opposite sides of the planet. I read up on this last night, and despite it's close proximity to Proxima Centauri, in the past scientists concluded that the planet has an average temperature of -35 degrees farenheit. However, I doubt that is the case, because if it was that low, all the water in the equatorial (tropical) regions would quickly fall as snow at the poles and stay there forever, thus leaving the rest of the planet with no water at all.

Proxima Centauri puts out very little light, and even as close as Proxima B is to the star it still gets only a couple percent of the visible light the earth gets AT MOST. It would not appear dark to us, because even that much light equals at least 20 watts per square meter of land, which would be a lot brighter than the inside of any Wal Mart. Our eyes would adjust to the low light level as if it was normal.

Despite the low level of visible light, the red dwarf star puts out a LOT of infra red, which is enough to keep the planet warm. Like I said, I doubt it has an average temperature of -35 farenheit if rain falls at the equator daily. It might not be as warm as Earth, but it can't be that cold either.

Due to the fact that there are regular rains on the planet, some are speculating that the planet may have life on it. That is plausible, however, red dwarfs are very unstable and a good day for a red dwarf would produce far more significant solar storms than the sun does on a bad day. When this is added on top of the planet's close proximity to the star, many scientists are saying there's no way the planet could support life. The solar winds there are 2, 000 times as strong as what hits earth, and the planet gets burned by too much radiation. But daily rains means it can't be too bad.

One big problem with such high solar winds is that they'd be very likely to eventually strip away the planet's atmosphere. But if it rains there, there has to be something left . . . . . and if the atmosphere is a heavy gas like Argon, which is far heavier than CO2, it would resist the solar wind. Argon is also as breathable as nitrogen, and additionally a great green house gas. If the atmosphere is mostly argon, maybe the planet does have life. Only time will tell. It is intriguing to say the least, at least for me.

The image below is what some scientists believe the the planet would probably look like

Quick automotive steam engine comment:

A reader pointed out the explosion hazard potential. There would not be an explosion hazard, because only an ounce of water would be heated at any one time. It would rapidly circulate in the system, like refrigerant does in an air conditioner and the boiler would be a heavy five pound copper piece with small heat transfer tubes in it, that ran the water through pin holes in a piece of heavy copper that was heated by flame . There would not be enough liquid in the system to produce a substantial explosion, even if everything went wrong. The heating element would be similar in design to any modern high efficiency furnace, but it would be a lot smaller due to the use of better metals for heat transfer (only gold and silver transfer heat better than copper, and then, not by much) and the fact that water sinks heat a lot better than air does.

A few messages

It shouldn't be called 'wanna cry', it should be called 'the last little push I needed to switch to Linux


Jim, how did newspapers know what Trump told the Russians in his private office? His office must be bugged. don't you think. You warned long ago that trump should debug the WH before moving in there. You are once again right

My response: Trump should have debugged the place, but Kushner is probably the leak.

Phillipines wrote: i read the news story that the wannacry was stopped by a 14 year old philippino boy.they have published his photo and interview with him. This is a pure fake story. Now they are trying to link the virus to NK so that we can have an excuse to bomb North Korea. They are also claiming disney film was stolen by somebody and they are using bitcoin i think bit coin will be completely killed off with this.

My response: 22 year old IT guy, 14 year old Phillipine boy, whatever works in the local segment and yes, this is definitely an attack on Bitcoin, probably fronted by the NSA which has bases in many places and could pull this off with ease.

Seth Rich is back in the news, A private investigator has proven the police and the FBI are obstructing all investigation. Fox did a decent report on it, and has made note of the fact that Seth was in touch with wikileaks when he "committed suicide". Good timing of that release to counter the latest Russian crap but there will be a dead investigator soon. He probably does not know how dangerous the Clintons are and to top it all off, Seth's parents thought the Clinton connection was a conspiracy theory until the private investigator convinced them it was not!.

So we have the Washington Post running a crap Russia story, and a private investigator saying otherwise. The two stories are in competition with each other right now.

After their latest lies about Trump and Russia, that were more than easily debunked, one would have to think hard for reasons to have the Washington post delivered. Here are a few:


1. You polish your shoes every day, and need something to prevent the carpet from getting black spots.
2. You are lonely, and the paper boy is the only one who ever approaches your door.
3. You find it nice to have a daily chew toy delivered to your dog.
4. You have discovered it is the best thing for lighting camp fires, and you camp a lot.
5. You have several bird cages that need daily changing.
6. You like to fish a lot and have a cross cut shredder and discovered shredded newspaper works great as worm bedding in your worm farm.
7. The paper sucks, but the coupons it comes with easily pay for it, and then some.
8. You need to tape off your floor, your windows, your car, and everything else you have for painting projects over the next few months.
9. You find it nice to know what the enemy is saying, and like having them blow their intentions in print, every day.
10. You forgot to cancel when the paper went to crap.





Comey fired, ransomware, missile launches, all of it pales compared to THIS:


Kushner family: "THIS IS NOT THE STORY WE WANT!"

The Kushner family hosted a huge event in an expensive hotel ball room in China, where wealthy Chinese were told that if they invested $500, 000 USD in America they would eventually get U.S. citizenship. They abused Jared's status to draw people to the event. When American MSM showed up to cover the event, their equipment was taken and they were kicked out because "they threatened the stability of the event!"

Here is a quote from the Washington Post:

"Although the event was publicly advertised in Beijing, the hosts were exceptionally anxious about the presence of reporters. Journalists were initially seated at the back of the ballroom, but as the presentations got underway, a public-relations representative asked The Washington Post to leave, saying the presence of foreign reporters threatened the "stability" of the event.

At one point, organizers grabbed a reporter's phone and backpack to try to force that person to leave. Later, as investors started leaving the ballroom, organizers physically surrounded attendees to prevent them from giving interviews.

Asked why reporters were asked to leave, a PR person who declined to identify herself said simply, "This is not the story we want."

My comment:

Oh my GOD!

Ok, so the Kushner family hosts an event that directly deals in American affairs, IN COMMUNIST CHINA, and the American press is not allowed to cover it? WTF, OVER!!!! This is so laughably corrupt right on it's face that it is inconceivable for Jared to be allowed ANYWHERE near the white house, let alone influencing policy from within!. OK, LET ME SAY THIS A DIFFERENT WAY: What could they have POSSIBLY been doing that was SO BAD for America that even America's lying, scamming, cover for the Jews at all cost MSM was kicked out?

I am stunned. This was downright creepy. Here is the story at the Washington Post. "This is not the story we want" even after it gets washed clean as a whistle by America's own scamming MSM? I am shaking my head!


Wanna cry rumors

Yesterday it was rumored that wanna cry 2 was released, absent the kill switch. Supposedly a 22 year old IT guy found a way to disable it by registering a domain. I call B.S., no doubt the NSA registered the domain but they need or want a different story. Now, according to rumor, version 2 was released with the kill switch removed. And it makes sense, because this morning news is that wanna cry is spreading like crazy in China, and that would not be possible if the kill switch worked unless, of course, the "great firewall" is blocking access to the web site that would disable it.

At any rate, this is not over yet, and what about the other NSA tools that got out and are now being sold? WHY ARE THE WEB SITES THAT ARE SELLING THIS STUFF STILL UP AND RUNNING? Telling little detail there - yes, the web sites that are supposedly selling the stolen NSA code are STILL ONLINE, SELLING IT.

That says it all, say I.

Someone high up in the shadow government has given the go ahead for all of this. If this was not the case, it would not be for sale online still. It is not just the everyday scamster behind it.

New North Korean missile

Anonymous sent:

"the North Kprean Missile apparently reached an altitude of 2000 kilometers . That would be 1000 kilometers farther than space station. does that mean NK has joined the space age?

My response: That would be a lot farther than 1000 kilometers past the space station. However, that was total distance traveled, not altitude. NK can probably reach that altitude though. North Korea joined the space age LONG AGO, I am not sure how long ago but it has to be decades. All you have to do is get a missile more than 60 miles up and you have joined the space age. North Korea has two satellites they launched a couple years ago that are still working. They were flaky at first but then started working more reliably. They are little 50 pound things that basically beep (they do more than Sputnik) but they are experimental and not capable of much. But they are without a doubt legitimate controlled satellites and not space junk. They are also automatically "space age". A consumer grade super zoom camera on such a satellite would show North Korea where the U.S. Navy is if they could keep the environment of space from destroying it.

DISCLAIMER: Technically, according to the Pentagon, all North Korea ever did was test missiles. Even when the "missiles" instead put satellites in orbit, which would only happen with a perfectly legitimate space launch. So whether or not North Korea "has joined the space age" all depends upon what budget you need, and how much people at the Pentagon are willing to lie about it from a position of authority.

Microsoft wants the government to stop it's own criminal activity Here's the truth:


He said the vulnerabilities are intentional, and that they work hand in glove with Microsoft and the Federal government to make sure they don't get patched by the virus scanner!

He said Norton, McCaffe and others all worked with the government to ensure none of the stuff that was put there intentionally gets blocked by accident because the government wants unfettered access to everything. So Microsoft asking the governmnent to stop engaging in criminal activity is for the consumption of fools, who would not get the truth in anything, even after the truth bit them like a snake in the grass.

Yes, Microsoft has to play the concerned good guy to lure in the next generation of SUCKERS!

Their job is to patch anything that was mistakenly put there by their own sloppy programmers and discovered by the public, while leaving all the intentional back doors as open as possible. And even Intel is in on this with their corevpro and anything after Sandy Bridge!

Don't drink the kool aid - it will never be safe. Get a large SD card or flash drive, and keep everything there, OFFLINE. And if you do get hit with something DO NOT put the flash drive in the infected machine!

A thoughtful steam engine message that I will line item.

This is in response to my steam powered car/efficiency post.

TB sent:

1. The problem with a steam car is not in steam generation but in condensing that steam back to condensate.

2. Most steam plants of any size go way above 700 deg. F. They use superheaters to heat the saturated steam to well above 1000 degrees F.

3. Steam is only effective when used in multi stage engines, either several pistons that increase in size with each stage or a turbine.

4. Then there is the problem of getting that condensate pumped back into the pressure generation vessel.

Another reader sent:

5. One major reason automotive engines are inefficient is due to its varied operating conditions. As a result, this pie-in-the-sky efficiency will likely never be achieved. Steam may be better, but this, too, cannot operate over a great range or speed and torque efficiently

1. There is no issue at all with getting the steam back to condensate. If at the exhaust from a single stage steam engine the temperature is 550 Farenheit and the pressure is a little over 1000 PSI, cooling the steam by only 10 degrees farenheit will turn it back into water, at 540 degrees because the pressure will turn it back to water. This is done easily.

2. The steam table ends at a little over 700 farenheit because that is where all water will turn into steam at 3000 PSI. There is no economic sense to heating it past that. When I interviewed the reactor engineer who designed reactor 3, there are no nuclear reactor designs anywhere that take the temperature beyond that because it adds disproportionately huge strains on equipment and gains nothing. I got this answer because I knew before talking to him that reactor 3 ran at 550 farenheit at 1050 psi, and I knew that would not be efficient. He said I was right, that it was 33 percent efficient, and then he expounded on the topic because he was relieved to hear anyone from the media actually know enough to talk to seriously. So I doubt any electrical facility takes it past that even if coal fired because there is nothing to gain. And if I am wrong about that, I am not wrong about nuclear facilities, and what they do.

3. Obviously having a three stage engine going to larger and larger pistons would be ideal, but to keep it simple for readers I did not mention that. The steam turbines do the same thing.

4. It is nothing at all to pump the water back into the high pressure chamber for heating, because the gas pressure on the outgoing side has enormously greater volume and leverage, and the pressure looks the same to the water as it does to the steam. You can easily pump the water back in through a pinhole that would require minimal effort, and then get a huge gain across a comparatively large surface area in the engine. None of the power generating facilities expel their water, it all gets recycled because it is not normal cheap water - it is super pure and probably has expensive additives that should be re-used for economy. Getting the water back into the heating chamber takes negligible effort and energy, compared to what comes out as steam.

The high efficiency automotive steam engine is something I have put a lot of effort into understanding the entire process. From a price standpoint, piston would be better. From an efficiency standpoint, turbine would be better. But on that small a scale, not enough better to justify the cost.

5. This is why I said it would work best in a hybrid, that used the steam to generate electricity. In that circumstance you could always load the steam engine at it's optimal efficiency, and then turn it off when the battery is charged, while keeping it at perfect operating temperature with minimal (negligible) fuel use for when it is needed again. It would be easy to keep it hot due to it being insulated from heat loss, rather than designed to get rid of heat the way a normal car engine does.

Obviously if you had multiple pistons in your steam engine to increase efficiency, it would not be soup can sized. But it would still be a lot smaller than an equivalent gasoline engine. And even the soup can sized engine would easily exceed 50 percent efficiency if you managed the output correctly and condensed it efficiently, not cooling it off too much and re-injecting it at a high temperature. In fact, if you refer to the steam table again - if you designed it to extract enough energy to output the steam at 550 farenheit you'd break 50 percent efficiency, even if you threw the water away and started with new, room temperature water rather than having it already be at 540 degrees when forced back into the pressure vessel.

If I was to build one, I'd keep it to one piston and then try to manage the condensate efficiently. This will be done much more easily on a small scale than a large industrial scale. It would probably be easier to do that than a build from scratch engine management system that made a three stage system run smoothly.

3000 PSI steam engine

There is a reader who keeps writing for me to touch this topic again. So I will.

With modern materials and parts, far superior to what was around in the 1800's when steam powered everything, it should be possible to make a steam engine that runs a car and is the size of a soup can. Why would anyone want to do that? the answer is easy. Just look at the steam table. The key info is in columns 2 and 3. There you see that as the temperature in farenheit rises incrementaly, the steam pressure rises almost exponentially. This means that as you heat the steam a little bit more at the end, it will deliver a LOT MORE ENERGY than what is going into it at the end. And as a result, power generating facilities can hit almost 100 percent efficiency when they use the power of steam right at 700 farenheit.

700 farenheit and 3000 PSI are very easy to acheive and control with modern parts and materials

What would happen if you had a piston that had one square inch of surface area that moved one foot, and produced thrust every cycle, the way a steam engine does? Answer: 3, 000 pound feet of torque. A foot is a lot of travel for such a small piston, so cut that down to three inches. Now you have 800 pound feet of torque. At what RPM? At least 3, 000. That's a lot of horsepower.

With modern fuels, and a steam engine designed to capture the heat of combustion as efficiently as a calorimeter, proper design on such a system could accomplish mind blowing efficiencies. At least 75 percent. Utility companies, due to economy of scale, hit efficiencies above 95 percent. They have turbine steam motors, which are better than reciprocating steam engines, but there would still be very high efficiencies with piston based steam.

To top it all off, the engine would just be a tiny little thing, with a one square inch piston encased in a super tough metal cylinder the size of a soup can. Such an engine would not be picky about what fuel it had, anything at all that could burn and make heat could be used.

FACT: The Volkswagen XL-1, which gets 300 plus MPG, is still less than 50 percent efficient, because that is the peak efficiency of a diesel engine in the best case scenario - a locomotive.

My guess of 75 percent efficient for a modern steam engine is probably not very far off. And that would mean a 500 mpg car. It would work best as a hybrid setup, especially since even if it was very well insulated a steam engine would not be at optimal temperature the second someone wanted to drive, so battery power should be there to drive with while the steam engine got up to temperature. It would not take long, there is easy proof:

On a normal car, how long can you have it running, and still touch the exhaust pipe, which is heat energy going to pure waste? Not much more than ten seconds. And the exhaust system does not throw away nearly as much heat as the radiator does, not even close to as much. All that heat, EVERY LAST BIT OF IT is a wasted chance to move the car. Pure waste. Any steam engine system should be able to extract so much heat and turn that heat into work that the exhaust leaves at most warm, if not cold, and there is no radiator. It would all boil down to keeping the system insulated to prevent heat loss, and that is an easy thing to do.

700 farenheit is not much heat to ask for in a car, when exhaust systems can glow cherry red on any car. It all fits. It should all work. A steam powered car was done with the old tech, (the Bentley Steamer) and it was the best of it's day, going well over 100 mph more than a century ago. It clearly did not run at 700 farenheit, the types of pressures that temperature produces with steam are something only modern tech and parts can handle. But we can do it now . . . . . so why not?

The answer is as simple as the XL-1, which won't see widespread production. The answer is as simple as my 4 door full sized no compromises Fiat in Mexico, that can easily exceed 55 MPG but you will never see that in the U.S. The answer is as simple as driving past a Mexican car dealerships, and routinely seeing 25+ kilometers per liter prominently shown on 4 door sedan wind shields. And the cars actually do it.

The answer is EASY: the powers that be don't want high efficiency, because high efficiency represents a loss of their control. It represents a loss of energy revenue. It will undermine the global warming scam, which Al Gore is priming for a $15 trillion global carbon tax. They'll let Mexicans have better cars because "they are poor" so why not. I had to laugh when the Smart Fortwo came out, and got 18 mpg while delivering half a car. They are better than that now due to outrage, but the answer is quite clear: There is no way on earth the elite are going to allow anything close to the efficiencies that can be accomplished, it just does not fit the agenda.

I do not believe the malware story

I am going to call this one - supposedly a 22 year old "IT expert" back engineered NSA malware within a few hours, found a back door, and shut it down. I'm not buying it.

First of all, there are many types of malware out there, and not one has ever been shut down by anything other than virus/malware scanners that identify unique code sequences and therefore recognizes the virus. Second of all, if the NSA did have the back door to one of their toys that went wild, they'd be the one to shut it down. If it did get shut down, the NSA did it.

Second of all, as I said before, it is extremely probable the NSA ran the entire attack to discredit and get rid of bitcoin. Where did this attack originate? BRITAIN, where the Rothchilds are working on their own crypto currency. No doubt they hate Bitcoin. No doubt their influence runs deep in the NSA, which has bases all over the world, including Europe.

The story would have been far more believable absent the miracle boy fixing it like a champ. That stinks to high heaven and my guess is that the NSA and whoever else chickened out when they found out they could be sued to oblivion for having it get into medical computer systems first. It looked like an attack on Britain's medical system at first, because it so dominantly showed up there first.

Supposedly there is a wanna cry 2.0 already out, with the fix removed from it. I doubt that, it will take a couple weeks for "the bad guys" to remove that and actually have it fully tested and working. If things move faster than that, expect it to be the NSA all over again, out there discrediting Bitcoin. Stuff like this does not happen overnight, and magic fixes to cryptic NSA code don't get discovered and remedied in hours.

Interesting it is that this came out of the blue, right when Bitcoin topped $1, 700. I smell a rat with this one, it stinks to high heaven.

Interesting it is that the NSA still won't tell anyone the mode of infection! The NSA won't tell anyone how it actually infects computers, because that's classified! You know, like that CORE V PRO BACK DOOR! Evidently Microsoft invented a patch for this, and released it in like what? a few hours? YEAH RIGHT. That's BULLSHIT right there, unless they worked hand in glove with the NSA and had the patch written up 5 years ago, and released it when asked to! The patch obviously won't close the back door, it will just stop the operating system from acting on commands the malware sends . . . . perhaps . . . . . . . .




And who knows if even that will be a trojan horse? When has Microsoft actually cared?

Supposedly a blogger killed the ransomware?

Reportedly, the NSA put a kill switch in their software that a blogger found and activated by registering a domain the software checks, and if it exists, the software de-activates.

I CALL B.S. THIS STORY IS CLICK BAIT. No blogger read through the code and found that. The NSA's garbage is not reader friendly and the time was WAY TOO SHORT. The NSA shut it down, there was a way. But that's not going to stop the next attack, and all anyone has to do is sit down, take the time, and remove the kill switch and this malware will be back in force. B.S. STORY, IT SOLVED NOTHING.

routing test

I am aware of the massive U.S. military buildup on the border of Syria and am hoping it is only a war game, as claimed.

Time will tell. If it is not a war game, the decision is already made.

China claims to have a missile that can sink an American aircraft carrier


Both the DF-21 and DF-26 "aircraft carrier killers" have conventional warheads and are ballistic missiles. They won't even hit an aircraft carrier, let alone kill it.

American aircraft carriers are made with countless chambers across many decks, all of them sealed. You cannot strike and kill such a ship. Even the lowly, small U.S.S. Cole, which had a hole blown through it so bad you could drive a ski boat through it sat perfectly flat and level when damaged that badly, because that is how well American military ships are built. The only thing that can wreck one would be a nuke, and then the ship would not sink, it would simply be rendered unusable. A good example of how hard it is to sink an American aircraft carrier would be this:

Put 150 plastic bottles, with their lids on, in a garbage bag. Let it float out to the middle of a lake. Then try to sink it by shooting it. You'd never poke enough holes in enough bottles to ever do it.

Perhaps China considers getting anything at all to hit an aircraft carrier "sinking it". But that does not count AT ALL, when after being struck an American aircraft carrier will still launch aircraft at you afterward, unless you got a really really lucky shot.

When I hear these stories about "aircraft carrier killing missiles" that don't have nukes on them I shake my head, the thought of such a thing is ridiculous. America did not build crap.


It is now confirmed the ransomware was developed by the NSA to fund their black ops. It then got hacked, and released on Wikileaks. Now out of control a-holes are using it. HEADS UP, IT IS GOING WILD NOW.

Ransomware encrypts your hard drive so you can't get anything off of it, and threatens to delete it (and will) if you don't pay up via bitcoin or some other anonymous means. This means ransomware is extremely likely to be getting used to frame up crypto currency as bad. It would be just perfect for an NSA or CIA black op. I do not believe for a minute joe hacker has his own home grown ransomware anywhere on the web, and is actually getting paid via bitcoin with his own program because the NSA knows it all, and could destroy joe hacker while microwaving a maruchan on lunch break. THE NSA THEREFORE IS "JOE HACKER".

To do the best you can to avoid having the NSA encrypt your hard drive (or someone else do it compliments of the NSA, via Wikileaks) and demand a payout via Bitcoin (thus making bitcoin bad, needing to be shut down) DO NOT open mail attachments any more. The era of mail attachments is OVER. HEADS UP: I have a laptop that got nailed by ransomware a few months ago that never opened an E-mail at all, and never got used for anything odd at all, which means it HAD TO have been injected into my information stream via a hack, or it had to have come in through an ad. The bottom line is NO ONE is safe from ransomware, you HAVE TO keep offline backups of everything on flash drives and if you get hit, trash the hard drive, buy a new one, and put all your files back on the new one. That will be cheaper than any ransomware payout.

The enemy is in the government/shadow government. No Jew is going to get hit with ransomware and have whoever hit them live to see another day. Such an event is not possible absent the will of the NSA, which they control. It HAS TO be their apparatus doing it.


As it turns out, the new ransomware circulating DID come from the NSA! The massive ransomware/virus attack happening today is supposedly being done with software that was produced by the NSA, and subsequently got wikileaked. PROBLEM: What was the NSA doing when it created that software to begin with? I knew it was them doing the ransomware attacks before because no one else could ever get away with it, and now we have PROOF!

Liberal desperation

Anonymous sent:

Russia-gate, the Trump Tapes etc. etc...., as long as we aren't talking about pedophilia they have accomplished their goal. The desperation is so transparent that you better go see an eye doctor if you can't see through it. Taking Comey out removed one more road block and now we are watching them squirm like a kid that brought home straight F's on his report card and is waiting for dad to get home.

My response: Heh, I like that!

If Trump does the right thing, and puts the right guy in, they are TOAST.


These trolls had better not be working for pay! But I bet they are, and have a huge fat long list of references saying how great they are!


A line man is considered to be the toughest hardest working most highly skilled distribution electrician there is. If there is ANYONE who knows about the grid, it will be a line man. Very few can cut it in that job! With that in mind, look at this troll message! WHAT A LAUGH!


A telephone lineman, yeah, that's a good source. Why not the cable tv guy? You're a fish, from EMP to viruses. Still tracking subs with sonar, don't think so. They are tracked globally from space and using passive underwater sensors. How about that quack PHD in political science you quoted on EMP. Engineers say the Oroville dam is toast. So you're wrong about that. Failure, this year, or five years, its going to happen. Bad design, poor construction, no way to fix. They will probably generate an earthquake to bring it down. Did mom vaccinate you as a child? A bit autistic

My response: If you are going to fire off such an offensive message, and don't even know what a line man is, you need your head examined. You just proved me a more reliable source than anything you can come up with with ALL OF THE ABOVE. On top of that, I have NEVER said sonar is used to track subs, I have always said subs are listened for. That's what your "passive underwater sensors" do. They listen! They track magnetic signatures, both of which I have said. You probably don't know the difference between that and sonar!. With EMP, do you really think New Scientist published a quack? Oroville? Doom spew? Whatever!

Now onto the key issue here:

Line man is such a well recognized profession that there is even a billboard #3 charting song written about it that even managed to chart #7 in Britain and is rated in the top 200 songs of all time - "The Wichita Lineman is still on the line" Remember that song? Probably not, because if you are that offensive over topics you are clueless about, you have got to be nothing more than an illiterate millenial snow flake who has no respect for anyone other than your pathetic self, who came way after that song! A common core MASTERPIECE! I suggest you get updated on what a line man is, since common core probably did not mention it, even though they are absolutely KEY PEOPLE. Listen to this!

My god, the bar is low in troll town!

DEAR TROLL, THIS IS WHAT A LINE MAN IS. Gee, I am surprised you did not think I quoted a football player!

Stuxnet refresher:

The Stuxnet virus is an industrial virus that is designed to hide in Siemens Scada PLC control systems. It was written by American intelligence, with limited Israeli involvement.

The job of Stuxnet is to learn the system it goes into, so it knows what "normal" looks like on the control room displays, and when it has learned, it then gives the correct readout responses to control room inputs, while it does the opposite in the background, to destroy whatever industrial system it goes into.

The original Stuxnet was supposed to be aware of where it was, and only attack Iran's urainium enrichment centrifuges. If it went into an environment other than that, it was supposed to self destruct. But once it was handed to Israel, to get planted in Iran, the Israelis back engineered the safeguards and disabled them, so it could become a virus that could infect anything, like a wild virus, and as an additional bonus, it was programmed to notify Israel of any new systems it happened to infect, when it was possible for it to get in contact with it's control center in Israel. So it gave Israel a huge number of things they could destroy in foreign countries when they see fit to make it go active. In the case of Fukushima, it was delivered by Israeli security firm Magna BSP.

Now when any industrial system goes BOOM without any explanation, the prime suspect is Israel. And obviously if the grid, which runs on related software that integrates with SCADA goes down . . . . . .you know who did it.



The Hill just published the type of spew they are going to use to de-legitimize and destroy Trump after Trump took Comey out. And it is literary diahrea that would only work on people who had both no brain and no will to think. Get a load of this!:

The Feds have "Trump tapes" akin to Nixon's Watergate tapes

With President Trump acting increasingly like former President Nixon during the Watergate scandal coverup, there is one similarity between the two scandals that is not receiving the media attention it deserves. During the Watergate scandal, Nixon had a taping system installed in the Oval Office, recording conversations he had there. These tapes revealed wrongdoing with recorded proof beyond all reasonable doubt. During the Russia scandal that plagues the Trump presidency, there are also large numbers of recorded conversations that provide the equivalent of the Watergates tapes. I call them "Trump tapes", which were legally recorded by counter-intelligence and law enforcement authorities for legitimate security and law enforcement purposes.

My response: Ok, so we can see where they are going with this. And their line of reasoning does not apply at all. There is a big difference between setting up your own recorder, and being recorded by an intelligence agency, for one. Second, if there was any wrongdoing on the intelligence agency recordings, it would have already come to light, and Trump would be long gone.

But that does not follow logic in the blizzard of nonsense that spews from a sub-zero snowflake IQ, if The Hill wants to keep credibility, it needs to FIRE THAT WRITER.



I have been saying this for years, now this, from a lineman:

Lineman wrote:


All the power outages have a common thread. That is the software the Gov is forcing the utilities to use. This software is called SAP, which is from Germany. I have worked for Puget Sound Energy for almost a decade. Both snohomish county power and Seattle city light and many others use this software across the nation. Its flawed.....hack into the software and the grids toast!

Most utilities won't admit they are being forced to go to this software per government mandate. You wont hear this thru the media or from the utilities themselves. but it is true. My cousin works for So. Cal Edison, same story there!

We have all experienced outages with 1k to 3k people losing power with no problem found, and it is happening weekly. The grid has been probed for years off and on...been there, saw it and talked to other linemen. We all better prepare!

My response:

If it is SAP, it is Siemens. Siemens is the same company that developed the SCADA PLC system which got infected by Stuxnet, which was used to destroy Fukushima. SAP integrates completely with SCADA. The test run for Stuxnet was at Browns Ferry in the U.S., which runs on SCADA and is a clone of Fukushima. So we know Stuxnet was introduced in the U.S. I have no doubt these systems are being probed, and it is most likely a variation of the Stuxnet virus that is messing with SAP, possibly via it's integration with SCADA. If you shut down all the Siemens systems there would be no conceivable way whatsoever that the grid would work AT ALL.


The power shut downs affecting 1k-3k people are EXACTLY what is going on in Mexico now, it is not large areas, small pockets keep going out. This is not normal, Mexico's power is very reliable yet over the last couple weeks it has been nothing but small power outages everywhere.


Wayne sent:

I was happy to see that one of your readers understood that Russia is under the control of the Jews. We should never allow any hope of Russia saving us by nuking the U.S. I was beginning to wonder if I was all alone in my understanding of this.

Harold Wallace Rosenthal revealed an important key regarding this subject, and this alone may have been the reason his fellow Jews killed him: ". . . in Russia, there are two distinct governments one visible and the other invisible. The visible is made up of different nationalities, whereas the invisible is composed of all Jews. The powerful Soviet Secret Police takes its orders from the invisible government.

There are about six to seven million Communists in Soviet Russia, 50% are Jews and 50% are gentiles, but the gentiles are not trusted. The Communist Jews are united and trust each other, while the others spy on one another. About every five to six years the secret Jewish Board calls for the purge of the party and many are liquidated.

When asked why? he said: "Because they begin to understand too much about the Jewish secret government. Russian Communists have a Secret Group Order which consists of Jews only. They rule over everything pertaining to the visible government. It was this powerful organization that was responsible for the secret removal of the center of Communism to Tel Aviv from where all instructions now originate" (Harold Wallace Rosenthal, in my chapter titled, "The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview" in my book [They Live Among Us]

I am preparing a chapter in this book titled, The Phony Collapse of Communism, with important information regarding this subject. Donald McAlvany, the editor of The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor (MIA), did a lot of research on this topic over many years. Although Donald McAlvany is far off point on some issues, this is not one of them. This is his baby and he has written extensively regarding it for decades, and I have never caught him in an error regarding the phony collapse of Communism. Wayne Barbuto

My response: This could explain why Iran got bugged S-300 missiles, and even the S-400 missiles will not engage against Israel. The Iranians temporarily fixed this problem, only to have another back door shut the missiles down again. That stinks to high heaven, and is an indicator of who is really in charge in Russia.

The Jews are so sneaky it would not surprise me one bit if they continued to run Russia.


White House sources tell Infowars that Sean Spicer is set to be fired as President Trump begins a purge of establishment advisers who he feels have failed to properly investigate leaks coming from within the administration.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus could also be on the chopping block as President Trump begins a purge of moderate advisers whom he feels have performed poorly when it comes to investigating the source of leaks that have proved embarrassing for the administration.

Trump is set to take the gloves off, sidelining those within his inner circle who he feels he cannot fully trust and going back to the approach he took for the first 50 days of his administration.

This post was edited to the key points, SEE THIS.

Paypal tampering proven -

Hi James, Have you received anything from me over the last few weeks (since early May)? I have been trying to send you money multiple times but there has been no confirmation from you one way or the other. Let me know whats going on.Regards,


My response: i knew this was happening, and tracked 7 donations that "came in" and never arrived. QUESTION: Did they take it, or was it intercepted and sent back to you? That is important, thanks for the confirmed heads up!

I received close enough to the $450 request this month to make it with bills, but a lot got put on hold. Thanks to those who succeeded, and those who tried!

Judgedredd sent:

From judgedredd: Hi James, Have you received anything from me over the last few weeks (since early April)? I have been trying to send you the same item multiple times but there has been no confirmation from you one way or the other

My response: No I have not received anything, I usually post what you send because it is always good. I lost control of the mail window, and also Paypal, if anyone has sent anything since May 3 and it is not posted, reclaim (it might be secure now, so if you sent recently wait for it to be posted later today)

AT ANY RATE, it has been absolute hell here lately with keeping the message window working, and Paypal working. It is not Paypal doing it, it is something else in the background. Surprisingly Paypal has acted fairly well with all of this, (Europe is mostly blocked) but that is nothing new, Europe has been mostly blocked for over a year.

I guess that touches a subject I wanted to mention. THE MESSAGE WINDOW APPEARS TO FINALLY BE WORKING AGAIN, and it all boils down to finding computers I have never used before to secure it with, and getting the entire job of securing it done in 30 seconds or so. If I spend longer than that, even a totally random computer will not work to secure it because they find out where it is and hack it that fast.

Remote CPU access

For this web site, this is old news, 2011 news. That is when this web site first reported uncontrollable remote access, and now the "tech experts" are catching up . . . . .

The original report was titled "Is Intel's Sandy Bridge on a road to nowhere". It was one of my early reports about Intel processors having a 3g back door that can be used to kill them and fake an EMP attack. But I did not see the obvious at that time - that any 3g connection will allow a full on rape of the entire system.

Now, more than half a decade later, others are finally catching up!

Ray sent:

extremetech dot com/computing/248919-major-intel-security-flaw-serious-first-thought

"Major Intel Security Flaw Is More Serious Than First Thought"

By Joel Hruska on May 8, 2017

"Last week, Intel disclosed a serious security flaw that could be used to gain remote access to business computers without the OS ever knowing such access had occurred. Now we know the situation is even worse than we thought."

Jim, your reservations about Intel chips are coming to light...

Ray" My response: I am going to say it again as I said it then: There is no security whatsoever with Intel chips. They recently admitted to this in the professional chips, but the back door is in ALL OF THEM since Sandy Bridge. Everything on your computer can be assumed immediately accessible to the government (and whoever else is privileged) via the cell phone network. They just dial into your computer through a connection you don't know about and take whatever they want.

No one else out there will admit this yet - that all Intel based computers, even at the consumer level, can be accessed at will by the government and there is no possible way to secure them.


Is Intel's Sandy Bridge on a road to nowhere?

Intel's new remote kill switch could be used to end computing under the cover of a fake EMP disaster

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, June 4 2011

Within any power structure that has fallen into darkness like America's has, there is a need to control the information recieved by the governed. Widespread knowledge of even one key truth can bring such power structures to an end; they do, after all, need the will and support of their governed to survive.

The internet was an ambush to them. Initially the "elite" intended computers to be a way to gain access to the most intricate information about people's lives. They used popular bulletin boards such as America Online and Prodigy as spy machines, which worked well because they kept an identity of everyone who posted anything on them. The internet changed that. Because the internet was decentralized and allowed anonymity, it became a potent weapon in the hands of the people, and the elite are desperately seeking ways to shut it down and end computing as we know it.

With entire economic communities, vast numbers of casual users, and widespread communication taking place on the web, shutting it down has become politically impossible without the very real chance of sparking an armed rebellion.

But what if such a shutdown could happen, with the blame directed away from those who caused it? Intel's Sandy bridge technology, which allows remote shutdown of a CPU via the cellular phone network could be used to end computing as we know it if such technologies become widespread and a fake EMP disaster is created as an explanation for why all the computers died. Keep that old PC in the closet!

UPDATE, March 12, 2012

I don't have time to work on this subject right now, but I have made a few discoveries to quickly go over - First of all, the AMD A series of processors offer stiff competition to Intel I series processors, including Sandy Bridge, at a better value. The AMD processors also contain the cell link, but when attacked, don't go down as easy. This is because the AMD A series uses a CPU die with 4 totally separate CPU cores, and the Sandy Bridge is a single core that emulates 4 cores. SO when attacked, the 4 discrete core setup from AMD remains more stable, and since it is very power efficient, it's hard to damage. The AMD Cpu's do not have the hardware kill, they use a bios rooted soft kill that pegs the CPU. If you are smart enough to realize the CPU is flaming hot and shut it down before death, it is then just a matter of purging the bios. I learned this first hand! Fourtunately I bought an A6. It's awesome. I have a lot more to say but no time to say it.

For now, here are a few links:

Here is another old report from this web site on the topic of hackable Intel chips

New Intel based PC's PERMANENTLY hackable

Jim Stone, May 23 2012

So you think no one can access your data because your computer is turned off. Heck it's more than turned off, you even took the main hard drive out, and only the backup disk is inside. There is no operating system installed at all. So you KNOW you are safe.

Frank from across the street is an alternative operating systems hobbyist, and he has tons of computers. He has Free BSD on a couple, his own compilation of Linux on another, a Mac for the wife, and even has Solaris on yet another. Frank knows systems security, so he cannot be hacked . . . . . . . or so he thinks.

The government does not like Frank much, because they LOVE to look at everything. Privacy is a crime don't you know, and it looks like Frank's luck with privacy is about to run out.

The new Intel Core vPro processors contain a new remote access feature which allows 100 percent remote acess to a PC 100 percent of the time, even if the computer is TURNED OFF. Core vPro processors contain a second physical processor embedded within the main processor which has it's own operating system embedded on the chip itself. As long as the power supply is available and and in working condition, it can be woken up by the Core vPro processor, which runs on the system's phantom power and is able to quietly turn individual hardware components on and access anything on them.

This is being touted as something that makes IT administration easy. It is being advertised as something that will allow IT professionals the ability to remotely troubleshoot a PC no matter what is wrong with it. It allows IT professionals to view the contents of hard drives, check the memory, or hunt for problems on a machine without actually being in front of it. And to that, I call B.S, outside of snooping it's only real world applications would involve accessing a recovery partiton and restoring the computer to out of box state, installing software outside the knowledge of the main operating system, and secretly placing or deleting files.

But the intelligence agencies LOVE THIS. Because Frank is going on vacation soon and they know it. They have listened to all of his calls. They KNOW frank is a terrorist, because they have never been able to access anything Frank has done with a PC, and who would hide their use, other than a criminal? Frank keeps his computers up to date, and THREE of them now have Core vPro processors in them, and when Frank is gone, they are going to get their chance to access ALL of his files because the main backup hard disk went into the newest machine.

Real world use for Core vPro processors will involve the following:

Accessing any PC ANYWHERE, no matter what operating system is installed, even if it is physically disconnected from the internet. You see, Core vPro processors work in conjunction with Intel's new Anti Theft 3.0, which put 3g connectivity into every Intel CPU after the Sandy Bridge version of the I3/5/7 processors. Users do not get to know about that 3g connection, but it IS there. Frank was not stupid so he unplugged his router. Unfortunately for Frank, that won't work, because anti theft 3.0 always has that 3g connection on also, even if the computer is turned off. Sorry frank, you were good with operating systems, but did not know EVERYTHING about hardware. And now the real reason for your finicky security habits will be known to the NSA - you found a way to route photons to any place in the world without any sort of cable. You revolutionized communications. You were going public when you returned from your vacation, but thanks to your new Core vPro processors, a major communications firm is going to go public with your invention BEFORE you get home, and your research will be deleted and replaced with "criminal activity" so you will be arrested when you get back and unable to speak about the theft of your invention. Fascism is GREAT.

If a system has the ram chips pulled, a Core vPro processor will read the hard disk anyway because it has all the ram it needs embedded in the vPro core.

If you encrypted your hard drive, a Core vPro processor will read it anyway, because it snagged your encryption key

If your system has been taken apart, and has no video card, ram, floppy, or hard drive, your Core vPro processor nailed you, because you left a flash drive plugged in. Or a CD in the CD drive. And what about that web cam?

The bottom line? The Core vPro processor is the end of any pretend privacy. If you think encryption, Norton, or anything else is going to ensure your privacy, including never hooking up to the web AT ALL, think again. There is now more than just a ghost in the machine.

The Zionist, Globalist, Banker scamming war mongering cabal has a history of using the marketing of security as a means to remove ALL security and nail you. If you believe Intel's cheerful hype about these processors making things more secure than ever, think again, because any processor which allows a machine to be accessed even when it's turned off equates to an information tyrant's dream come true Please engage your brain while watching this, the security pitch is unadulterated B.S. These processors in fact represent an ABSOLUTE BREACH of security no matter HOW they are marketed. From the techinical viewpoint of someone who worked for an intelligence agency, I call B.S. on Intel, avoid these processors like the plague!


Gee, firing Comey was good, but let's not get distracted from the real issue

Color me frustrated sent:

Hi Jim..... reason for Comey is plain in site... he is the needed fall guy at this time... Kushners selling visas in china...HUGE story... now totally disappeared, not only from news cycle... but American consciousness. As well as LePen, the Korean nukes , troops on the border of Syria, etc. When will people learn not to look at the mouse, but the cheese. Over and over. Comey was the only diversion BIG enough to cover up such blatant criminal activity as Kushner's sister in china.. like sick and dying Hillary .... no one ever recalls it again..WHY????. Color me NC


Kushner family: "THIS IS NOT THE STORY WE WANT!"

The Kushner family hosted a huge event in an expensive hotel ball room in China, where wealthy Chinese were told that if they invested $500, 000 USD in America they would eventually get U.S. citizenship. They abused Jared's status to draw people to the event. When American MSM showed up to cover the event, their equipment was taken and they were kicked out because "they threatened the stability of the event!"

Here is a quote from the Washington Post:

"Although the event was publicly advertised in Beijing, the hosts were exceptionally anxious about the presence of reporters. Journalists were initially seated at the back of the ballroom, but as the presentations got underway, a public-relations representative asked The Washington Post to leave, saying the presence of foreign reporters threatened the "stability" of the event.

At one point, organizers grabbed a reporter's phone and backpack to try to force that person to leave. Later, as investors started leaving the ballroom, organizers physically surrounded attendees to prevent them from giving interviews.

Asked why reporters were asked to leave, a PR person who declined to identify herself said simply, "This is not the story we want."

My comment:

Oh my GOD!

Ok, so the Kushner family hosts an event that directly deals in American affairs, IN COMMUNIST CHINA, and the American press is not allowed to cover it? WTF, OVER!!!! This is so laughably corrupt right on it's face that it is inconceivable for Jared to be allowed ANYWHERE near the white house, let alone influencing policy from within!. OK, LET ME SAY THIS A DIFFERENT WAY: What could they have POSSIBLY been doing that was SO BAD for America that even America's lying, scamming, cover for the Jews at all cost MSM was kicked out?

I am stunned. This was downright creepy. Here is the story at the Washington Post. "This is not the story we want" even after it gets washed clean as a whistle by America's own scamming MSM? I am shaking my head!


Global warming

Anonymous sent:

There has historically been much more CO2 in our atmosphere than exists today. For example, during the Jurassic Period, average CO2 concentrations were about 1800 ppm or about 4.7 times higher than today. The highest concentrations of CO2 during all of the Paleozoic Era occurred during the Cambrian Period, nearly 7000 ppm -- about 18 times higher than today. The Carboniferous Period and the Ordovician Period were the only geological periods during the Paleozoic Era when global temperatures were as low as they are today. To the consternation of global warming proponents, the Late Ordovician Period was also an Ice Age while at the same time CO2 concentrations then were nearly 12 times higher than today-- 4400 ppm.

According to greenhouse theory, Earth should have been exceedingly hot. Instead, global temperatures were no warmer than today. Clearly, other factors besides atmospheric carbon influence earth temperatures and global warming.

My response: Right now, CO2 levels are below 500 ppm. What this means is that everything grows slower, because there is not as much plant food in the air. All the plants want more CO2, this is easily proven in greenhouses, where CO2 injection, raising the CO2 to 1000 ppm or more, increases plant growth drastically.

This web site has posted the real contributor to the greenhouse effect many times, it is water vapor. Water vapor is 1000X the greenhouse gas that CO2 is, easy proof of this is the dry desert at night. No matter what the desert, if the air is dry, there will be huge temperature fluctuations between day and night because when the air is dry, heat radiates out into space quickly. By far the main temperature regulator in earth's atmosphere is water vapor.

But it will remain CO2 for as long as Al Gore has a shot at his $15 trillion carbon tax. What on earth would that much money be used for, when global warming is a scam? You can safely bet it won't be good for anyone but an elite few.

routing test

Anonymous sent:

what I luv is on Colbert the audience cheered firing of commey UNTIL Colbert correct them and then they boo'ed trump firing commey. americans are truly sheep, they have no minds of their own.

My response: Here is what happened: The crowd broke into spontaneous applause and approval when they heard Comey got fired. This was a natural response. Then the studio, (which controls the crowd and tells them how to act) sent the message to the crowd via a prompter that they were supposed to be sad about it, so then they acted that way.

We saw the real sentiment first. This just proves how fake our media is. It is scary to see it so clearly.

Anonymous sent:

Is it true that Macron officially won by exactly 66.6% of the vote as The Common Sense Show stated?

My response: They assigned the win as 66.06%. He was probably hovering somewhere around 21% in reality.

Anonymous sent:

Hey Jim - in response to your post about Jews destroying libraries in universities, I can confirm that this is currently happening at a prominent college in Western Massachusetts. While it is not as brazen here as it is in California, they are also claiming that their plan is to digitize everything. I have seen no evidence of this despite being in the loop on everything else. Keep up the good fight

Barney sent:

A few thoughts on the destruction of public libraries. As a side note, I read Orwell's 1984 in school (early '60s), and having a near-perfect memory, I'm aware of minor changes in the on-line version available today. The most obvious of these is the change from the original "viewscreens"; to what have now become "telescreens", a seemingly unimportant change, but still a change.

My thinking on the opening up of the internet to the entire world is based on the fact that jews deny the existence of the soul, so they equate complexity with life (rather than the other way round). They said for decades that if only they could make a computer as complicated as the human brain, it would develop consciousness.

I believe this was their reasoning in making the internet available to everyone. They thought that by linking millions of computers worldwide, both the complexity of the resulting system and the sum of all human knowledge would give them their long-fantasised "golem" which would destroy their enemies (us) without them having to lift a finger. Typical jew thinking.

When they realised their "golem" had backfired, exposing their evil nature to the world, the censorship started, and will continue until either all information is hidden again or until WE stop them.This all fits in with the destruction of books and the degradation of what was once the education system. They don't want us thinking, breeding or having access to the works of others.Just the way it seems to me.

Jews in charge of UC Berkeley destroyed all the science publications in the library

They did it secretly, while announcing nothing, and when the deed was done they announced that "they digitized all the books" and then destroyed them. They kept no records of books destroyed, we just have to trust them that they really did digitize them all, without edits!

Fat chance they did, there is absolutely no excuse for destroying such a large library without informing the public. Their excuse was that everything they destroyed had copies elsewhere, so why store it? That's a line only a simpleton would accept,


The Jews have set a goal of destroying the value of every printed library in Western Civilization

Jim Stone, April 27 2012

If you ever visited libraries in the past, back in the 80's, you would know that at even a modest public library you could find every book you needed to understand all aspects of the sciences. You would have been able to find accurate history, All the information gained from the nuclear tests, the truth about EMP's and nuclear tsunamis, all the great works of all the great writers, all the musical compositions and scores for all of the great musicians, detailed maps of every square inch of the earth, all of the local laws and codes, all of the electronic theory, all of the formulas for organic chemistry, all of the engineering information for the different types of steel, all the Chiltons manuals for automotive repair, every last topic about astronomy and astrophysics, folks, it does not take a lot of books to cover all those topics and far more, I can't think of them all, everything even a modest public library which, for example, a small city of 10,000 people would have had even 20 years ago. Or should I say 30? because starting in the mid 80's our libraries went under attack, to annihilate their value as a reference base for Western Civilization. Their destruction was deliberate.

I am an inquisitive type who would actually USE the libraries in the past. And it was never any problem to get detailed information, I can't even begin to tell you what types of things I would look for, for example, when developing a new type of bug killer lamp (it worked great) I was able to find the exact light spectrums of the various mercury vapor lamps. I could set out to find a fact, and everything I ever set out to look for would ALWAYS be at ANY library. I know I am unique in the type of things I would look for and therefore can serve as the library canary, giving the signal of DOOM. I knew the libraries were turning to garbage, but could not figure out why. That is, until my experience with the Jewish community. And now, even in cities with populations of a million plus, I can't find jack. I can't get a single question answered. Only the most basics of basic are there, the libraries have been stripped of real value and replaced with fluff.

Fluff like 94,000 feminist books, books about gaydom, alternative religion, new age B.S, 93 trillion ridiculous "self help" books, aisle after aisle of fiction and fantasy and virtually NOTHING of value with regard to what was once the fabric of Western Civilization. Any book with any science at all has the science buried under volumes of convoluted text, obviously intended to confuse. What once could be found within a few minutes now takes hours or days, if it can be found at all, or at least before frustration drives me out the door. Now, information which was once free to the public has been quarantined, for access only to the discrete few willing to pay thousands for that information via college text books, and I have seen enough of those to know that even THEY are now intentionally convoluted and watered down.

It was intentional

The Jews made it a huge point - the value of having your own HARD PRINTED LIBRARY. And even poor Jews have enormous hard bound libraries in their homes. Jews will spend enormous piles of money on hard printed works, because they know that hard print cannot be changed via an online "update" and the only solid record of fact is a printed book. And while building their own private libraries, they set out to destroy the public libraries accessible to any non Jews. They got into all the library staffs, and made the decisions of which books got thrown, and which books got kept. If you go to any public library, you will discover that somewhere in each library there will be a Jew making the decisions of what will be in that library. Go to the dumpster out back, I have done this as part of my investigations of the Jews following leaving them, and even in little old bakersfield, I witnessed an enormous number of great books going out through the dumpster, with absolutely nothing of value replacing them inside the library. When I was in Vancouver, after leaving the Jewish community, I visited the library there and found a lot of the old good books still in place, only to discover that key pages were consistently ripped out of many of the best ones. And it was not vandals or geeks, because vandals don't care about technical writings and geeks know what a copier is, and also have a lot of respect for written works. I of course had the advantage of knowing Jews were doing this to our libraries, and checked the dumpsters and pulled key works to see what new atrocity had been committed on a fairly regular basis.

The internet has changed

Once upon a time you could go to Alta Vista, type in any scientific fact you wanted to know, and BOOM, it would be on your screen. It was like a library on steroids. But after Google that changed. Google buries all truthfully technical information behind a pay wall, and even Alta Vista now does as well. So unless you plan to spend hundreds or thousands buying technical writings in the hopes that one nugget will be there (chances are it will not) the internet has now been rendered totally useless as a scientific reference tool. So they FIRST destroyed the libraries, and then destroyed the web, and if you think Wikipedia is great you have a lot of learning to do.

Via the destruction of our information base, the Jews have made an enormous step towards gaining our rightful future

It's no secret our schools have been destroyed. It's no secret that our kids are now graduating with honors, while not being able to think or even knowing the basics. We are about to be made irrelevant as a civilization. There is still a key pool of 50 plus year old engineers who got real educations, who are designing CPU's and whatever else was at the pinnacle of our society. As far as technical advancement, there are enough of these people from America's great past still in the system to hide the damage that has been done. They won't be there forever, and when they are gone we will suffer a collapse more enormous than the world has ever witnessed. And rising from the ashes of that collapse will be the Jews, with all of our works carefully preserved within their homes and private libraries, and with their children carefully educated with OUR advanced knowledge they will rise to the top. Our civilization, with it's great technical reference base destroyed and children intentionally sabotaged, will slip into irrelevance.

This is being done at many universities now, see this


French election censorship

Anonymous sent:

They are really censoring the internet regarding the rigged French election. I posted comments at RT and they appeared to post normally... then I immediately did a refresh and my post vanished. I repeated this about half a dozen times and exactly the same thing happened each time. Either they are intercepting before it gets to RT, or it is our Israeli friends at

My response: RT is not censoring it. The elite have weaponized artificial intelligence handling it all. No one has full control of their comment sections. The elite will convince the French that only a few ballots arrived torn, and that every single family that saw this was a unique circumstance. it is going to take five months of break room talk for people to find their way past the brain wash.

Insider trading

Anonymous sent:

To your congress list, a congress person shall be prosecuted for any evidence of insider trading.These rats have come in empty handed and after a session or two are all millionaires. This is primarily due to the access to information the public cannot get ahead of time and their complete lack of ethics. One example of this is - One should not be able to chair or participate on a secret investigation committee of a company or group of companies and then proceed to short the stocks weeks before an official investigation is announced to the public. These people suck balls.

My response: I wondered why they were all rich, but never gave it a thought past that other than that I figured they probably stole it through government slush funds. Insider trading is a better explanation.


Anonymous sent:

Hello Jim. What is your opinion about Judy Woods explanation of the destruction of the World Trade Center? She points out that the buildings turn to dust mid-air. Read her website about the Hutchinson Effect. Her explanation for Nine Eleven convinces me the most.

My response: She's onto something. She's legit. The videos cannot be explained. There were explosives used, probably nukes used, and some sort of energy weapon used. It was like a DARPA playground. They had everything available to make sure the gig went as planned.

Let's hope Trump doesn't appoint a Jew to head the FBI, even though Rod ROSENSTEIN is ##2 at DOJ and recommended to Trump that Comey be fired. Another DOJ bigwig is RACHEL Brand.

If he appoints someone like Trey Gowdy, that would be a good sign....

My response: As I have said, whoever he appoints is going to say it all, litmus test time


Anonymous sent:

Jim: Hanford info. Those train cars are loaded with the residual plutonium wast by products use in the original PU separation operations dating back to WW2 at Hanford. They simply put the waste into steel 55 gallon drums then put them into steel rail road freight cars and then put the whole mess in an underground storage tunnel for final disposal down the road decades later. Plutonium will break down into Americium and other radioactive elements that are very unstable after 36 plus years and in 72 years it gets even worse. After 72 years of storage the waist PU at less than 3% enrichment turns into a natural nuclear pile."


If he now proceeds to wipe out Obama and Hillary, things will be looking a LOT BETTER. The FBI had the truth and nothing but the truth on 911, but was prevented from acting on it. This was made abundantly clear in an intervew with Canada's CBC. If the FBI changes now, IT'S MILLER TIME!

UPDATE: There are tweets below the main tweet that claim insider contacts at the FBI are happy because they can finally do their jobs!


GET THIS: Comey found out he was fired when the news came across the screen of a television that was behind him while he was speaking to new recruits! HA HA HA, that's priceless!

Now the litmus test: Will Trump put in a new director who will actually pursue the criminals in government? Will he put Hillary down, or were his comments about Hillary being a friend more than politics? Will Trump survive the upcoming assault from liberals who will now use this firing as an excuse to say Trump was afraid about the FBI investigating "ties to Russia?" whatever happens, it will all hinge on whether or not Trump ends up being bamboozled by advisors and/or stupid about who he puts in after Comey. The right decision is a matter of life and death for Trump.

If America launches a satellite, it is a gift to the world. If Iran launches a satellite, it is "progress with ICBM missiles!"

Iran is going to be launching two new satellites soon. It is not the first time, Iran is not incompetent. And the Pentagon is saying NO NO NO, because that is only part of a clandestine weapons program. YEP. QUESTION: Who has Iran attacked in the last 200 years? Answer: NO ONE. Question: Who has America attacked in the last 200 years? I can't answer that, because I can't remember it all and don't want to write a novel right now.

It all boils down to one biblical word: hypocrisy. It is rather cute to watch the Penagon harp about the dangers of Iran, all the while they funded and backed Saddam Hussein, who left countless Iranian wives without husbands because they died defending Iran against Saddam fully backed by the Pentagon, only to then have the Pentagon turn around and destroy Saddam three years later. To hell with loyalty, or common decency. THAT WAS CUTE. And telling. Use a nation to do your dirty work, and then blow it away like trash. Yep.

So I am very skeptical about ANY Iranian ICBM plot, and considering the way the Pentagon has acted over the years, I could care less if there was one.

Major event at Hanford nuclear site

This one is not a hoax - Decades ago, two rail tunnels were built under the Hanford nuclear site near Spokane Washington, and trains full of radioactive waste were backed into them and abandoned. Must have been bad stuff . . . . . .to just abandon a train over.

Today, one of those tunnels collapsed. 9, 000 Hanford employees have been told to take cover by staying indoors, with a large number of them being completely evacuated from the immediate area of the collapse. A significant spike in radiation happened, and here's the punch line: They are saying the spike was natural, and nothing caused it!

Now, the media is not reporting the radiation spike, but independent sources have confirmed that there is indeed a radioactive situation happening, (obviously this makes sense) while authorities on scene are saying nothing bad happened. If nothing bad happened, why are 9, 000 people being kept indoors for?

Yep, this one is a BEAUTY. A perfect example of an official lie fronted in living color.


President Trump is asking everyone to pass this around:


Let's see if congress understands what people pressure is all about.

Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took one (1) year or less to become the law of the land - all because of public pressure. Congressional Reform Act of 2017

1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman / woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they're out of office.

2. Congress (past, present, & future) participates in Social Security. - All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void effective ______. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women. Congress made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and go back to work.


Another ISIS beheading!

This time, "ISIS" beheaded a "Russian Spy"

Aah yes. SOURCE: SITE INTELLIGENCE GROUP. Yep. That. Howcome Site Intelligence Group gets all the ISIS action? They have been right in the thick of the beheading videos, rushing forward with the story first, every time. Russia is skeptical. I would be too. But Russia did say that if the video ended up being authentic, there would be "hell to pay". "We doubt it, but If it is authentic, there will be hell to pay . . . . we will check up on this . . . .

Russia knows America owns ISIS. Russia knows Israel owns site intelligence group. Russia is not stupid, the video had better not be authentic! see this

The "super fuzed" nuke story is making the rounds again.

You cannot take an existing nuke and "super fuse" it. All the report means is that America scrapped old nukes and made new, more powerful ones, from the same material. You could also change policy and turn the "dial a yield" nukes up a couple notches. There is no such thing as a "super fuzed" nuke. A nuke just is what it is when you make it.

Kushner family: "THIS IS NOT THE STORY WE WANT!"

The Kushner family hosted a huge event in an expensive hotel ball room in China, where wealthy Chinese were told that if they invested $500,000 USD in America they would eventually get U.S. citizenship. They abused Jared's status to draw people to the event. When American MSM showed up to cover the event, their equipment was taken and they were kicked out because "they threatened the stability of the event!"

Here is a quote from the Washington Post:

"Although the event was publicly advertised in Beijing, the hosts were exceptionally anxious about the presence of reporters. Journalists were initially seated at the back of the ballroom, but as the presentations got underway, a public-relations representative asked The Washington Post to leave, saying the presence of foreign reporters threatened the "stability" of the event.

At one point, organizers grabbed a reporter's phone and backpack to try to force that person to leave. Later, as investors started leaving the ballroom, organizers physically surrounded attendees to prevent them from giving interviews.

Asked why reporters were asked to leave, a PR person who declined to identify herself said simply, "This is not the story we want."

My comment:

Oh my GOD!

Ok, so the Kushner family hosts an event that directly deals in American affairs, IN COMMUNIST CHINA, and the American press is not allowed to cover it? WTF, OVER!!!! This is so laughably corrupt right on it's face that it is inconceivable for Jared to be allowed ANYWHERE near the white house, let alone influencing policy from within!. OK, LET ME SAY THIS A DIFFERENT WAY: What could they have POSSIBLY been doing that was SO BAD for America that even America's lying, scamming, cover for the Jews at all cost MSM was kicked out?

I am stunned. This was downright creepy. Here is the story at the Washington Post. "This is not the story we want" even after it gets washed clean as a whistle by America's own scamming MSM? I am shaking my head!



Now there is supposedly a huge impending terror attack planned for France. QUESTION: WHY would there be a "huge Islamic terror attack" planned for France, right after France was in effect, handed to Muslims and the EU?

How about: The Rothchild dynasty knows the native French know the election was stolen, MILLIONS of them received destroyed ballots, and a terror attack on top of it all might spark a revolt that can be exploited for whatever they have planned next?

LePen most likely beat Macron by 4 million votes

Here is the math:

33 million votes cast (and counted). 16 million votes cast (and nullified due to damaged ballots, and claimed "forfeited protest votes".)

Votes cast to Macron: 22 million. Votes invalidated by damaged ballots (100 percent of these were LePen:) 15 million. Votes for LePen that were not invalidated by damaged ballots: 11 million. Probable actual protest votes, no more than 1 million LePen: 11 million plus 15 million is 26 million.


LePen: 26 million.
Macron: 22 million.
Protest: 1 million.

But it is a lot worse than that, because there were extra ballots printed for Macron, that went poof into nowhere. So obviously they got stuffed. Macron DEFINITELY, beyond a doubt, did not get 22 million votes.

Macron is openly and publicly stated even by the MSM to be the Rothchild big banker choice. Macron hates France, and did not even honor the national anthem after "winning". It is flatly impossible for him to have been elected. In French elections, any damaged ballot is automatically thrown out as "spoiled". So to steal a French election all you have to do is tear up most of one candidate's ballots before mailing them out. They will then be rejected when counted. This is precisely what happened to LePen. The torn ballots by the millions, which are a confirmed fact, prove the French election was stolen.

Beyond saying this while the MSM refuses to report it, what can I say or do? There is nothing I can do about it if the French just sit there and suck it up.

It took a huge secret operation to destroy that many LePen ballots by hand. Thousands of people had to have been employed to do it. Who could keep such secrets? Only the Jewish community. The only thing that is going to fix the world's problems at this point is wiping out the entire Rothchild family and then calling the Jews to account. We may all be pissed about Soros in the U.S., but the big demon is still the Rothchild dynasty, and it is high time for the entire world to rise up and declare it will not be owned!

Russia is not stupid. They know the French election was stolen. If Russia does not nuke the London financial district with Tsar Bomba in any conflict, they will have missed the mark and failed in the most pathetic possible way.

As a kid, it was hard to envision Russia being the answer. Let's hope to God things have changed that much, and Russia has the balls to do the right thing..

The bottom line is that the electoral process in Western nations has been mostly subverted, with numerous photos of torn ballots in France to prove it. The media silence on the topic of torn ballots is absolutely spooky.


For whatever reasons, they saw fit to block this from posting, the server responded with a message that stated it would not allow it to post, while something changed the text and interfered in any way possible. There were also 4 power outages, little short ones for no apparent cause. I finally had to finish it offline and ambush post, and when I went to ambush post it, I had to use my work camera (a Samsung WB2500F that has WIFI) for part of the posting process and the screen got killed. It went to all white. The attack came in through the camera's wifi. UPDATE: Taking the battery out and letting it sit fixed it, this camera annoys me because if you take the battery out for a while it forgets everything. That probably saved it.


North Korea is not building a successful EMP weapon, here's why:

Even the best American explosive EMP weapon has a maximum damage radius of only two miles, and outside of that radius, nothing has been hurt. This damage radius shrinks to only about 800 yards during rain. This EMP weapon uses a toroid wound coil with explosives at the center of it. It produces EMP by sending a massive pulse of current through the coil and then detonating the explosives when the magnetism in the coil is at it's peak. The magnetism has no time to collapse in on itself (as it would if the coil still existed,) but since there is no coil left for it to return to, it is forced to then rapidly expand outward from the device.

I have no "insider provided" proof that North Korea has not successfully done this, but the chances of them accomplishing it are about the same as shooting the easter bunny.

1. First of all, the device has an explosive trigger that is far more precise than anything that has been put in a nuclear bomb. If North Korea is still experimenting with nukes, they can try all they want, and they will never get this to be effective.

2. Second of all, the device requires extremely high speed high current electronic components that are not easily had, and surely blocked by embargo and sanctions.

3. Third of all, the device is HUGE, coming in with a weight of tons. How would North Korea deliver that, and then get it far enough away from the ground (500 feet up or so) for it to have any impact at all? Answer: Bring me the easter bunny on a plate, and I'll give you the answer, because there is no answer for that. You can forget having them succeed at getting such a device through an airport once they got it here. They can't take off and land at American airports, which would mean they'd have to somehow slow boat it in and get it through airport security. That will not be happening.

North Korea probably tried to do an EMP test, while lacking details on how it should be accomplished, with the latest missile test. The latest NK launch may have been an EMP weapon test.

I can't find a single report today that speaks about what happened with that missile (what the final conclusion was). The final conclusion was that the missile was headed towards China and was manually detonated by ground crews while it was around 65 miles away from the launch pad, and still over North Korean territory.

It was subsequently proven that it was a warhead on the missile that exploded. Why would NK send a working warhead up on a test missile? I have an answer, not proven, just a possibility: My speculation is that North korea probably would not launch a conventional warhead during a missile test, instead they may have tested an experimental EMP device. The lack of a radioactive signature would mean conventional, or conventionally triggered EMP (just like America's best EMP weapon.) If so, it obviously failed, TOTALLY because they attempted what I mentioned above, and 1. did not have it large enough to work, or 2. good enough parts to make it work, or 3. good enough tech to make it work and if it did work, 4. the damage would have been limited to whatever weather balloons were in the area, even if they achieved the peak of what America can accomplish. Probably all 4.

The possibility the missile was an EMP weapons test is pure speculation, but one thing is certain, there is NO WAY North Korea has a dedicated EMP device like idiot "Dr. Peter Vincent Pry" who (supposedly) got the Pentagon to issue a "North Korea EMP threat alert" claimed. Yes, this possibility lives only in war rooms and fantasy, and the mind of a gullible public. If the best the U.S. has can only manage two miles of damage in a best case close proximity scenario, saying North korea put that in a puny satellite and is now plotting to blow every circuit in the U.S. from outer space is beyond stupid, it ought to be punishable. Especially for a "doctor". Propaganda malpractice! They could not possibly even do that with a missile that had a huge payload, even America could not come close to launching what America has with ANY missile North Korea has.



UP TO ONE THIRD OF ALL BALLOTS SENT OUT TO VOTERS, MOST LIKELY 60 PERCENT OF LePen's BALLOTS, were destroyed at the time of mailing. ONLY LE PEN BALLOTS WERE DESTROYED, THERE IS NOT ONE REPORT OF A SINGLE BALLOT FOR MACRON ARRIVING DESTROYED. It was reported before the election that an enormous number of ballots for LePen were destroyed at the time of mailing, by tearing them badly BEFORE THEY WERE MAILED OUT. The French election was, in this method, STOLEN. Macron is NOT THE LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT OF FRANCE.

Macron is a usurper, and not a President. He was put into power via an overtly and openly scammed election. The French have had it visibly and obviously proven to them - their nation can only be saved via violent uprising.


1. First of all, they printed up 500,000 extra Macron ballots. This was discussed before the election but then slipped under the radar.
2. They then destroyed a vast majority of LePen ballots.
3. They then forged an extra 500,000 ballots for Macron, that no one cast, but they ended up in the final count
4. To cover for the huge number of people who could not vote (or have their vote counted with destroyed ballots) The scamming Jewish press then said "record low numbers of people turned out for this election, which was not expected!!


Electronic voting machines in Iran

The very first government that was elected in with new electronic voting machines has smashed all norms and accepted the U.N. agenda 2030 educational program. This was subsequently blocked by Ayatolla Kahmeinei. Interesting it is that there was such a paradigm shift within the first election cycle that used the new voting machines. Obviously they are hacked to oblivion.

Due to the extreme anomalies in the last election cycle, Iran will not be entirely using e-vote machines this time around and will instead have a considerable number of paper ballot stations to provide reference for whether or not the E-vote machines produced valid results in the upcoming May 19 elections. ADDITIONALLY: Iran made the new voting machines on Iranian soil under full Iranian control and had them ready in January.

A report on the topic of the upcoming elections, and the UN 2030 education plan is HERE. Up until the E-vote machines, Iran was 100 percent hand counted paper ballots. E-vote machines are the end of legitimate elections, no matter who makes them or how they are "verified" as far as I see it. Obviously, however, the wrong people counted those paper ballots in France . . . . . .

I do not believe LePen lost a legitimate election.

Nothing more to say.

Macron leaks

Here is a secret document from Macron's files which outlines the procedures to succeed in a complete Islamazation of France and Europe. I have absolutely nothing against Muslims, but to use them as pawns to destroy societies is simply wrong.

LePen ballots destroyed; at least 500,000 extras created for Macron

Many people know about the half million plus extra ballots that were printed up for Macron, only to vanish into thin air (obviously to re-appear on election day) But now, countless ballots for LePen are arriving destroyed, along with intact ballots for Macron in the same envelope. If a ballot is significantly damaged, it cannot be cast, and many many thousands, if not over a million LePen ballots have arrived torn to the center, in the same envelope with perfectly intact Macron ballots. In cases where families received multiple ballots due to multiple voters in a household, all ballots for LePen are destroyed the exact same way, with not a single case of a ballot for Macron arriving damaged.




4chan posted what ended up being legitimate proof of tax evasion! See the report farther down this page. Macron would be a CATASTROPHE not only for France, he would be a catastrophe for the entire world. He is automatically disqualified to run for office, but with the system as corrupted as it is now, I doubt that will make a difference - anointed is anointed after all.

I made a big error regarding the Measels lawsuit that needs to be corrected

According to the ruling of this lawsuit, the MMR shot, which is the one most associated with autism, is administered for a fiction

When commenting about the German lawsuit that was won, which claimed the measels virus does not exist, I associated the virus with chicken pox. That was an error. Measels is not associated with chicken pox. So I am going to post the entire reader comment with regard to the lawsuit, which judged that the measels virus does not exist.

Carlos sent: Hi Jim I'm Carlos. Please publish this information before it is censored, already one of the original free reports has been deleted. The news is that The MEASLES VIRUS DOESN'T EXIST.

In the year 2011 the German biologist Stefan Lanka published on his website the challenge that anyone able to prove without shadow of doubt the existence of the measles virus, will be awarded with € 100.000 ($105.000) actual exchange. This german biologist affirmed that the measles is a psychosomatic disease developed in the individual due to great trauma.

The German Doctor David Barden accepted the challenge and sent by e-mail to the Doctor Barden all available evidence that confirmed the existence of the virus. Doctor Lanka ignored the evidence and rejected the payment, so Dr Barden sued Dr Lanka claiming the money.

In the first trial a Court ruled that Stefan Lanka had to pay, and Lanka challenged the sentence so the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart had to confirm his thesis. This brought the case before the highest court in Germany. So the first Civil Senate of the BGF confirm the sentence issue by the Regional Court as report.

Dr Andreas Podbielski was appointed consultant by the Court to confirm that the Scientists misinterperted the photographs of the ribosomes (small organs in the cells that produce proteins) that these organs where part of the measels virus. After decades of this mistake they mentally built the virus structure and this failure wasn't discovered because they didn't make control experiments to confirm the results. The leading and most important institute in Germany - The National Institute of Reference of Measles and the Robert Koch Institute made the studies but failed to published or hand over the results of the studies.

As a consecuence of this sentence All the works and studies - National and International, that affirm the existence of measles virus and its infectious capacity were declared by the court to be of no scientific character and have thus been deprived of their legal basis.

My response: So according to the ruling of this lawsuit, the MMR shot, which is the one most associated with autism, is administered for a fiction. If there was a mistake that concluded cellular structures were viral structures, and then a vaccine was made to destroy those cellular structures, all kinds of auto immune disorders would result. Sounds about right for what we are now seeing.


Here is the order for heavy duty industrial work (what is preferred as a power source due to the quality of the power provided, not the cost of operation)

1. Steam Turbine.
2. DC electric motor
3. 3 phase AC electric motor.
4. Single phase AC electric motor.
5. Diesel engine
6. Gasoline engine.

COLD HARD FACT IN INDUSTRY: There is nothing you can drive a machine with that is as easy to accomplish, and as good, as an electric motor. Ultimate torque can be provided by DC motors, but 3 phase AC has been the popular winner for a long time, because during overload they torque better than DC and can deliver many times their horsepower rating for brief periods of time, which makes them great for starting heavy loads. Plus they are cheaper (by a lot) than DC motors. Ok, so why would I say this? Because the following is not preposterous, though it may seem so on the surface:

Anonymous sent:

Workhorse Group has secured more than 4, 650 letter of intent pre-orders for the W-15 electric pickup from more than 18 commercial fleets, which include W-15 Leadership Council members Ryder System, Inc. and Duke Energy.

"It's here. It's ready. A new era in fleet vehicles begins, " said Steve Burns, CEO of Workhorse. "Our team designed the W-15 not only for exceptional performance, but also the lowest total cost of ownership, the lowest emissions profile, and with state of the art autonomous controls and telematics, " Burns said. "We have leveraged the platform technologies used in our commercially available e-GEN and W-100 medium-duty vehicles as well as our partnerships with Panasonic and BMW to create the best light-duty transportation solution for the commercial sector" he said.

The performance specifications of the Workhorse W-15 pickup include direct all-wheel drive and two electric traction motors that generate 460 horsepower, with acceleration from 0 to 60 MPH in up to 5.5 seconds. The W-15 also has a fuel-economy rating of 75 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe), with a range of 80 miles all-electric, and unlimited range when using the on-board BMW range extender

"We set out to build the safest and most efficient pickup truck on the road, and it just happens to be electric, " said Burns. "We formed the W-15 fleet Leadership Council and have listened to fleet engineers, managers and drivers in order to deliver the best pickup truck for commercial use, from cost of ownership to functionality to performance and, above all else, safety and dependability for the driver.

Notable standard features on the W-15 include a 7.2 kW power export to plug in and operate power tools without running the vehicle and advanced safety features such as dual airbags, collision avoidance/automatic braking and lane-departure warning. The W-15 composite body design has aerodynamic body lines, a strong side profile and provides added strength and safety with less overall mass. The W-15 crew cab includes seating for five passengers, with two front bucket seats and a rear bench, and the driver digital touchscreen controls include the integrated Workhorse Metron telematics system to maximize operator efficiency."

My comment: If the truck uses traction motors, it is probably legit. Traction motors are not ordinary motors, they have gear boxes and are used on locomotives. They are robust, beyond robust. This really seems legit.

I'd like to see the sticker price. Maybe not. GUARANTEED: it won't be cheap.

Is it pie in the sky? Well, all I can say is that if it did work as planned, having electric drive in a pickup truck would be the cat's meow, nothing on earth would ever torque better than electric traction motors, and nothing on earth would ever last longer. it ought to out pull anything. They need to work on the range however, 80 miles is not a lot, especially since the unexpected always happens with work trucks.

It is not vapor ware. And if it ends up actually working, it has the potential to be the best thing on the road. If it actually works as planned.


EMP reports

Paul asked if I could post the EMP reports with a permalink. I am going to do that, especially now that New Scientist posted the exact same thing. The report will be consolidated with all the math, the explanation of how the protection circuits in modern devices function, all of it will go up. I'll probably do that some time next week.

The New Scientist post ought to kill the EMP hoax, it's not like Sports Illustrated said it.


At least the site is loading for some people there, but the links must have hit a nerve.


This is not a hoax, here is Russia's exact text, from RT, which is also from Ria Novsti:

'Declaration of war': Russian MPs blast US plans to enforce N. Korea sanctions on foreign territory

A senior Russian senator says the American bill allowing the US Navy to enforce international sanctions on North Korea through the control of Russian ports is a violation of international law, and is equal to a declaration of war.

"The realization of this [US] bill includes a proposed force scenario in which the US Navy would conduct compulsory inspections of all ships. Such a scenario is simply unthinkable because it means a declaration of war, " RIA Novosti quoted upper house Committee for International Relations head Konstantin Kosachev as saying.

This is not a good development, see this at RT

My comment: How long can the current administration play toy soldier without making the world more angry with the U.S. than it is with Kim Jong? I think we are finding out now. This is not the type of report you see every day, the cork might pop soon.

Plot to kill Kim Jong busted

This was reported in different ways so I waited until I came across a source I figured would be credible. As it turns out, if you saw this evolve, the CIA plot to poison Kim Jong ended up being what the real story is - From Iran's Tasnim news:

"For the CIA "assassination by use of biochemical substances including radioactive substance and nano poisonous substance is the best method that does not require access to the target, their lethal results will appear after six or twelve months, " the Ministry said in a statement carried by state media, AFP reported.

The accusation comes as Pyongyang issues increasingly belligerent rhetoric in a tense standoff with the administration of US President Donald Trump over its rogue weapons program.

The war of words between the West and the reclusive regime has spiked in recent weeks, and Pyongyang has threatened to carry out a sixth nuclear test that would further inflame tensions.

The CIA and Seoul's Intelligence Services (IS) have "ideologically corrupted and bribed a DPRK citizen surnamed Kim" to carry out the attack on Jong-Un, the statement said.

See the rest here. Since Iran has direct diplomatic ties to North Korea, Iran probably got told what the real scoop was and then quoted AFP.

Vaccinated vs unvaccinated children - who is sicker?

A study of over 600 children gives the answer, and it is shocking. This is the closest to the truth any major organization has ever come. See this

A great report on the recent ecomomic downturn

I just had to link this. It is about a lot more than just the downturn in auto sales.


It won't just be the 500, 000 spurious ballots that went out!

After LePen exposed Macron for tax evasion, Macron filed a libel suit against LePen. And magically, as a result of the libel suit, Macron shot upwards from behind LePen, to 24 points ahead? THAT IS A HOAX FOLKS, THE FRENCH ELECTION WILL BE SUBJECTED TO MASSIVE VOTE RIGGING IN AN ATTEMPT TO STEAL IT, JUST LIKE WHAT HAPPENED TO TRUMP.

There is absolutely NO WAY Macron is ahead of LePen at all, let alone by 24 points! But there will probably be enough Jews counting votes to throw it to Macron, so the destruction of Europe can continue as scheduled.

Have any doubts the Jews would do it? Then WATCH THIS, it explains fully why Europe is being sent to it's death via invasion from outsiders. LePen would stop that, and the Jews are far too close to victory to let it all go now.

It will take the will of God and a lot of prayers to save the French election from theft now.

Macron is suing Le Pen!

HERE'S A GOOD ONE: Le Pen somehow got a mole into Macron's financial dealings, and that mole photographed documents that prove tax evasion via a shell company in the Caribbean island of Nevis. That mole then uploaded extremely high resolution photos of the documents to 4chan. It's game over for Macron, but he's not giving up, no, instead he filed for a criminal investigation of LePenn for slander! See this:

"The anonymous source of documents alleging Emmanuel Macron's involvement with an operating agreement for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the Caribbean island of Nevis returned to release several high quality images of the purported documents along with promises to identify account locations and the extent of the assets Macron is supposedly hiding from regulatory authorities.

The images, released anonymously less than an hour ago on online messageboard 4chan, are higher resolutions of alleged documents leaked yesterday which claimed to show that Emmanuel Macron had entered into an operating agreement for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the Caribbean island of Nevis, and that the company may have had a business relationship with a bank which has been previously involved in tax evasion cases in the Cayman Islands. The anonymously released PDF files purported to show corporate records of a company named La Providence LLC apparently created by Mr. Macron in Nevis, a noted offshore tax haven.

The new images are of the second document, a fax between La Providence Ltd. and First Caribbean International Bank, as well as the first page and signature from the purported operating agreement.

In response, Macron did this:

"Police opened a criminal investigation into Marine Le Pen yesterday after Emmanuel Macron, her rival in the French presidential election, accused her of smearing him with claims that he had hidden money offshore.

Prosecutors ordered the inquiry into the far-right candidate when Mr Macron, the centrist favourite for Sunday’s final-round vote, filed a complaint to the police. Ms Le Pen was libelling him by spreading fake news and trying to skew the election, he claimed.

My comment: Macron is probably TOAST TOAST TOAST! Forget the police investigation, 4chan just destroyed that.

They know where the bodies are buried

Anonymous sent:

You should be reminding these trolls that the powers-that-be will do away with them as soon as their usefulness is used up since they "know where the bodies are buried" and some of these more pathetic trolls are past their usefulness already

My response: That's a good topic. it is a cold hard fact: If you get used by tyranny in a way that allows you to know very bad things that could damage that tyranny, and they decide they don't need you any more, they'll bump you off. The Clintons do it all the time. The joy will soon spread out to many many many useful idiots who knowingly did evil, but were happy to because it was somehow legitimized by a fat paycheck.


For decades now, preachers had to watch what they said in church, and make sure they never mentioned any political topics. They could not speak out against anything immoral that had any sort of politics behind it. They could only walk in circles, trapped within completely religious texts, and never mention anything about howtheir nation was actually run.

This contributed to causing a massive exodus from churches, which could no longer advise people in anything political, which seriously impacted all reason to go to church to begin with. It seriously degraded the value of churches. And if any preacher did anything or said anything that even mentioned government policy, or what people could do to have an impact on government, the IRS would move in and destroy the church.


"Sec. 2. Respecting Religious and Political Speech. All executive departments and agencies (agencies) shall, to the greatest extent practicable and to the extent permitted by law, respect and protect the freedom of persons and organizations to engage in religious and political speech. In particular, the Secretary of the Treasury shall ensure, to the extent permitted by law, that the Department of the Treasury does not take any adverse action against any individual, house of worship, or other religious organization on the basis that such individual or organization speaks or has spoken about moral or political issues from a religious perspective, where speech of similar character has, consistent with law, not ordinarily been treated as participation or intervention in a political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) a candidate for public office by the Department of the Treasury. As used in this section, the term "adverse action" means the imposition of any tax or tax penalty; the delay or denial of tax-exempt status; the disallowance of tax deductions for contributions made to entities exempted from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of title 26, United States Code; or any other action that makes unavailable or denies any tax deduction, exemption, credit, or benefit.

My comment: So much damage has already been done to the churches that IF this executive order is allowed to stand it will be a very long recovery. But let's face it: If you could go to church and actually talk politics, a LOT MORE PEOPLE WOULD SHOW UP.

HEADS UP: There will be massive CIA infiltration of churches because of this, every church will have several trolls trying to destroy the preacher.

So if you do go back to church and you see this start happening, you are going to have to call the trolls out as being CIA and hammer one thing home: IF YOU HATE WHAT THE PREACHER SAID, GO ELSEWHERE, WE DO NOT WANT YOU HERE.

Additionally, preachers are going to have to root in and stand their ground, because the CIA and Jewish community will definitely activate and do everything possible to get within every last preacher's circle of influence, and destroy them right from the top. They already do this, but after this latest executive order it will explode to become a heated effort to destroy. They will approach the preachers as "great Christian allies", never mention they are Jewish or CIA, attempt to become huge assets, provide huge financial support to the church if needed, and then leverage that to gain control and destroy. By making themselves an "indispensible part of the organization" they will ultimately gain the control they need to destroy the organizations. Preachers are going to have to be extra vigilant to avoid this.

At any rate, yesterday the Jews were flipped out about this new executive order, and are already preparing lawsuits. Jews have always been immune to IRS intrusions over organizing and encouraging political actions in their synagogues, and they don't want the same rights handed to Christian churches. So they will try to do everything they can to crush this executive order and maintain their quiet, under the surface monopoly on activism from places of worship. Their actions are probably going to get ugly over this.

routing test


There is fear mongering from a few people going on with regard to Oroville right now. Here are the facts:

The situation is under control. They are keeping the dam below 850 feet while they repair the main spillway. There is a small leak on the face of the actual dam itself, which is proven by vegetation growing there. But if there is enough vegetation to see there, the leak is not associated with the current problem. If it is determined that the leak will be a problem, they will inject concrete into the dam to stop it. Concrete does not dry, it cures. So it will seal off leaks when it cures.

My final conclusion is that whoever put the dam break on the $50 bill fully intended to destroy the dam, but got busted and very qualified people are now working to save it. They have, with near certainty, succeeded.

An annoying TROLL - I just had to respond -

New Scientist, a highly reputable publication, just confirmed my EMP reporting is accurate. That got a troll spinning badly.

A troll sent a typical troll message with regard to my bust of the EMP scam. He also ripped my saying that NK subs are hard to track. He also tried to front that New Scientist, a very good scientific publication that has been around since 1956 was not credible. That's where he really bit it. So let me knock out both his trolling points in one whack

Hawaii is not the only thing in the Pacific. There is Tonga, Tahiti, Samoa, the Marshall Islands and tons of other islands that were right under Starfish Prime, and not a single one received any damage at all. It therefore cannot be argued that Starfish Prime was too remote to destroy anything with EMP, the location was selected simply because anything that might have been destroyed would have been isolated to an island and easy to rebuild.

Additionally, I NEVER said sonar was the only thing used to track subs, I said it was important for subs to be quiet, because sub hunting tech instead listens for noise submarines make. In this regard, Norks have superior subs because nuclear reactors on American subs make clicking noises that can be picked up for great distances.

The only advantage to a nuclear submarine, THE SOLE ADVANTAGE is unlimited range. When it comes to stealth, diesel electric is the champ because when submerged, the batteries are completely silent. It would be better to look for a diesel electric sub by listening for propeller noises and looking for magnetic fluctuations the steel the sub is made of will create. Listening for sounds and checking for magnetic influences are NOT SONAR. Dear toll: I KNOW IT IS YOUR JOB TO MAKE ME FEEL STUPID AND DESTROY MORALE, BUT THAT FAILS TOTALLY WHEN YOU CAN'T PROPERLY READ WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN IN THE PAST, NOR MAKE HEADS OR TAILS OF IT WHEN YOU DO. DEAR TROLL: HEADLINE: MY NUCLEAR EMP REPORTS HAVE BEEN SO BANG ON, THAT NEW SCIENTIST MAGAZINE HAS NOW PUBLISHED EXACTLY THE SAME THING I SAID.

Trolling my skill and math after I am now confirmed to have completely nailed the topic of EMP makes you, dear troll, a very poor asset.

Overbooked flights: Mike sent:

Regarding what airlines are now doing to passengers on overbooked flights, I can tell you of my experience in 1992.

My girlfriend and I were on a Continental flight from San Jose, Costa Rica to Chicago, changing in Houston. That flight also stopped in Managua and Guatemala City to pick up additional passengers. At Managua, an attendant announced that the flight was overbooked and they asked for five volunteers to leave the plane, who would each receive a $500 travel voucher and free accommodations and meals for the day until they flew out the next morning. I looked at my girlfriend and we both said, "Hell, yeah!" So we left and were put up in a beautiful four or five star hotel with great food and all I paid for was a one-day car rental to drive up a nearby volcano and to see the town of Masaya. The next day, we flew first class all the way back to Chicago and the next year, we got free flights to Spain using the travel vouchers! In those days, we PRAYED that we would be bumped from a flight. What a difference a quarter-century makes! Mike"

My response: When I flew a lot in the past, that was the deal. But I never got bumped. Lucky you!

With regard to the latest nuclear EMP report, an anonymous reader who is not a troll sent:

Jim - please stop quoting the daily mail - it represents the gutter press here in UK and is laughed at by most. It's not credible and well, that kind of reflects on your when you repost their nonsense. Keep it real

My response: The Daily Mail quoted New Scientist VERBATIM. New Scientist is a bona fide scientific publication that has been around since 1956. HEADLINE: NEW SCIENTIST PUBLISHED AN EMP REPORT THAT IS EXACTLY AS I HAVE SAID, MINUS THE TECHNICAL DETAILS.

New Scientist, rather than go over frequencies and the math, like I did, simply quoted precedent and what has happened with regard to EMP in the past. Their conclusion was exactly the same as mine - nuclear EMP will do NOTHING of the sort of things people are claiming.

I can claim victory with the EMP report over what New Scientist has published. No one told me EMP was a hoax, that is not something I read anywhere, I came to the conclusion myself. After seeing the math did not work and made no sense at all, I THEN took the same approach New Scientist took and cited precedent, because precedent is easily understood by people and cannot be argued against. At any rate, I am not the only one calling B.S. on nuclear EMP now, a highly credible scientific journal is also, on the exact same terms I have already previously stated it many times. This only serves to prove my math is spot on, and I do not make bogus claims. There is probably a previous nuclear EMP rip on this page, where I present some of the math.

Obamacare repeal

I know they are supposedly voting on this, but don't expect it to go anywhere, both sides of the house and senate are communist, and Democrat. I have no doubt that the Republican side is at least 85 percent fake, and that there are assigned "sleeper cells" that always vote the way the public wants, just in case there is an attempted purge so they can survive public scrutiny of their voting records, and remain to pop out of the darkness and become spoilers when the Republicans that voted against the will of the public openly get booted out.

My guess is that even the portion of the Republicans that appear to be legitimate are also fake, and only vote the way they do to provide future survivability of the agenda. Everything is planned ahead of time - who will vote what, to make it look like the vote was legitimate when it was in fact all staged and fake. This will conceal the fakeness of it all while the underlying ever present agenda does nothing but march forward, despite having election cycle after election cycle be an attempt by the public to root out the evil.

Obamacare is going nowhere, unless it is replaced with something worse.

HERE'S A GOOD ONE: Iran DID NOT test a cruise missile today

It seems the Pentagon lied.

There were reports about Iran doing joint military tests with North Korea, and that Iran did a failed test launching of a cruise missile from a submerged North Korean made midget sub today. As it turns out, the reports are false, and were fabricated by the Pentagon, probably to justify attacking Iran for "being cooperative with North Korea" when in fact there were no joint military exercises happening.

Iran has responded, saying that there was no such launch attempted or planned, that there were no joint exercises happening, and that the last launch of this type was done in February and was a success.

My opinion is that these types of stories are now to be considered as credible as reports about North Korea threatening China, which I already stated in an earlier report probably did not happen. If the Pentagon is hatching fake stories about enemy actions, it probably means they have a false flag planned, and in this case the story got busted right from the source, See this (translate if needed)

There seems to be strong evidence for a North Korea false flag in the works

The evidence? That North korea has already made numerous threats to nuke China, only to have China cool off completely and restore normal relations, only to have North Korea "threaten to nuke China" all over again. That's not how it is played.

I have a strong suspicion that it is the CIA making the threats, only to have genuine communications and relations restored soon after, confirming that North Korea is not the enemy of China after all. Additionally, I think that a lot of stuff that was never said is being reported by America's MSM, to make Americans think there is really something wrong with North Korea, and More importantly, to make it all plausible when "North Korea nukes a Chinese or other Asian city".

IF Kim Jong is actually making such threats, he's rock stupid for doing so when the U.S. can, will, and does false flags all the time. How well would it work if Kim Jong said he'd nuke Shanghai, only to have a nuke go off there, when Kim Jong in fact never did it? How about Tokyo? The Japs already fell for one major false flag on 3/11, how about another? Obviously America and Israel do not care about deaths in Japan. They are clearly "disposable." If Kim Jong really is stupid enough to sit there and spew for real that he's going to blow everyone away, he's totally opening himself up to having America do it for him, and then land the blame squarely on him.

That would get the war going no doubt, when in reality all Kim did was issue empty threats from a hot tub while planning a vacation somewhere. I seriously doubt Kim is threatening China, but if he is, he'd better grow up, and quickly. It would be downright irresponsible to talk like that, when America can, and obviously will, follow through on the threats for him.

Most likely, he's not that stupid. Most likely, it is an American intelligence perception game. And most likely, if a nuke does go off, it will be when an artificial intelligence gives the word to go, when it is confident it can fully spoof communications from North Korea to everyone else, and prevent North Korea from correcting things before it gets blown away. That's the future of warfare, why not just do it now?



From The Daily Mail, which quoted New Scientist directly:

Fears North Korea is planning a 'space nuke' to knock out America's power with an an electromagnetic pulse slammed as 'silly'

* Expert says past tests on electromagnetic pulse effects were anticlimactic
* Rather than cause cars to shut off or disrupt the grid, they've had little effect
* The expert says nuclear weapons dropped on a city would be more catastrophic

As global tensions continue to build, science fiction-fueled fears of a devastating electromagnetic pulse attack have begun to surface.

Some speculate that North Korea could detonate a high-altitude nuclear weapon in space, setting off an EMP that would knock out electrical systems down below, with catastrophic results.

But, experts are not convinced that this is how the scenario would pan out.

According to nuclear non-proliferation expert Jeffrey Lewis, tests of such devices in the past were largely anticlimactic, and failed to produce the widespread electrical disruption that's been predicted over the years.

MY COMMENT: I HAVE REPEATEDLY PUBLISHED THE TECHNICAL DETAILS BEHIND WHY NUCLEAR EMP WON'T WORK. My background, and not someone else telling me, was good enough for me to have the math to call B.S. on it, mathematically it did not make sense, and did not fit any working model of radio propagation or electronic/antenna/electrical theory. All nuclear EMP ever was is an observed benign effect that was noticed in Nevada, and then exaggerated and fear mongered up to the end of the world.

The only EMP weapon you need to worry about will be mounted on aircraft and ships, and specifically designed to disable or damage specific types of equipment.

See this At the end of the report, it says the only thing that happened after Starfish Prime was that one string of 30 street lights failed in Honolulu. But that also can't be attributed to Starfish Prime, because cities have street lights trip out as a normal course of business, and Honolulu is a large city with lots of street lights. Additionally, nothing happened to the system, they just re-set the circuit. If Starfish Prime was relevant, the report would have been: "4, 900 strings of street lights - a total of 250, 000 failed in Honolulu and the entire city went dark".

Kansas Red Winter Wheat crop wiped out

Winter wheat is planted in the fall. It sprouts. And then, it sits under the snow waiting for spring, and in the spring, when the time is right, it grows. This allows farmers to get an extra wheat growing season in, because wheat matures quickly and having it come up at the earliest possible time allows a second crop to be planted in the same year.

Well, Kansas had a huge snow fall, 17 inches, and it killed the winter wheat, which was well into growing and far too tall to handle heavy snow. The losses are huge. And it is because of global warming, RIGHT? The earth is warmer now, so it snowed a month or more later than it should. THAT MAKES SENSE, RIGHT? Maybe for Al Gore, who is seeking 15 trillion dollars to "fight global warming". And to buy a few bugatties. And 30 new flats so hotels won't be needed. And maybe a jet. And favors. And WHATEVER.

What on earth could 15 trillion dollars possibly be needed for? Al dork is destined to get it via his carbon tax, and the outcome is not going to be anything anyone would want. Thank god for this disaster in Kansas, which proves beyond a doubt Al Gore really does need his money, I was beginning to wonder.


It started with power outages on the East and West coasts. Simultaneous with that (though i did not mention it, because it seemed local) the power went out in my area. Then, it went out in many areas at different times on different days, mostly noticed by stop lights not working. That never happens here, they always work, but recently they have been out a lot, everywhere. Yesterday I went to a large supermarket and they were on generators. Today, Whatsapp went down for over a billion people and the internet connection here has been absolutely horrible for days.

There have been too many things going on over the last little while for it to be up to odds, I now believe something is in the works, and that someone is testing systems to see if they respond to shut down commands. HIGHLY PROBABLE: EMP FALSE FLAG ON THE HORIZON. FINAL ANSWER.

They have to test these systems to see if they actually will shut down when commanded to when they make their move. PREDICTION: EVERYONE WILL HAVE A POWER OUTAGE, OR HAD ONE ALREADY within a short two week window, when normally the power would never glitch in over a year.

How often do you have to set your microwave clock? Like, NEVER? if EVERYONE has to set their plug in clocks over the next couple weeks, something is definitely up.


It is FAR WORSE than $250 million loaned by George Soros!

How about over a billion from Goldman Sachs, which was never disclosed or spoken about EVER?

"President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner didn't disclose his part ownership of a real-estate finance startup known as Cadre, according to a Wall Street Journal review of Kushner's securities and other filings. The Journal notes that Kushner's Cadre stake "means the senior White House official is currently a business partner of Goldman Sachs Group and billionaires including George Soros and Peter Thiel." The Journal also reports that Kushner didn't disclose a number of loans "totaling at least $1 billion, from more than 20 lenders, " on properties and companies he co-owns; and Kushner "has also provided personal guarantees on more than $300 million of the debt." An analysis of the debt on these assets "found ties to a broad swath of U.S. and foreign banks, private-equity firms, real-estate companies and government-owned lenders."

Read more here

MY COMMENT: GEE, what could possibly go wrong with THAT??!!??

We just got our answer to why things have gone so horribly wrong lately! I gave Trump a free pass on a lot of affiliations because it is impossible to avoid such affiliations when you are a multi billionaire. But now it is litmus test time, it is beyond question that Trump now knows there is a serious national conflict of interest with Kushner, and if Trump does not boot him out of the white house, it is GAME OFF. Trump is self-contained. Trump needs no one to be who he is. Kushner is not self contained. Kushner is the ecto octopus, the VAMPIRE SQUID, and to allow that access to the heart of the nation can easily become an act of treason.

Russian "Mole Nuke" story is not rational

There have been numerous reports about Russia dropping tsunami nukes off the East coast. The reports do not make any sense, because the continental shelf on the East coast is too far out to sea for a tsunami nuke to work as well as stated. The East coast is only about 200 feet deep, until you get far out to sea, where it then drops off to thousands of feet. If you put a tsunami nuke in 200 foot deep water, it won't have enough water to couple with to push a huge tsunami, and if you drop it into deep water that suddenly hits a cliff and turns into 200 foot deep water the shallower water will absorb the tsunami when it is far out at sea. In order for a tsunami nuke to work extremely well, you need deep water that goes right up to shore, the way it is in California.

I am therefore skeptical of the mole nukes on the East coast story. I'd believe it if they said California, but Russia is not stupid, so the entire mole nukes story is OUT as far as I see it.

What would happen if they tried to trigger a tsunami with a nuke off the east coast? Well, it would work to a small degree but itwould be difficult, if not impossible, to trigger the type of disaster a nuke would be known for.


Google, Facebook, Reddit and others do it in the U.S., so what if the government does it in China?

"BEIJING (AP) - China is tightening rules for online news as censors try to control a flood of information spread through instant-messaging apps, blogs and other media sources that are proliferating across the country. The rules announced Tuesday will require online publishers to obtain government licenses and block foreign or private companies from investing in online news services or directly disseminating news."



Trump has now blown off 2 minute man missiles

MY COMMENT: Stop wasting great resources that were developed by real engineers from the old school. So what if it is 1970's tech, it is still better than anything common core engineers could produce now!

HEY TRUMP, THOSE CAN HIT THE REAL ENEMY, ISRAEL, BECAUSE THERE IS NO BACK DOOR. Don't waste them, a real president in the future might select a proper target!

Anonymous sent:

I do not give much credence to your reporting praising Trump or any other international politics. But I agree with you 100% about abortions and Chinese prison conditions. American prisons are horrible. I personally know a home owner who went to jail for 90 days for putting his garbage can in front of the gate on the drive way instead of behind it. This happened in a working class suburb of Detroit where all adults are white and all children are mixed black-white."

My response: Try to get Hollywood to admit that in a movie, and try to get CNN to report it. The prisons in America are stuffed full of people who should in no way be there. There were probably untold details about why he went to jail over a garbage can, but face it: A GARBAGE CAN IS A GARBAGE CAN, and unless he dropped it off a bridge into traffic there is no conceivable way where one was put could ever be an excuse to be sent to jail. Except in America, where profit from prisoners is a huge motive to fill prisons.

In response to the infantacide report, anonymous sent:

"In ancient Rome, the Romans would leave the babies the father did not want out in the hill sides to be eaten by predators or else to die from exposure to the weather. The Christians would find the babies and raise them as their own. We have returned to pagan Rome"

My response: There were many many responses to the infanticide report. Yours summed it up perfectly, with accurate historical reference. Yes, that's the way it is. Keep in mind that so far it all amounts to a few despicable low lifes in so-called "acadamia" but we are not far off with abortion already, seriously, it is only a small step from where we are now, to this.

Republican spending bill so bad people are demanding veto!

I was wondering what was up with the new Republican spending bill, which fully funded planned parenthood, added a trillion to the debt, did not allocate a dime toward the wall or deportation forces, and had the democrats spinning happy. Yesterday there were a lot of reports blaming Trump for the disaster, but the problem ended up being that the Republican party itself consists of traitors to the American people, who have no intention whatsoever of delivering what America has asked and voted for.

SO, Trump's response was SHUT IT DOWN.

After this happened, Trump went on a war path, saying he was going to expose fraud in Congress by breaking up large banks and seeing who screams about it.

Additionally he sent out a short message: "The reason for the plan negotiated between the Republicans and Democrats is that we need 60 votes in the Senate which are not there! We either elect more Republican Senators in 2018 or change the rules now to 51%. Our country needs a good "shutdown" in September to fix mess!

MY RESPONSE: WHY NOT NOW? ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS VETO THE BILL, AND IT WILL SHUT DOWN NOW! No point in being beer belly joe, with 52 dishes under the bed, 38 bottles in the yard, and week old underwear because "the mess can be cleaned up later", the time to clean up is NOW!!!

Prisoner's letter from China found in purse. Here is the text of the letter:

Inmates in the Yingshan Prison in Guangxi, China are working 14 hours daily with no break/rest at noon, continue working overtime until 12 midnight, and whoever doesn't finish his work will be beaten. Their meals are without oil and salt. Every month, the boss pays the inmate 2000 yuan, any additional dishes will be finished by the police. If the inmates are sick and need medicine, the cost will be deducted from the salary. Prison in China is unlike prison in America, horse cow goat pig dog (literally, means inhumane treatment

My response:

America has more people in prison than China, with only 1/4th the population to get the prisoners from. In America, you are 5 times as likely to go to prison as you are in China, and you will not be a true criminal in prison in America, most people are in prison for victimless offenses, having hurt or stolen from no one. In America, you can go to jail for unpaid parking tickets.

In America, you become a prison worker also, and will make as little as 25 cents (1.7 yuan) per hour. In some prisons it is not that bad, but certainly, you do not get paid anything meaningful. Let's look at your wage in China - 2000 Yuan equals $290 US dollars. China is much much MUCH cheaper to live in than America is, and normal jobs, with the exact same hours you work, pay approximately $470 a month in China. So in prison, in China, you are making more than half a normal Chinese wage. This would never ever ever, under any circumstances be true of prison work in America.

You say your food has no oil and is served dry, yet the prison guards eat the extra. No prison guard in America would eat an American prisoner's food. You had a pencil to write with. You had paper. That's not easy to get in an American prison. If you want to make a phone call from an American prison, the cost is often more than $50 USD per minute, that is more than 330 Yuan, PER MINUTE. Not all prisons are that bad, but you can count on a minumum of $5 per minute, meaning if you wanted to call your family for 10 minutes it would still cost over 330 yuan.

In American prisons, all the private corporations use you as an experiment for various medications, and GMO foods. Prisoners can't trust what they are given, but if you don't take it you will starve, and in the case of experimental medications, they will often put you in solitary confinement if you refuse, even if no doctor ordered the medications and it is only for experimental purposes. This is not published or admitted to but I have first hand confirmation it is true.

American prisons - especially the private prisons - will do everything they can to keep you in them for as long as possible. When you go to jail in America, the judge makes money, the lawyer makes money, and the prison makes money, so they are not willing to let you go if it is at all possible to keep you there.

What's worse? If you are a murderer in America, or a bank robber or some other horrible criminal, they don't want you in prison because they can't make as much money with the work from bad people so the prison times are short to begin with, and they then let the criminals out early. They instead want the best people as possible in prison because they work better, are more skilled, and make the prison more money. So prison sentences for ordinary people in America are VERY LONG, which is exactly why America has 5x more people in prison per capita than your "horrible inhumane" China.

Ultimately I can't tell you what prisons have worse conditions, America or China. In America, there are no weights or exercise rooms in prison, that's hollywood B.S. In America you can't have things like your own radio or TV or any other posessions in prison, not even your own shoes or clothes, the "nice prison" is Hollywood propaganda.

If I was an average person living a daily life, I'd take law enforcement in China because there's no chance I'd go to prison for an unpaid parking ticket there, in America, who knows?

The bottom line is that your letter did not convince me China is any worse than America, in fact, your wage alone says it is a LOT better.

Perhaps the worst thing of all about American prisons is that after you get out of jail in China, people will probably feel sorry for you. But even if you did something in America that there would never be jail for in China, when you get out, your life will be destroyed. You will have lost everything, starting from zero, and then be an "ex convict" no one wants to hire, even if you are someone who is perfectly decent and a simple victim of the system.

Oxford: After birth abortion should be allowed

This was Hillary's un-realized fantasy

Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say Parents should be allowed to have their newborn babies killed because they are “morally irrelevant” and ending their lives is no different to abortion, a group of medical ethicists linked to Oxford University has argued.

We take "person' to mean an individual who is capable of attributing to her own existence some (at least) basic value such that being deprived of this existence represents a loss to her." As such they argued it was "not possible to damage a newborn by preventing her from developing the potentiality to become a person in the morally relevant sense". The authors therefore concluded that "what we call "after-birth abortion" (killing a newborn) should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled". SEE THIS

My comment: They knew what abortion was all along and are now trying to use it as a gateway to more. I have looked into this topic, and the actual target age they want to hit is 12 years old. That will provide room for killing kids of all ages in satanic rituals.

A few good messages

These are all worth reading. I am going to post them without comment

"Jim, That link from WRH about Trump calling the Constitution archaic is fake news. What Trump actually said was that the procedural rules of the Congress are archaic, not the Constitution or the system of checks and balances. Of course, since the article was published in the UK, they might not know the difference. Mike"

, , , 2017-05-02 10:04:52 "I think the POTUS is either drugged, hypnotized or body double. He doesn't seem right to me at all and he looks smaller, hair looks diff too. Your info is great, thank you for everything!!! Gratuitous forthcoming."

, , , 2017-05-02 08:24:10, "I think the Oregon national guard and state police and melitia should CRUSH these PORTLAND STREET THUGS. tear gas, flash grnades, water cannons, pepper spray just like with those hooligans at standing rock. Quote from Mac Slavo via, "For a bunch of peace loving, tolerance spewing social justice warriors, it sure does appear that the new "progressive" movement in America is rapidly turning to Bolshevik tactics to force their will upon a free and non-violent people. A lot better profit potential than "Enron On Wheels" too!

, , , 2017-05-02 08:14:01 "Trump recently made the WH visitor logs no longer public. He didn't want Americans to see the steady stream of Juden who visit the WH on a daily basis In 100 Days, A New Jewish Elite Rises Under Trump"

, , , 2017-05-02 08:07:10, "President Trump's "shlemiel" son in law Jared Kushner is apparently the top "macher" directing National Security - only he seems to have absolutely zero interest in promoting American national security, doing sensible things like keeping out Islamic extremists. Kushner's beautiful "shiksa" wife Ivanka has been sent on a propaganda tour to Germany to remind the world of the 6 Million Jewish Holocaust and to plead the case that the United States and the West must rescue tens of thousands of Muslim "Syrian war refugees" - or these poor Syrian Islamic women and children might suffer another Holocaust at the hands of the Russians and Syrian president Assad who's supposedly just like Hitler. Ivanka has not made any statements suggesting Saudi Arabia or other wealthy Islamic countries should take in any of these Syrian Muslim refuges, nor has she suggested Israel take in any - not even allow them in to the Israel occupied Golan Heights recognized as part of Syria.

, , , 2017-05-02 06:44:17"There wont be any American cities turned to ash by a Russian nuclear first strike. They use neutron bombs. They kill off the population and leave the buildings intact, , , "

, , , 2017-05-02 06:29:35, "Officially, I think the President says the constitution is "outdated" due to the checks and balances being so out of whack. I am not kidding because the founding fathers put the constitution together believing that the representatives to Washington would serve for only a short time and then go home while letting other people serve their time in Washington. And until 1917 there was no direct election of any US Senator. They were elected to serve the state legislators.

Since then, people have made public service a career to the point that Franklin Roosevelt broke the informal rule that Presidents only serve two complete terms of President. The 32nd President was elected to four terms and had he not died, he might have ran for a 5th term. If Presidential term limits weren't installed, we would be dealing with Bill Clinton's 7th term as President

Finally, there is a ton of bribery in Washington. While the Constitution gives the citizen the ability to petition the government, it did not foresee the horrific bribery that goes on every single day. The best example of this remains "The Simpsons" episode "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington." There she discovers that Springfield congressman Bob Arnold has sold out Springfield forest for a boatload of money. The founding fathers never envisioned such massive corruption."

, , , 2017-05-02 03:30:55, , "the way I see is that Trump has to gain popularity thru war, like you said America is too corrupt and there is so little that Trump can do within"

, , , 2017-05-02 02:48:16, "Regarding the constitution being outdated. That is not what Trump said. He was referring to the Senate and House rules being archaic, NOT the constitution or the executive-legislative-judicial balance of power. I wish people would actually listen to what he says rather than take MSM's snippets which are out of context and usually twisted and reinterpreted. He said the same thing in the CBS interview. On you tube you can check watch?v=i3m0ZLjOAxk for the fox one and watch?v=4YLKFylRM9o for face the nation. Rosa"

, , , 2017-05-02 02:26:47, "I may be wrong, but I think he's probably referring to the blockages of his executive orders by random federal judges in states that don't agree with him. In that aspect I agree. Am I wrong in that a single judge shouldn't singly be able to block an eo but should instead, well I don't know what instead is. But I don't think some random judge should arbitrarily be able to block an eo of the president regardless of party affiliation. There is no check on that judges opinion. He may just be an asshole who hates Trump or Obama for that matter. (That's the difference between left and right we recognize both sides while the left is just me me me) ~wilhelm"

, , , 2017-05-02 02:15:11, , "Better yet oh shit. Gun manufacturers and ammo suppliers will be getting giggily if true ~ wilhelm"

, , , 2017-05-02 01:40:16, "Yes, John is right. And the face that Putin hasn't acted on this truth is worrying since it likely means that he is just a puppet of the whole thing too. I guess it's up to God now."

, , , 2017-05-02 01:11:38, , "Trump is right about the US constitution! Which is not the original constitution. Absent the original 13th amendment, forbidding titles of nobility, the corporate constitution allowed BAR (British Accreditation Registry) to hold elected office. Trump is signaling the take down of The United States, Inc in favor of returning to the Republic and the original constitution. Trump and the white hats, who are undoubtedly handling him are making good moves to undeniably expose the deep state and return to the law of the land. Trump and co are up against some bad mo fos. The change in his demeanor is most likely fear! One wrong move on his part could be the difference in saving or destroying his country! That's enough to stress the toughest of the toughest if he does have a conscience, and I believe he does. Maybe this is hope against hope on my part, but something sure seems different about his "about face" compared to previous presidents. Who better to dissolve a corporation than its CEO. I'm still team Trump for the time being, with eyes wide open and ear still to the ground. Thanks for all you do man! The other possibilities cannot be ignored and as far as I'm concerned, you're the absolute best at holding him accountable."

, , , 2017-05-02 01:05:41,"

, , , 2017-05-01 23:23:51, , "Ciao Jim, The USA threaten North Korea because of Israel interests, I think you'll find pretty interestesting that Mossad was (secretly) there to make some business. The original article was deleted but you can still read it here:"

, , , 2017-05-01 23:23:37,, "Trump said: "I will meet with Kim at the right circumstances" Yes: Trump would meet Kim, when he would be hanging from a rope like Saddam Hussein with his head severed by cutting wires"

, , , 2017-05-01 23:16:04, "Seems you nailed it about the Zio-tards control of the worlds infrastructure..."

, , , 2017-05-01 23:03:14, "Jim, you are wondetful as usual. I really enjoy reading your website. You may know some things about technical things. But you lack understanding of politics. The latest Sh..t spewed is about Russia Nuking US!! It will not happen because Russia is completely under the control of the Jews."

, , , 2017-05-01 21:39:46, , "Just an FYI, in regards to our having a hostile takeover, or take back of the USA, please note, there are already Israeli sleeper cells here, just waiting. I may be just paranoid, however, I've had a "boycott Israel" sticker on my car for ages now. And I went out to lunch w my mother in law recently, to her favorite (chitty) diner in Lancaster County, PA. American flags everywhere, signs offering free meals to our servicemen. Yet I walk in and you could've heard a pin drop. The owner stared me down hard. Why? They are Israeli's. And now I make a mental note of where they are, etc. I promise you, they ARE and there ARE Israeli sleeper cells all over USA. They know we will wake up eventually. Godbless.

My response:The sleeper cells the Jews have are exactly as described for Al Quaida. Take everything the Jews said about al quaida sleeper cells and replace the name with Mossad. Those will be the only sleeper cells in America.

, , , 2017-05-01 21:32:21, , "now we know out of the closet and out of their minds. DOCUMENTS TIE BERKELEY RIOT ORGANIZERS TO PRO-PEDOPHILIA GROUP, NAMBLA"

, , , 2017-05-01 21:31:11 "Hello Jim, It was foolish of us to think that a single man could actually change an entrenched cabal with so much power. Trump never could have been the answer. The good guys always get killed. And I never believed Trump was a good guy. Just a guy who once had some cunning. He was never a match for them and even his family was infiltrated. Poor saps that they are--completely set up. I do believe he is completely com

I started reading you with the Fuku report and it made perfect sense. Anyone who can connect the dots and knows a little bit of history can see the truth. The agenda is clear and it's quite sickening. Everything is out in the open with the constant war mongering and arms madness, pizza gate, anti fa, satanic symbolism becoming mainstream, etc. People are stupid and brainwashed though and don't want to believe what's right in front of their faces. And the holo hoax goes on and on and brainwashes the US to have pity for our destroyers. What city does not have a holo hoax museum? How much more drivel will we have to tolerate about WWll? We all know about the poor (j's) but how many know about Smedley Butler? Trying to wake people up is so difficult--everyone's brainwashed.

Several years ago I started researching a simple question--why do people hate the tribe? What I discovered is the amazing number of times this group has been kicked out the place they occupy and always for the same reasons. Then I discovered the history of sacrifice going back to Baal. Nothing has changed.

For me I have come to believe more strongly in God and the need to do good because I see how strong the forces of evil truly are. It's a myth that good triumphs over evil. It merely survives in spite of it. Best to you and your family and carry on."

I had heard this earlier but did not know what to say about it. Mike Rivero said it right, in only two words.

Anonymous sent:

If korean missile was hijacked then they can no longer do anything including on purpose destruction

My response: That's nonsense. The destruct signal for anything is not managed by the main control system. How can you have a successful destruct command sent through something that needs to be destroyed? it is a separate system. The Koreans are competent engineers, they did not miss the obvious.

The only solution

I KNOW John is right

John sent:

"Hi Jim, there is no way americans are going to make a revolution to get their country back. It is just impossible, because the corruption has gone so far in the police and military, that any move by armed americans will be simply crushed (Waco, Texas? Remember.) The only way to get america back, and i am sorry to say it, is if Russia nukes the major cities of america, specially the jew-infested cities like New York, and then america has to start from scratch. Israel has to be destroyed also. Thanks, John

My response: Yep. That is probably the only solution, And even that would not work if the Jews got any notice at all that Russia was going to launch, and I am talking not even 5 minutes notice. They'd have to actually be killed in the blasts, or they'd simply continue driving the ashes of America toward unrecoverable destruction

What the Jews are doing to America, and the plan they have for the white race is far far worse than a total to ashes nuking by Russia. There is nothing worse possible than death to your race and civilization via sabotaged vaccinations that permanently alter DNA, and bump you down mentally a notch immediately also. After America got nuked, THEN Americans would have to seek out all Jews and do clean up because all the Jews will do is quickly set up a fake authority and then use it to crush what is left. You'd be surprised by how fast they'd do that, action to stop it would have to begin before it was even safe to go outside to avoid radiation.

I was hoping for Trump to be the answer, but even Trump can't put a chip in Jewish "supremacy." The Jews violated our trust and belief in our own goodness to set up the gallows and hang us. We trusted them so much that we even built the gallows for them. We were TOO GOOD, so good that the trust in those we believed were our peers ended up being raped and violated until it delivered us to destruction while we slept.

Hate to say it, but a good solid nuking with no warning whatsoever, with perfect proper action afterward probably is America's only hope. We'd be better off with a Fukushima in every state than the deeply rooted fungus we have now. ________________________________________________________________

I AM NOT TROLLING FOR TRUMP! All I can do now is look over the daily headlines, knowing we are absolutely screwed. And then try to plot a way out of this.

Anonymous sent

Hello Jim, I agree with the post from Joe regarding Trump. With hindsight it is clear he lied and lied and said all the right things just to get elected. Never mind the long list of exec orders, what about the following :He ordered a missile strike on Syria under false conditions which makes him a war criminal already. He has taken in thousands of migrants which he could have stopped just by enforcing the law as it is now. He is also taking thousands from Australia. He can't wait to get a war started and presently it looks like it will kick off in Korea. It is no business of America what N Korea does. How about removing the hundreds of nukes that Israel has ? What happened to Pizzagate ? Why is Hillary not locked up ? Why is the White House being run by the jew Kushner and his skank daughter. etc etc.The truth is he lied and lied and lied. OK, I admit I was taken in but not any more - I am done with Trump. Actually, the way this is going, America is truly going to get what it deserves. Regards, Chris"

My response: America is not going to "get what it deserves", it will get what the Jews brought America. The people have, it appears, consistently voted for a righteous nation, only to have almost every election since JFK get stolen, and the will of the American people subverted by kikedom. The press, fully owned by the Jews, never reported it. The only failing of the American people is that Americans did not realize they lost their nation to a foreign enemy decades ago, and have done nothing to take it back.

I still don't think Trump lied, but I do firmly belive the hope the election gave us is firmly and irrevocably over. AMERICA PEACEFULLY SAID NO TO THE JEWISH TAKEOVER IN PERFECTLY CLEAR AND UNDERSTANDABLE TERMS. IF THE JEWS DO NOT APPRECIATE A PEACEFUL REQUEST, THEN A VIOLENT ACTION WILL HAVE TO BE NEXT. But with the NSA, CIA, and 30 secret Jewish intelligence agencies integrated into the phone companies stealing every communication, it is going to be damn difficult to even try, they'll kill you where you sleep the moment they believe you might actually harm a Jewish hair AFTER it has been trimmed from a Jewish body, let alone before.

It really is beginning to look like we have unrecoverably lost a war. TRULY, CERTAINLY, the American system of government has been fully infiltrated and destroyed.


Anonymous sent:

There's only ONE way Americans can take back their corrupt, mass-murdering illegal nation; it will have to be a repeat of 1776, when our ancestors tossed out the Rothschild bankers. It's either that, or submit to tyranny that will only get progressively worse. If you know what the Bolshevik Jews did to Russia after they had full control, then you know what's in store for us unless we find a national spine and throw the bastards out.

My response: YEP. Never let the trolls obscure what the real objective, and real target, has to be.

U.S. may have directed hacked North Korean missile at Russia

Confirmed - North Korean missile headed towards Russia

A report about North Korea's latest launch needing to be destroyed because it turned towards Russia is now confirmed and going mainstream. The report does not state that there was a hack, but it only makes sense.

If America can hack a North Korean missile, what would be the best possible thing to do? Would it be to cause it to crash, or would the best thing that could possibly be done be to send it towards Russia to provoke Russia? I don't believe for a minute the Norks sent their missile towards Russia on purpose, nor do I believe they are too stupid to understand coordinates or point a missile the right direction.

North Korea successfully launched two working satellites. It is therefore simply impossible for them to screw up like this, and if they blew their own missile up it clearly proves they had no intention of launching towards Russia. QUESTION: Why did it head towards Russia then?

What better false flag could anyone possibly do than to hijack a missile and send it the wrong way? There is simply nothing better that could possibly be done.

In response to my posting of a large number of executive actions by Trump

joe sent:

"you really had to stretch to submit that "declarations: were same as deeds." ;national child abuse prevention month" what was your goal, Jim? to put salve on your conscience for being made a fool? I supported DT, too, with the nagging doubt that he was not going to deliver, for whatever the reasons. people argue that it was at least a chance, whereas HC was not. I believe it was the logical choice, and don't regret it. but he is a failure. -joe"

My response: "I really had to stretch to submit the list?" Actually, No. All I did was summarize the actions posted on the white house web site to get to the main point so people did not need to read through so much text, (which took a lot of work)

Going over all executive actions posted on the white house web site in no way constitutes trolling or stretching anything, it is just saying it like it is!

It is obvious Trump tried a lot, but got shut down by complete kike infiltration at all levels of government. Now he's probably drugged, or buckling to a nuclear blackmail threat.

On top of that, I got tired of it and left all the congressional letters out, and about half of the remembrance days! That is not trolling or stretching whatsoever!

How has Trump really done?

We all know what we are mad at him for, but here is a list of things he's done. It is not that bad.

This obviously does not excuse him for ignoring the alt media while Kikedom uses massive monopoly powers to kill it, and does not excuse him for attacking Syria, playing the neocon, being a statesman and a globalist, saying it is OK to go after Assange, or letting Kushner be "President in Law" but it does show that Trump is not all bad, and a couple of these make it clear that the swamp is to be drained in September, after it is fully analyzed for an effective killing.

This is now complete and in the correct order.

1. Exploring offshore energy prospects - This executive order has opened the door for more oil exploration and American energy independence.

2. Protecting whistleblowers at the VA - this executive order makes it easier for vets to blow the whistle on the VA health system, which has really gone downhill.

3. Steel and aluminum dumping - This Presidential memoranda protects American steel and aluminum producers from being hurt by foreign entities that use government subsidies to sell steel and aluminum for less than the cost of production.

4. Reviewing the federal governments power in education: This executive order removes some, but not all, of the federal government's role in education. It does not kill the department of education.

5. Agricultural and rurla prosperity - This executive order removes a lot of regulations that are making farming difficult for ordinary farmers.

6. National volunteer week - This presidential proclamation is to officially recognize volunteers.

7. Review tax regulations - This executive order simplifies the tax code and limits how nasty the IRS can be.

8. Dodd-Frank act rollback - This presidential memoranda seeks to limit the application of the Dood-Frank act, which was enacted after the banker bailout to prevent such a crash from happening again. However, if the bankers do blow things up, they won't be bailed out again.

9. Buy American, Hire Amercian - This executive order seeks to restrict how many foreigners American companies can hire, and encourage the purchase of American products.

10. National Park week - This presidential proclamation makes all national parks free for the public to enter for one week out of the year.

11. Delegating terrorist report request - This presidential memorandum leaves it up to Comey to track suspected terrorists.

12. Notifying Congress of the U.S. strike on Syria - This presidential memorandum simply notified Congress it happened.

13. Principles for reforming the draft - This presidential memorandum expands the draft to women.

14. Lowering the trade deficit and imposing tariffs - This executive order directs the executive branch to find out what nations are competing the least fairly, and impose tariffs accordingly.

15. Changing the DOJ order of succession - This executive order replaced Obama's order of succession for who would fill positions at the Department of Justice.

16. Combating the opioid crisis - This executive order creates a commission to create strategies to combat America's drug problem.

17. Dismantling Obama's climate change protections - This executive order reduces the EPA burdens on the energy and manufacturing sectors and makes mining and drilling easier by removing red tape.

18. Revoking Obama's fair pay and save workplaces orders - This executive order removes the requirement for government contractor companies to have a perfect fair labor record.

19. Establishing white house office for American innovation - This presidential memorandum is to overhaul government functions with ideas for industry, and KUSHNER IS LEADING IT. Cool.

20. Greek independence day - This presidential proclamation officially recognizes the date of Greek independence.

21. Declaring an emergency in South Sudan - This presidential memoranda extends the humanitarian famine emergency in Sudan that Obama put in place.

22. Delegating to Tillerson - This presidential memorandum delegates presidential powers in the National Defense Authorization Act to Rex Tillerson, who will now decide who gets to spend what.

23. National Poison Prevention Week - This presidential proclamation simply encourages Americans to safeguard their homes and keep their kids away from common household items that could poison them.

24 - Reorganizing the executive branch - This executive order is to find out what agencies and people in the government can be disbanded, and has to be submitted by September of 2017, after which heads will probably roll.

25 - National consumer protection week - This presidential proclamation encourages people to report online scams.

26. - A new travel ban - This executive order was an attempt to put in place a new travel ban.

27 - Guide for agencies to implement the new travel ban - This presidential memorandum instructed agencies on how to implement the new travel ban.

28 - Reviewing the waters of the United States rule - This executive order is to undo the EPA's clean water rule, and get the EPA out of the lives of private property owners.

29 - Enforcing regulatory reform - This executive order instructs agencies to get rid of environmental regulations that are not needed, cost people too much, or are outdated.

30 - Combating criminal organizations - This executive order makes it easier to deport illegals who are criminals.

31 - Reducing crime - This executive order was drafted to comprehensively address illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and violent crime.

32. - protecting law enforcement - this executive order increases penalties for crimes committed against police officers.

33. Reviewing wall street regulations - This executive order de-regulates Wall street, and lets them behave more recklessly WHILE NOT ALLOWING ANY TAXPAYER FUNDED BAILOUTS. So if they blow things up, it's on them.

34: Reviewing the Fiduciary duty rule - This Presidential Memorandum is to review rules that were put in place by Obama to protect retirement accounts, but came under fire for being inapplicable in too many cases and a potential hot bed for lawsuits. It is not a repeal of the rules, but will review them to see what changes, if any, should be made.

35: American heart month - this Presidential Proclamation is an extension of a 1963 request by Congress to anually declare February as American Heart Month, in remembrence of those who have died from heart disease and improve its prevention.

36: For every new regulation proposed, repeal two existing ones - This executive order states that for every one regulation the executive branch proposes, two must be identified to repeal. It also caps the spending on new regulations for 2017 at $0.

37: Reorganizing the National and Homeland Security Councils - This Presidential memorandum removed the nations top military and intelligence advisers as regular attendees of discussions affecting national security.

38: Immigration ban - This executive order sought to ban immigration from several Muslim nations but was overturned by a judge that abused his position.

39: Rebuilding the military: This Presidential Memorandum directed Secretary of Defense James Mattis to conduct a readiness review of the U.S. military and nuclear defense, and submit recommendations for improvement.

40: National School Choice Week - This Presidential Proclamation was aimed at getting people to demand school voucher programs that will allow them to use federal funds to put their kids in private schools when the state schools are failing.

41: Build the wall - This executive order directed the process for building the wall, and immediate detainment and deportation of illegal immigrants. It also instructed the border patrol to hire 5, 000 new agents. Trump did this, but Congress subsequently blocked it.

42: Cutting funding for sanctuary cities - This executive order requires cities to comply with federal immigration law or have their federal funding pulled.

43: Expediting environmental review for infrastructure projects - This executive order allows those in charge of infrastructure projects to cut through red tape more quickly and simply get them done, rather than quibble about "endangered blue spotted toe snails."

44: Approving pipelines: - This three part memoranda made the keystone pipeline happen, and cleared the way for many more.

45: Reducing regulations for U.S. manufacturing - this Presidential Memorandum directs congress to review federal regulations which affect American manufacturers, to figure out how to reduce them as much as possible.

46: Reinstating the Mexico City Policy - This Presidential Memorandum reinstated a global gag rule that bans American NGO's who are working abroad from discussing abortion.

47: Hiring freeze - This Presidential memorandum froze all hiring in the executive branch excluding the military, demanding no vacancies to be filled to cut government bloat.

48: Out of the TPP - This Presidential Memorandom got America out of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

49: Trump's intention to repeal Obamacare - This executive order demanded the end to Obamacare, but hit massive resistance in Congress. The dismantling process is ongoing but may not succeed due to massive resistance in the swamp.

50: Regulatory freeze: This Presidential Memorandum directed agency heads to not draft new regulations until there were people in place to approve them.

51: Presidential memorandum for the Secretary of Congress: This memorandum is for the protection of American industries against unfair trade. It goes into more detail than other executive actions.

52: Review of designations under the Antiquities act - This executive order seeks to reverse the process of tying up American federal lands under layers and layers of red tape to prevent them from being used for their resources. It will reverse many restrictions that were perceived by many Americans to have been put in place by enemies of the United States while Americans helplessly watched, saying "Why did they do that"

53: Memorandum for the Secretary of the Treasury - This Presidential memorandum regulates the liquidation of financial companies that go bankrupt to ensure minimum damage to the people of the United States, and ensures bankrupt financial firms die rather than receive tax assistance. It is a doubling down on the Dodd Frank act, and it is an attempt to make good and sure people who mismanage financial institutions have no way out of the problems they caused and instead end up going through traditional bankruptcy and get entirely liquidated.

54: Steel imports and threats to national security - This Presidential memorandum instructs the Secretary of Commerce to defend the steel industry. There are other Trump memorandums that closely match this.

55: National former Prisoner of War Recognition day - This Presidential Proclamation sets April 9 as the day for Americans to remember American prisoners of war.

56: Pan American day - This presidential proclamation proclaims April 14, 2017, as Pan American Day and April 9 through April 15, 2017, as Pan American Week

57: Education and sharing day - This Presidential Proclamation proclaims April 7, 2017, as Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A.

58: Honoring John Glenn - This presidential proclamation orders all government flags to be flown at half mast on the day of John Glenn's burial.

59: Victims of crime week - This presidential proclamation states that April 2-8 will be national victims of crime week, with a focus on safeguarding communities.

60: ESTABLISHING ENHANCED COLLECTION AND ENFORCEMENT OF ANTIDUMPING AND COUNTERVAILING DUTIES AND VIOLATIONS OF TRADE AND CUSTOMS LAWS: This executive order doubles down on the trade laws and enhances efforts to prevent foreign governments from destroying American business by dumping products at below cost.

61: Autism awareness day - this Presidential Proclamation delcares April 2 as autism awareness day and calls for the discovery of the cause of autism and ways to treat it. Trump probably knows and worded it this way to avoid getting shot in the head.

62: President Donald J. Trump Proclaims April 2017 as National Donate Life Month

63: President Donald J. Trump Proclaims April 2017 as National Financial Capability Month (My comment: all this B.S. probably happened when they first drugged his *SS.) You can really see a lot of hoakery in early April.

64: President Donald J. Trump Proclaims April 2017 as National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

65: Presidential Executive Order Regarding the Omnibus Report on Significant Trade Deficits - This executive order re-outlines the importance of reducing trade deficits to make American business prosper.

66: President Donald J. Trump Proclaims April 2017 as National Child Abuse Prevention Month

67: President Donald J. Trump Proclaims April 2017 as Cancer Control Month

68: PREVENTION OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING: This executive order doubles down on preventing human trafficking

69: Presidential Memorandum Plan to Defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria - this memorandum sets a policy for ISIS to be defeated and changes rules of engagement

Cable News Fakery

Want to see how a false flag/fake media report is done? WATCH THIS!

The video starts out showing a horrible car bombing scene, with people writhing on the ground. Then, the video goes back in time one minute, before the bombing. It shows the car sitting there with no one around. it explodes. Then actors come running in and drop to the ground. This is a MUST WATCH, it shows exactly how this crap is done. Obviously someone was mad and posted what really happened, this was part of a real newscast.

Here's a good one

Institutionalized racism

If I had to meet a quota, I'd certainly hire this guy! As an Australian aboriginal i can guarantee through my own repeated experiences that institutionalized racism doesn't exist.

When i was growing up I was given 100 fold the advantages the white children in my housing commission received, pre-school was payed for by the government, my school fee's were all payed for by the government, my dental and healthcare government, when i started to fall behind at school the government payed for a private tutor and even when I got a red dot atar I had no trouble getting into university, which the government payed for.

The reason most black kids fall behind is the fact they've got useless no good junkie parents, like mine, and I managed to overcome it because of all the social welfare support I received.

At uni all my teachers went easy on me, almost like they were afraid of failing a half-cast, I likely should have failed, i wasn't doing nearly as well as other white students who did fail. I've received job offers simply for being aboriginal over other more qualified applicants.

At my second job out of uni I was always sent liaise at conferences simply because they wanted to show off their token aboriginal, and i fucking no this because I'm not even close to the best worker, which isn't surprising because I'm under qualified and only received the position because of my color to begin with. We are given every fucking opportunity, the only thing we have to over come are our parents, and our own fucking community that attempts to keep us down at their level, it's some kind of sick cultural tall poppy syndrome, all while they blame the white man, who attempted to feed, clothe and educate us as best they could, even at the detriment of their own people.

My response: This level of honesty is very uncommon, this guy deserves a job where honesty matters.


They just published a list of 5 over the counter medications to avoid. #1 was ibuprofen. That's BULLSHIT.

Ibuprofen is great because it is not a painkiller. Ibuprofen instead cures headaches by reducing inflammation of blood vessels in the brain, and as a result, they stop hurting. Ibuprofen works by TREATING THE PROBLEM.

Recently, there was supposedly a study done that proved Ibuprofen caused a whole list of problems. But anyone can do a study and get whatever results they want.

FACT: Paracetamol causes liver damage. Aspirin causes blood thinning. By the time I ate enough paracetamol to cure one of my headaches, paracetamol would give me liver failure and I'd die of internal bleeding from aspirin. And you can forget codeine or whatever else they will give you for pain, compared to Ibuprofen they are a death sentence.

FACT: There is nothing, outside of a single study out there that ever said Ibuprofen was a problem drug. Natural News just drank the kool aid and I believe they accidentally served the dark side. Did you know that for headaches many doctors have started prescribing SSRI's? Ban Ibuprofen, and that is going to skyrocket! What is worse?

MY CONCLUSION: The entire Ibuprofen is bad ruse was staged to get people to go along with banning it, and accepting whatever substitute the tyrants in charge want rammed down our throats. Evil will want Ibuprofen to go the way of another wonder drug - ephedrine.

Ephedrine, when you were allowed to get the real stuff via a product called Claritin (which is now absolute crap) would bust an ear infection without the use of ANY antibiotics. Then, because it was being used to make meth, they released a less effective form caled pseudoephidrine that still worked OK, but was not great. But that was too much, and the claim was made that meth producers were using pseudoephidrine after processing it back to a more real form, so they banned it altogether. Now there is nothing over the counter that really does anything at all to bust congestion, other than aromatic crap that works for about a minute and thirty seconds.

I firmly believe they banned ephedrine simply because it was based on a natural plant, and was a virtual miracle cure for anything congestion related including ear infections. I had a nasty ear infection in the early 90's, was given strong claritin pills for free by my doctor, and it busted the ear infection in a day. No antibiotics. That's simply too good for a medical tyranny to allow, and you can bet your horse and wagon that we are now seeing the same thing happen with Ibuprofen. THE PUSH IS ON TO BAN IT BECAUSE THE MEDICAL SCAM COMMUNITY CAN'T MAKE ENOUGH OFF YOUR PAIN WHEN YOU CAN PICK UP A BOTTLE OF 500 TABLETS FOR $12. No, they want a monthly take of $300 or more and hopefully a life long addiction to one form or another of patented, life destroying, side effect ridden CRAP.


If you believe the NSA will actually delete anything they have, just because Trump wants them to, Well, I can't think of what to say. It would be that bad.


North Korea did another missile test

There are conflicting reports about whether or not it was successful. Some reports say it landed in the sea of Japan, and others say it blew up over land. If it did blow up over land, I'd expect it to have been shot down with a laser or another missile because it was a solid fuel missile that would not have anything in it to cause it to explode, other than a laser cutting through to the fuel at the front of the missile or something hitting it. routing test


Anonymous sent:

It sure looks like Julian Assange is actually alive. Or did Ron Paul somehow fake that video interview where Assange talks about the very recent CIA nonsense about a"non-state intelligence organization" One hell of a body double and a perfectly matching voice! watch?v=QwkrtpXp-wg currently linked at the top of left column on Drudge

My response: That does appear to obviously be Assange. The blue screen background is odd. If it is Assange, and not a piece of software generating it all, there is still the question: Why did it take from October until now for him to actually show up on camera for real? He has yet to step up to the balcony window. This still does not change his Twitter having an obvious photo of someone else. But I have to say, yes, it does indeed appear to be genuine. If so, that's good news.


Anonymous sent:

I have a brother in the marines stationed in San Diego. He called me Wednesday and said the Commandant was there to give the marines news of their intentions to go to war with North Korea. They are going to deploy the most number of marines since WW2. Looks like President Kushner has taken over Trump. Trump is just a puppet in front of the theater now just like the past presidents have been. Keep up the good work on your site. Always read it once a day here in central Texas. Just wanted to send along the warning, please get this out there so people can see. Thanks.

My response: A very decent reader sent me a message, concerned that I might wreck my credibility with a forum post that claimed someone on the draft board stated there was good reason to believe the draft would be re-enstated. But the post looked credible to me, so I left it up. Now this.


Anonymous sent:

Maybe the Chinese can't build an aircraft carrier and maybe they're following Sun Tzu's advice for waging war by deception. China knows that soon, carriers will go the way of the battleship and maybe they're placing their assets in space to knock out the USA's defense satellites, making us blind and our ICBM's useless. Ditto for Russia, maybe their is a serious flaw in the S-400 and maybe they're letting puffed-up American generals and a blow-hard president think there is a problem. Americans like to strut around, thumping their chest and bragging to the world how good they are and how mean they'd be in a fight--remember that Army general huffing and puffing about kicking ass? Russia and China don't go around braying like jackasses about how much of a bad-ass they are, they'll wait until the SHTF to show the other side."

No comment.

SAUDI LEAKS (and more)

Bod sent:

Jim the links to FARSNEWS ARTICLE below are not loading via Telstra modem, timeout occurs, probably due to intermediary censorship. using safari browser... ?

They are also plugging support for trump and his NK bash saying Melbourne could be target. Thats about as Far as you can get on the Australian mainland. Only Tasmania is further from NK, surely Cairns, Townsville, Darwin or Brisbane would be more likely reachable? maybe lesser amount of gullible voter base would be the answer? fingers crossed this is not another "Great War" ploy in the making? Like you, its funny NK, Syria and Iran's main similarity is a lack of a Rothchild bank...Also sad about the sell out S400 system, Intel inside indeed. Sad thing is, its probably flagging me up right now? Can you suggest an email that is suitable as alternative for Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail and its spy ridden CONtempories? Best Regards, Bod" My response: I have confirmed the Saudi Leaks link to FarsNews works. So it may be censorship, because obviously the tribe does not want Saudi Arabia shredded. For those who missed that, it is HERE. Saudi leaks is a hack on Saudi Arabia by Yemeni hackers that ended up hitting the jackpot and getting full access to over 3, 000 top level Saudi government computers. Whatever they come up with will be limited only by the quality of an internet connection in Yemen. Iran was absolutely thrilled and has been translating the hacks to English. Obviously Saudi Arabia has patched the holes by now, but the Yemenis kept it a secret long enough to do major damage. So that's why not everyone can get around the censorship and actually see it.

I supported Trump mostly because I did not believe he'd be a war president, and because I believed he'd actually do something about Planned Parenthood, tainted vaccines, and a slew of other things. I am not happy about Trump any more AT ALL, it really seems like he's either been drugged, or shown the light about a nuclear blackmail threat. I believe the nuclear blackmail report is dead on.


Anonymous sent:

Sheez, activist post also just blackballed by the ptb. There has to be a new way(s) for us all to circumvent their insane monopoly and censorship. This is over the top. Any suggestions?Tks for all YOU do! At least alex has his supplements. Forbidden knowledge also blackballed. So many, TOO many, ALL that matter!"

My response: TO ALL IN ALT MEDIA: The trolls use the message window relentlessly to try to guilt trip me for requesting donations to stay afloat. WHEN THEY DO THIS TO YOU, IGNORE IT, IT IS A VERY OLD GAME HERE. If you want to stay in the business now, you are just going to have to suck it up, take donations, and live on less, you cannot expect a posh lifestyle even if you deserve to live well for the work you do if you want to do anything to confront the new world order. Obviously Trump is not going to do anything to help us. That pisses me off.

If Activist Post and Forbidden Knowledge bit the dust, we are all going to be screwed. This site was blackballed from the beginning over the Fuku report so I have gotten good at getting through problems but I don't know how other people, who had a rightful budget and as a result loans and other things that need to be kept up on are going to make it now that their throat has been cut. It is like having a bus go off the road at highway speed and wondering what the results will be for everyone while you are still bouncing down a mountain side at this point.

Trump is as bad as Kim Jong

Both are hurling threats back and forth at an equally fevered pitch. So today the line from Trump is that war is again imminent and that he's sending 500, 000 troops (Drudge headline).

If Trump does that, China has already stated that they will attack the United States. They had better hope they don't have "Intel Inside" whatever they use when they do that.



When I hear the MSM saying Ivanka is great on a microphone, it makes me want to puke acid, any MSM approval is PROOF WE GOT SCAMMED.

Advice to the Chinese:

IF YOU ARE THAT BAD AT MAKING AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER, WHY DON'T YOU JUST TAKE ONE OF YOUR GIANT CONTAINER SHIPS, WELD A FLAT DECK ON IT, AND USE THAT? It would be MUCH bigger, more capable, and already have cranes on it to lift aircraft from the cargo hold. If you used a container ship that was scheduled for scrapping, you'd get it for FREE and it would be ready RIGHT AWAY. Just weld a few compartments into it so it won't sink with one torpedo. THERE. I SOLVED YOUR PROBLEM WITH 25 SECONDS OF COMMON SENSE!

Chinese aircraft carrier

It is a brand new under sized under weight based on old soviet tech outdated POS hulk that has no motors and can't go anywhere yet. Evidently "commissioned" or "launched" in China does not equal a working ship. I am very surprised China did that badly. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Anyway, I was going to skip reporting it because it is such a big nothing, but enough other people praised it to finally set me off and say it like it is. If that's what is available to the other side for world war 3, I see a six pointed vax GMO SSRI dumbed down slave future ahead for everyone.

Trump win

Not too enthusiastic anymore, but Trump has just initiated pulling the federal government out of education and letting the states handle it. That is a good move, it will make centralized destruction of the children via education much harder to accomplish. See this

Former CIA analyst: Kim Jong is shrewd, not crazy

Just as I said a few days ago - Kim Jong is in fact intelligent and highly educated and not behaving as recklessly as we have been told. See this

What should you do after a nuclear attack?

The MSM stated what they want people to do. Since they are B.S., I did not even read their reports for things like this. HERE IS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO

If you are in America, you probably have a basement. Or something else that would serve the purpose (underground tornado shelters are pretty much the same as fallout shelters)

Here is what you do:

If you are close enough to see the flash and mushroom cloud, take your time and see which way it is blowing. If it is blowing away from you, you have little to worry about provided it is the only nuke and you don't get downwind of another nuke. FACT: The atmosphere at sea level will block all ionizing radiation after a distance of more than 2 miles. So it is safe to watch the mushroom cloud if you were far enough away from it to not get blown away.

If the cloud is blowing towards you, and you cannot GTFO, you will probably have a half hour or so to prepare before things get really bad.

Grab all the food you have and get it into the basement. Set up your shelter in a corner of the basement that is deepest underground if there is one. If you have a spot in the basement that is under a stressed concrete garage floor, use that. Build yourself a little fort in the corner that is comfortable with a bed mattress, any games you might have, a radio, and obviously flashlights. Get as many heavy items in the house as possible around your little fort.

The biggest threats will be dust that gets into the house, AND having a horizontal surface that collects a lot of fallout have a way to get all the radiation from that fallout to hit you edge on. If all you have to deal with is radiation from fallout that lands on the roof above you, you won't be likely to get a damaging dose of radiation. However, if your basement is not deep and as a result there is a side of your basement that is parallel with the ground, that will be a huge problem because all of the radiation from the fallout that lands on the ground will be there, radiating to the side, straight into you. You have to get low enough to have the radiation from the fallout that lands on the ground to pass above you.

If you have no basement, then go to the center of the house and put everything in the house around you. You won't block all the radiation, but some will be blocked. Old CRT televisions and monitors will block ALL the radiation because the screens are made out of leaded glass. They are defacto radiation shields. But not many people have enough of those around to build a fort out of . . . . . Water also makes a great radiation shield but it takes about 2 feet of water to block most radiation and about 4 feet to stop all of it. Any water at all in bottles surrounding you will be a lot better than nothing.

The worst time period is the first three days. Do not go out at all during that time. If you can stay down there for two weeks, it will probably be safe to go out after that.

If you have not made any preparations and are out of the house when the nuke goes off, but you can get home quickly, go home, don't go for groceries and don't try to drive out of town. There will be a traffic jam and the last thing you want is to be stuck in a car when it is snowing fallout. That would probably be doom.

If the nuke was an air burst, there might not be much visible fallout, but all the radiation will still be there. If you are downwind from the mushroom cloud, follow the same rules even if nothing visibly falls on the ground.

Key points:

1 .Get below ground level.
2. Have entertainment. Any games you might have around will be a godsend.
3. Water is more important than food. Even if all you can do is fill cups with water, get it to the shelter area and if the water is off that soon after a blast (not likely) fill your containers from the toilet tank
4. Have a little fort set up in a corner of the basement, with as much from the house as possible surrounding you.
5. If you don't have a basement or tornado shelter, seek the center of the house and set up a fort with as much furniture and heavy items as possible. 6. Try to get as much edible food as possible in your shelter area. In this situation, a coleman cook stove will be OK to use, but keep your cooking as short as possible.
7. NEVER GET STUCK IN TRAFFIC RUNNING AWAY FROM A MUSHROOM CLOUD. You'd be much better off at home if you can get home, cars won't block radiation AT ALL. Steel does NOTHING.

8. If you were far enough away to survive the initial blast, you have at least a half hour to prepare. Don't take much longer than that though.

Uh-Oh for Russia: Surveillance ship collides with animal hauling freighter


It really is as pathetic as it seems. The Russian ship was specifically made to track surface ships and submarines. HOW DID IT COLLIDE WITH A FREIGHTER THEN? That's really bad.

Maybe that ship has "Intel Inside" also?

S300-400 useless?

This is completely unconfirmed, but it makes perfect sense:

Anonymous sent:

Iran declared that they will not buy any S-400 from Russia. Because they are useless against Israel and thereby USA and probably others. Israel keeps bombing Syria and the Russian S-400s there do nothing. Iranians changed the codes to identify friends. But Israelis found another way to neutralize the S-400. The S-400 was the only defence Russia had against attackers. Now that is proven useless. S-400s are manufactured by a privatized Soviet company, currently owned by Jewish Oligarch. The weapons designers are mostly Jewish. So, Israelis have all the inside secrets of all Russian weapons

My response: Given the recent behavior of the S-400, this is probably true. Once again, IF THE S-400 HAS INTEL INSIDE, YOU CAN USE IT TO KISS A DONKEY'S *SS AND THAT WILL BE ABOUT ALL.

Here's an interesting tidbit! Saudi Leaks

This never made news in the U.S., but Saudi Arabia got "wikileaked" by Yemeni hackers. Since there's a good reason for everyone to hate Saudi Arabia, this is worth a look. The documents are being translated to English by Iran, and can be viewed Here. This will land on one of the translations, you have to scroll to the bottom of the page for the links to more.


People who work civilian positions in the military are posting to forums that they have received notice from the draft board (selective service) that they need to confirm their contact information because the draft may be started up. If it is started up, evidently it will go under civilian operation and the civilians who are associated are all being contacted to make sure they will be available.

Meanwhile, Trump appears to be going ahead with action on North Korea. This time it might not be a bluff, but we all know what happened last time. Time Magazine is covering this, See this

Keep in mind my warnings about EMP. I did not go to such an extent to explain it for nothing. I know damn well they will go as far as to set off a nuke to justify kicking off action against North Korea and wanted to make good and sure at least a portion of the population knows what a nuke can and can't do.

1. A nuke CAN cook your barbecue while it is still in the fridge.

2. A nuke CANNOT blow your Iphone if you are far enough away to avoid a bar-b-q. Treat all EMP related effects (with anything they can just shut off remotely) with the greatest scrutiny, chances are you will be hoaxed.

routing test

The MSM has finally admitted that salt does not give you high blood pressure

They are now admitting that sodium does not increase your blood pressure. This is something this web site has posted repeatedly for years. SEE THIS

I have, in the past, said many times that the war on salt was a Jewish psy op to give people bad health and a lack of energy. Here is one such post, from a couple years ago that was posted in a response to a reader about cesium chloride being a cure for cancer:

Sodium, Potassium and Cesium are all on the far left column of the periodic table and are all alkaline metals. Since they are all left column they exhibit similar properties and their salts are safe to eat. I'd obviously avoid lithium salt, but it won't kill you if you don't mind the potential side effects . . . . . rubidium salt is probably also a cure for cancer that would be more potent than cesium chloride, but cesium chloride will do it with only a gram a day and rubidium chloride would be a tough one to get . . . . . and even ordinary table salt would probably have an impact on cancer since it is based on a left column metal as well.

I find it interesting and see a possible connection in the fact that cancer rates have exploded during the mainstream "official" campaign against salty foods, which is a scam of the highest order, Jews salt the living hell out of their food, and then go on TV and jack with the medical community, telling the rest of us to avoid salt.

With Sodium being a left column element there could be a reason for them to speak against it, perhaps making money from cancer is one? Additionally, not having enough salt makes you have serious water retention problems (always thirsty, always peeing) and steals clarity of thought and overall energy as well. EAT LOTS OF SALT FOR A GOOD LIFE WITH A CLEAR MIND AND LOTS OF ENERGY, and additionally to keep enough water in your system so you are not always thirsty. This is not any sort of myth, salt your food as much as it tastes good, the Jews do it, they told me to when I was with them AND THEY ARE WINNING. Salt gives you life, and they want you to be weak and ineffective so you accomplish nothing against their tyranny.

Don't worry about getting too much salt, The real measure of how much salt you should have is that if it tastes good and makes you feel good you need more. When you get enough it will suddenly not taste good and you won't want it. It would be a challenge to eat too much because your body will certainly let you know by saying ICK! Anyway, if cesium chloride is a magic bullet against cancer then sodium chloride ought to at least have an effect, USE YOUR PERIODIC TABLE, if you understand how the vertical columns work to associate behaviors of elements you can figure out a lot of things, with the importance of salt in keeping cancer in check being an obvious one.

Here is another mention of salt on this web site in a response to a reader about depression, from 2012

In fact, most depression and brain fog issues are really rooted in a lack of salt and calcium. And the doctors KNOW IT. Far from being over-salted, America is UNDER salted. This was something I was told in no uncertain terms when I was inside the Jewish community, if you want to LIVE life, salt everything. You ought to have read in the bible about people who have "lost their salt". Lost their zest for life. There is meaning in that statement, and the elite SALT EVERYTHING while telling us not to. The lie about high blood pressure - it's PURE B.S. and they know it. If you are ready to pop from high blood pressure, cut back on the salt for a TEMPORARY drop, to save your life, but your blood pressure will soon return to the same high state, salted or not.

Now they admit it in the MSM! There were several reports about this released today. This site was what? Five years ahead of the curve?


1. Planned Parenthood will not be getting defunded.
2. The wall will not be built. (I don't care about that, I never thought it should be there) because it was too "East German"
3. Sanctuary cities will continue to be so.

Trump does not seem right. Something definitely happened, but obviously we won't be told what.

The EMP reports resulted in serious backlash.

That means I hit home.

Ok, so let me explain this chart here very clearly, to prove the people pushing EMP are full of it. They want the EMP psy op to be available so when they pull the plug to get control over everyone, they have a perfect scapegoat everyone will believe. Ok, so it is time to kill the goat once and for all.:

Let's use this Chinese nuclear test which involved an air burst of a 200 kiloton device.

Ok, so on this chart above, look at the far left hand side. Under the number 40, you see mv/m. That is the total number of volts per meter of cross section the EMP from this bomb produced at 4,700 km distance (about 3000 miles). This chart means that if you had an electronic device that had wires in it 1 meter long, this chinese nuke would be able to put, at most, a PEAK voltage of 40 millivolts into your device. That's 0.04 volts, way less than the deadest dead battery you could ever dredge out of the junk drawer.

One of the reasons why I took the message window down was because of a troll who quoted a Russian system that generated 1.5 kilovolts per meter. Now, that would be bad. BUT GEE, I CAN PUT A PIECE OF TINFOIL IN THE MICROWAVE AND GENERATE 4,000 VOLTS in only 2.5 inches! That's what a microwave oven adds up to. But I'd like to see anyone take the magnetron out of a microwave, point it at a power line and trigger a blackout! That is not going to happen!.


Let's go over this: 1. Kim Jong has set off several nukes recently. BLACKOUTS? ZERO!
2. There were many many MANY MANY MANY nuclear tests in Nevada. BLACKOUTS? Las Vegas had a temporary power outage once, but who knows why when it only happened once, and nothing blew out. To say a nuclear test did that is a stretch when if EMP was a big deal it should have happened every time. Once does not cut it.
3. Starfish Prime, which was an outright attempt to generate a devastating EMP over the Pacific. BLACKOUTS? ZERO. Not on ONE SINGLE PACIFIC ISLAND ANYWHERE. Not in Tahiti, not in Hawaii, not on a single destitute atoll, folks absolutely NOTHING happened that could be definitively attributed to an EMP. So the claim is 30 light bulbs blew out in Honolulu and the starter motor in one guy's car quit. So what? How many light bulbs does Honolulu have? How many cars? At least 50,000 cars at that time. Gee, I'd expect to have to change a starter once every 50,000 days! No doubt Honolulu has at least a million light bulbs. 30 quit? blaming that on a bomb is stupid when light bulbs only lasted a year at most. How many really burned out that night? thousands, from normal use.

4. Tsar Bomba, The largest nuclear weapon ever detonated was an air burst (which makes EMP far worse) triggered absolutely NO BLACKOUTS while it broke windows 560 miles away and created mayhem for radio. PUT YOUR THINKING CAPS ON FOLKS AND DO NOT JUST BLINDLY BELIEVE, if even Tsar Bomba failed to trip a blackout anywhere, EMP is BULLSHIT, PERIOD.

People, you are getting scammed with EMP. It does not make sense. There is only ONE type of scenario where EMP makes sense: You are within 30 miles of a BIG bomb. Then something might trip or blow out, but chances are you're dead anyway. Yes, nuclear weapons DO produce a brief and powerful burst of radio energy. If you get close enough to any high powered transmitter you can expect an electronic device to get overwhelmed and malfunction, and in extreme cases fail.

Yes, there are plenty of plane mounted transmitters that are designed to jam and blow things. Yes that works, because the higher frequency can couple with shorter wires. But when it comes to nukes, WORRY ABOUT THE FIRE BALL, NOT THE EMP. FOLKS, THE PSY OP TEAM IS WELL AWARE OF THE FACT THAT PEOPLE KNOW KIM JONG CAN ONLY DO ONE. SO IF THEY WANT THE PSY OP TO WORK, IT HAS TO BE A GOOD ONE. ENTER THE MYTHICAL HIGH ALTITUDE BLOW EVERYTHING BURST HAS NO HISTORY WHATSOEVER. OH, YES IT DOES: STARFISH PRIME, WHICH DID NOTHING OF SIGNIFICANCE. Yes, they have spooked up the Starfish Prime reports with artistic fiction, but when facts are considered NOT ONE THING HAPPENED that can be directly blamed on it, other than a massive radio disturbance, and three satellites that got wrecked by radiation. Nothing got destroyed by the EMP. Not one transformer, generator, electrical line, or anything else other than disposable items that burn out or wear out, and then at the normal rate so you can't say any EMP caused it.

At any rate, by now I am preaching to the choir.


Yep, we'd have been better off with Ron Paul

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

Candidate Trump: "I Love Wikileaks."

President Trump: "Arrest Assange!"

"I love Wikileaks, " candidate Donald Trump said on October 10th on the campaign trail. He praised the organization for reporting on the darker side of the Hillary Clinton campaign. It was information likely leaked by a whistleblower from within the Clinton campaign to Wikileaks.

Back then he praised Wikileaks for promoting transparency, but candidate Trump looks less like President Trump every day. The candidate praised whistleblowers and Wikileaks often on the campaign trail. In fact, candidate Trump loved Wikileaks so much he mentioned the organization more than 140 times in the final month of the campaign alone! Now, as President, it seems Trump wants Wikileaks founder Julian Assange sent to prison.

Last week CNN reported, citing anonymous "intelligence community" sources, that the Trump Administration's Justice Department was seeking the arrest of Assange and had found a way to charge the Wikileaks founder for publishing classified information without charging other media outlets such as the New York Times and Washington Post for publishing the same information.

" It might have been tempting to write off the CNN report as “fake news, " as is much of their reporting, but for the fact President Trump said in an interview on Friday that issuing an arrest warrant for Julian Assange would be, "OK with me."

Trump's condemnation of Wikileaks came just a day after his CIA Director, Michael Pompeo, attacked Wikileaks as a "hostile intelligence service." Pompeo accused Assange of being "a fraud - a coward hiding behind a screen."

Pompeo's word choice was no accident. By accusing Wikileaks of being a "hostile intelligence service" rather than a publisher of information on illegal and abusive government practices leaked by whistleblowers, he signaled that the organization has no First Amendment rights. Like many in Washington, he does not understand that the First Amendment is a limitation on government rather than a granting of rights to citizens. Pompeo was declaring war on Wikileaks.

But not that long ago Pompeo also cited Wikileaks as an important source of information. In July he drew attention to the Wikileaks release of information damaging to the Clinton campaign, writing, "Need further proof that the fix was in from President Obama on down?"

There is a word for this sudden about-face on Wikileaks and the transparency it provides us into the operations of the prominent and powerful: hypocrisy.

The Trump Administration's declaration of war on whistleblowers and Wikileaks is one of the greatest disappointments in these first 100 days. Donald Trump rode into the White House with promises that he would "drain the swamp, " meaning that he would overturn the apple carts of Washington's vested interests. By unleashing those same vested interests on those who hold them in check - the whistleblowers and those who publish their revelations - he has turned his back on those who elected him.

Julian Assange, along with the whistleblowers who reveal to us the evil that is being done in our name, are heroes. They deserve our respect and admiration, not a prison cell. If we allow this president to declare war on those who tell the truth, we have only ourselves to blame.

Bill Nye

Bill Nye got a new program on Netflix and was SO BAD with his sexual degeneracy that he made Mexican MSM for an extended segment. In case you missed it, Bill Nye got his own program on Netflix called "Bill Nye saves the world". And during the opening episode, he had an incredible sexually deviant romp.

The performance, which featured Nye behind a DJ booth and a man ripping his trousers off, include: "Versatile love may have some butt stuff. It’s evolution, ain’t nothing new. There’s nothing taboo about a sex stew." SEE THIS and kiss the Nye guy goodbye. He was never a scientist anyway, just an actor playing a scientist like Tim the Tool Man Taylor was a comedian playing a tool man. Tim was actually funny though. I'd watch a re-run of the tool man.

My EMP and moon photo posts got "them" upset

So upset that rather than the usual 50-100 decent messages when the box is not messed with dropped to 7 trollage posts, where they obviously hate my guts. Now, I don't want to spend much time on the trolls but I will say this:

To the 4 out of 7 messages that were pissed about my EMP report:

Even the resources you sent clearly state that handheld devices, cars, and self contained electrical systems that do not use long power lines will not be affected by EMP. So they are better than most, because they are at least half way to saying what I have said and you were too stupid to see it. Choose a better hoax for your trollage.

They also clearly state that large systems are affected by EMP on a volts/meter basis. But they are seriously flawed, because the longest the voltage will build is ONE WAVELENGTH. At 100 KHZ for the lowest frequency EMP, that means that one half of 1.86 miles is the longest distance that can actually accumulate voltage. How far is one half of 1.86 miles? About 1200 meters.

Now, look at the EMP charts in the report below. On the left hand side of the column it shows how many volts per meter the nuclear EMP could induce. Gee, one says 40 millivolts and the other says 50 millivolts. So what is 50 millivolts times 1200? That's 60 volts. Worse? There is a positive and negative side to the wave form, so you have to divide that by two, for 30 volts. That would blow a flaky and ready to die network card on a wide area network that ran across town, but if you are talking about electrical systems running at 500, 000 or more volts like the grid does, well, you can take your EMP and stick it, it's going nowhere. But oh, yes, they say that was measured at 5000 kilometers, (3000 miles distance. OK cool. So if a huge EMP went off in the center of the U.S., and your electrical line was only 300 miles from ground zero, gee, then over 1200 meters the electrical system, running at 500, 000 volts, would get a pulse of 300 volts. At 30 miles? A pulse of 3, 000 volts. What difference will that make to an electrical system running at 500, 000 volts? What difference would that make to an electrical system running at 48, 000 volts? NOT JACK.

48, 000 volts is a local distribution voltage, not a voltage anyone speaking of "the grid" is talking about, A DOUBLE WHAMMY.

Ok, so that leaves out local distribution, which would not like a surge of 3000 volts if it is running at only 2, 400. But it would not mind a surge of 300 volts that much. So 300 miles out, secondary low voltage systems will not be affected too terribly. You can forget the 120/240 volt side of the system, because there simply are not any wire runs long enough going in a straight line at that low voltage to do anything, and at that point there are so many individual surge protectors hooked up to the system that if anything big happened they'd shunt it out.


You have an electrical line 1000 miles long. Idiot does not know anything about how magnetic waves interact with wires, so he's going to assume the entire stretch will build voltage when in fact, across that length of wire, the fact that the EMP has a frequency of AT LEAST 100 khz will divide the effects of that EMP at least 5, 000 times. If the EMP has a frequency of 1 mhz, it will be divided 50, 000 times.

I HAVE COLD HARD PROOF I AM COMPLETELY RIGHT. AND IT IS ALL THE NUCLEAR TESTS THAT WERE DONE BEFORE, WHICH DID NOT BLOW OUT JACK. Not even Starfish Prime, which was over a megaton detonated in the worst possible way blew out jack. The only thing that happened was temporary disturbances in the radio spectrum that did not blow components. Even Kim Jong's latest DID NOTHING. There's a modern example for everyone to low and behold.

EMP IS A HOAX. If "EMP" "blows out anything", it will be because a six pointed bastard writing articles with six points and six ways and six this and that sent a signal through the cell phone network the six pointed tribe owns completely to shut devices the tribe sabotaged with back doors down, and then infiltrated the grid enough to simply shut it off. That would work PERFECT for getting people to comply, RIGHT? Just cut the power and shut off Pokemon Go and watch the public cry for salvation.

PROBLEM: Cars older than the year 2000 for the most part don't have a kill switch and it is going to look real bad when cars of that vintage, which are identical in function to anything new, having all the same sensors and engine control systems, keep running. To take out all such cars, you'd have to go all the way back to 1980 volkswagen rabbits. Good luck with that. No one is going to make the case that a cherry condition 1989 Mustang or Corvette should hit the scrap pile, just to cover for the EMP scam.

DEAR TROLLS: Don't bother sending well written hoax articles that don't consider all points, and talk about three different phases of an EMP. The EMP IS WHAT IT IS. IT IS A DAMPED WAVE, JUST LIKE WHAT IS SHOWN BELOW. THAT IS THE BEGINNING MIDDLE AND END OF AN EMP. STOP HOAXING THE PUBLIC WITH THREE PHASES OF AN EMP "DAY AFTER" BULLSHIT, especially when even your own sources clearly state the scene on the highway where all the cars shut off can't happen.

And to the flat earth trolls that constituted 3 out of 7 messages received today: If you can't go out during a partial lunar eclipse and see the round earth clearly outlined on the moon WITH YOUR OWN EYES, JUST LIKE THE PICTURE I HAVE POSTED BELOW, God help you, you truthfully and duly SUCK.

By the way, the purple outline at the top of the moon in that photo is called a chromatic abberation, caused by the lens on a super zoom camera that took that photo. That does not make it CGI. MY GOD, THE STUPIDITY.


So clear it got the trolls blowing bubbles and spinning. This report proves with scientific accuracy that the "three stage EMP" is a bold faced lie. The wave shapes shown are the EXACT AND ENTIRE EMP from nuclear tests. If you believe anything else, it is time to learn the truth! This report is so good it would probably be classified at some level if the FED produced it simply because it kills the EMP psy op in a technical way even average people can understand.



I received a message from someone who was either fooled by a troll, or a troll. The message went like this:

"A nuclear EMP has three phases. The first phase is a sharp fast pulse that bypasses protection circuits. The second phase is a medium duration pulse that protection circuits can stop, but they'd be fried by the first pulse. The third phase is a long duration pulse that "takes everything out".

MY RESPONSE: BULLSHIT. A nuclear EMP is a damped sine wave. Here are a couple nuclear EMP's.

As you can see from the time scale, I have always stated the correct frequency range for a nuclear EMP. This varies depending upon whatever materials surround the nuke, but can be as low as 100 KHZ and as high as 10 MHZ with the most typical frequency being between 1 and 3 MHZ.

Here is another nuclear EMP:

As you can see, the EMP from a nuke takes the form of a distorted damped sine wave. Here is a clean damped sine wave:

Ok, so note the time scale on the documented nuclear EMP's. There is absolutely no cheap surge protector that would not stop that. And there is clear hard proof this is the case, because we all know that any surge protector out there is designed to stop lightning. So let's look at the EMP from a lightning bolt, and it's relative time scale.

Notice that the lightning has a much faster rise time at the beginning of the pulse than a nuclear EMP does, which makes it much much harder to stop. Additionally, the nuclear EMP has the shape of a sine wave, which is a lot less damaging and easier to filter than a spike, which is what a lightning bolt does.

From these comparisons we can conclude: The lighning arresters in the power grid will work to protect against a nuclear EMP. And absolutely any device that is protected against static discharge will be protected against nuclear EMP also, AND THAT MEANS ABSOLUTELY ANY MODERN ELECTRONIC DEVICE, which would be killed by static electricity practically instantly if it had no protection circuitry.

An average device, according to a Novell network training course I took in the 90's, can easily, even by 90's standards (when things were more easily hurt than now, because the protection circuits were not as good as they are now) could, by 90's standards, handle a static spark that delivered a pulse of 40 watts. That's so much more than a nuclear EMP could ever hope to put into an Iphone that it is beyond description, we're talking MILLIWATTS from an EMP into a device that small. Yes, milliwats would blow a totally unprotected mosfet, or mosfet based memory, but that's not what we are dealing with when it comes to modern, well protected devices.

The bottom line? If a "nuclear EMP" takes out your car, your cell phone, your laptop, it is a FALSE FLAG. And if a nuclear EMP does anything more than trip the self re-setting lightning arresters on the power grid it is a false flag also. It just so happens that the unexpected happened - all our digital devices got made to be resistant to static, which made them completely protected against EMP. And our power grid got all the upgrades to make it automatically trip before lightning can cause damage, which required a much faster protection system than would be needed to protect it from a nuclear EMP.

The facts are so obvious they can't be argued. The time scales are what they are.

Trump met in secret with Congress today (Monday) to discuss North Korea

I initially ignored this but then realized why I probably should not. And that is because even though the Korea psy op is a proven fake (see report farther down this page) the desire for war from the neocons is not fake. They may attack at any moment. If Trump met with congress in secret today, it probably means something will be done. I am mentioning this because there is a very real possibility of a false flag on American soil to get it all going. WAR PREPARATIONS: You had better stock up on your lucky charms!

North Korea cannot do anything of significance to the U.S., view any early attacks with great scrutiny! However, China has stood up in support of North Korea recently, and China actually could "reduce the United States to ash". The may lose their largest customer, but the rest of the world will still be there . . . . . .

Very weird problem today

The related report is obviously very important!

All I tried to do was copy a portion of straight text from a Russian report about how the showdown in North Korea is fake, and the server spit back a code it is not even supposed to give me: "No Meta Injection Please". All I did was post STRAIGHT TEXT. And when I am in combat mode, posting to the front page, there is absolutely no restriction on what I can put up, the server is not programmed to check anything I do. Yet despite numerous attempts it kept spitting back the same response, even when there was absolutely no code at all, and no "meta injection" happening. The only way this can happen is if someone was sending back a bullshit reason via an intercept between me and the server, while they blocked the report from being posted. I eventually figured out exactly what text it was that was blocked but by the time that happened the front page was a mess complete with a broken link and I had to fix it later via a direct log in.


THE REPORT THAT IS CLEARLY LABELED "THE MEDIA IS LYING ABOUT RUSSIAN TROOPS MASSING ON THE KOREAN BORDER" IS PROBABLY A VERY IMPORTANT REPORT, It seems a much wanted psy op got busted, DO NOT MISS THAT REPORT, read it entirely including what the Russian media outlet posted, from their page, it is very detailed and busted the entire psy op on all points from top to bottom.

North Korea

Anonymous sent: The NK distraction is just that, a DISTRACTION to get the sheeple's mind off the REAL problem of some sleazy MOSSAD agent, Kushner, now in charge of the USG. Big Jew doesn't like it when they get exposed, so they gin up some BS--like NK--to keep the sheeple penned up in the Stupid Corral, bawling for help and relief from the same SOBs causing the problems

My response: You know, I would not doubt this. The report from Russia (down this page a ways) debunked all of the North Korea hype very well. However, I would not doubt there is something going on, but nothing is going to happen right now, quite certainly.

There was nothing related to Operation Gotham Shield going on today, and people are confused. However, there is a new rumor about a possible ICBM test launch by the United States on Wednesday. And the Carl Vinson will be going to South Korea now, where it is normally stationed. And there are rumors about an evacuation of American citizens from South Korea underway. But with all the hoakery going on right now, no one really has answers.

Flat Earth

Anonymous sent:

What's with the moon shadow, it seems unremarkable to me that the earth can cast its shadow on the moon. I feel that I must be missing some blindingly obvious "thing"; but for the life of me I can't see what it is. Why are you pointing this out, what am I not seeing?

My response: Why mention flat earth? Just debunk it with a picture. The flat earth psy op has become so well done that even people who should have reputations sometimes believe it. But that one photo so perfectly debunks flat earth without saying anything at all. It won't matter how well the psy op team does videos or dreams up ways that are perfectly rational to fool people when all anyone has to do is look at the moon during a partial lunar eclipse. That can't be faked! There is no "secret source of info" that could possibly debunk the earth's round and proportionate shadow cast on the moon! Why argue past that?

I had a hard time posting the following.

I don't know what caused all the problems other than when I tried to post the straight text from a Russian report that is now posted below while in combat mode the server would not allow it. VERY ODD. I spent an hour and figured out exactly what text was not allowed to post.

Here is the report that caused problems:

From Russia Insider.

The Media Is Lying About Russian Troops Massing on the Border With North Korea

Russian troops massing on the border with North Korea are about as real as Harry Potter's magic wand. The entire North Korea "crisis" is manufactured hogwash

We keep trying to warn you but you never listen, do you?

"Escalation" with North Korea isn't real. It's a distraction.

The following is the exact text that was not allowed to post: "The same media that told you a mighty American armada is anchored off the Korean Peninsula is now claiming that Russia is massing troops on the border with North Korea, and Chinese bombers are on high alert and making "unusual moves".

You're being lied to in the most spectacular and hilarious ways."

For whatever reason, the server refused to post that! I can't figure out why, but it took numerous attempts, and I narrowed it down to that exact text that would not post. VERY ODD!

At any rate, I have repeatedly stated that I think America's hype on North Korea was at least partially fake. Maybe it is entirely fake!

Ok, so for what reason would the U.S. want a fake script in the public concience? why would they possibly want that? Well, how about "they need the American people primed for an attack, so when it does happen they immediately blame North Korea and do not stop and question what is going on? Would that be a reason to totally spew endless B.S. about Russian troop placement, Chinese bombers, and Kim Jong far beyond stupidly claiming he can vaporize the U.S. to ash? Believe me, for whatever it is worth, Kim Jong is HIGHLY EDUCATED, probably a man of TOP education and there is no conceivable way he'd actually threaten china and then turn around and be stupid enough to think he can "wipe the U.S. off the map".

Since the U.S. already got caught red handed lying about carrier placement, would it be beyond the realm of doubt to think the U.S. is telling the truth about anything at all? I sure would not doubt a complete fabrication of every last word spewed!

Russia insider did a very comprehensive report on this topic, where they go line by line in detail, marking out where the U.S. media has been completely phony on the topic of North Korea. This is well worth a read, SEE THIS.