Something has been eating at me, for me to post this again.

So since all we have is another (possibly but not likely) credible Muslim attack story in Londonistan in the news, it is time to wake people up with this again:

Drone strike on American soil PROVEN

Blast effects from Indianapolis explosion prove it was a military bombing.

Jim Stone, freelance journalist, updated May 15 2014

Initial report:

Indianapolis blast caused by high velocity explosive

There is little information coming out of Indianapolis, but all of what is coming out indicates that it was a high velocity detonation which occured a few feet off the ground.

There is little concrete foundation remaining at the house the explosion happened at, which totally rules out gas. The lack of high definition photos is damning, we are getting nothing of the blast epicenter and only the debris in the streets. I managed to find a super high quality photo of the neighborhood that does not focus on the house where it originated, but it is clear enough overall to seem to show that the foundation is gone and there is only dirt. But there is so much rubble that it is really hard to tell what is there without a better photo. I am working on this now, and will update it later.

I have received requests to explain the following photo better. When I mention the decompression damage, this is what I am trying to say. If you have a detonation from a military grade explosive, rather than a natural gas explosion, the shock wave that goes out from the blast is supersonic and forms a wall of bunched up compressed air as it moves outward. This creates a vacuum cavity in the heart of the detonation, which can go outward for several hundred feet. Air needs to rush backwards to fill that void after the blast wave has passed, and this creates an enormous suction after the intital blast that can cause significant damage in addition to the initial blast damage. So the arrows are pointing at windows, garage doors, and exterior walls of houses that got sucked off by this negative pressure wave. The fact that the houses I refer to had the external sheathing ripped outward, instead of being blown inward, proves that this was no gas explosion, which is subsonic, it was a detonation of military grade ordinance. Explosions are subsonic, detonations are supersonic, and detonations will cause the reverse pressure wave following the blast. Subsonic explosions will not. This is what I am referring to in the high res photo.

Click the image to enlarge it.

This is the only decent photo which will allow a study of the scene, It can tell us a few things, but not everything. More detail of the epicenter is needed. I hunted for that and cannot find it anywhere.

In the arab world, where the homes are made of solid concrete and have no wood at all, even inside, the negative pressure wave has a negligible effect. But in America, the homes are wood even if they have a brick face, and this will drastically increase the damage potential of the negative pressure wave. When our government decides to make such attacks commonplace, our homes will not offer any protection at all. In fact we are sitting ducks.

This was a much bigger blast than is being stated in the press, with eyewitnesses saying that 8 miles away it sounded like lightning hitting their homes, a recording being made at the time six miles away clearly recorded the blast, and it is not an explosion, it sounds like a detonation. Military veterans are saying it sounded exactly like military ordinance, and people two miles away from the blast say it was so loud they thought a bomb went off within their own yards. The blast effects in the high resolution photo indicate that not only was there a strong compression wave, but there was also a very strong subsequent decompression wave, with homes not badly damaged having their windows sucked out and not blown in, even while facing the direction of the blast. This effect is also visible on several garage doors.

Injuries from the scene exactly match those of battlefield blast wave injuries, which include lung damage, pulmonary damage, ear damage and psychosis/disorientation. This was NOT a gas explosion, meth lab explosion or anything else, it was a detonation of high grade explosives.

Since I do not have a better explanation I am going to tentatively state that the black helicopter and missile plume story could be possible, we all knew this was coming. But I have absolutely no confirmation of this or any other evidence other than blast effects. It appears that it was a smart guided bomb or missile with an ability to detonate after impact, (there are many bombs now that can be set to go off after they have entered a structure to a pre set depth.) This is what we are looking at, they did not want a crater forming ground burst but it appears to have stripped away the foundation. It sure would be nice to get a few REAL photos out of there.

I have also heard now from many writers that Fema and the DHS were on scene within three minutes. If true, this would be proof positive that it was a government hit, and as you know, Obama wrote himself some nice little tyrant powers that allow him to kill anyone he wants. I am not going to take the time to link it, if you don't already know this, you need to study your way to it. Welcome to the U.S.S.A, and in fact, it has been at least partially this way for a few years now.

I would like to know what the people who owned that house were doing. I would like to know if they had the goods on election fraud. I would like to know if they were in a position to be whistleblowers. I would like to know why on earth they were targeted like this, and I am not going along with a Sorcha explanation. The bottom line is I just don't have the answers here, the only thing I can affirmitively state is that this was a military hit of some sort.

The following contains credibile testimony of eyewitnesses

-- admin comment - An Air Force colonel familiar with bombing runs said that this damage was equal to 4, 000 pounds of military grade explosive. How do you get that much blast from a BBQ with at a max 20 pounds of fuel? Answer - Get educated in a modern public school that graduates people who can't think.

Absent a barbecue, you would then need a gas connection. ERROR, the utility company confirmed these houses do not have one. -

Question - How did a barbecue get Fema and the DHS on scene within three minutes of the blast? I know! THE SAME WAY CNN AND OTHER NEWS AGENCIES WERE AT THE MURRAH FEDERAL BUILDING BROADCASTING LIVE, ALL SET UP, THREE MINUTES AFTER IT BLEW UP!!!


A comment from a police officer "It turns out that I am just over four miles in a straight line from the explosion near Sherman and Stop 11. I didnt even put on my uniform as I climbed in my crusier to go to the scene. What I saw was total devistation to four houses and secondary damage to surounding houses. Some houses moved 3 feet off of their foundation!

Initial speculation was that it was a gas explosion. The fire side stated that it didnt look like the normal gas explosion where a house is lifted up and set back down. This had a massive debris field that looks much more like a bomb. The blast was higher than a normal gas explosion. The tree limbs were sheared off at an upward trajectory, not straight out from the house that exploded.

We have had a police presence since Saturday. Today NTSB Haz Mat members arrived at the scene. WTF, for a gas leak? I am begining to subscribe to the notion that something fell from the sky. A couple that lives north of us was outside and said that they heard a sonic boom"

from Stevequayle.com

My comment:

A sonic boom? From the sky? Bombs dropped from airplanes go supersonic in freefall. Bombs dropped from high altitude can make a sonic boom on their way down. Looks like we are inching closer to the story here.

"INSTABILITY AT HOME" A retired Air Force colonel speaks up on the Indianapolis bombing

A reasonable analysis of what is being seen in the US is clear. America faces an insurrection driven by extremist groups within the financial community who are actively working with religious cults that have penetrated the officer corps through America’s discredited service academies. (those cults would be the Jewish community, pretty brazen statement)

Many American military, some retired but some actively serving, have displayed clear signs of treasonous disloyalty and the willingness to, not only overthrow the civilian government but to stage terror attacks inside the United States in concert with foreign intelligence agencies. (Israeli Mossad)

This is not conjecture. One such potential attack may well have happened yesterday, perhaps a “test run.” The report of this wild conspiracy theory came to me from a retired Air Force pilot who flew nuclear-armed F-111’s for a living.

He indicated that the mysterious explosions that took place in Indiana yesterday do not pass the “sniff test.” The retired Air Force colonel responds below, one with top security clearances and a career of special operations behind him.

This is his assessment:

There are two people dead and they will not release their names so far.

The damage area looks like about 4-6 500 pounders, MK-82 Low Drag hard bombs or two 2, 000 pounders.

The wife also said that there is a Russian neighborhood and the Arab neighborhood earlier mentioned very near to the explosion. If the Feds release a bombshell, I will email you back. (Redacted)

Has the long warned of “drone war” inside America actually begun? One legitimate expert thinks so."

My response: Solving this mystery explosion is going to require assembling bits and pieces like this. A Colonel is a high rank and that carries credibility. There is no doubt that the government has gone fully rogue and we should expect to be seeing more of these mysterious explosions. The fact that Fema and the DHS were on scene within 3 minutes pretty much says it all. Those types of agencies do not respond while the dust is still in the air unless they did it themselves.

Springfield "gas explosion" likely a psy op

Bomb arrived AFTER the gas stink wore off

LET ME REPEAT: They smelled natural gas, evacuated the area, and 45 minutes after the smell of gas was gone, an explosion happened that could have only been caused by a huge ordinance blast

There are serious problems with the story, and I now believe the new method is going to now be to set off "gas explosions" where the gas company shows up for a reported smell and then the bomb gets dropped

The first problem is the color of the explosion. Look up the "shock and awe" footage from the Iraq war and compare those blasts to this blast. It's a perfect match for "shock and awe." The biggest problem however, is the amount of devastation, and the story line. The story line is: There was a smell of gas prior to the blast, and the place got evacuated. Firefighters and the gas company showed up for the smell of gas. The gas company looked all over that club for a gas leak, and found no leak. The smell of gas had dissipated and was no longer there, so they figured wtf, and were packing up to leave when the place blew up

Extrapolation, what probably happened

U.N. GI blue hat "New World Orders" Joe was sent to the strip club with a can of natural gas stink. Gas has no odor, they add that smell to it so people know when it is leaking. But it's just an aftermarket stink they add, and a little can of it goes a long way. GI U.N. NWO Joe hates America and had no qualms about setting off a little stink bomb, especially if he knows that everyone will leave because of it before there is a smart bomb on the way, and THIS TIME, after that Indianapolis blast, he knows that to run his little psy op, people need to start believing that natural gas is a military grade weapon because it's not yet socially acceptable in America to just kill dissidents at will, and speed is needed for the next step in the NWO plan. It's just too difficult to send assassins now that people know the gig, people know about "boston brakes" anonymous detention, suicides, the whole 9 yards and they need to now just cut to the chase and do drone strikes like in Afghanistan because the sheeple are waking up and time is wasting. So "natural gas" needs a whole new "attitude" and re-education of the populace with regard to it's fury needs to be done post haste.

There is too much public record of what natural gas is capable of. We all know it does not level neighboring buildings or blow windows out and knock homes off foundations a block away. But to do a good job militarily, that type of power is needed and to get a blast big enough to kill someone with certainty, the neighbor's house has to go too. So now they have the fire department saying there was a gas smell, the gas company saying there was a gas smell, and then BOOM, the big boy goes off.

The major underlying problem with all of this is that the bomb arrived too late for some reason.

Either Joe played with the stink and used some for fun, or our illiterates the schools are now graduating did not get the calculations right and the stink was gone before the blast happened. Or maybe they could not get the drone started on cue. The firefighters and gas company came, they saw, they found no gas, the smell was gone, they were leaving, and BOOM. And it was a BIG boom. Totally erased that club, And I call BULLSHIT. And I mean ERASED. Glass thrown for blocks. Speaker magnets laying in rubble. Bricks everywhere, totally stripped of the concrete mortar, All from a "gas leak" that was looked for, not found, SMELL GONE, WITH PROFESSIONALS ON SCENE SAYING, WELL, THERE IS NOTHING HERE, TIME TO GO, AND THEN BOOM!

And when you see the picture of the buildings ACROSS THE STREET, HARDENED BRICK AND MORTAR, NOT WOOD BUILDINGS ACROSS THE STREET, THIS WAS OBVIOUSLY A BOMB. Watch the shock and awe videos from the Iraq war, and watch the video of this blast. Notice the color spectrum IN THE VIDEOS. Don't use the photographs of this blast because "they" are playing with the contrast/saturation in the pictures, to hide the real light spectrum (a tell all) but the video is still original color.

They killed the newscast video which had all of this minutes after I linked it. It's gone. But it was the local WWLP covering it, and had all of the info, about how the gas company and firefighters were packing up and leaving after finding nothing in an inspection, and there was no smell because it had gone away and THEN it blew up. With the video removed I can't prove it with their own video anymore but I do have some quotes I transcribed while doing this article.

These are quotes from the newscast

"This is where the scores gentlemans club once stood we can tell here that it is destroyed, in addition there is glass all over the neighborhood, Buildings being evacuated, windows blown out of other buildings"

"This is right near fire department headquarters in springfield, we understand firefighters came into this area after a very strong smell of gas. This is near Northington and Chester streets in Springfield, right in their entertainment district."

"People felt this as far as West Springfield and Wilberham, they heard that huge explosion and felt the ground vibrating."

"We understand there were gas company workers there addressing this gas leak, they had been there for about an hour, felt that they had wrapped up their work and were just getting ready to leave when this happened."

My comments, on the obvious ramifications of these quotes

Gas company workers and firefighters are NOT GOING TO LEAVE A SCENE WHERE THEY ARE SMELLING GAS UNTIL IT IS SOLVED. "in the hour prior to this blast" does not mean "at the time of blast".

Ok, so the gas workers were there for an hour and found NOTHING. WTF is up with that? They found NOTHING and were "packing up to leave" and then BOOM. And it was an EPIC boom, a 2, 000+ pound bomb blast type boom, throwing bricks and breaking windows for blocks. Once again, how much energy can be present with a given amount of oxygen and a certain amount of gas? Not enough to do this, especially if people were walking around the building looking for a gas leak prior to this, even if it was as bad as the max possible which is certainly not enough for this, they would not have been able to even go in without getting poisoned by the gas. And if the smell was still there, they would not have been "packing up to leave", firefighters and gas workers just don't do that.

The "gas leak" might have just been a can of old fashioned fart spray for all we know, but it is obvious from this report that whatever caused this blast could not possibly have been gas if you apply an ounce of thought to just the fact that the firefighters and gas workers had decided to leave when things went boom. Then there is the damaged area, which is totally out of character for gas, and TOTALLY on par with a heavy bombing during a war.

So you can forget about your guns, your bow and arrow, or whatever else you have, just bring your propane stove and throw it at "them" when they come for you, the following blast will level everything for at least a block. for $45 spent at Wal Mart, you can have what it takes to do Rambo proud.

Bottom line? IF GAS COULD DO THIS, IT WOULD BE CONSIDERED A WEAPON AND BANNED. People would be buying scuba tanks, and pressurizing them with a perfect gas/oxygen mixture and making bombs that way. In fact, that would be the ONLY way to do things if gas really was THAT BAD.

The following picture was taken at the center of the blast, looking out at the surrounding buildings. Look at the concrete dust in the debris, which will only happen from a high intensity explosion, not natural gas. Look at all the perfectly separated bricks. That does not happen easily. Look at the surrounding buildings. This was at least a 2, 000 pound bomb, something really big. We have a nation to save if our government is going to get violent and peddle bullshit like this.

Shock and awe anyone? Yes, yes indeed.

How big was that bomb?

As I looked over the pictures from the night club blast and the damage to buildings blocks away, natural gas was the last thing on my mind. Unlike the Indianapolis neighborhood which had wooden structures that are easy to destroy, this particular blast happened in a business district with solid brick and mortar. Natural gas should have done little other than blow the windows out of the building the explosion happened in.

I have already looked at many war time photos, photos taken in the Arab world where pretty much everything is built as strongly as the night club and surrounding area was, and I never saw any type of single blast bomb damage that even approached what happened there. Go through the photos of Israel's recent attack on Gaza and look at the type of damage the bombs did there. You can at least recognized a structure existed. Not so for the night club, it was completely erased and neighboring buildings look as badly damaged as the directly hit buildings in Gaza.

This field of bricks is where the night club once stood. Typically in warfare you won't get this level of devastation from a single bomb blast, this would be expected of a carpet bombing with normal bomb sizes yet it happened in one big boom. This was something big, 10, 000 pounds perhaps?

There are different levels of ordnance and typically in warfare you will have 100, 200, 500, 1000, and 2, 000 pound bombs. Most typically used sizes are below 500 pounds. Any bomb size, even the little ones, will totally out perform any natural gas blast. So how big was that bomb, and WHAT was the reason for it?

Obviously, for some political reason, "natural gas" needs an image upgrade

I would like to know the reason. They had their scenario ready to go. They got their smell of gas at the scene, witnessed by firefighters and the gas company, and there is no doubt that the official story will call this gas and drive it home with 9 inch nails. But have you ever tried to trick a two year old? One famous trick is when the two year old eats something like a cookie, to pretend you pulled it out of their tummy simply by hiding a different cookie in your hand, and then rubbing the child's tummy for a second or two and then show the child the other cookie. Any two year old will think you stole their cookie right out of their tummy. To an adult the trick is obvious, after all the cookie was chewed and there is no way it is anything but gone. But a trusting two year old who has not yet learned to think about what is possible, will fall for the ruse every time. And people will probably fall for this "gas explosion", where a little gas stink (which had already vanished before the blast) was traded for military ordinance.

So the question is not "was it a gas explosion, " the question is, instead, WHY are they suddenly souping up the image of what natural gas is capable of? This bomb blast was easily a 2, 000 pounder if not more. There are bombs up to 40, 000 pounds now, and I really don't know what they thought the limit was this time. But it was something big, really big, much bigger than Indianapolis.

Perhaps they want to set a precedent for drone strikes so they can false flag dissidents to death under the guise of natural gas. Perhaps they want an excuse to go into homes and perform inspections for anything but natural gas, using gas as the excuse, because gas is really dangerous you know, and we have to go into your home and check things out several times a year to make sure you do not blow the neighborhood up, and if you don't let us in you are a jerk who belongs in a detention camp because you really don't care about anyone. You are just a dink who would sooner see the neighbors die on behalf of your furnace than give up a little privacy. What a jerk you are.

I had a reader send me a mail saying that it might even be probable that now that they have false flagged nuclear to the fringe, that they are going after other clean and reliable sources of energy. After all, enough of these blasts will certainly scare the public. What a victory it would be for the NWO crowd if they managed to get us to give up natural gas - we use it just about everywhere.

Knowing the real reason for this psy op is not as important as one simple thing which can stop it in it's tracks, and it is for the public to stop being a bunch of non thinking two year olds and simply pop the question - Gas can't do that, how big was that bomb?

LONDON ATTACKS: THE PERFECT RUSE FOR BANNING LONG KNIVES . . . . . . . because you really can cut a head of lettuce with whatever comes on a fingernail clipper. After all, plastic knives did the job 4 different times, with ZERO failures on 911!

London attacks

This time on the modern replacement for the iconic London Bridge. Gee, that's as memorable as 911!

I don't really know if I want to even look into this one. I am tired of calling hoax.

Ok, for people sleuthing out there, there is the london milennial bridge. It comes up when you search for london bridge. Don't get burned by that, (I almost did) the London Millenial bridge is all pedestrian. Obviously that can't be what was used for the supposed attacks.

Ok, so we have someone screaming THIS IS FOR ALLAH and knifing people. Sorry, but:

Ok, I could not resist. And I don't care.

If I am wrong about this, so what. Same tired script. Other proven fakes. Same tired script. Oh, not so tired, because they added knife to van attack. Ok, variety. Knives because you can't get a gun in britain. As if that would not be furnished for a real attack. Yep. I'm bored.

If you sent a donation a while ago, and it is not showing yet, that will be fixed later today when I get everything synchronized, thanks!

Fundrazr is working exponentially better than direct Paypal (for now)

There is no known problem yet, the following is a warning to trolls:

This is not really a message to my readers, it is a message to the correct the record trolls or whoever else got into the Paypal stream and blocked or stole practically everything. It has probably been going on for at least six months, but they got really brazen with it toward the end. This messages is for THEM:

Correct The Record, Media Matters, and whoever else has been handed NSA tools: Don't mess with Fundrazr They have an exponentially better system than Payapal. Their system can be manipulated to totally circumvent Foxacid or any other man in the middle application, and Fundrazr probably does not even know it. If you think you are going to get away with putting up a mirrored page of Fundrazr, and bug people's computers so they always divert to the mirrored page and never see the real fundrazr (so things can then be stolen again) well, that can be done but you won't get away with it. I have discovered a way to get people to the real page even if you do a DNS server rooted man in the middle diversion. I can't fix Paypal because their system is bloated and shitty. With Fundrazr, the rules have changed, their system is elegant. I have figured out how to Iframe your fake version of things (if it happens), and in a subsequent window, Iframe the real deal, so anyone who hits the site can see both in real time. It is the very nature of the Fundrazr system that makes this possible. I am giving no further details, because my only goal with this is to get you in trouble, and get your permission to use the NSA tools rescinded.

I bet you think you are smart. But I have a little warning: Your trolls are all common core educated. You can't get old school people into your system, because their quality is too high and you are on top of that too "politically correct" to seek them out, and on top of that, they are not gullible enough do do your crap. Your trolls are clueless about what that software actually does, they only open menus and execute features, like a Saudi Prince driving a Bugatti, completely oblivious to the details of how the tech works. That puts you in a really weak position, when you are using an NSA app, to screw with former NSA that is old school. Screw with me. I dare you. I can bash you to pieces this time around. And the NSA won't be happy with you afterward.

And as a secondary note, if you do call in a corrupted piece of old school crap that thinks the old way, it will be a permanent position, because once again, the very nature of how things are now will allow me to continuously change the rules. Your days of screwing with the funding for this web site are OVER.


First, Foxacid is told what web site it has to spoof. It then makes a copy of that web site on a powerful computer. Then Foxacid integrates with the DNS system, and tells the DNS servers to send everyone to the Foxacid copy. On the back end of the Foxacid copy (or whatever other NSA app it happens to be) all requests, image loads, EVERYTHING, is duplicated and sent to the legitimate web site, so everything there looks normal. At first, everyone goes through Foxacid. But as people are targeted or cleared in the system, more and more are sent to the real version of the web site, until only the targeted individuals are completely isolated. Once this is accomplished, the targeted people are screwed to oblivion, getting bugs planted on their systems and they will only get the holoweb version of the web site. And the holoweb will not match the real version on top of that.

At this point, the targeted individuals become 100 percent troll managed, and absolutely everything they do is compromised completely. They can see and confirm that they wrote something, and it won't be written, they can see and confirm they sent help somewhere and it won't be sent, and trolls will back manage everything, to make sure the target becomes demoralized and totally ineffective. Forum posts will show to them and no one else, comments will show to them and no one else, they will be erased and abducted by the holoweb.

That's the new reality. Fortunately, up until now, only targeted web sites and individuals are affected, and both have to be compromised for it to work. The internet is still mostly real. Don't bet on that lasting much longer if we sit on our butts and do nothing about it.

Details on the Paris Climate Accord pullout

Al Gore said: "It is reckless and indefensible"

My response: Yes, because America was ordered to pay more than any other country into your $15 trillion carbon tax.

Leonardo DiCaprio said: "Today, our planet suffered. It’s more important than ever to take action"

My comment: Your brain must still be stuck on the Titanic. Trust me, the water is not supposed to be cold everywhere.

Elon Musk stated: "Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world"

My comment: Obviously, when your bottom line might be impacted by this. Tesla is a really cool car, but until I see the entire surface of your cars turned into a solar generator, which would likely produce most of the electricity they need without producing ANY carbon at the generating facility, you are complaining to the wrong guy if I am the audience. No one can convince me that meaningful solar can't be put on a car at negligible expense nowadays, with solar going for as low as 23 cents a watt. Any car could have enough solar on it to produce 1000 watts for only $230 now that prices of solar have plummeted. That's close to the amount a 120 volt plug in charger for your cars will do. Happening all day. Making your cars less of a hassle to charge. And it could happen for ZERO carbon. Why did you miss that?

John Favareau: "Coulter is at least honest for the reason Trump made this decision: to piss off the left.

My response: Stuck in delusion are we? Trump made this decision because it was a campaign promise, and he wanted to protect America from injury. If that pisses off the left, I am happy to see an enemy scorned.

Bette Midler: "There has never in US history been such a destructive megalomaniac in the WH. Thank you to US press and other numbskulls who put him there."

My response: Obviously you can't get the big picture while watching "from a distance". If you think the press put him there, you are the numbskull. Please protect yourself by avoiding further comment, at least the others did not say anything so stupid.

Niel Tyson: "If I and my advisors had never learned what Science is or how & why it works, then I’d consider pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord too."

My response: Oh, are you a pro vaxxer too? That "science" line is all too familiar. How about: For science, study why the desert gets cold at night. Study atmospheric composition, and what gasses hold heat the best. #1 is water vapor, #2 is methane. Water vapor has about 5000 times the heat retaining potential of Co2 in the atmosphere. That's why the desert, which has just as much Co2 as anywhere else, gets very cold at night, because the air is dry and the heat goes right out. If you can't understand that simple concept, you can read all the science you want, and you'll be too stupid to avoid getting scammed. I BET YOU PAY YOUR MECHANIC BIG BUCKS, MISTER SCIENCE!

Michael Moore: "USA to Earth: FUCK YOU"

My response: You have proven your conviction by storing so much carbon in your fat. If you get creamated, we just might see a carbon apocalypse.

Chelsea Handler: "I’m guessing that Donald Trump doesn’t see the irony in making his announcement to leave the Paris Agreement while standing in a garden."

My response: OH MY GOD, the IDIOCY! The more Co2 there is, the better the garden will grow! Indoor growing facilities all know that most plants like the Co2 to be about 3x as high as the CURRENT atmospheric levels you are calling a disaster! YEP, Trump in a garden was PERFECT and you are a nitwit!

John legend: "Trump is a national embarassment"

My response: Not for Americans. He just took an important step towards "Making America Great Again". If you call that an embarassment, you are no friend of the American people!

Bernie Sanders: "Trump's decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement is an abdication of American leadership and an international disgrace."

My response: FAR FROM IT. Now we ALL KNOW YOU would have been an abdication of American leadership, and that you would have happily followed your "New World ORDERS." Thank God hillary botched it all by rigging the primaries!

Google facing $9 billion fine for rigging search results

See this

MY COMMENT: This is a JOKE. Google could pay this like paying a toll on the information turnpike. Additionally, this does not even cover censoring news and public discourse, nor does it even touch the subject of Google destroying people by denying ads. I am sure Google is really scared.

Kathy Griffin press conference

The media showed up to her press conference that was announced yesterday. Kathy Griffin has retained a lawyer and is trying to sue Trump for damages related to the public outrage caused by her posing with a convincing mock up of Trumps severed head.

Kathy did indeed cry the victim, and blames Trump for what she did. The press conference did not go well for her, even CNN did not buy it. See it here

Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord

This means no carbon tax. Gas prices should therefore drop almost instantly, more in some places than others.

Obviously Co2 based global warming is a patent hoax, but climate change is a reality simply because the sun's output does not stay constant, and also because the earth goes through periodic magnetic pole flips. The sun flips poles frequently, once every 11 years on average, anything in the universe that has a molten core and a magnetic field can usually flip at any time. That would cause climate change as much as having the sun's intensity change. Erupting volcanoes also can cause climate change if the eruption is bad enough. But putting more plant food in the air will not cause it, water vapor alone is many times the greenhouse gas than Co2 is, and there is a lot more water vapor.


I recently pointed out how I can spot trolls, and then got the idea of simply collecting all their IP addresses and publishing them so anyone can use them to block trolls from their forums and web sites.

Here is a start to that list.

If they are going to provide me with free information by trolling the wrong guy, I'll just publish it so they eventually have their job get difficult by atrition of IP addresses they need for work.

Obviously this could also block innocent people, but if the list is elegantly and thoughtfully created, the chances of that happening are very small. Additionally, if the list gets large enough and used by enough web sites, it will eventually ruin IP proxy services that allow their resources to be used by trolls, and don't sufficiently work to keep trolls in check. UPDATE: Two IP addresses ended up on the list that I did not put there, they have been removed. It was not an error, I really did not put them there because the source pages I took the IP addresses from did not even have those two appearing anywhere! So I will have to from now on take pictures of the list to compare and see if anything got added by someone else. This would get done by trolls who want to cause the IP ban list to cause damage by censoring legitimate activists.

It looks like Kathy Griffin is going to sue Trump

Kathy did not like the fallout from her Trump decapitation stint, so now she's claiming to be the victim! She has paired up with a lawyer. Press conference tomorrow!

Here is the lawyer's twitter

My comment: Do you remember the fad a while back that involved making very expensive coffee out of beans a monkey ate and pooped out? It is called Kopi Luwak, and I have a hunch these two had coffee together before deciding to cry victim, and along with the coffee beans, the monkey ate a few mushrooms.

UPDATE: Wow, Kathy is absolutely horrible. If you want to know who the enemy is, take a look at this report from December of 2016. She proves it all in her own words - she's bad.

THE VERY IMPORTANT CORRECT THE RECORD REPORT IS ON THIS PAGE UNDER THE HEADLINE "An intercepted transcript from Correct the Record reveals a LOT."

The transcript proves Hillary was not at any debate, that David Brock knows who killed Seth Rich, That correct the record and Media Matters are connected, that Correct the Record was given powerful NSA malware, which obviously is also now in the hands of Media Matters, and that this happened BEFORE the NSA leaks, AND MORE. The transcript is absolutely ground breaking, and after it floated around on the web for six months unnoticed by many, it surfaced again, What Really Happened linked to it, and that's where I found it. So this is mainstream alt media folks, SCROLL DOWN TO THE REPORT, READ IT, AND LET THEM WEEP.


Don't sweat it. It is a Hebrew word Trump typed, which in the context stated meant that the media will never tell the truth and it will make things difficult but we will succeed anyway.

Files deleted from message window server

The goons deleted all their obvious goonage off the files stored on the messaging server after I posted an example of what they do yesterday. They did not delete their goonage with any care at all, they simply deleted entire files, with good messages AND their goonage in them. This means that even if a message makes it, if I don't see it before they get to it, it is gone.

FACT: I HAVE MADE ZERO, AND I MEAN ZERO security errors that would make such access possible. If they did this, it means absolutely no one on the web is safe, and it was not man in the middle, they simply went right into the server through a back door.

They did not get access via a stinger in the data stream, because the connection I use for the main server is never used to type a password into a back up server. The server they accessed had a recent password change at a totally random computer that I never saw before in my life, in a cyber cafe I never saw before and while at that computer I did one thing: Change the password to that server, and then leave. And my passwords are all similar to this: 1nqq335rt7/9- which means there's no possible way they hacked the password.

The deletion of the files proves without question that absolutely no one in the world can secure a server or any computer anywhere, because there are transparent back doors they walk right through and can do anything they want. Maybe exploiting this is a feature of Foxacid. This web site does not require a secure connection to access, but it DOES require a secure connection to administer. The fact the files vanished, and they were ONLY files these trolls wrote into, proves without question the world is completely exposed to the shadow government at all levels of computing and no level of "secure access" or good password will stop that.

So I am going to fight back any way I can, to cause them problems any way I can. COMING SOON TO THIS WEB SITE: An IP list that anyone can put in their forum ban list or .htaccess to keep the trolls out. It will get long, because these people have a whole pile of IP's but I have figured out how to identify them when they come in, and they will be added to a list anyone can see here, and use, to make their forums better. Eventually it will do significant damage. They must be sensitive to this, because why else would they delete all files they posted to, with their IP addresses recorded there? It would have been better for them to just let it all sit unless they had a specific reason to do the deletes, and the IP addresses would probably be that reason. So I will publish them when they come in.

To see the goonage I am talking about, See this

An intercepted transcript from Correct the Record reveals a LOT.

This has been out there for six months, and I missed it! So I will guess that many others missed it also, and post it. This conversation, which was acquired during a hack, reveals several key things:

1. Hillary has been replaced, and was replaced before the first debate.
2. Seth rich was murdered and David Brock knows who did it.
3. Correct the record was given NSA malware for the express purpose of ferreting out key people in alt media, locating their physical location, and killing them. This software was recklessly given to an army of correct the record trolls who busted into the computers of over a thousand top Trump supporting reddit users, and hundreds more chan users.
4. AS I ALWAYS SAID, Hillary lost every single online poll, and the polls were faked to show her winning. It is clearly stated here that despite doing well at the debate, Hillary's replacement still lost 100 PERCENT of ALL online polls and everyone at Correct the Record knew that.
5. Not everyone is aware of the entireity of the conspiracy, even people working deep within it. The syntax here proves it.
6. As I have said all along, there really is NSA malware that can get into your computer even if you never visit a malicious site, or click a link in an E-mail, or do anything else that is known to be able to infect a computer. My custom ROM chip is going to be replaced very soon, because it is obviously hacked. I'll make 20 of them this time, and swap them out regularly, and throw the used ones in the trash. I will also ditch the laptop battery, which has it's own processor for power management, and is definitely infected.

OK, so on to the transcript.

Begin Transcript ekim [5:52 AM]

ekim [5:52 AM] set the channel purpose: clean up this mes

brock [5:52 AM] joined post-debate from an invitation by @ekim

brock [5:53 AM] go round up the others. i need some coffee.

brock [5:54 AM] good morning to u to fink.

efink [5:55 AM] the only good thing about it was that whoever that was, she looked pretty good. how tf did they do that?

brock [5:56 AM]I can't talk. very hush hush. still, we've lost every online poll and we need to get tough here. get this under control.

[5:59] i don't see what's so bad. She looked really healthy! I thought she did GREAT!

efink [5:59 AM] she was scoring 3 on AMTS a couple of weeks ago and 22 on mmse. Yeah, whoever that was was normal.

MY COMMENT: Clearly here, you can see they know it was not Hillary at the debate.

[6:00] but the telemetry sucks. look at all the snap onlines: we're losing 100%

[6:00] romney v obama numbers

My comment: That proves they knew all the online polls were false, and had the real numbers in the background.

ekim [6:01 AM] but those don't mean anything

efink [6:01 AM] it means they're enthusiastic. organized. if they can swarm a poll whats to stop them swarming a voting booth?

[6:01] it also creates a counter-nar. the free press will sniff it. we have to stop the bleeding.

ekim [6:01 AM] k

efink [6:02 AM] don't worry. we have something. GET SHAW OUT OF BED.

[6:02] i'm going for coffee.

cshaw [6:05 AM] hello!

[6:06] hi Liz.

[6:06] I see we're not happy :disappointed:

brock [6:06 AM] Not at all.

cshaw [6:06 AM] I read the round-up. It looked good?

brock [6:07 AM] the round up my burning ass. Im talking about the real world. Trump made her look like a girl. Today we hit back. We hit back hard.

[6:07] Fink?

efink [6:07 AM] one sec.

[6:10] okay. guys, this is 18-2381 stuff. Got it?

cshaw [6:10 AM] yes

ekim [6:10 AM] yes sir.

efink [6:11 AM] alright. we need to move beyond the disruption scripts and down-voting. we need to start hurting people and that's what this is about. This is about winning because we'll never get a chance at this again. everything is justified. David?

brock [6:11 AM] dramatic.

[6:13] fuck-okay. so the Trump team is an emergent order. thirty million little chan and reddit assholes that bump around and then congeal to vote in a poll or push a meme or make a hashtag trend or whatever. This is new. It isn't like fighting a centrally organized campaign.

[6:13] It's more like fighting a disease.

[6:14] So what we need to do is break the pattern. The usual means isn't working. Trump's too charismatic. Morale is too high. This is an army of chaos folks.

[6:14] so we have full clearance. Word of God.

[6:15] Fink-let's do this. I have a plane to catch.

efink [6:16 AM] uploaded and commented on an image: foxacid.jpg 1 Comment FOXACID

ekim [6:16 AM] Ew.

cshaw [6:16 AM] i like it! wtf is it??

efink [6:17 AM] This is manna from heaven, kids.

[6:18] We have the use of an NSA intrusion package. We are going to find the thought leaders. the meme-generators. the shit-posters. I need a target analysis for reddit, twitter, and the chans by tomorrow 5 PM.

[6:18] You will monitor, identify, and using the FA [foxacid] software set we have, identify/dox.

cshaw [6:18 AM] that will dox them??

efink [6:20 AM] It will man-on-the-side for the anon boards and intercept traffic. We can use that for IP addresses and loading tracking software and magic lantern onto their devices. Once we have them compromised

[6:20] David? How many do we need?

brock [6:21 AM] I want 150 from 4chan, whatever you can get from 8. I want 1000 top reddit drivers exposed and I want content analysis for their posts. I want the people who are really driving their narrative.

[6:22] I need all that in a packet by tomorrow afternoon with lexical analysis, proof of compromise. I want clips of memes. I want to up-vote patterns. All this has to be inside the US too. We can't use externals.

cshaw [6:23 AM] It won't work outside the US?

efink [6:23 AM] It works fine outside the us you idiot. That's NSA stuff.

brock [6:24 AM] WE don't work outside the US. Do you think this is fucking bean-bag?

[6:24] We are going to disrupt them before this shit goes any further.

[6:24] if they don't have leaders, we're going to get their thought leaders.

cshaw [6:24 AM] like pajama boy!

brock [6:25 AM] I AM NOT N THE MOOD cshaw

cshaw [6:25 AM] sorry

efink [6:26 AM] just get us the target profiles. Hit the numbers. Give us a matrix for each of them. Okay? PII, influence grid, recent activity, Q-rate. Like that.

[6:26] You know what to do.

cshaw [6:26 AM] Yes sir.

ekim [6:26 AM] What are we going to do with that?

brock [6:27 AM] do u really want to fucking know, kim?

ekim [6:27 AM] i'm good.

brock [6:28 AM] u better be. I am going to get a plane. You will be up ALL NIGHT. Keep the lab LOCKED. Fink bring in pizza or whatever to keep the kids going.

[6:30] Get those files together.

ekim [6:30 AM] I'm on it. Do you know what brock is going to do with them? I do kind of want to know, sir.

efink [6:31 AM] google Seth Rich and shut up about it.

cshaw [6:31 AM] OOg.

[6:32] well, they are deplorable. idk. I think we should have done this a long time ago.


In case you missed it, Kathy Griffin posted a disgusting and realistic picture of herself holding Trump's severed head by the hair, and it was so convincing Trump's younger son thought it was real. It is illegal to do that to a President, and now, (surprisingly) Kathy is on the rocks.

Ok, so Kathy is one point scored towards the win . . . . . .


It will take too much space on the front page for this, if you want proof of how I know the message window is censored,CLICK HERE

Vaccinations and autism

A few weeks ago, there was a story circulating about a peer reviewed study that proved vaccinated children have a 5X higher rate of autism than non vaccinated children. I figured that was a low amount, and that unvaccinated children would have lower rates of autism than even that. No one linked to the study, anyone discussing the topic only talked about what the study said. I can see why - because the actual study will be difficult for most people to make sense of.

Well, today Natural News linked the study. I read through it, and to cut to the chase, the most meaningful information is on pages 7, 8, and 9. If anyone argues with you about vaccines, (especially a troll) saying "Science says vaccines are safe", and therefore you have no education and are too stupid to understand vaccines, LINK THIS STUDY call them a brilliant scientist, and tell them to make sense of it, because YOU understand it to the letter, you know what "Peer reviewed means" and that this "peer reviewed" study proves with hard science that yes, vaccines not only cause autism, they cause many many many other chronic illnesses, some of which are outlined in the study.

Linking this study is going to be a LOT BETTER than linking any alt media report, and if you get a response back saying "Don't give me that lengthy gobbledygook to read through" immediately respond: WHAT'S WRONG? CAN'T YOU HANDLE THE SCIENCE??!!??

I'll certainly be doing that, and laughing. Yes, the truth about vaccines is there, that truth does not look good at all, and it is a great scientific document. It will serve very well to bash any troll into the gutter when they say science says vaccines are safe, and you are too stupid for that.


That must be a political marriage, and someone pressured her. I had to do a double take of this, because I recently did a report of Weiner being convicted of a sex offense with a minor, with a minimum jail sentence possible of 23 months. I figured I must have gotten that wrong. But NOPE, Weiner is due to be sentenced on September 8 (which is a ridiculously long time) and meanwhile, Huma is asking him to come back to their leased $11, 000 per month apartment.

Anyway, it is all pretty ludicrous. I find it hard to believe Huma actually romantically wants him any more than Hillary wants bill. There must be political pressure. SEE THIS

Hillary's fake polling stations, People DO NOT GET IT

The girlfriend of Seth Rich blew the whistle on this in an e-mail farther down this page. People seem to not understand the process Hillary used, so Let me explain this again:

Here is the misunderstanding:

Alex sent: How strongly vetted is this 'covert polling station' angle? The strategy sounds too good not to be true, but then the logic around it, seems confusing: If there are covert voting stations, wouldn't the turnout be higher than expected? So be careful, mate -Alex

My response: If Hillary set up duplicate polling stations that were not on the record, and used her web site to direct people to them without the people even knowing they were fake, and then got nearly 100 percent of the vote at her own polling stations, which were then SUBTRACTED: UNDERSTAND THIS: THEY WERE SUBTRACTED AND NOT ADDED to the legitimate polling stations, by taking 100 PERCENT HILLARY VOTES AND SWAPPING THEM OUT FOR ONLY LEGITIMATE BERNIE SANDERS VOTES at the legitimate polling stations, voter turnout would appear to be low, not high.

She had to keep the number of votes that were cast equal to the official register at the real polling place, and had a duplicate register that was then shredded. This means that everyone who voted on her duplicate register vanished from the system when the votes that went to her at her secret polling stations were swapped into the official register, replacing Bernie votes with ZERO VOTES IN NUMBER ACTUALLY ADDED TO THE OFFICIAL REGISTER. Only votes were switched, NONE were added.

In Hillary's plan, EVERYONE got to vote, and predominantly only Hillary votes actually showed up in the end. :The corruption it took to make this happen was unfathomable. People at the DNC actually had to sit down, take Hillary's votes from her bogus polling stations, and swap them in place of Bernie's votes from the legitimate polling place and do this completely knowing what was going on. Since there were two sets of polling stations, and the total from only one set actually made the record, "voter turnout was low". The register from the original polling place remained intact, while Hillary's registers were shredded to destroy the evidence after they were used to make a perfectly accurate forgery out of the official record.

This was a complicated process that required cooperation at a very high level. The powers that be wanted Hillary. They wanted her so badly they even gave her the voting machines in jurisdictions that used them, and perfect duplicate ballots in jurisdictions that used them. Her polling stations were perfect versions of the actual polling stations. No one who used Hillary's web site to find the polling stations, rather than the DNC web site, would know anything was amiss at all.

If you misunderstood this, please re-read what the whistleblower said. This is posted down this page a ways.

Since Seth Rich managed the software that told people where to vote on Hillary's web site, when he figured out what Hillary did and then disagreed, he had to be killed.

But they did not nail him until AFTER he became disgusted with what happened and gave the DNC mails to Wikileaks. At that time, the DNC probably did not even know Seth Rich did the leak, they just wanted him dead because he figured out Hillary's scam, and was going to blow the whistle.


Wait until things are more secure. There is a troll laughing about robbing the donations in the message box, and it appears to be true. This will be fixed soon.

On that note, Judgedredd sent a message saying his donation showed up on the front page, but I did not post the message he sent with the donation. That is because there was no message with ANY donation that was sent, Paypal started stripping the messages out of Paypal about a year ago, and around the same time my respond button vanished also. I cannot contact people unless I am issuing a refund - then I can send a message to explain why I issued a refund.

So, E-mail is completely censored (I went through all the mails in all boxes on all servers and there was NOTHING from Judgedredd) and nothing came through the message window from Judgedredd other than him asking why I never posted what he sent. Additionally, Paypal is censored.

HERE IS WHAT THIS MEANS: This web site KICKS @SS, AND THEY HATE IT. They want me cut off and silenced so bad that 7 different mail boxes are completely censored, the message window is messed with heavily, and I can't even get short twitter sized messages through Paypal!

By that measure, this site just might be #1. Someone far up the ladder wants it isolated at all cost.

Kathy Griffin issued death threats to Trump

She said they were "mock" death threats, but they came complete with a photoshopped image of Trump with his head cut off. Thousands of people complained to the secret service, Sarah Palin wants her arrested, and Route66 Casino canceled a Kathy Griffin performance that was scheduled for July 22..

The secret service, by policy, has to at least give her a quesioning that is more of an interrogation than a questioning, but I am betting they will let this slide.

Hannity was back, on schedule, as stated

To top it off, he did not back down on Seth Rich. Fox was probably under a lot of pressure to keep Hannity.

Russian intelligence: Seal team 6 possibly captured in North Korea

About a month ago, there were stories about the insertion of seal team 6 into North Korea - this is the seal team credited for the fake killing of Osama Bin Laden under Obama. Anyway, they are real but that particular story was flaky . . . .

They probably did insert into North Korea for real on a mission of reconnisance and possible lucky decapitation strike. HOWEVER - I did not think it would work.

The seal team had to dispatch from a submarine that pulled up close to shore, and once on shore, had to work with whatever they had. That means, all food for the mission had to be with them, all radios, all gear, had to be with them. And they had to travel as light as possible. This won't work in North Korea. It would work in Russia, Iran, South Korea, or any other place, but not North Korea. Here's why:

First of all, North Korea does not get a lot of tourists. So if you are seen, you will stick out badly if you are not from there. Second of all, North Korea has a lot of patrols that look only for outsiders, because infiltration is a big problem. If you are a local, the patrols will know and not care. But if you are not from North Korea, the patrols will know, and you might as well be wearing a target. Even more, the locals are suspicious of outsiders, and will contact a patrol if they see you. North Korea looks small on a map, but if you are walking you might as well be a pilgrim.

YOU HAVE TO EAT, YOU CANT BUY FOOD, because the locals will report you, no matter where you do it other than Pyongyang. You can't walk the streets of Pyongyang, - probably the only place you could get away with buying food - after grubbing around in the bush like a Navy seal - in other words, Seal team 6 was mission impossible, and I mean, really impossible. The distances were too large, the North Koreans are completely loyal, they had to hide constantly, and probably made it 15 miles before their food ran out, 500 miles of total travel short of the goal, even if North Korea is not that big. You simply can't have the land crawling with people who would want you dead if they knew who you were, and do it when calories can only be packed up to 4000 calories per kilogram.

All this stuff looks good in a movie, but I think real life probably surprised Seal team 6. No one knows what happened to them, but they sent a radio distress call and went totally silent afterward. Let me guess what happened:

They got hungry and started taking chances. Perhaps they were killing and eating dogs, but you can't eat anything like that raw and clean burning fuel only lasts so long. So Kim Su Young noticed smoke coming up from the trees where there should be no smoke, and it was the end of the bar-b-q. He called the security forces because he'd rather not eat depleted uranium in the near future if Seal Team 6 accomplished it's job, and now seal team six is probably getting comfortable inside 3x3x3 foot cubes. That's how North Korea tortures people, it will be fine - for the first 15 minutes and after that, you learn the value of being able to stretch your legs.

And you won't be getting any free valor compliments of a scamming MSM either.

My opinion was that either the U.S. government knew of a way to hide and survive in North Korea, or that seal team 6 was doomed before they left the sub. According to Russia, they were doomed before they started, See this

The following answer to why Seth Rich was killed has been bumped to the top again because it is important

I am posting this exactly as I got it.

The answer to why Seth Rich was killed, and why he gave to Wikileaks is now out.

Seth Rich was responsible for an internet application that helped voters find their polling stations.

He discovered that Hillary had set up bogus polling places that were not on the official record. Hillary then had DNC staffers merge the results from both sets of polling places, keeping the actual number of voters officially recorded at the legitimate polling station the same while the actual ballots that went to Bernie and represented those numbers were swapped out for her.

Seth Rich was appalled by the corruption, and as a result, dumped to Wikileaks.

This answer has been out there since July 21 of 2016 and it rotted until it was recently discovered in a private E-mail.

This was sent to me "as written by Claudia Kash, the girlfriend of Seth Rich," people have sent corrections saying Claudia Kash was the recipient of the mail. This was written shortly after Seth was killed. The answer has been out there since the beginning.

"There were two sets of polling places this primary season - one set for most of the voters, who went on state web sites to find their polling locations, and a second set for Hillary Clinton supporters who looked on Hillary clinton's website to find their polling location. The secretary of state for each state had one set of locations on the record, the other set of locations, the ones listed on Hillary's website were not on the state record. I know this because I looked on her website to find where a friend should vote, then double checked the state website, which showed a different address. I thought there must be a mistake - I kept checking right up to election day. But until they killed Seth Rich, I couldn't figure out why there would be two different polling places. This is how I think the scam worked: While most voters look up their location on their state website, voters who were signed up as Hillary Clinton supporters would be directed to her site to find their polling place. It was set up the same as any other DNC polling place - with DNC volunteers, regular voting machines etc - and a duplicate voter roster, the same as the roster at the other polling place. Voters would be checked off on the roster, same as at the other polling place, and after the polls colsed, the DNC supervisor would pick up the roster and the ballots.

The supervisor would then pick up the roster at the legitimate polling place and the ballots there. He (or she) would then replace a number of Bernie Sanders ballots with an equal number of the ballots from the Hillary Clinton voting location. Then the duplicate roster from the HRC would be shredded and thrown away, along with all the Bernie Sanders ballots that had been replaced. That way the number of people who voted on the remaining roster still matches the number of ballots. This is why so many states reported a "lower than expected voter turnout". Seth Rich, who was responsible for the app that helped voters find their polling places did not realize there were two sets of polling places until he himself went to vote. He lived in Washington DC, which voted at the end of the primary season, a week after Clinton had already been declared the winner. I believe he discovered it then and had started asking questions about why the polling places on Hillary's web site didn't match the ones on the DC web site.

But even if he didn't say a word to anybody, it would have been dangerous to let him live. He would have figured it out sooner or later, and he would have reported it when he did."

My comment: Let me then, fill in the blanks: Seth rich DID figure out Hillary did this, and said nothing. Instead, he did the DNC leaks to Wikileaks, hopefully to bring the whole house of cards down. The timing is so close on all of this that it can't really be known if Seth was killed because he knew Hillary's plot, or if he was killed because someone figured out it was him who did the leaks.

To sum this up in a short statement: Hillary set up duplicate polling stations, collected a second set of votes that never showed up at the legitimate polling place, and then flipped the voter ID information at the legitimate polling stations and swapped it out with votes from her polling stations exclusively on legitimate ballots where people voted for Bernie Sanders. She'd have to be mega corrupt and powerful to do this, and the DNC would have to be rotten to the core, but that is probably so when the Clinton death machine is never forced to give answers. That means there is serious deeply rooted corruption and dark power. Seth Rich found out, was having none of it, and then died.

One reader wrote asking why it would make a difference. The answer: If a Bernie Sanders vote is completely deleted and replaced with a Clinton vote, that's a two vote loss for Bernie. The votes were not combined, on set of votes was used to destroy competing votes in another set of votes. The duplicate rosters made it possible to keep the number of voters matching the number of ballots cast, while one was used to delete Bernie votes from the other. Once the job was done, the duplicate roster and switched votes were shredded.


Hillary no doubt did this to Trump also, via people planted at key, fully compromised polling stations. That would explain perfectly why there was a "low turnout" even though this was probably the most heated election in American history, and it also explains why Hillary won in such a small number of places, yet almost took the election.

OMG! CHECK OUT THIS TWEET from Texas representative Matt Rinaldi. It is a DOOZIE.

There are a few typos on this page, but I can't fix them now.

North Korea tested another missile, and Japan is very upset

Yesterday, North Korea tested another missile and it landed in Japan's exclusive economic waters. Nothing happened, but Japan is doubling down, and has now vowed to take action. See this.

My comment: Kim Jong might actually be stupid if he thinks this is a wise move, with the Carl Vinson and Ronald Reagan carrier groups now off his shore, with the Nimitz strike group fast approaching. That's too much for him to handle.

MORE PIZZAGATE! DNC staffer Jacob Scwarts busted with child porn!

3, 000 photos and 89 videos featuring children as little as six months old were found on a DNC staffer's laptop. He handed it over to the police because he figured they would not find anything. PROBLEM: He copied them over to a flash drive after downloading them, and did not realize the computer kept them all as hidden temporary files that could be over-written when the drive needed the space, but the main hard drive did not need the space!

So when the forensics software did a full sweep, they popped right out of the hidden murk that no user could have viewed through the operating system itself.

Anyway, this is getting reported various ways, with the MSM doing back flips to avoid the obvious implications for Podesta. But the alt media did not miss the truth, and now people are asking was he tied to Podesta? SEE THIS

A Saudi king gave Trump gifts worth 1.2 BILLION!

Gifts include a 25 kilogram solid gold sword, a huge diamond, a solid gold arm band, A 350 foot yacht and more. Umm, well, !??%$#%! IT IS NOT A HOAX, SEE THIS.

There is now over a half million on offer for information about the murder of Seth Rich

There is probably more than this even, but this is what I was able to dredge up today:

100, 000 from Martin Shkreli

$130, 000 from Jack Burkman

$250, 000 from Oann

$ 25, 000 from D.C. Metro Police

$ 20, 000 from Wikileaks

Too bad I don't know any more than anyone else!

FBI has refused to turn over Comey's memos

When Comey was sacked, Congress made a request for the FBI to hand over all of Comey's memos for investigation. The FBI has yet to hand over a single one. The reason? They are "conducting their own investigation".

Why would the FBI not hand over the memos? Because Robert Mueller, who is running the bogus "Russian election tampering" investigation, has put a hold on all of Comey's memos, to protect them from outside scrutiny. Congress has responded by asking for every memo Comey had that had nothing to do with the investigation into Russia, and the FBI has refused to provide even that. It is as if Mueller has everything on lock down, while he sifts through it and destroys evidence on all topics, not just Russia. Why else would he need to hold onto things that are not even related to his so-called "Investigation"?

The answer to that ought to be obvious for anyone who can think!

With the above considered, I hope you have a decent picnic!

Should Russia's military be questioned?

Many people have made note of the fact that Russia has a military budget that is around ten percent of America's. Russia does not even have a decent aircraft carrier. America's retired garbage would be better. So how could Russia win a war?

People who ask this are forgetting something very important: Russia has thousands of nukes, and it would take only 10 to put America's navy below parity with Russia. And America really could not argue with losing the Navy to nukes if Russia never set one off in the lower 48.

If I had the power to do it, I'd disband 95 percent of America's military, except for the nuclear submarines and nuclear weapons which would be left at 100 percent. That's all any nation needs if a nation is not interested in conquest. All that cute military hardware America has stockpiled could be gone in a flash, at 0.0000001 percent of the cost it took the U.S. to accumulate it. It is actually really stupid to have it when nukes can just erase it, unless your target is non nuclear states and the military is for conquest. Don't bet on the U.S. winning any war with Russia. Even if half their rockets exploded from defects, America would be toasted beyond toast and Russia would be stupid to not do it.

They need a terrorist, so they are resurrecting Osama Bin Laden!

You can't make this stuff up! Apparently, Osama Bin Laden (who could not possibly have been involved with 911 but was a billionaire construction contractor the CIA wanted to take out) so he made a perfect target, now has a "terror inclined son" who wants to "follow in the footsteps of his father".

Here is a quote from the Washington Post (GEE, FIGURE THAT, did Podesta ghost write this?)

"The voice is that of a soft-spoken 28-year-old, but the message is vintage Osama bin Laden, giving orders to kill. When the audio recording began turning up on jihadist websites two weeks ago, it was as if the dead terrorist was channeling himself through his favorite son.

"Prepare diligently to inflict crippling losses on those who have disbelieved, " Hamza bin Laden, scion of the Sept. 11, 2001, mastermind, says in a thin baritone that eerily echoes his father. "Follow in the footsteps of martyrdom-seekers before you."

The recording, first aired May 13, is one in a string of recent pronouncements by the man who many terrorism experts regard as the crown prince of al-Qaeda's global network. Posted just two weeks before Monday's suicide bombing in Manchester, England, the message includes a specific call for attacks on European and North American cities to avenge the deaths of Syrian children killed in airstrikes.

My comment: Do I believe this? Well . . . . . . . consider the source. It is as bad as Site Intelligence Group!

This stands as notice that Al - CIADA is a candidate for a retrofit and removal from mothball, because people are too wise about ISIS. My God, they can't even write a decent script, so like Hollywood, have resorted to remakes of tried and true classics!

Did you know they are going to do a remake of Top Gun? How do you remake that? I bet the remake will suck, because they will just have to fill it up with politically correct crap. I doubt a re-make of Osama Bin Laden would play any better, especially when for anyone who can think, the plot to the original Top Gun was a lot more believable.


routing test

NOT a hoax, YES FOLKS, this really is the photo of the Manchester bomber that the police released.

I really don't think they could have done better photoshop, considering common core type education has taken over in Britain also. As long as you can open Photoshop and doodle, that will cut it, obviously.

THREE carrier strike groups are now either at North Korea, or headed there

That's doom. It would be one hell of a show if it was not for war. That makes it the Regan, the Nimitz, and the Carl Vinson, along with their supporting ships. That's enough to wipe NK off the map. This was reported in the Ashai Shimbun, which is as credible as it gets. If the Nimitz actually shows up, there will probably be major action.

Censorship of Seth Rich via HTTPS

It is now confirmed that web browsers have been told via their updates to block people from viewing Seth Rich content on web sites. This is being done by interfering with HTTPS. Web sites that worked fine a couple days ago jam on pages that contain Seth Rich information. I am seeing this myself, with Firefox. Chrome is not doing this nearly as much. The tactic is to call the web site "unsafe, poorly configured, or an attack site" and then "for your safety, you will not be permitted to proceed". This is precisely why I never made this web site HTTPS, becase there is no reason to do it, and it can be used to destroy web sites

In this era of sabotage, I pity any web site that uses HTTPS, Google Analytics, or any fonts, Bitly, or anything else that calls out to another web site to have it get provided with what it needs to function. Doing so nowadays is suicide, all any web site another web site depends on needs to do is deny loading of resources to a target web site and POOF, it is locked up or gone.

I have seen Google Analyitics destroy web sites by hanging the analytics script. Blanks them out totally.

I have seen Bitly link shortener used to screw up web sites and censor content. Who on earth would ever care about the length of a link that no one sees anyway? Bitly is downright retarded, and a sabotage front. This is probably true of all linkbuilders, which pray on the misperceptions of inexperienced web admins. If you use a third party to resolve your links for you, and that third party hates you, you're DEAD.

I have seen Zedo ads used to load viruses onto any computer that hits a site. That happened to this site a few years ago. Some web sites can successfully use zedo. Not this site!

I have seen a huge number of web sites get whacked by the refusal of a thrid party to issue HTTPS certificates, when the web site itself did nothing wrong. HTTPS is HTTP SUICIDE. If you don't need it, DONT USE IT. I have it available here, free of cost, and don't use it. If people are not handing you their credit card numbers or something similar, don't be a fool by adding something to your site you don't need!

There is a new trend of web sites calling out to a third party for the fonts that show on their pages. I have not yet seen this used to censor content, but it makes copying and pasting get scrambled. If you want your word to spread, there are enough web compatible fonts out there for you to use that look good enough, the truth is not a fashion statement!

The bottom line? If you are in the truth movement, your web site has to be totally self contained. You can't offer others the chance to sabotage you. If you are not selling products off your front page, FORGET HTTPS. If you can't get ads anyway, why use Google Analyitcs, which is used only to verify the value of ads on your site? If you do get ads, make sure they are not sabotaging you. And who cares if the code for a link that no one sees is three lines long, when the actual text in the link is 15 characters? That won't mess up your page, and even a TRS80 would handle the link itself at the speed of light. As far as I see it, there is no place in this world for Bitly or anything similar.

In this day and age, SURVIVAL IS SIMPLICITY.

There is a major screw up on the ISIS web site

A reader informed me that there is a page on the ISIS mercenary web site where they still fully identify themselves as ISIS. They changed most of the site over to SIS, but there is a page where they screwed up big time. I am not going to link it directly, because doing so is helping the enemy, just go to isishq.com and start clicking around. You will probably find it. Well worth a laugh for that level of screw up.

Here's something very interesting from a Democrat:

Jim, I have been a long term democratic supporter. Presently, I am getting appeals from the party for donations to "hurt Trump" The total absence of any agenda other than "Hurt Trump" is disgusting to me beyond belief, Trump is, after all, our duly elected president. I see no evidence that he violated the law to get elected. Focusing on "Hurting Trump" is counter productive for the country. I just don't quite understand what has gone wrong with my party."

My response: No comment other than Republicans are doing the same thing.


A reader sent a message saying "I meant well, but Hannity will be back, and I screwed that up due to lack of information".

My response: I know fully what the norms are, and I know he always takes a vacation at this time. I also stated Fox said he'd be back. But I would not bet on it unless I had money to lose, and you can forget all about real Seth Rich coverage if he does come back. Hannity will only be around to avoid public backlash from this point on, and there will be no more meaningful discussion of Seth Rich.


There is something seriously amiss with Abeldanger and others

The Abledanger.net web site is down for the count. Mysteriously, abeldanger.org popped up in it's place. I don't know what is up with that, but many sites have had mysterious un-announced things happen over the past six months. Abeldanger.org looks fine, but is a different format from the original site and I am suspicious.

Superstation95.com is also gone, or has had massive troubles. Here's the truth about that site as far as I can find:

It was actually truthfully associated with a huge New York based FM classic rock / talk radio station called Superstation95. I had heard it get called a "fake news clickbait" site but everything posted there seemed legit and passed scrutiny. Suddenly, on May 23, it blinked out after being attacked for "fake news" on the topic of Seth Rich, "Russian Propaganda" and many other topics they covered. Here is their official statement

I do not believe it. I think they probably got raided and rounded up, and someone posted that page as a B.S. explanation for what happened. Their audience was not people who would believe Snopes. They got hijacked and are probably sitting at Gitmo now. The station they were based on is now playing Christian music, when it was classic rock and talk before May 23. BOTTOM LINE: IT IS OBVIOUS THEY GOT PAID A VISIT, AND ARE EITHER DEAD OR DETAINED WHILE KIKEDOM SMASHES THEIR RESOURCES WITH A BOGUS STATEMENT, AND CONTENT SO CONTRARY TO THEIR REAL CONTENT NO ONE WILL WANT TO LISTEN TO THE RADIO STATION.

That's the way it was done in 1950's Bolshevik kikeland Russia!

This web site has survived because:

1. It is based completely out of U.S./UN/ICANN jurisdiction. That is possible, and I did it. So even though ICANN can kill the DNS servers, they can't kill the site itself. Additionally, there are servers in 3 different countries that layer the front page in modules, so part of it will show up even if it gets successfully whacked in a particular country. Additionally, direct IP, which is how this site functions, has already prevented it from vanishing after a takedown order from ICANN was issued a few months ago and it was removed from the DNS servers (which no one can tell ICANN not to do, regardless of jurisdiction). The main host country honored the direct IP requests, and the site retained 55 percent of normal traffic. Since that's too much to claim I quit, they backed off and the site returned to normal in a few days.

2. It is administered via a completely anonymous connection that cannot be geographically pinpointed, and I don't rely on the dark web to accomplish that.

3. If that connection is cut, there are thousands of cheap cyber cafe connections that can be accessed quickly with complete anonymity. My experience with coding and site administration makes it possible for me to hit this site from anything at all, and administer it without being dependent on web site administration software virtually no public computer has. That makes me unstoppable, because everything that exists can be used as a resource to keep this site up.

4. I am willing to live on practically nothing, and depend on NO ONE. Superstation95 said they died because they could not pay staff, or for their servers. Obviously their expense budget was probably around $50, 000 per month, especially with the radio station to support. This site can get by on $1, 000 per month or less. Superstation95, in their official statement, said they got 2, 000, 000 visits a month. That's realistic and can support a decent staff. This site gets an average of 500, 000 visits a month. So there is so much traffic leverage in relation to financial need that I can survive a WHOLE LOT of getting messed with, especially since I don't expect or even hope for getting paid at a level this site would pay if it was allowed a normal existence.

5. There are other reasons I won't discuss, because they are already posted here many times and I don't want to keep repeating them.

The bottom line is that I will probably be among the last to go. I have repeately warned people what they need to do to stay alive until the end. It is: 1. Use multiple cheap servers in multiple jurisdictions, 2. Suck it up and live cheap. 3. Learn the actual code and procedures a web site functions with, and don't rely on software to build your site for you. 4. Have a totally legitimate dedicated direct IP access setup that actually works and is fully tested, and THEN USE IT as the root function for your entire site. Don't use your domain name in any page you have. If you have direct IP properly done, you won't need a domain. This has already saved this site, if I did not have that, it would have simply vanished shortly before the 2016 election, when a takedown order was given and failed. If you do vanish, you might as well hang it up, because the censors will prevent you from telling anyone where your new location is.

The bottom line in all of this is that things are heating up, and people definitely are now vanishing from the web. If you are a truther and you use dreamweaver or any other app, or have a staff, or depend on a single domain and can't hit your site with the IP address, you had better start reading and get things streamlined. You had better cut expenses also.

CARS.COM is boycotting Sean Hannity for covering Seth Rich

The only appropriate thing to do then is to boycott them, and make sure everyone else knows they are the enemy of freedom of the press, on top of being trash for Clinton. If word got out, it could destroy them, SEE THIS

Here's a GOOD ONE

An advertising sign for a pizza shop crashed, and it dumped the background data for it's facial recognition software on the screen. It measured male/female, attention span, smile, if you wore glasses, etc. It was guaging people's reaction to the ad it was displaying. This is actually done a lot now, but it is unusual to actually get the readout of what the sign was really doing. Someone snagged a photo and put it on Twitter. SEE THIS

Federal prosecutor found dead

I saw this this morning but did not comment because I did not know what to make of it. I still don't, but figured that in light of Seth Rich, I ought to mention it.

This was an obvious murder. Fedreal prosecutor Beranton J. Whisenant was found on a Florida beach with a gunshot wound to the back of the head. He was fully dressed in his work suit, being pushed around by the surf.

He was investigating visa and passport fraud, and one source said he was also investigating ballot tampering for the 2016 election. But with regard to a reason to murder him, that is all I can find. Police are playing fools, suggesting it was an accident or a robbery or a suicide, all the while everything he had on him was still on him, despite his rolling around in the surf which rules out a robbery, and there is no rational way a random guy can accurately shoot the back of his own head (or body) just like Seth Rich. No robber is simply going to walk him up to the waves, shoot him, and walk off either. This is an obvious hit.

They are keeping a really tight lid on this, I looked at a dozen MSM reports this morning, and they all have the same canned story. Because of the dubious nature of the reporting, I'm suspicious he's another Seth Rich, but can't prove it.

The following on Seth Rich is going to stay top posted as well as possible, because it is important. I will try to keep new posts under this, and you may see it on this page several times due to the way combat mode works:



Write "Who killed Seth Rich" and / or "Who is Seth Rich" neatly on every piece of U.S. currency you get your hands on, neatly, in indelible ink, preferably with a fine point sharpie that does not draw thick. Spend the cash as usual. Anyone who ends up with that cash will be hit with that question, and is likely to become interested in finding out what happened (if they don't already know)

The MSM can claim it is a hoax all they want, and they will still lose. They can't win this, it is GAME OVER for them. With the internet getting censored, and the media full of lies, this is how we do it.

Obviously Google is going to kick in the manipulation, to drive people to an approved answer to that question. So you can additionally kill this by writing "google sethrichdoc.jpg". The photo I put on my site has been picked up everywhere and is the top hit on Google even though Google won't show you this site as the source. That will explain it ALL while the MSM lies, and google spews for officialdom.

HA HA HA, take a look at this!

They are not fooling ANYONE with ISIS anymore

A couple days ago I reported about how ISIS (tm) had invaded the Philippines. Well, RT just covered the story. Here's some text, AND LOOK AT THE COMMENTS!

Here is some article text:

"The Maute group confronting the Philippine army in Marawi City is no longer considered a local terrorist organization as it has been reinforced by jihadists of Malaysian, Indonesian and "other nationalities, " the country's authorities have announced.

"Before it was just a local terrorist group. But now they have subscribed to the ideology of ISIS. They want to make Mindanao as part of the caliphate, " Solicitor General Jose Calida told a news conference, according to Reuters.

"What's happening in Mindanao is no longer a rebellion of Filipino citizens" but "has transmogrified into an invasion by foreign terrorists who heeded the clarion call of the ISIS to go to the Philippines if they find difficulty in going to Iraq or Syria, " Calida added, as cited by InterAksyon news.

Now look at the comments!

"As Philippines aligned towards China and Russia, US has activated its powerful operatives "ISIS", to create disturbance in Philippines."

"He learned from his CIA class every terrorist need a adversary and every adversary needs a terrorist"

"USA is a terrorist Country. NATO is a terrorist organization"

" no comment you, re right mate absolutely 100%"

"Duterte starts to have better relations with China and Russia - ISIS suddenly appears...."

"Yeah. I'm surprised the regime change plan hasn't been enacted by now. It will start with protests in Manila followed by a violent, US-backed coup complete with US-paid mercenaries."

"Trained in Syria by the CIA and MOSSAD"

"Trained in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, not Syria."

"Trained in Turkey as well"

"Any of them wearing George Soros T-shirts?"

"Oi Vey; I wonder who could possibly be behind this...."

" The shekel masters?"

"Like clockwork - Phillipines move away from USA influence and then they get terrorists, who have been supported by USA in the middle east"

"We Jews are the destroyers. We will always be the destroyers. Nothing you do will ever meet our needs and demands." - Maurice Samuel

"and they question China building defenses right in the middle of the zone. China patrols the sea to try and prevent pirate terrorists doing business. The US patrols shouting its big mouth."

" China should patrol the South China Sea , quietly escorting any American Navy vessels . China should also be very careful with Pakistan , its military officers are Wahhabi . They used to do intel for Saudi Arabia. However the biggest threat to China is its recent "interest" in GMO foods. Only Japan has done studies for longer than 3 months . Banned across Europe and Russia , etc."

See the rest of the reports and how the comments evolved HERE


I was disgusted by the pictures of the democrat candidate singing country songs and holding a gun. I guess others were too, so Republican Greg Gianforte won. Not that it will make a whole lot of difference - both are sides of the same coin but at least it was not as bad as it could have been.

Hannity may be gone

Fox News said he'd be back, and Hannity did also, but he left un announced a day early for the memorial day weekend and won't be back until Tuesday. Kimberly Guilfoile hosted Hannity at the last minute last night which means FOX is probably full of it, if Hannity was really scheduled for a vacation, i would think his show would not have had a time slot open, they'd have filled it with something else ahead of time.

So it is wait and see I guess.

Flyboard air? It actually works.

One failure and you are dead. Military special ops might get this, but you won't see regular soldiers with them

The CIA/Israel managed to get ISIS planted in the Philippines

Never mind the fact that it would be a logistical nightmare for any legitimate ISIS to be there. To get embedded in the Philippines would require the full support of a nation state, and not a pathetic one. This takes Israel/Saudi/America type support. ISIS reportedly has overtaken Marawi city, a city of 200,000 that is 30 kilometers away from the nearest ocean access. Duterte has sent tanks and attack helicopters to fight them. 30 KILOMETERS INLAND! The distance of this city from the ocean means there is no conceivable way ISIS could have embedded in this city, weapons and all without nation/state support. It's not like they pulled up in a rickety boat and just dropped in, to get to that city they'd have needed to arrive with a boat, vehicles, the whole 9 yards. I can tell you how this was done, by the CIA:

First, vehicles were purchased from regular dealers in the Phillipines. Then the ISIS agents were flown in after training in the U.S. or Israel, and I'll hedge my bets on "somewhere in Texas, probably El Paso, where ISIS incorporated - a U.S. based mercenary company, has a base that has made headlines over the last couple years.

After the ISIS agents were flown in with U.S. passports, they met an American nuclear submarine that was sent to the coast, in an area with a steep drop off so it could get right up to shore. From there, an inflatable zodiac boat was launched, which carried weapons to the people onshore. They loaded it all into their trucks, and BAM-O, suddenly there's an "ISIS" base in the Philippines. That's how it would be done, and I'd bet $50 that is exactly how it happened, right down to the last detail.

FOLKS, HERE IS YOUR "ISIS" in the Philippines:

Clearly Duterte is being punished for his recent politics and statements. The entire ISIS ruse is so bare butt naked it is bound to eventually get spanked by a nuke.


BEWARE: If you go against the United States, Israel, and the New World Order, you will promptly be delivered the gift of ISIS.


Since there is nothing in the news cycle but terror attacks, murder coverups, and Trump sucking up to Israel, I figured I'd hit this topic - I do not think beans are good for you.

Beans contain a poison called lectin that interferes with carbohydrate metabolism and makes you tired. And uncooked kidney beans are so poisonous that only a few will make you very sick, and if you eat enough of them you may need to be hospitalized, and could possibly die.

Additionally, lectins are an outright cellular poison that can act against all cells, but most specifically attack the digestive tract and can damage or even kill the cells that are responsible for uptake of nutrients.

There are two reasons why I posted this. One is because even if I eat perfectly prepared beans on a burrito I get all my energy sapped and sometimes have to lay down and recover. I don't know how the Mexicans can take it (I don't think they really can, despite the hype they don't work hard like Americans do and this could be the reason) and the other reason is that vegans obviously don't get what they need just by adding beans to their diet. Have you ever seen a happy energetic go all day vegan that has been vegan for more than a year? I have not - they always look sick. Sure, you can read all about how great vegan is online, but I have never seen an example in real life. The poison in beans probably plays a huge role in that.

MY CONCLUSION: After having my energy sapped many times by beans in Mexico, I am calling it: beans are not what we have been programmed to believe. They are actually a toxic food that has to be prepared properly to destroy the toxins, and there is absolutely no way to get it all. Maybe Mexicans have built up a resistance to the toxins, but I don't think such a resistance will ever be complete. I am axing beans from my diet, they wreck my writing and destroy my day. All the evidence for why they do is available in abundance. They taste good and are a nice cheap meal, but it is time to call it quits.

Is Melania upset with Trump?

There have been three incidents now where Melania has given Trump the cold shoulder in public over the last two days. One can only wonder if she is upset with how he is running the country. You would expect her to be sympathetic because she knows the media's Russia garbage is a back stab, so she has to know what the lies are, yet she is mad at HIM, not them. Perhaps she's upset the swamp was not drained? It would not surprise me in the least.

Trump himself is looking extremely stressed and upset, and I do not think them living apart during this time was good for them. She may have been what he needed to stay on the right track. Especially if that is what she appears to be upset about.

MANCHESTER: Mike Rivero has a perfect quote that says it all:

"an 'oldie but goodie' quote is somewhat appropro here, from Netanyahu himself-

"Regarding what took place on September 11, well it's very good…Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy for Israel."

So, at THE VERY MOMENT that Trump is in Israel, prostrating, bowing, bending over north, south, east and west in order to 'prime the pump' in getting a peace deal started between Israel and the Palestinian people she oppresses on a daily basis as a religious duty, BOOM, an horrific bombing takes place that throws Trump off balance and gives the Jewish state all the ammo she needs in 'setting the tone' in terms of creating a Palestinian state.

Truly, the Jews must be God's chosen people, because every single time they need something like this to happen, it does.


My comment: Add to that the fact that it was a "horrific bombing" that took place in a location where Trump would not have to distract himself from business in Israel, like he would have had to if the bombing was done in America. PERFECT. JUST TOO PERFECT.

London activated 1000 troops

There are now 1000 troops active on London's streets, with thousands more scheduled to activate. Now perhaps we have the real reason for the false flag terror attack. They need troops in place for something upcoming that is very big and is going to anger the public badly.

Even if the terror bombing was real, there is absolutely no precedent for having the military respond and put the city under martial law. 40 years ago the Irish Republican Army was staging attacks frequently, and the military was not deployed in such a way to handle it. There is something seriously amiss with this, something huge is in the works.

The reports are that the troops are very conspicuously placed, and are stated to be there to stop "terrorist bombings". However, If you want to deploy people to stop bombings, you don't hand them a huge gun, put them in military garb, and say GO FOR IT, because that only makes who to avoid obvious to whoever wants to do a bombing. If there was a legitimate deployment to stop bombing incidents, everyone deployed would be in plain clothes to keep any bomber completely oblivious to the fact he might get caught

My guess is that the troops were instead placed to scare the public, and that this false flag was done to excuse putting them on the streets. Now, when the government pulls something big, like defying the people's will on Brexit the military has already been placed to keep control, and no one will question why they are already there.

The deep state got to Hannity

There will be no further discussion of the murder of Seth Rich. If you discuss any murder committed by the Clinton crime family, you are fake news and will be taken out along with the people they murder.

Don't be among the dreamers out there saying they are acting like this because they are losing, because if they can silence anyone they want, clearly they are not losing. They will remain in power for as long as the corrupted police forces and other security forces keep them there, and the fact that they are where they are only because the police see through to it means the police and other security forces are everyone's enemy, it is not just a ghetto meme.

Kim Dotcom released a statement yesterday which made it clear Seth Rich did the leaks, but even Kim backed off and did not take it the whole way. Everyone seems too afraid to speak up, even in the face of completely clear and evident need. If we sit here silent and allow ourselves to be crushed for even a little bit longer, we will lose forever. They are on the brink of final, absolute, smack down victory and the future they have for us is the end of us, we will never escape a rapidly approaching technological enslavement and perfectly calculated tyranny.

REMEMBER: The police acheive cooperation ONLY, AND ONLY with the threat of violence, killing, and the threat of imprisonment. That is 100 percent of what the police operate on. Either you cooperate or you will be smashed or killed or imprisoned, even if there was no crime when they got your attention. There is absolutely nothing other than that to the way they function - cooperate or you are gone.

If the criminals in the government are operating with impunity and the police will do nothing to stop them, just because that is where the police draw their paycheck from and can be brainwashed, then obviously the criminals in government need a different mode of enforcement, from we the people, following through with the exact same tactics the police use against us. It is either that, or the end of all, and the shutting up of Sean Hannity proved it.

"They" can do whatever they want, including murder, and we just have to suck it up. We can't even mention it, or we are gone all the while the same people who killed Seth Rich will bother us and possibly jail us over a garden. Folks, that's fair, right? As long as the law says you can't touch the murderers, it's all fair, because the law is ALL, right? Let the murderers walk free, without anyone being allowed to even say anything happened when they murder, but YOU can go to jail for your tomato plants if they are not approved. That's all fair and good, as long as the law, and those who enforce the law, make it so, RIGHT?

If you are not going to police the police, and put justice where it is needed you might as well grind up your guns and use them as an iron supplement in your morning cereal. That's what they are good for. After all, only the police can actually use one, even if it is to enforce and support corruption at the highest level, RIGHT?. Any good citizen who follows the law ought to know their guns are only for play and target practice. You had better damn well never use one to put things "right". You ought to know that you, and especially your kids, are not supposed to have a future, your child's future belongs to those who murdered Seth Rich, and Sean Hannity just proved it. It will be so, for as long as you suck it up and eat your cheerios.


The translation did in fact translate the name of the terrorist in Hebrew as meaning "He was also a member of the Likud Party" but the problem was it was the name of the so-called "terrorist" that did France in April. So it is still completely relevant, just not for Manchester. We have to figure out then, how they secret coded the Manchester attack.

Many people have noticed something wrong with Manchester

They aired some of it in Mexico. What they showed (the panicked people running) could have been accomplished with 50 actors. It just does not wash. Only two pics of the bombing scene so far, from the same totally outdated 2005 vintage cell phone. It just does not wash.

RT responded with photos of crisis actors. Trump was in Israel at the time. Too convenient. And then there will be Hannity and Kim dotcom today. Diversion needed. Terror regulation and sympathy for Israel needed. Anyway, I think I'll wrap it up with this final comment. There is more on this topic on this page.

Gatorade recipe

Several people have written that it should also have potassium. A large percentage of the table salts out there have it. Just check the ingredients. The most important thing is sodium chloride, and potassium iodide. Just make sure your salt has that at a minimum. Obviously sea salts would be best, but I posted what anyone who reads the site could do immediately. Basic table salt is 100 percent better than nothing.

I am skeptical of the Manchester bombing

There is simply not enough photo documentation. Also, the dash cam footage has to be completely fake - this is the footage where supposedly a dash cam caught the flash from the explosion. I doubt it, according to the story line the explosion was inside and too concealed for that. Now two dark and grainy photos are making their way out, that are from totally sub standard 2005 vintage cell phone cam. Yep. That. Crappy Arab video stuff, (unless it is ISIS, they at least have a camera compliments of Site Intelligence Group.) You'd think that with thousands of cell phone cams on the scene, as well as many security cameras compliments of Britain's "eyes everywhere" attitude we'd have more footage of this, but NOPE, lonely 2005 cell phone will have to do, and when you see the color balance in the two photos of the actual bomb scene that got released so far, they are BOTH FROM THE SAME CRAPPY CELL PHONE CAM. WHY??!!??

To see what I am talking about SEE THIS, this is all that was posted as of 6 AM CST. Anything of the actual bomb scene is from an old cell phone and there are only 2 pictures total as of 6AM CST. I call B.S.


Not ONE PHOTO from 10, 000 Iphones and the pile of security cameras in SEE EVERYTHING BRITAIN. Yeah, Yep, RIGHT. Camera in every corner Britain has nothing on this, in a TRAIN STATION. Yep.


Anonymous sent:

Typical modus operandi Jim of a staged event in Manchester. Manchester police and emergency services were conducting terrorist drills in the days preceding this event for this same event...Always the same drills before these attacks as 911, Sandy Hook, London police stabbing etc. etc. If it smells a bit at the start it usually ends up being rotten

My response: I have not been able to look into anything related to drills yet, but RT ran a segment on crisis actors, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY: I have seen a PILE of photos from Manchester, and there simply is not sufficient photo evidence to support this story. There was one photo with a bunch of crap lying around, but no bodies, no blood, nothing indicating people were involved in the mess that got made. Maybe they censored the photos? Aside from one photo that looks like something might have happened, All I can see is an amazingly clean totally undisturbed train station from many angles, with not so much as a Snickers wrapper out of place. It does not make sense. Nothing to bite into. Maybe I missed something?

Or how about this: I don't believe this terror attack because it was just too conveniently timed with Kim and Hannity and also Trump being in Israel. Sort of like getting worn out with the same old theme and not wanting to play the same music for the Nth time? How about those upcoming British elections? Why believe this BUNK, I am sure that is what this really is. Why study it when it always ends up being B.S.? I bet a big balloon really did pop, to signal the start of a spewed crisis act.

Orb Release of the demons?

This message had to have come from a Muslim.

"Jim, When they touched the orb all those swirling lights went about the room. They symbolized the releasing of the Djinn. Satanic to the core. Be well, Biggee"

My response: I cannot confirm or deny that, but it is definitely spooky. Any sources saying they specifically intended it to symbolize the release of spirits?

Manchester bombing

Now the MSM is beginning to center the story as a suicide bombing with a nail bomb. Early reports said it was a balloon exploding on electrical wires. But I sort of doubt that, because it appears to be a real incident with real dead. The problem with anything like this is that so many of these types of things are done with crisis actors to accomplish an agenda, so I don't know how to report it. How about this:

Trump is now in Israel, and the timing of this attack could not possibly be better. So it could be real and staged by Israel. That is probability #1 as far as I see it.

Probability #2 is that Kim Dotcom was going to blow the Seth Rich story open tomorrow so they needed a story to distract from that.

Probability #3 is that upcoming elections in Britain were not going according to plan and they needed an event.

Probability #27 is a genuine Islamic suicide bomber.

At any rate, unlike the next (earlier) portion of this report, it probably was not a balloon or PA system malfunction as was being said early on.

Explosion in Manchester England

There was a large explosion at the end of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester England. Details are sparse right now, but one possible scenario is that a metallized balloon floated into a high voltage transformer and caused an electrical explosion. The explosion itself was harmless but very loud, and it sparked a stampede that killed at least 20 people and injured at least 100.

Details are sparse, but I have been through the reports, and that is my conclusion at this point - metallized balloon caused an electrical explosion which caused a stampede. this type of explosion would be incredibly loud, but not dangerous.

Let's see where they take this one, and how they use it. Obviously it could have been a bomb, but at this point the balloon explanation is most plausible. Additionally, there are other reports that a balloon popped into a microphone and got amplified by the PA, and sparked a panic. I doubt this, and see it as secondary confirmation of a metallized balloon hitting electrical lines. This could change, this is an early report where no one knows anything solid yet.

TO BE CLEAR ABOU THE NEXT POST: I do not think Trump knowingly took part in a satanic ritual with the glowing orb. I don't think Sisi did either. But the President of Saudi Arabia? DONT' HOLD YOUR BREATH WAITING FOR THE GOOD WITH THAT ONE. You will probably end up dropping dead.

The scorpions are rejoicing

Normally, Mexican houses will keep it warm at night and cool during the day without the use of heat or air conditioning. However, due to it not getting cold for the last few nights, that plan is not working. And the weather has not been so wet. For the last three years it has been so wet that it killed off the scorpions. A couple months ago I saw one out on the property, so they will make a comeback if the weather stays dry. For now it is miserably hot and I am sure they are happy.

The disturbing orb

I withheld immediate comment on the glowing globe in Saudi Arabia that Trump put his hands on, because it made me feel icky but I still can't quite put a finger on exactly why. My suspicion? Regardless of what the troll MSM is saying, I strongly suspect the globe touching ceremony was a satanic ritual for the New World Order.

To be clear, it has been officially stated that is not what it was. The claim is that it symbolized "The world united against terror". But that's a pretty shallow claim to make, when Saudi Arabia has basically destroyed Yemen with absolutely zero cause, and is now poised to strike Iran. It is a shallow claim, when Trump's side of the equation has been the master of terror around the globe for decades. It is more than shallow, it is an outright lie, a hoax ritual for peace, just like Satan would want it.

The church of Satan has actually issued a statement saying it was not a satanic ritual and that they had nothing to do with it. But the underlying globalist implications and hipocracy of it all is so in-your-face blatant that only Satan would spew that kind of statement over it. Clearly, it was representative of Satan's one world order, any time control of anything global is discussed, even if it is terror, it is in my opinion that it is satanic - especially when fronted in a way that amounted to such a huge lie, even if Trump did not know it and I am not sure he does not.

People were saying Russia was missing from the globe. I looked over all the pictures, and Russia is not missing, it was simply a highly stylized and inaccurate globe. It was marketed as something benign yet was creepier than anything I have ever seen done, even in a sci-fi movie. The feel of it was not right at all. Truly, clearly, the arms deal with Saudi Arabia is a very bad omen.

On that note, Timothy sent:

My wife and I saw some photos of Trump last night and both commented that it looks like a different person to a few months ago. Nothing you could point to and categorically say "this is wrong" unless you knew him intimately but a general feeling of unease that he has been changed and is not the same person who was sworn in as President. Cloned like Hillary maybe? Stressed and drugged? Look alike? I don't know but it worries the shit out of me. Timothy

My comment: Trump's aura changed after the cruise missile attack on Syria. Some people say he is now angry and bitter, and I would not be surprised if he became privy to Nuclear Blackmail, and is now angry because he HAS TO get with the "program" or America goes BOOM. It could be anything on a long list of things that could be wrong, and all I can say is that as far as I see it, something definitely is.

It should be inconcievable for Trump to just hand the Sauds $350 billion in weapons, and equally inconceivable that the Trump we elected would ever put his hand on a "one world united" glowing globe ANYWHERE, let alone Saudi Arabia! That's not how you "Make America Great Again". Yep. It worries me too.

I am worried about Saudi Arabia and Trump

I can't figure out any good reason for why Trump went to Saudi Arabia and behaved the way he did. It sort of trashed the good in his firing of Comey. This was part of a $350 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia as well

I think Israel is playing fake mad at Donald over the Saudi arms deal, because nothing would help Israel more. But the show must go on I guess, everything as fake as it can get.

Let's put the arms deal in perspective

The deal was for weapons purchases by Saudi Arabia from the United States over the next 10 years. The U.S. selling arms to Saudi Arabia is nothing new, but how big is this purchase really, in concrete, realistic terms?

As of 2016, Saudi Arabia's military budget was 63.7 billion annually. This covers all expenses, from feeding and housing their mercenaries (Saudi Arabia has an almost 100 percent foreign hired military). This would be a HUGE part of the budget. Over 10 years, before this weapons purchase, one could rationally extrapolate that Saudi Arabia would spend, with everything as is, right around 700 billion over the next 10 years (accounting for inflation).

The arms deal was for $110 billion up front, with the remaning $240 billion to be spent over the next 10 years. Since $110 billion alone exceeds what the Sauds spent for their entire military last year, by a LOT, I'd have to say that yes, this arms purchase has a motive behind it. Saudi Arabia getting outfitted for war against Iran is a very plausible scenario. And Israel sat there, fakers as they are, and cried about it! Yes, as a matter of policy, distribute the blame! Cry when someone does exactly what you dreamed about so you don't look guilty when a perfectly innocent country gets blown away.

No matter how they throw the veil over it, this is an Israeli inspired action, NO IFS OR BUTS.

Going into summer, remember your salt!

The main two symptoms of not having enough salt are:

1. You pee out all the water you drink (if you "drink too much" you pee right away, even if "too much" is a small amount.)

2. You lack energy and clarity of thought.

I was at Sams Club a while ago, and saw a PROMINENT, and I MEAN PROMINENT display for salt intended to be sold to Jews. It PROMINENTLY said it had no fluoride and was certified Kosher. Important: "Kosher salt" is a type of salt, and it is not Kosher! If it clearly says it is "kosher salt" it means nothing. It works great for pickeling and that is all.

Real Kosher salt will have the triangle K or the circled U, or the symbol for whatever other Kosher organization certified it (there are many). And it is important to actually get salt that really is kosher, meaning something a Jew will eat, and not something that is good for pickeling.

-SO- When I saw salt so prominently marketed to Jews, I bought 25 pounds of it. And it does matter, because it was clearly marked FLUORIDE FREE.

Here are the ingredients: Sodium chloride, silicon dioxide, Potassium iodide, sodium ferrocyanide. Mundane stuff. But if you had any worries about those ingredients in your salt, they are in this certified advertised Kosher fluoride free "special clearly marked Jew salt" so if the salt you buy has this stuff (and nothing more) and it is not marked Kosher it is probably decent anyway.

My guess is that silicon dioxide and sodium ferrocyanide are present in very low amounts, because they are anti caking agents and this salt turned into a brick. I had to bash it back to crystals. You don't want a lot of sodium ferrocyanide in your diet, but evidently (as far as I see it) if it is in this specially marked salt it can't be too bad in small amounts.

The gist of it all is AVOID FLUORIDATED SALT. Avoid fluoride PERIOD. Mexico started fluoridating salt a few years ago to get people their dose of fluoride, and that is precisely why the Jew salt is so clearly marked not fluoridated. They need an out. They can't be drugging themselves just because they went to, or live in Mexico so you come across Jew salt from time to time and it is clearly marked for what it is. Technically that's supposed to be a violation of Mexican law now, but Jews get away with everything.

For toothpaste, get Tom's non fluoridated toothpaste at Wal Mart. Years ago, none of the Crest and Colgate or others were marked kosher, but people figured that out and now, to cover their tracks, fluoride toothpastes are marked kosher. But they are not, and all the Jews know it. They know to avoid fluoride. The clearly marked salt in Mexico PROVES IT. And I have enough of the good stuff to last for years.

Ok, now back to the main topic: Getting enough salt in the heat, and how I make my own gatorade:

I don't know why, but I can't seem to salt food enough for me to get enough salt. So I make my own "gatorade". Here is my recipe:

To get the doses right I need to be clear about spoon sizes. There are two common spoon sizes - soup spoons (which are large) and then regular spoons. Tea spoons are very small, I don't think most people have those. So for reference, I am saying the normal small spoon.

Put about 2 ounces of orange soda (any brand) in a coffee cup. while it is in the coffee cup, add 2 or 3 heaping small spoons of sugar, and 1 heaping small spoon of salt. It will foam up strongly as the carbon dioxide is released from the soda by the sugar and salt. do it in this order, or the "fizz" will make the "gatorade" taste terrible, you want to really force it out of the soda by adding the sugar and salt very strongly to a small amount of soda directly, and not after the soda is mixed with water.

Stir it until it completely stops fizzing. This does not take long. Then, get a yogurt container (one liter or quart) and pour your pop and sugar/salt mix into it. Add water to the line near the top of the container. Stir it. Check your cup to make sure no salt or sugar is stuck in the bottom. If it is, rinse it into the yogurt container. Modify to taste. You won't see a difference between gatorade and this ultra cheap concoction once you get it right. It should taste pretty much exactly like Gatorade when you get it right, if it is too salty or sweet, add less next time, if it tastes weak add more, etc. I guarantee you won't pee it out right away if you are having problems with that. That's my first symptom of needing salt.

Kim Jong's missile

Anonymous sent:

How do we REALLY know that Kim launched a successful missile out of the atmosphere and back? In the MSM all we get is "according to anylists" "and according to experts". It's always a second hand anonymous source with some stock photo from Reuters as proof of the supposed launch. I was reading an msm article that stated the missile "survived the 5000 degree C re entry temperatures". Which metals on earth are capable of not being melted by that?

The metal thing is a bit secondary, but back to the main issue; how can we trust ANYTHING from the MSM? I have to remain under the impression that no such launch even happened. Taking someone's word for it is not going to cut it anymore. Especially the word of an anonymous official reported through a proven lying source (the American msm)

My response: "5,000 celsius" is only a relative term, relating to how hot things might possibly get under ideal circumstances, not how hot they actually will get. Re-entry is well handled by ceramics. If you had unlimited weight limits, re-entry temperatures would easily be handled by bronze or copper leading edges in key areas, with liquid coolant circulating through them, but nothing has that. But it would be the best. It would be durable and permanent. As far as the MSM goes, there is a reason why I had that disclaimer in the report, because the MSM can't tell the truth about anything. So we don't even know if this tremendous launch happened, because the MSM simply does not have the credibility it needs to carry such a story.


This would, without question, work.

Carlos sent:

I would like to know your response, about the feasebility of an idea , that could be a solution for stopping the Fukushima leakage once and for all.

The idea consists of digging a tunnel beneath the damaged reactors, to provide a way to build a reinforced sarcaphagus structure under them. Once the sarcophagus is finished, use explosives to cause the damaged reactors and containments to fall into the sarcaphagus. Then use the soil that was around the containments to cover it all, and then put a prefabricated dome over it all, to completely seal off the radiation.

My response: Yep. That would work. No one thought that big, but if the U.S. can dig giant holes and put NSA spook facilities in them, Japan can dig a less giant hole for a sarcaphagus, and drop Fukushima into it. Yep. That would work.

FEDERAL JUDGES RULE: No recreational drone weighing less than 55 pounds has to be registered

Police state centric CNN is crying over this one. Got a Dji phantom? That's 50+ pounds below the limit! The limit for unregistered drones is now 55 pounds.

From CNN:

A Washington, D.C. court ruled Friday that the FAA drone registration rule violates the FAA Modernization and Reform Act, which Congress passed in 2012. Hobbyist John Taylor argued successfully that he should not have to register because the act states that the FAA "may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model aircraft."

My response: After that leading paragraph, CNN plays dodgeball with the truth. HERE IS THE TRUTH: Ever since the dawn of aviation, model aircraft of all sizes up to 55 pounds, flying at all altitudes were allowed if anyone had the ability to do it. This really took off in the 1960's when transistors made it possible to make excellent model aircraft controllers. And lots and lots of people did it, with many very large model aircraft (which were all "drones") being flown. Youtube is full of videos of huge model aircraft that weigh under 55 pounds taking off and looking like they are so big they are real. And quite frankly, at the weight of 55 pounds, with modern tech, anything is possible. You can really have a superb piece of gear in that weight.

Then drones with cameras came out, and someone got their underwear all bunched up over it. It was realized by people in the power structure that GEE, if I am going to RAPE the American people, I'd really rather not have it be possible for the average joe to mount a high end SLR with a giant spy lens on a toy plane and get into my business. My hunch is that the DJI phantom drones are what made someone act on this, because they are good enough to provide a portion of the functionality of a lot of the military stuff, and are out of box ready and perfect. So some elite jerk figured it would be best to have that registered, after all, it could really nail a molech festival.

The DJI Phantom, (or even worse, the Mavic, with a 5 kilometer range) which provides ultra clear and stable HD footage in real time was too much for someone, and the ridiculous limit of 0.55 pounds was suddenly put on model aircraft. That's a 100 fold decrease in what is allowed to be flown by model enthusiasts. And there really is nothing worth flying that weighs that little, my guess is the limit, even with the best tech, will always be right around 3 pounds absent a military budget. That's what a good model aircraft has always weighed, at a minimum.

John Taylor, a model airplane enthusiast, realized how ridiculous the new limits set by the FAA were, and he challenged their new registration rules before a federal court and won. After all, what about all the fixed wing model aircraft that already existed since the 1960's? Suddenly they were illegal? What about all the people who have been doing this for decades without incident?

I always thought that the recent incidents with drones at the ends of runways, threatening jumbo jets with "bird strikes" were nothing but Jews trying to slam limits on everyone. What about the decades of sensible model airplane enthusiasts that never did that ONCE in the years prior, years where no model could support an HD camera? People who can afford anything good enough to be capable of flying high enough to threaten jets are simply not stupid enough to fly it at the end of a runway. But when it comes to an agenda, creating mayhem is key. That is how the Jews operate after all - do something ridiculous, and false flag a control net over everyone. And this time, it failed - In defiance of the norm. I am surprised.

So guess what folks? It looks like the limit is going right back up to 55 pounds. And Soros is gonna puke over it.

HEADS UP: When a 55 pound drone crashes into the white house, A JEW DID IT.

Next time a drone gets in the flight path of a jumbo jet, A JEW DID IT.

The next time a ridiculous limit is put on something, REMEMBER: A JEW DID IT, and I am sick of it all, I am really quite surprised that FOR ONCE, they did not get their way. Expect mayhem, tantrums, and crashes now, because they are going to do everything possible to "prove" they are right, and that decent people really do need to be controlled.

I may have been wrong about the latest North Korean missile test

A reader wrote to me a few days ago, saying the North Korean missile went 2000 kilometers up. I responded, saying that was total distance traveled. That appears to be wrong, if the MSM is not lying. I'd say it is 90 percent probable (simply because you can't trust the msm 100 percent) that Kim Jong actually did get a missile up 2, 111 kilometers as the reader claimed he did. And that means my response was an error.

So here is the official story now, that is probably accurate: Kim Jong launched a fully nuclear capable missile to an altitude of 2, 111 kilometers, had it fly a total ground distance of 489 miles, and survive a very nasty re-entry and on top of that, hit its target. The altitude is critical here, because if he could get it 2, 111 kilometers up, it means that if the missile was pointed differently to rather than use all it's power to go up, and instead go around the earth, it has an enormous range. It might even be powerful enough to put a nuke in orbit. The power the missile has is enough to equal a significant amount more than the total free fall speed from an elevation of 1, 312 miles. I am not in the mood to do the math for that right now, but I can say it is a lot.

Evidently, this particular missile does not have Intel Inside, (or maybe it does, and it was allowed to live to give Kim Jong a false hope).

At any rate, for whatever an MSM report on a controvesial topic is worth, See this


Anonymous sent:

Ivanka went to Germany to celebrate holohoax with Merkel.
Trump went to Jerusalem to pray at the wailing wall.
Jared arranged an alliance between America, Israhell and Saudis with 150 saudi billion.

Great ! our government is working.


Chew sent: Can you comment on Assange? I feel that he is an imposter and I have a hunch you do as well. ~chew"

My comment:

Assange supposedly showed up on the balcony today. I checked out what the opinion was at 4chan, and every last comment out of about 200 was calling him a clone or body double or whatever, not one commenter there bought it was the real Assange because there is this huge nagging question: Why in the * amidst all of the controversy did he never step up to the window to show he was there and alive? All the way from October until now? HALF A YEAR? Why?

And the other top 3 people from Wikileaks are confirmed dead. My thoughts are that if it is Assange, they tortured him so bad it took this long to get him presentable, and back into the embassy with a sufficient case of amnesia. I don't buy it, Assange was never the type to just vanish. He spoke from the balcony many times in the past, and spoke from inside the embassy many times, with video, pictures, stills, the whole 9 yards. He was also not cut off and received food from the outside every single day, multiple times a day, and there is no way the pizza guy did not know who he was, to give the message of a balcony appearance if his internet really was cut off. And people watching the embassy would have noticed that. Why no word of it? And what about the other supposed appearances, where he never actually showed his face? The whole story stinks to high heaven. He simply was not rude enough to leave millions of people hanging on the question of whether or not he was alive. He was not too rude to walk up to the window, not at all.

Why, out of all the millions of people on earth, did no one go into the embassy to talk to him or see if he was there? They allowed that, people can't possibly miss that. It was perfectly allowed to walk right up to Assange and shake his hand, provided it was in the embassy, a fact made clear by thousands of meals delivered straight to him over the years, it was the only way he could eat. ALL his food was delivered. You can't tell me bagel man, coffee man, pizza man, and burger man never went in there to check on him if he really was there, and you can't tell me that joe "freelance" never went in there either to see if he was there, to dispel the rumors. If he was in the Ecuadorian embassy in Mexico, I sure would have. I have been to the Ecuadorian embassy myself, in Mexico. It is not some huge barracaded secret. You just walk in.

So is it the real Assange? My opinion: ONLY if he has been sufficiently erased and re-written on someone elses terms. Accomplishing that is old news, circa 1960 or before.

Abel Danger

Walking Turtle sent a lengthy message about trying to get ahold of Field McConnel to tell him Abeldanger.net is down. The site is up at abeldanger.org, but that is not what the site was before all of this happened, it was NOT an .org and the current site layout is different than it was before. I am suspicious of the latest goings on to say the least, others have blinked out . . . . . .

Hijacking attempt on American Airlines today

A man tried to get into the cockpit of a flight from LA to Honolulu and failed. Figher jets escorted the plane to honolulu where the plane safely landed and the man was arrested. He is a Turkish national. No one can figure out why he wanted to take over a plane headed to Honolulu. Makes no sense to me either.

Maybe we are supposed to attack Turkey next, and he played his part? I would not be the least bit surprised.

It appears Huma is divorcing Weiner

She could handle the shower incidents and whatever else, as long as it kept her in the power structure. But now that is over, Anthony is going to jail, and well, why stay? SEE THIS, and well, what can I say? Maybe Hillary is better?

About the Infowars post:

Anonymous sent:

info wars did not say trump is resigning. where did u get your info.

My response: Click the link. It goes to an Alex rant that has "Trump may resign on Monday" right in the video title. May and WILL are two entirely different words.

Anonymous sent:

Jim, in a small country in the middle of EU for an economic conference. One of the top people here told me privately that he believes Trump is in great danger, but they won't do anything to him until after Merkel gets re-elected. They need Trump to be the "bad one" to get out the vote for Merkel."

My response: That is why I linked the report where the co-writer for "The Art of the Deal" said he knows Trump well enough to say Trump will quit, and turn even resigning the Presidency into a win. It is all a setup, so if they do get rid of him by threatening his family, there is already a canned explanation for it. And if Trump speaks up, three bullets to the back of the head.

Aztlanrising sent:

"With the crap being circulated like "Trump may resign on Monday" plus Mike Cernovich's revelation that the C Class employees in the Trump admin are set to not have their employment renewed at the 120 day point, it looks like next week prior to Memorial Day weekend things really could come to a head. Then consider that Trump is supposed to travel overseas to Europe and the Middle East, and the Continuity of Government coup could be a real possibility to be played out when Trump is out of the country.......--AztlanRising"

Anonymous sent:

"Trumps resignation will come with the news that USA, Inc. is insolvent! Notice how Trump tells Lester Holt that his impeachment will bring more ratings that Nixon and Clinton combined. Then notice McCain coming out and saying that maybe impeachment is not the best way to go! Either his resignation will come with full disclosure of USA, Inc or the truth will come out in impeachment proceedings. Trumps main job as CEO of USA, Inc is to turn out the lights and close the doors!!! Anyone smart enough to shake the dew off their lily can see the economy teetering on the edge of the sewer plant. Trump knows it has to fall, but doesn't want to be seen as the one pushing it. So, Monday resignation? Maybe? One can never tell in this game, but I don't see him doing it until it will clearly leave Rothschild and company holding the bag with their pants around their ankles!"

My response: Trump could save the economy if the people standing in his way backed off. As it is, the enemy has purchased all the large companies and can decide if they do well or not. Trump cannot possibly win against that, without years in power, during which he could implement policies that allowed small upstarts to rise up and compete against the corrupt. (Obviously this will only happen if whoever threatens to rise up economically does not get arkancided, or whatever other term you might want to apply based on whoever the competition is.) Anonymous Muslim sent:

According to Islam the Kaaba will be destroyed! Please google for hadith about the destruction of Kaaba and you will see.

My response: I am not that much of an expert on the topic. And the Hadith is as long as the Talmud. Maybe, but it won't make a difference, as long as the black stone is still there.

Small charges brought against Weiner

I wonder if after he gets out of jail anyone can still prosecute him for murdering at least one boy? You know . . . . . that shower video that leaked out. He will get up to 27 months for inappropriate texts sent to a 15 year old girl. If only the real truth would be told. Anyway, it is better than nothing I guess, SEE THIS

What has made it into the message window indicates this hit close to home, with absolute freak out trollage and insults/inaccurate "corrections" to articles going back more than a week. This got someone's undies in a bundle which is a good reason to keep it top posted for the day.

Trump has now been set up to have death threats against himself and family be successfully used to totally shut him up and force him to resign, and the public will buy and eat the story that "Trump gave up" because the man who co-wrote "The Art of the Deal" said it was in Trump's nature to quit, and that Trump would find a way to call himself resigning a win. What better "source" could possibly predict Trump resigning and walking away than that? It is the perfect setup and back stab. SEE THIS:

Trump to resign on Monday? I DOUBT IT, however . . . . .

The Trump resignation rumors are due to the co-writer of "The Art of the Deal" saying Trump will soon quit. THIS IS A PERFECT SETUP FOR A FORCED RESIGNATION DUE TO DEATH THREATS AGAINST TRUMP'S FAMILY.

How much more of a back stab and setup could there possibly be than to have someone who was involved with "The Art of the Deal" saying Trump will turn a resignation into a win? This stinks to high heaven with the reek of a setup!

They may get to Trump by threatening to kill his family. And if he does not keep his mouth shut and resign, saying he did so willingly, then everyone is dead. Trump might bow to that kind of threat. With Seth Rich exploding onto the scene and the shadow government in panic mode, and nothing legit to nail Trump with, death threats against family are becoming the only option. On those conditions, would Trump resign, in silence?

WE ALREADY HAVE THE SETUP FOR IT, SEE THIS with that kind of a back stab out there, it will provide perfect cover to threaten Trump with the death of his family and force him to resign and STAY SHUT UP ABOUT IT. Then, all they have to do is hijack his car when all of them are going somewhere and kill them all.




In the post about Eretz Israel and the destruction of the kabba, I said the border of Eretz Israel is 10 miles to the East of Mecca. I meant to say Mecca is 10 miles to the east of the border. This would mean it would be unneccesary for Israel to destroy the Kabba to achieve a greater Israel, but you can bet Israel will try to destroy it anyway.

Iranian elections happening today

Iran is holding Presidential elections on May 19, which means if this notice is still on the top of the page, they are probably happening now.

These are important elections because they will decide what direction one of the main players on the world stage is headed. I am worried they will be rigged because of electronic voting machines, but they were developed in Iran and it appears they produce a paper printout that can be verified later.

After posting about the message window, it started getting the regulars.

Down under (who I believe is Muslim, ) sent this:

Not much to say, but you are quite correct on your synopsis of Saudi and Kushner. The Saud's won't be flying any jets, first of all they will probably crash them and second of all they would be too scared to even think about it. It will be pilots from around the world getting hired to do it.

On a side note of 'why bother with sauds then if they are so incompetent?' well it's important for the jews to get the sauds fighting because they want the war to eventually head into Mecca itself so they can destroy the kabba. The Kabba has been promised by Allah that it will not be touched, so the Jews have the destruction of the Kabba as one of their primary goals. Whatever god has willed the jews will go against.....so they are doing their best to destroy the Kabba, stop Jesus from returning, trying to find out who Mehdi to name just a few things that is on their plans. All the best Jim. DownUnder."

My response I did not know the Jews actually wanted to destroy the Kabba. If you look at the map of eretz israel, the border is about 10 miles east of Mecca. it comes close, but not quite. So I assumed they would not touch it. But they do have an ego even the horizon can't contain, so it would not surprise me if they did try to destroy the kabba. But like you, I believe they will fail. Muslims have done a lot better job of keeping the faith than the Jews ever imagined they would.

I think al Aqsa will be destroyed but only for a short while. Maybe Medina might be destroyed, maybe not, but I seriously doubt the Kabba will be destroyed. One thing people need to realize is that Islam really is not a violent terror religion, and that everything that has happened thus far has been false flags and patsies. So it seems the only Muslims the FBI and CIA can get to do anything at all are retards like the shoe bomber.

But as anyone on the aware side of the fence knows, the same Jews who may try to destroy the Kabba are the same Jews that false flag everything, and frame up both sides of a conflict to look as bad as possible to each other. So Muslims get back stabbed with phony suicide attacks, and Americans get framed up with phony cruise missile attacks. Too bad the rest of what America has done - destroying Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and whatever else was not phony. So as far as I see it, Muslims have a lot more to be angry about. Even the World Trade Center can't match even mundane destruction from America (like the city of Fallujah) and to top it off, Muslims did not do the WTC either.

Anyway, I am preaching to the choir, anyone who reads this site ought to know a lot of this.


I understand completely that what I have posted here - from the doctor who operated on Seth - is the bare minimalistic watered down take on this. I did it that way because I know that what I have posted is overwhelmingly likely to be completely accurate, and it is all that needs to be said anyway. Getting into deeper discussions, guessing, the whole 9 yards, even getting into later posts is not necessary, and could compromise accuracy. That is why I left it with what I posted.

As sensationai as this web site may seem to be at times, I actually take it easy a lot because when you try to get too fancy, it is also too easy for someone to slip in B.S. In the interest of avoiding B.S., I am going to keep it stripped down to the doctor's initial basic statement, which is completely and totally all that is needed anyway. We now know damn well Seth survived the intitial attack and was killed at the hospital. We know the police report is a lie. We know damn well (in posts farther down this page) that the second in status responding police officer was the husband of a woman deeply rooted in the DNC and worked directly for Clinton's campaign. What more do we need to know? That says it ALL.

Message window:

It seems to me like the message window is still 100 percent controlled and that I am not in touch with my real readers. However, the new tactic for them is to not appear to be trolling. Messages are arriving well written (as usual when all is well) But I can tell something is obviously wrong because the dynamics are gone, and the messages don't follow what is on the front page, and there is nowhere near the normal volume. There is a greater error however, that really nails it, and I won't say what it is.

If you sent anything decent and it did not get posted, most likely I did not get it. Judgedredd has tried sending the same message at least 10 times now, and it has been unilaterally blocked, all I get is messages where he's saying he's trying to send something that never arrives. But this is not the "greater error". The greater error sticks out like a sore thumb when I know what "normal" looks like.


DOOM OFF. It has obviously been saved.

The following is getting deleted and tripping bans EVERYWHERE

If I don't put it here you will never see it. Seth Rich overwhelmingly probably killed at hospital

Any location that bans or deletes this is enemy turf. It was hard to find because of it. I only heard this talked about but did not see it until I found this. SEE THIS:

Kushner, Israel, and the Saudi military alliance

42 sent:

Jared Kushner is leading the negotiations for the Trump admin with Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni Arab nations regarding a new alliance (Arab NATO) to fight "terrorism". This new alliance will include the largest arms deal in history. Remember this is Kushner as the architect. MARK MY WORDS: This new Arab NATO is the brain child of Israel and world Zionism. It is nothing more than the alliance needed to finally take out Iran. That's what this is. It's not against Isis as we're told. Israel and the US created Isis, period. I don't like this at all. What do you think? Best, 42"

My response: I think we might end up finding out how much of a chicken Russia is, and if Russia will stand by friends. If Russia enters the equation all bets are off.

I do not like Sauds, people make the mistake of thinking it is a Jewish problem, but unilaterally every Saudi I have met usually has a college "diploma" and can't accomplish anything of substance. The women walk around all covered up, but there is nothing worth having under the covers, they are programmed to be the worst of feminists in Saudi higher education, at obviously the behest of the Jew.

Saudis won't work. Not even the lower tier Saudis. Everything is done for them by imported labor from Pakistan and other Islamic countries while they are handed oil money to pay for it. It has caused them to rot into oblivion. Seriously - you won't find a less capable yet more "educated" group of people on the planet. Fitting it would be for that particular group to be used to take out Iran, BUT IT WONT BE SAUDIS DOING IT, SAUDIS DO NOT EVEN FIGHT IN THEIR OWN MILITARY OR FLY THEIR OWN FIGHTER JETS. That is usually done by Pakis! Yes, the Sauds hire foreigners to staff their military because Sauds are too lazy for even that!


When I looked over the post below, I noticed I understated the damage by Alexa by at least 10X. Actual traffic to this web site is 500, 000 per month, give or take 100, 000 depending upon the month. This has been posted several times.


The people that own the certificate issuing sites are all Jewish, and they can and will use the HTTPS system to cause problems. Here is an example:

Anonymous sent:

Using Firefox under Linux I was blocked from Ron Pauls website but was allowed immediate access after removing the SSL request in the address (h t t p instead of h t t p s)

My response: The main server for this web site comes with HTTPS but I do not use it because the people who issue the tokens can destroy the web site by simply refusing to issue the token. Since I don't actually have anything on this site people need to log into, there is no need for HTTPS anyway.

If this is what is killing Ron Paul (I should have looked for that) he needs to get rid of it. There is an overwhelming chance this is how he is being interfered with. ALSO:

NO GOOGLE ANALYTICS. Google uses the analytics script to destroy web sites when Google sees fit. I saw this happen directly with the American based site for uncensored publications. Their web site worked fine, but it appeared to be offline because the screen stayed white, and hung on the analytics script. It stayed that way for months until they were dead. And at that time, they asked me what the * happened to the ad on the top of the page, (why it was not driving traffic anymore). I could not get them to believe the problem was Google, and they died for that. I could clearly see this site was getting plenty of traffic, easily enough to get people to theirs, but after many attempts to access their site, could clearly see that every time I tried, no matter what computer I did it from, Google blocked it by hanging the web site when the analytics script executed.

I viewed their page source and they did nothing wrong, it was pure and complete sabotage by Google. Google simply would not let the page load. Anyone who uses Google analytics is playing with fire, and now that Google won't give ads to any legitimate web site, why even mess with Google analytics? It is now only a venue for boosting Jews and sabotaging anyone who speaks out against them. Totally USELESS and a menacing hazard for any truther.

Alexa is not innocent either. it seems like ALL the stats web sites went rogue. Before Alexa basically de-listed this web site by giving it a rating that would indicate only 50 hits a month AT MOST, they first wrecked the value by changing the "average visitor" type from college educated males, to high school dropout welfare females who did not work, while moving the traffic stats downward when they were actually going up. At the peak with Alexa, this site was listed at about #60, 000. That's a decent web site. Now the traffic is more than five times as much, and Alexa cut the traffic rating by more than 50X.

The bottom line? In this age of Jewish fronted electronic warfare, any truth site has to be completely self contained, not calling out to any source for anything. If you have HTTPS, Google analytics, or ads from a few of the unscrupulous ad servers, you will be doomed, because all the people who run those types of sites will use your requests to their resources to hang you.

This has been a topic here at least 5 times over the last couple years.

routing test

Ron Paul Institute errors

Ron Paul's web site has been put in all the virus filters, and will be identified as hostile if it loads at all. So people who are having problems with the link I posted are only seeing the information war first hand. I, from my computer, was told it was a virus site, and it took clicking a bunch of exceptions to get in. This is all part of what you would expect in a nation that is being pushed to the point of failure, where the enemy has infiltrated key infrastructure to destroy someone. It will only work for as long as Ron Paul does not know about it, and as bright as he is, he probably does not know it is even happening.

When these attacks are put in place, they make good and sure the person they are attacking never sees the attack. To Ron Paul, everything he posts works perfect and he never sees the problems that are being caused. He will only think he's not as popular as he thought, or that people have lost interest. These same types of things are in place against this web site, but (as far as I know) visual notices are not given, it is simply silent blocking to many people who have not hit it before, and censorship. What is happening to Ron Paul is so blatant it puts the issue out in the open, for all to see.

It is probably pointless to ask people to try to get through to Ron Paul and tell him what is happening, because any input of this type that is sent to him will be censored before he gets it. But maybe it is worth a try.


Trump is turning against his entire "swamp creature" staff, INCLUDING JARED KUSHNER

From the New York Times:

"And the day was capped by the even more stunning revelation that the president had prodded Mr. Comey to drop an investigation into Michael T. Flynn, his former national security adviser. That prompted a stampede of reporters from the White House briefing room into the lower press gallery of the White House, where Mr. Trump’s first-line defenders had few answers but an abundance of anxieties about their job security.

The president’s appetite for chaos, coupled with his disregard for the self-protective conventions of the presidency, has left his staff confused and squabbling. And his own mood, according to two advisers who spoke on the condition of anonymity, has become sour and dark, and he has turned against most of his aides - even his son-in-law, Jared Kushner - describing them in a fury as "incompetent, " according to one of those advisers.

As the maelstrom raged around the staff, reports swirled inside the White House that the president was about to embark on a major shake-up, probably starting with the dismissal or reassignment of Sean Spicer, the press secretary.

My response:

I have NEVER watched Jim Bakker even once. I never liked him. But when he is calling out to the nation that we need to pray for Trump, and that Trump will be assassinated soon, HE'S RIGHT.

There is a report on Jim Bakker's comments farther down the page.


Just in case Israel does this anyway, this was posted on May 17 at 7 AM cst.

I believe this leak is highly credible.

Israel hatched another new 911 terror plot, and Trump shut it down. Here is how the story line was supposed to go

Terrorists were going to board a U.S. bound plane from Europe, with laptops. They were going to hack the plane with their laptops, and do a second 911. When Trump mentioned terrorists with laptops to Russia, and to get them off of planes, and then Trump banned laptops on flights to the U.S., he shut down the Israeli terror plot.

The plot was obviously as fabricated as 911. I do not know who leaked it to Trump, but Kushner is close enough to all of it to do it. And even if Trump did not know it was Israel (highly probable he did not know) even if Trump thought it really was an independent terror plot, the end result was that him telling Russia to get laptops off their planes, shut it down.

SO THAT is the HUGE "Trump Russia intelligence leak" and Israel is PISSED AS HELL ABOUT IT, because they had a whole new plan, and now it will not go forward.



Down the page a ways here there is the police report from the police who responded to the Seth Rich murder. Some people are saying they can't see it. Obviously it may be censored for some people, because it is coming in from Twitter (I will get it onto this server here later).

The police report makes it clear: The main assisting officer's wife worked within the Clinton campaign, and directly for Hillary Clinton. Seth was not shot in the head, and was alive and concious when found. Then, somehow he died. Maybe the injuries were enough, but I'd say having someone so close to Clinton respond to the shooting was probably the main factor in Seth's death.

The police report, and the officer's wife's (Nandi Robinson's) linkdin are embedded in this column. They work from here at the time of this posting. If they don't come in where you are, they are getting censored.

I am starting to think Trump really was playing 4d chess as some have said. I think he waited for everyone to hang themselves, and then acted. I am even starting to think the cruise missile attack on Syria was part of the game, because Trump notified the air base 40 minutes before the missiles arrived, and most of them missed. But it appeased his enemies. Whatever happened with Trump, having the Seth Rich story explode at this time could not possibly be better, Hannity is all over this and other major players are all over this also. I posted a warning from preacher Jim Bakker. The last time I saw him was decades ago, but he is probably onto something and I think people should listen. The left is cornered. They are going to fail with Trump Watergate. And when they fail (it will be soon) they will probably move quickly to kill Trump. Because if they don't they are going down, they cannot possibly get through a Comey firing and then have the truth about Seth Rich, which many of them were involved in murdering, come to light.


Judgedredd has been trying to get through with an important message

Not one thing you have sent has made it through the message box, because it is currently on the server I use all the time and all the censors do is ride my connection into it. They have that mastered now through an internet provider I am stuck with. Later today it will be moved back to the server that expired and is now working again, which gets locked down and never logged into. If a message makes it into that one (it can still be blocked on the way) but if it makes it I will get it.

Obviously, if you send it via E-mail you might as well shred it first.

This was very odd: I had to find a way to re-word this headline because the server gave the message that it would refuse to post it as it was originally worded!!!


The Lord Told Me President Trump's Life is in Danger - Pray for His Safety

From Breaking Christian News, May 16

Jim Bakker said during a recent podcast interview with Charisma Media founder Steve Strang that God told him there will soon be an attempt on President Donald Trump's life, and that Christians need to be crying out in prayer for their president's protection.

During the same podcast interview with Charisma Media founder Steve Strang in which he discussed the 'WannaCry' ransomware attack [as] an end-times event, Jim Bakker shared that he sometimes feels alone in his calls to pray for President Donald Trump.

But another word he received from the Lord has added to his urgency.

"There is going to be an attempt on our president's life very soon, " he said. "We need to pray for the protection of our president."

Bakker said the president's election last November was a miracle, and "the adversary is so angry because they expected to win." They're not going to give up until they destroy him, he added.

"They want him killed—they refer to him as being like Nixon, " he said. "They want him impeached. If they cannot kill him with words, they will try to physically murder the president of the United States.

"They have called for it online. There have literally been thousands of people online calling for the assassination of the president of the United States ... I believe voices of sound reasoning need to speak out, 'This is wrong. What is going on?'"

Bakker said the same Antichrist spirit that is responsible for the 'WannaCry' ransomware attack is a "twisted, serpent spirit" that is twisting everything the president does. That is why he's so fervently calling on the Church to pray.

My response: I believe this is SPOT ON. Time to pray again.

Trump made a few mistakes, and is now back on the right track, with a vengeance. They will kill him for it. It really is time to pray for his safety, because he is our best, and last chance, to get America back. It would be a disaster to lose him.

With regard to Wannacry, there are now credible secondary reports that it is in the wild again, multiplying, with the kill switch removed. It could end up being an extrordinary disaster, as Baaker said.

The Syrian air base attack was Trump's only significant mistake, and then, even with that mistake, the airbase was warned ahead of time to evacuate people. Everything else was forced on him, including Kushner. He deserves the benefit of the doubt, OBVIOUSLY if the Washington Post is working so hard to destroy him, he is OUR president, not an enemy hack. Pray for his safety now that he is draining the swamp, I know I will.

OUCH: Officers that handled Seth Rich had strong Clinton ties, AND SETH RICH WAS ALIVE WHEN FOUND

Take a look at the officer's name. These officers wore body cams. We need the video of their response, and subsequent handling. Seth Rich was alive when found, and only pronounced dead an hour and a half later!

WELL LOOKIE HERE! Officer Robinson's wife has VERY STRONG CLINTON TIES. No wonder why her husband handled the call for Seth Rich!

I myself am not a scientologist, but if I do a report on the topic, IT WILL BE RIGHT.

The reason for the following Scientology post:

Claudia, who is former Sea org, has said that when people take antidepressants an E-meter won't read anything from them, to the meter they are dead. And more often than not, even after quitting antidepressants, they stay dead to an E-meter permanently. That's huge, because if true it would prove beyond any doubt whatsoever that antidepressants destroy people.

I had this posted earlier but decided to take it down until I talked to an auditor directly about what happens when people take antidepressants. Then someone wrote to me, ripping me for mentioning Scientology favorably at all. Quick response: This is not a scientology site, it is a news site, and if people get fried by antidepressants so bad an E-meter can't read them anymore, THAT IS NEWS, pure and simple!

Now onto the following:

Scientology: Anonymous sent:

Jim . . per usual, when you stray too far away from technical topics, you revert to a lazy, egocentric, flawed counsel to your readers. I.e., "scientology" is A-Ok 'cause you say so. No serious homework, no reasonable level of due diligence before spouting off.

My response: Actually, Claudia is a Scientologist, the entire family is scientologist, I have, as a result been to that church at least 100 times, installed a theater there three years ago, advised on a sauna, worked side by side with people from the Sea Org and know you are completely whacked when you say I did "no serious homework" "had no diligence" and "spouted off". If you think I spouted off, you are CLUELESS about scientology yourself. What, did you google the topic or WHAT??

COLD HARD FACT: Scientology runs EXACTLY, TO THE LETTER, the same as any Christian church I have seen. No one "gets the life sucked out of them" or "commits to a cult", or "gets financially drained" or "entrapped" or any of the other PURE BULLSHIT that gets spewed. Every single member of Claudia's large extended Mexican family is Scientologist and has been since the early 80's, and they live regular lives, running their stores, manufacturing, and other things. They are regulars. They go to the church frequently. They are WAY above the average Mexican. AND ON TOP OF THAT, IN ADDITION TO BEING SCIENTOLOGISTS, THEY ARE CATHOLIC and ALL of their kids are baptised and confirmed. There is no conflict of interest.

Not one of them is an alchoholic, druggie, or on antidepressants. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Not even the two that are the under dogs. Every single one of them runs their own finances very well, and not a single one got "parasited" to death by the church. One is in the Sea Org in Mexico City. Claudia is also former Sea Org.

The only reason why I removed today's scientology report is because I wanted to talk to an auditor directly about what happens when someone has antidepressant damage. I wanted that straight from an auditor, and not just what Claudia said, (though she is probably right).

I myself am not a scientologist, but if I do a report on the topic, IT WILL BE RIGHT.

There will be no idiotic Google spew from this site, and also, I can call a spade a spade because due to my politics, I won't trust an auditor and will NEVER be a Scientologist, partly because there are too many Jews there. I won't trust enough simply because there are too damn many Jews. But that's a Jew problem, not a Scientology problem.

Hey, how about that BIG SCREW UP TOM CRUISE! Looks like the Scientologists DRAINED HIM DRY, NOT!!!!!

Have you ever wondered why the political elite, Google, and the MSM hate the Scientologists so much? I HAVE THE ANSWER: Because Scientology is the biggest, greatest last stand against the psychiatric drug state, and the eugenics program that antidepressants are part of. The elite also HATE scientologists because they are completely pro life and anti gay and know the truth about vaccines, but the Jewish presense has shut a lot of the vaccine discussion down. I got along with Claudia because after she was in the sea org for a decade or so, she knew enough to know this web site is not B.S.

So, if you want to "advise" me on Scientology topics, be my guest, you will lose against all cannons loaded, and a perfectly objective position.

Yes, the lies fall like dominoes when you have seen what I have seen. Cult??? NOT HARDLY.

Comparatively, the Jews are the cult. They think there are demons in their fingernails, which is why they trim them so close. Every synagogue has a special sink, with it's only purpose being to get the demons out of your finger nails!

And NEVER give to the Locks of Love, because there is a fairly dominant sect of Judiasim that shaves their heads bald, and wants YOUR HAIR to put on their head when they go out in public! That is what "Locks of Love" is predominantly for!

OK, so debunk that, the way I debunked your scientology rip against this web site. Don't do Google, Don't spew a response without a "reasonable level of due diligence, " NO, GO TO THE SYNAGOGUES AND OBSERVE FOR A FEW YEARS, LIKE I HAVE WITH BOTH THE SCIENTOLOGISTS AND THE JEWS. I can tell you who's really crazy. HINT: It is NOT the Scientologists!

Ron Paul's latest weekly column needs to be seen by all. Here it is:

President Trump: Toss Your Generals' War Escalation Plans In the Trash

Written by Ron Paul Sunday May 14, 2017

By the end of this month, Defense Secretary James Mattis and National Security Advisor HR McMaster will deliver to President Trump their plans for military escalations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. President Trump would be wise to rip the plans up and send his national security team back to the drawing board - or replace them. There is no way another "surge" in Afghanistan and Iraq (plus a new one in Syria) puts America first. There is no way doing the same thing over again will succeed any better than it did the last time.

Near the tenth anniversary of the US war on Afghanistan - seven years ago - I went to the Floor of Congress to point out that the war makes no sense. The original authorization had little to do with eliminating the Taliban. It was a resolution to retaliate against those who attacked the United States on September 11, 2001. From what we know now, the government of Saudi Arabia had far more to do with the financing and planning of 9/11 than did the Taliban. But we're still pumping money into that lost cause. We are still killing Afghanis and in so doing creating the next generation of terrorists.

The war against ISIS will not end with its defeat in Mosul and Raqqa. We will not pack up and go home. Instead, the Pentagon and State Department have both said that US troops would remain in Iraq after ISIS is defeated. The continued presence of US troops in Iraq will provide all the recruiting needed for more ISIS or ISIS-like resistance groups to arise, which will in turn lead to a permanent US occupation of Iraq. The US "experts" have completely misdiagnosed the problem so it no surprise that their solutions will not work. They have claimed that al-Qaeda and ISIS arose in Iraq because we left, when actually they arose because we invaded in the first place.

General David Petraeus is said to have a lot of influence over HR McMaster, and in Syria he is pushing for the kind of US troop "surge" that he still believes was successful in Iraq. The two are said to favor thousands of US troops to fight ISIS in eastern Syria instead of relying on the US-sponsored and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces to do the job. This "surge" into Syria would also lead to a lengthy US occupation of a large part of that country, as it is unlikely that the US would return the territory to the Syrian government. Would it remain an outpost of armed rebels that could be unleashed on Assad at the US President’s will? It's hard to know from week to week whether "regime change" in Syria is a US priority or not. But we do know that a long-term US occupation of half of Syria would be illegal, dangerous, and enormously expensive.

President Trump's Generals all seem to be pushing for a major US military escalation in the Middle East and south Asia. The President goes back and forth, one minute saying "we're not going into Syria, " while the next seeming to favor another surge. He has given the military much decision-making latitude and may be persuaded by his Generals that the only solution is to go in big. If he follows such advice, it is likely his presidency itself will be buried in that graveyard of empires.

SEE THIS. It is a great column, but I did notice that Ron Paul still will not say 911 was an inside job. Israel had a LOT more to do with 911 than "Saudi Arabia".

Life on other worlds

Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf only 4.3 light years away from Earth. It has a planet that is 7.5 million kilometers away from it, that is slightly larger than Earth. This planet has been assigned a name of Proxima B.

Scientists have recently discovered that it has water, and that though there are large dry regions, there are also two tropical regions that get large amounts of rain fall, on opposite sides of the planet. I read up on this last night, and despite it's close proximity to Proxima Centauri, in the past scientists concluded that the planet has an average temperature of -35 degrees farenheit. However, I doubt that is the case, because if it was that low, all the water in the equatorial (tropical) regions would quickly fall as snow at the poles and stay there forever, thus leaving the rest of the planet with no water at all.

Proxima Centauri puts out very little light, and even as close as Proxima B is to the star it still gets only a couple percent of the visible light the earth gets AT MOST. It would not appear dark to us, because even that much light equals at least 20 watts per square meter of land, which would be a lot brighter than the inside of any Wal Mart. Our eyes would adjust to the low light level as if it was normal.

Despite the low level of visible light, the red dwarf star puts out a LOT of infra red, which is enough to keep the planet warm. Like I said, I doubt it has an average temperature of -35 farenheit if rain falls at the equator daily. It might not be as warm as Earth, but it can't be that cold either.

Due to the fact that there are regular rains on the planet, some are speculating that the planet may have life on it. That is plausible, however, red dwarfs are very unstable and a good day for a red dwarf would produce far more significant solar storms than the sun does on a bad day. When this is added on top of the planet's close proximity to the star, many scientists are saying there's no way the planet could support life. The solar winds there are 2, 000 times as strong as what hits earth, and the planet gets burned by too much radiation. But daily rains means it can't be too bad.

One big problem with such high solar winds is that they'd be very likely to eventually strip away the planet's atmosphere. But if it rains there, there has to be something left . . . . . and if the atmosphere is a heavy gas like Argon, which is far heavier than CO2, it would resist the solar wind. Argon is also as breathable as nitrogen, and additionally a great green house gas. If the atmosphere is mostly argon, maybe the planet does have life. Only time will tell. It is intriguing to say the least, at least for me.

The image below is what some scientists believe the the planet would probably look like

Quick automotive steam engine comment:

A reader pointed out the explosion hazard potential. There would not be an explosion hazard, because only an ounce of water would be heated at any one time. It would rapidly circulate in the system, like refrigerant does in an air conditioner and the boiler would be a heavy five pound copper piece with small heat transfer tubes in it, that ran the water through pin holes in a piece of heavy copper that was heated by flame . There would not be enough liquid in the system to produce a substantial explosion, even if everything went wrong. The heating element would be similar in design to any modern high efficiency furnace, but it would be a lot smaller due to the use of better metals for heat transfer (only gold and silver transfer heat better than copper, and then, not by much) and the fact that water sinks heat a lot better than air does.

A few messages

It shouldn't be called 'wanna cry', it should be called 'the last little push I needed to switch to Linux


Jim, how did newspapers know what Trump told the Russians in his private office? His office must be bugged. don't you think. You warned long ago that trump should debug the WH before moving in there. You are once again right

My response: Trump should have debugged the place, but Kushner is probably the leak.

Phillipines wrote: i read the news story that the wannacry was stopped by a 14 year old philippino boy.they have published his photo and interview with him. This is a pure fake story. Now they are trying to link the virus to NK so that we can have an excuse to bomb North Korea. They are also claiming disney film was stolen by somebody and they are using bitcoin i think bit coin will be completely killed off with this.

My response: 22 year old IT guy, 14 year old Phillipine boy, whatever works in the local segment and yes, this is definitely an attack on Bitcoin, probably fronted by the NSA which has bases in many places and could pull this off with ease.

Seth Rich is back in the news, A private investigator has proven the police and the FBI are obstructing all investigation. Fox did a decent report on it, and has made note of the fact that Seth was in touch with wikileaks when he "committed suicide". Good timing of that release to counter the latest Russian crap but there will be a dead investigator soon. He probably does not know how dangerous the Clintons are and to top it all off, Seth's parents thought the Clinton connection was a conspiracy theory until the private investigator convinced them it was not!.

So we have the Washington Post running a crap Russia story, and a private investigator saying otherwise. The two stories are in competition with each other right now.

After their latest lies about Trump and Russia, that were more than easily debunked, one would have to think hard for reasons to have the Washington post delivered. Here are a few:


1. You polish your shoes every day, and need something to prevent the carpet from getting black spots.
2. You are lonely, and the paper boy is the only one who ever approaches your door.
3. You find it nice to have a daily chew toy delivered to your dog.
4. You have discovered it is the best thing for lighting camp fires, and you camp a lot.
5. You have several bird cages that need daily changing.
6. You like to fish a lot and have a cross cut shredder and discovered shredded newspaper works great as worm bedding in your worm farm.
7. The paper sucks, but the coupons it comes with easily pay for it, and then some.
8. You need to tape off your floor, your windows, your car, and everything else you have for painting projects over the next few months.
9. You find it nice to know what the enemy is saying, and like having them blow their intentions in print, every day.
10. You forgot to cancel when the paper went to crap.





Comey fired, ransomware, missile launches, all of it pales compared to THIS:


Kushner family: "THIS IS NOT THE STORY WE WANT!"

The Kushner family hosted a huge event in an expensive hotel ball room in China, where wealthy Chinese were told that if they invested $500, 000 USD in America they would eventually get U.S. citizenship. They abused Jared's status to draw people to the event. When American MSM showed up to cover the event, their equipment was taken and they were kicked out because "they threatened the stability of the event!"

Here is a quote from the Washington Post:

"Although the event was publicly advertised in Beijing, the hosts were exceptionally anxious about the presence of reporters. Journalists were initially seated at the back of the ballroom, but as the presentations got underway, a public-relations representative asked The Washington Post to leave, saying the presence of foreign reporters threatened the "stability" of the event.

At one point, organizers grabbed a reporter's phone and backpack to try to force that person to leave. Later, as investors started leaving the ballroom, organizers physically surrounded attendees to prevent them from giving interviews.

Asked why reporters were asked to leave, a PR person who declined to identify herself said simply, "This is not the story we want."

My comment:

Oh my GOD!

Ok, so the Kushner family hosts an event that directly deals in American affairs, IN COMMUNIST CHINA, and the American press is not allowed to cover it? WTF, OVER!!!! This is so laughably corrupt right on it's face that it is inconceivable for Jared to be allowed ANYWHERE near the white house, let alone influencing policy from within!. OK, LET ME SAY THIS A DIFFERENT WAY: What could they have POSSIBLY been doing that was SO BAD for America that even America's lying, scamming, cover for the Jews at all cost MSM was kicked out?

I am stunned. This was downright creepy. Here is the story at the Washington Post. "This is not the story we want" even after it gets washed clean as a whistle by America's own scamming MSM? I am shaking my head!


Wanna cry rumors

Yesterday it was rumored that wanna cry 2 was released, absent the kill switch. Supposedly a 22 year old IT guy found a way to disable it by registering a domain. I call B.S., no doubt the NSA registered the domain but they need or want a different story. Now, according to rumor, version 2 was released with the kill switch removed. And it makes sense, because this morning news is that wanna cry is spreading like crazy in China, and that would not be possible if the kill switch worked unless, of course, the "great firewall" is blocking access to the web site that would disable it.

At any rate, this is not over yet, and what about the other NSA tools that got out and are now being sold? WHY ARE THE WEB SITES THAT ARE SELLING THIS STUFF STILL UP AND RUNNING? Telling little detail there - yes, the web sites that are supposedly selling the stolen NSA code are STILL ONLINE, SELLING IT.

That says it all, say I.

Someone high up in the shadow government has given the go ahead for all of this. If this was not the case, it would not be for sale online still. It is not just the everyday scamster behind it.

New North Korean missile

Anonymous sent:

"the North Kprean Missile apparently reached an altitude of 2000 kilometers . That would be 1000 kilometers farther than space station. does that mean NK has joined the space age?

My response: That would be a lot farther than 1000 kilometers past the space station. However, that was total distance traveled, not altitude. NK can probably reach that altitude though. North Korea joined the space age LONG AGO, I am not sure how long ago but it has to be decades. All you have to do is get a missile more than 60 miles up and you have joined the space age. North Korea has two satellites they launched a couple years ago that are still working. They were flaky at first but then started working more reliably. They are little 50 pound things that basically beep (they do more than Sputnik) but they are experimental and not capable of much. But they are without a doubt legitimate controlled satellites and not space junk. They are also automatically "space age". A consumer grade super zoom camera on such a satellite would show North Korea where the U.S. Navy is if they could keep the environment of space from destroying it.

DISCLAIMER: Technically, according to the Pentagon, all North Korea ever did was test missiles. Even when the "missiles" instead put satellites in orbit, which would only happen with a perfectly legitimate space launch. So whether or not North Korea "has joined the space age" all depends upon what budget you need, and how much people at the Pentagon are willing to lie about it from a position of authority.

Microsoft wants the government to stop it's own criminal activity Here's the truth:


He said the vulnerabilities are intentional, and that they work hand in glove with Microsoft and the Federal government to make sure they don't get patched by the virus scanner!

He said Norton, McCaffe and others all worked with the government to ensure none of the stuff that was put there intentionally gets blocked by accident because the government wants unfettered access to everything. So Microsoft asking the governmnent to stop engaging in criminal activity is for the consumption of fools, who would not get the truth in anything, even after the truth bit them like a snake in the grass.

Yes, Microsoft has to play the concerned good guy to lure in the next generation of SUCKERS!

Their job is to patch anything that was mistakenly put there by their own sloppy programmers and discovered by the public, while leaving all the intentional back doors as open as possible. And even Intel is in on this with their corevpro and anything after Sandy Bridge!

Don't drink the kool aid - it will never be safe. Get a large SD card or flash drive, and keep everything there, OFFLINE. And if you do get hit with something DO NOT put the flash drive in the infected machine!

A thoughtful steam engine message that I will line item.

This is in response to my steam powered car/efficiency post.

TB sent:

1. The problem with a steam car is not in steam generation but in condensing that steam back to condensate.

2. Most steam plants of any size go way above 700 deg. F. They use superheaters to heat the saturated steam to well above 1000 degrees F.

3. Steam is only effective when used in multi stage engines, either several pistons that increase in size with each stage or a turbine.

4. Then there is the problem of getting that condensate pumped back into the pressure generation vessel.

Another reader sent:

5. One major reason automotive engines are inefficient is due to its varied operating conditions. As a result, this pie-in-the-sky efficiency will likely never be achieved. Steam may be better, but this, too, cannot operate over a great range or speed and torque efficiently

1. There is no issue at all with getting the steam back to condensate. If at the exhaust from a single stage steam engine the temperature is 550 Farenheit and the pressure is a little over 1000 PSI, cooling the steam by only 10 degrees farenheit will turn it back into water, at 540 degrees because the pressure will turn it back to water. This is done easily.

2. The steam table ends at a little over 700 farenheit because that is where all water will turn into steam at 3000 PSI. There is no economic sense to heating it past that. When I interviewed the reactor engineer who designed reactor 3, there are no nuclear reactor designs anywhere that take the temperature beyond that because it adds disproportionately huge strains on equipment and gains nothing. I got this answer because I knew before talking to him that reactor 3 ran at 550 farenheit at 1050 psi, and I knew that would not be efficient. He said I was right, that it was 33 percent efficient, and then he expounded on the topic because he was relieved to hear anyone from the media actually know enough to talk to seriously. So I doubt any electrical facility takes it past that even if coal fired because there is nothing to gain. And if I am wrong about that, I am not wrong about nuclear facilities, and what they do.

3. Obviously having a three stage engine going to larger and larger pistons would be ideal, but to keep it simple for readers I did not mention that. The steam turbines do the same thing.

4. It is nothing at all to pump the water back into the high pressure chamber for heating, because the gas pressure on the outgoing side has enormously greater volume and leverage, and the pressure looks the same to the water as it does to the steam. You can easily pump the water back in through a pinhole that would require minimal effort, and then get a huge gain across a comparatively large surface area in the engine. None of the power generating facilities expel their water, it all gets recycled because it is not normal cheap water - it is super pure and probably has expensive additives that should be re-used for economy. Getting the water back into the heating chamber takes negligible effort and energy, compared to what comes out as steam.

The high efficiency automotive steam engine is something I have put a lot of effort into understanding the entire process. From a price standpoint, piston would be better. From an efficiency standpoint, turbine would be better. But on that small a scale, not enough better to justify the cost.

5. This is why I said it would work best in a hybrid, that used the steam to generate electricity. In that circumstance you could always load the steam engine at it's optimal efficiency, and then turn it off when the battery is charged, while keeping it at perfect operating temperature with minimal (negligible) fuel use for when it is needed again. It would be easy to keep it hot due to it being insulated from heat loss, rather than designed to get rid of heat the way a normal car engine does.

Obviously if you had multiple pistons in your steam engine to increase efficiency, it would not be soup can sized. But it would still be a lot smaller than an equivalent gasoline engine. And even the soup can sized engine would easily exceed 50 percent efficiency if you managed the output correctly and condensed it efficiently, not cooling it off too much and re-injecting it at a high temperature. In fact, if you refer to the steam table again - if you designed it to extract enough energy to output the steam at 550 farenheit you'd break 50 percent efficiency, even if you threw the water away and started with new, room temperature water rather than having it already be at 540 degrees when forced back into the pressure vessel.

If I was to build one, I'd keep it to one piston and then try to manage the condensate efficiently. This will be done much more easily on a small scale than a large industrial scale. It would probably be easier to do that than a build from scratch engine management system that made a three stage system run smoothly.

3000 PSI steam engine

There is a reader who keeps writing for me to touch this topic again. So I will.

With modern materials and parts, far superior to what was around in the 1800's when steam powered everything, it should be possible to make a steam engine that runs a car and is the size of a soup can. Why would anyone want to do that? the answer is easy. Just look at the steam table. The key info is in columns 2 and 3. There you see that as the temperature in farenheit rises incrementaly, the steam pressure rises almost exponentially. This means that as you heat the steam a little bit more at the end, it will deliver a LOT MORE ENERGY than what is going into it at the end. And as a result, power generating facilities can hit almost 100 percent efficiency when they use the power of steam right at 700 farenheit.

700 farenheit and 3000 PSI are very easy to acheive and control with modern parts and materials

What would happen if you had a piston that had one square inch of surface area that moved one foot, and produced thrust every cycle, the way a steam engine does? Answer: 3, 000 pound feet of torque. A foot is a lot of travel for such a small piston, so cut that down to three inches. Now you have 800 pound feet of torque. At what RPM? At least 3, 000. That's a lot of horsepower.

With modern fuels, and a steam engine designed to capture the heat of combustion as efficiently as a calorimeter, proper design on such a system could accomplish mind blowing efficiencies. At least 75 percent. Utility companies, due to economy of scale, hit efficiencies above 95 percent. They have turbine steam motors, which are better than reciprocating steam engines, but there would still be very high efficiencies with piston based steam.

To top it all off, the engine would just be a tiny little thing, with a one square inch piston encased in a super tough metal cylinder the size of a soup can. Such an engine would not be picky about what fuel it had, anything at all that could burn and make heat could be used.

FACT: The Volkswagen XL-1, which gets 300 plus MPG, is still less than 50 percent efficient, because that is the peak efficiency of a diesel engine in the best case scenario - a locomotive.

My guess of 75 percent efficient for a modern steam engine is probably not very far off. And that would mean a 500 mpg car. It would work best as a hybrid setup, especially since even if it was very well insulated a steam engine would not be at optimal temperature the second someone wanted to drive, so battery power should be there to drive with while the steam engine got up to temperature. It would not take long, there is easy proof:

On a normal car, how long can you have it running, and still touch the exhaust pipe, which is heat energy going to pure waste? Not much more than ten seconds. And the exhaust system does not throw away nearly as much heat as the radiator does, not even close to as much. All that heat, EVERY LAST BIT OF IT is a wasted chance to move the car. Pure waste. Any steam engine system should be able to extract so much heat and turn that heat into work that the exhaust leaves at most warm, if not cold, and there is no radiator. It would all boil down to keeping the system insulated to prevent heat loss, and that is an easy thing to do.

700 farenheit is not much heat to ask for in a car, when exhaust systems can glow cherry red on any car. It all fits. It should all work. A steam powered car was done with the old tech, (the Bentley Steamer) and it was the best of it's day, going well over 100 mph more than a century ago. It clearly did not run at 700 farenheit, the types of pressures that temperature produces with steam are something only modern tech and parts can handle. But we can do it now . . . . . so why not?

The answer is as simple as the XL-1, which won't see widespread production. The answer is as simple as my 4 door full sized no compromises Fiat in Mexico, that can easily exceed 55 MPG but you will never see that in the U.S. The answer is as simple as driving past a Mexican car dealerships, and routinely seeing 25+ kilometers per liter prominently shown on 4 door sedan wind shields. And the cars actually do it.

The answer is EASY: the powers that be don't want high efficiency, because high efficiency represents a loss of their control. It represents a loss of energy revenue. It will undermine the global warming scam, which Al Gore is priming for a $15 trillion global carbon tax. They'll let Mexicans have better cars because "they are poor" so why not. I had to laugh when the Smart Fortwo came out, and got 18 mpg while delivering half a car. They are better than that now due to outrage, but the answer is quite clear: There is no way on earth the elite are going to allow anything close to the efficiencies that can be accomplished, it just does not fit the agenda.

I do not believe the malware story

I am going to call this one - supposedly a 22 year old "IT expert" back engineered NSA malware within a few hours, found a back door, and shut it down. I'm not buying it.

First of all, there are many types of malware out there, and not one has ever been shut down by anything other than virus/malware scanners that identify unique code sequences and therefore recognizes the virus. Second of all, if the NSA did have the back door to one of their toys that went wild, they'd be the one to shut it down. If it did get shut down, the NSA did it.

Second of all, as I said before, it is extremely probable the NSA ran the entire attack to discredit and get rid of bitcoin. Where did this attack originate? BRITAIN, where the Rothchilds are working on their own crypto currency. No doubt they hate Bitcoin. No doubt their influence runs deep in the NSA, which has bases all over the world, including Europe.

The story would have been far more believable absent the miracle boy fixing it like a champ. That stinks to high heaven and my guess is that the NSA and whoever else chickened out when they found out they could be sued to oblivion for having it get into medical computer systems first. It looked like an attack on Britain's medical system at first, because it so dominantly showed up there first.

Supposedly there is a wanna cry 2.0 already out, with the fix removed from it. I doubt that, it will take a couple weeks for "the bad guys" to remove that and actually have it fully tested and working. If things move faster than that, expect it to be the NSA all over again, out there discrediting Bitcoin. Stuff like this does not happen overnight, and magic fixes to cryptic NSA code don't get discovered and remedied in hours.

Interesting it is that this came out of the blue, right when Bitcoin topped $1, 700. I smell a rat with this one, it stinks to high heaven.

Interesting it is that the NSA still won't tell anyone the mode of infection! The NSA won't tell anyone how it actually infects computers, because that's classified! You know, like that CORE V PRO BACK DOOR! Evidently Microsoft invented a patch for this, and released it in like what? a few hours? YEAH RIGHT. That's BULLSHIT right there, unless they worked hand in glove with the NSA and had the patch written up 5 years ago, and released it when asked to! The patch obviously won't close the back door, it will just stop the operating system from acting on commands the malware sends . . . . perhaps . . . . . . . .




And who knows if even that will be a trojan horse? When has Microsoft actually cared?

Supposedly a blogger killed the ransomware?

Reportedly, the NSA put a kill switch in their software that a blogger found and activated by registering a domain the software checks, and if it exists, the software de-activates.

I CALL B.S. THIS STORY IS CLICK BAIT. No blogger read through the code and found that. The NSA's garbage is not reader friendly and the time was WAY TOO SHORT. The NSA shut it down, there was a way. But that's not going to stop the next attack, and all anyone has to do is sit down, take the time, and remove the kill switch and this malware will be back in force. B.S. STORY, IT SOLVED NOTHING.

routing test

I am aware of the massive U.S. military buildup on the border of Syria and am hoping it is only a war game, as claimed.

Time will tell. If it is not a war game, the decision is already made.

China claims to have a missile that can sink an American aircraft carrier


Both the DF-21 and DF-26 "aircraft carrier killers" have conventional warheads and are ballistic missiles. They won't even hit an aircraft carrier, let alone kill it.

American aircraft carriers are made with countless chambers across many decks, all of them sealed. You cannot strike and kill such a ship. Even the lowly, small U.S.S. Cole, which had a hole blown through it so bad you could drive a ski boat through it sat perfectly flat and level when damaged that badly, because that is how well American military ships are built. The only thing that can wreck one would be a nuke, and then the ship would not sink, it would simply be rendered unusable. A good example of how hard it is to sink an American aircraft carrier would be this:

Put 150 plastic bottles, with their lids on, in a garbage bag. Let it float out to the middle of a lake. Then try to sink it by shooting it. You'd never poke enough holes in enough bottles to ever do it.

Perhaps China considers getting anything at all to hit an aircraft carrier "sinking it". But that does not count AT ALL, when after being struck an American aircraft carrier will still launch aircraft at you afterward, unless you got a really really lucky shot.

When I hear these stories about "aircraft carrier killing missiles" that don't have nukes on them I shake my head, the thought of such a thing is ridiculous. America did not build crap.


It is now confirmed the ransomware was developed by the NSA to fund their black ops. It then got hacked, and released on Wikileaks. Now out of control a-holes are using it. HEADS UP, IT IS GOING WILD NOW.

Ransomware encrypts your hard drive so you can't get anything off of it, and threatens to delete it (and will) if you don't pay up via bitcoin or some other anonymous means. This means ransomware is extremely likely to be getting used to frame up crypto currency as bad. It would be just perfect for an NSA or CIA black op. I do not believe for a minute joe hacker has his own home grown ransomware anywhere on the web, and is actually getting paid via bitcoin with his own program because the NSA knows it all, and could destroy joe hacker while microwaving a maruchan on lunch break. THE NSA THEREFORE IS "JOE HACKER".

To do the best you can to avoid having the NSA encrypt your hard drive (or someone else do it compliments of the NSA, via Wikileaks) and demand a payout via Bitcoin (thus making bitcoin bad, needing to be shut down) DO NOT open mail attachments any more. The era of mail attachments is OVER. HEADS UP: I have a laptop that got nailed by ransomware a few months ago that never opened an E-mail at all, and never got used for anything odd at all, which means it HAD TO have been injected into my information stream via a hack, or it had to have come in through an ad. The bottom line is NO ONE is safe from ransomware, you HAVE TO keep offline backups of everything on flash drives and if you get hit, trash the hard drive, buy a new one, and put all your files back on the new one. That will be cheaper than any ransomware payout.

The enemy is in the government/shadow government. No Jew is going to get hit with ransomware and have whoever hit them live to see another day. Such an event is not possible absent the will of the NSA, which they control. It HAS TO be their apparatus doing it.


As it turns out, the new ransomware circulating DID come from the NSA! The massive ransomware/virus attack happening today is supposedly being done with software that was produced by the NSA, and subsequently got wikileaked. PROBLEM: What was the NSA doing when it created that software to begin with? I knew it was them doing the ransomware attacks before because no one else could ever get away with it, and now we have PROOF!

Liberal desperation

Anonymous sent:

Russia-gate, the Trump Tapes etc. etc...., as long as we aren't talking about pedophilia they have accomplished their goal. The desperation is so transparent that you better go see an eye doctor if you can't see through it. Taking Comey out removed one more road block and now we are watching them squirm like a kid that brought home straight F's on his report card and is waiting for dad to get home.

My response: Heh, I like that!

If Trump does the right thing, and puts the right guy in, they are TOAST.


These trolls had better not be working for pay! But I bet they are, and have a huge fat long list of references saying how great they are!


A line man is considered to be the toughest hardest working most highly skilled distribution electrician there is. If there is ANYONE who knows about the grid, it will be a line man. Very few can cut it in that job! With that in mind, look at this troll message! WHAT A LAUGH!


A telephone lineman, yeah, that's a good source. Why not the cable tv guy? You're a fish, from EMP to viruses. Still tracking subs with sonar, don't think so. They are tracked globally from space and using passive underwater sensors. How about that quack PHD in political science you quoted on EMP. Engineers say the Oroville dam is toast. So you're wrong about that. Failure, this year, or five years, its going to happen. Bad design, poor construction, no way to fix. They will probably generate an earthquake to bring it down. Did mom vaccinate you as a child? A bit autistic

My response: If you are going to fire off such an offensive message, and don't even know what a line man is, you need your head examined. You just proved me a more reliable source than anything you can come up with with ALL OF THE ABOVE. On top of that, I have NEVER said sonar is used to track subs, I have always said subs are listened for. That's what your "passive underwater sensors" do. They listen! They track magnetic signatures, both of which I have said. You probably don't know the difference between that and sonar!. With EMP, do you really think New Scientist published a quack? Oroville? Doom spew? Whatever!

Now onto the key issue here:

Line man is such a well recognized profession that there is even a billboard #3 charting song written about it that even managed to chart #7 in Britain and is rated in the top 200 songs of all time - "The Wichita Lineman is still on the line" Remember that song? Probably not, because if you are that offensive over topics you are clueless about, you have got to be nothing more than an illiterate millenial snow flake who has no respect for anyone other than your pathetic self, who came way after that song! A common core MASTERPIECE! I suggest you get updated on what a line man is, since common core probably did not mention it, even though they are absolutely KEY PEOPLE. Listen to this!

My god, the bar is low in troll town!

DEAR TROLL, THIS IS WHAT A LINE MAN IS. Gee, I am surprised you did not think I quoted a football player!

Stuxnet refresher:

The Stuxnet virus is an industrial virus that is designed to hide in Siemens Scada PLC control systems. It was written by American intelligence, with limited Israeli involvement.

The job of Stuxnet is to learn the system it goes into, so it knows what "normal" looks like on the control room displays, and when it has learned, it then gives the correct readout responses to control room inputs, while it does the opposite in the background, to destroy whatever industrial system it goes into.

The original Stuxnet was supposed to be aware of where it was, and only attack Iran's urainium enrichment centrifuges. If it went into an environment other than that, it was supposed to self destruct. But once it was handed to Israel, to get planted in Iran, the Israelis back engineered the safeguards and disabled them, so it could become a virus that could infect anything, like a wild virus, and as an additional bonus, it was programmed to notify Israel of any new systems it happened to infect, when it was possible for it to get in contact with it's control center in Israel. So it gave Israel a huge number of things they could destroy in foreign countries when they see fit to make it go active. In the case of Fukushima, it was delivered by Israeli security firm Magna BSP.

Now when any industrial system goes BOOM without any explanation, the prime suspect is Israel. And obviously if the grid, which runs on related software that integrates with SCADA goes down . . . . . .you know who did it.



The Hill just published the type of spew they are going to use to de-legitimize and destroy Trump after Trump took Comey out. And it is literary diahrea that would only work on people who had both no brain and no will to think. Get a load of this!:

The Feds have "Trump tapes" akin to Nixon's Watergate tapes

With President Trump acting increasingly like former President Nixon during the Watergate scandal coverup, there is one similarity between the two scandals that is not receiving the media attention it deserves. During the Watergate scandal, Nixon had a taping system installed in the Oval Office, recording conversations he had there. These tapes revealed wrongdoing with recorded proof beyond all reasonable doubt. During the Russia scandal that plagues the Trump presidency, there are also large numbers of recorded conversations that provide the equivalent of the Watergates tapes. I call them "Trump tapes", which were legally recorded by counter-intelligence and law enforcement authorities for legitimate security and law enforcement purposes.

My response: Ok, so we can see where they are going with this. And their line of reasoning does not apply at all. There is a big difference between setting up your own recorder, and being recorded by an intelligence agency, for one. Second, if there was any wrongdoing on the intelligence agency recordings, it would have already come to light, and Trump would be long gone.

But that does not follow logic in the blizzard of nonsense that spews from a sub-zero snowflake IQ, if The Hill wants to keep credibility, it needs to FIRE THAT WRITER.