Nancy Pelosi: Scalise is dead

Nancy Pelosi's senile mush chamber blurted out today that Scalise is dead, right in front of everyone. So either he is already dead, or she knows the agenda. I am going to say another possibility here: They offed Scalise during the first surgery and all talk about subsequent surgeries is bunk to provide cover for him already being dead at a time when motives are being questioned.

At this point, the only story I will settle for is: Scalise is in therapy now, learning how to use a repaired hip. If we don't get that story over the next few weeks, they offed him pure and simple. They offed him because he was one of the very few true allies Trump had. He was honest, and going after the pedophiles. If he dies, I'm not buying it, and if I could lock and load, I would.

Concerned individuals, please note: Now that the CIA knows I have no guns anymore because I cannot "lock and load", any attempts by really nice strangers to hand me a weapon will be responded to by a brick in the head. Have your goon wear a helmet if any such attempts are planned.

To clear up the lies about Scalise

Trolls are doing all they can to cover for what is happening to Scalise. I am going to repeat, because none of this changed:

Scalise was shot in the hip by a government provided M4 carbine. Trolls have tried to morph this to an SKS which would fit the story line better, and cover up the fact that the shooter was likely a U.S. intelligence brain fogged patsy.

Scalise arrived at the hospital in good spirits and was NOT IN SHOCK and was in GOOD SPIRITS immediately, and I mean the second before going into surgery. Trolls are trying to morph the story to "he was adrenaline rushed at the ball field so he looked ok, but arrived at the hospital at the edge of death". Not so, FROM THE HOSPITAL he called his wife while in good spirits and being prepped for surgery, and the call basically ended with him going into surgery in FAIR condition. What is "fair" condition? This only means that you have an injury (that could be severe) but your vital signs in no way indicate that there is any chance you will die.

I am skeptical of all the surgeries, he's had three so far. Maybe they are putting pieces of bone back together and reconstructing major damage (an M4 carbine will cause amazing damage at the impact site) but if it impacts bone, it will stop there. I don't care who writes how stupid I am about this They need the story to be an SKS, that won't stop when it hits a solid bone, so SKS is what the story will be I guess. QUESTION: Why did it take the MSM two full days to settle on it being an SKS, when in the first five minutes, the very initial reports, said M4 carbine? It's not like the capitol police would get that wrong when that is a standard issue weapon! An SKS is also anything but obscure, so if that's what it was, they'd have said it in the first minutes.

The answer to why the story morphed is obvious, the M4 carbine is a controlled item an average joe will not come up with. And it also won't fit the story line of death from a shot to the hip. You'd be a lot better off getting hit by an SKS in the chest than an M4 carbine, but the opposite is true if the bullet hits a hip bone. The SKS has a LOT MORE punch to destroy a bone with and keep going to damage other parts, but in soft tissue the M4 is absolutely horrible. It blows everything apart. If Scalise got hit in the chest by an M4, he'd have been gone gone gone. But it was a hip shot, so the M4 carbine is out of the picture for that reason, along with the fact that one is impossible to come up with outside military supply chains. How'd that happen? That would take some explaining . . . .

My suspicion is that they will operate on Scalise long enough to spew a story like "We tried to save him but after five failed surgeries, he's gone". People might believe that, but I never will. If he dies, he was taken out by the deep state at the hospital, end of discussion.

I advise people to go with the first reports, not whatever spin spew they crap out days later to cover up for an operating room/poison IV murder. The fact that he was in good spirits at the hospital was so well stated in the beginning that I can't believe trolls would ever go there, and say he arrived in shock. Their tactic of lying until it becomes the truth is wearing awful thin.

Alex Jones punked Megyn Kelly

A week or so ago, Alex Jones accepted an interview with Megyn Kelly which was supposed to air on NBC. Megyn said she'd be fair, and not turn it all into a hit piece. Well, she did turn it into a hit piece, edited it in ways that amounted to a lie, colored his teeth yellow, everything she could do to back stab him.

During the entire time Megyn was with Alex, Alex claimed to agree to only run the cameras at certain times, when Megyn agreed to have them run. But Alex recorded the entire encounter from start to finish because he knew she was a snake. And after Alex saw the trailers for the segment she was going to air, he quickly moved to release the truth, for all to see, before Megyn actually got a chance to air anything. And the uncut truth makes her look absolutely horrible.

Kudos to Alex for being smart about this before it happened and bagging the snake so efficiently, he totally outfoxed her, See this


He was going after the pedophiles and human traffickers and This VERY recent youtube video with him talking about this PROVES IT

Smoking guns like this one are a rare find indeed!

Grenfell tower

My guess is that 500+ people died there. And there is a moral to the story: If a building is on fire, and the government sends you a phone call telling you to shelter in place, ignore the phone call and GET OUT. It could not have possibly gone worse than it did, with absolutely every room on every floor above floor 10 torched to the absolute max.

I did not think such buildings would be allowed to not have fire sprinklers, but given the construction date maybe it was not mandated yet, when this one was built.

On the other hand, this was basically free government housing, filled with the lowest of the low class people. They say a white guy's fridge started the fire, but I don't believe that, it was probably a meth lab or kids playing with matches, or something else of the sort. In China, unauthorized fireworks destroyed the brand new cctv building that was a lot bigger than this a few years ago. It really is possible for modern construction to totally go up in flames. They just have to blame the white guy, because Grenfell had 95 percent people of color in it and blaming the white guy is the right thing to do nowadays.

I do not think anyone who lived there has a right to blame the government for the fire, or the people of Britain. Accidents happen and that is all there is to this story.


I have received secondary confirmation from another witness, who saw it approach from the Western horizon. This person said that as it approached it had a halo, which would definitely peg this as a near earth deep space asteroid. I could not see the halo as it passed overhead because I first saw it as it came over the house when I stepped out of the front door and when looking straight up at it (and as it went to the West, the halo was not visible, (at least to me). It was attention getting bright, it caused me to look up at it.

I will go into a little more detail - I figured it was going between 65, 000 and 80, 000 mph and was between 100 and 150 miles up. It stayed visible for a total time (Western horizon to disappearance behind the earth's shadow) of about 1 minute and 20 seconds. It was prominent enough to tell it had two mountains on it, or a valley down the middle of it. It passed DIRECTLY over Leon Mexico at 9:30 PM central time. It disappeared when it was about 20 degrees above the eastern horizon. From this, people can calculate approximately how high it was. My guess of it's altitude is completely perceptual, but there is a way to calculate a close approximation of how high it was because there are reference points here (the time it went over and the inclanation at which it disappeared that can tie it down fairly close. It's trajectory was almost exactly west to east.

People assume that all the telescopes and Nasa and other observers are always going to see something like this approach. But most of these objects get missed until they actually arrive, and with it passing over central Mexico south of the Tropic of Cancer, there may not be any official acknowledgement of it passing at all. The story would be different if this thing passed over the central United States.

Its appearance was unbelievably bright, but it did not hit the atmosphere. I'd say it appeared to be well over 5 times as bright as the brightest Venus ever gets. And if it was possible to tell it had either two mountains or a valley down the middle of it, it was HUGE.

Other observers also clearly saw it as an asteroid. A lot of people saw it because it was impossible to miss because it was extremely attention getting bright. The initial report on this is farther down the page.

The following is going to have to stay top posted until tomorrow, because it is VERY important.


Here is the confirmed information many are looking for, as it turns out I had this and did not think of it until now.

Scalise is confirmed to be at the Washington Hospital Center. Guess what? The doctor who blew the whistle on the Seth Rich murder was at the Washington Hospital Center.

It is important to keep my 8 points proving Scalise is in the process of a staged murder being done at the hospital on top of this page so I am going to link proof rather than consume the top of the page by posting it directly here. Here is a report confirming near the top of it that Scalise is at the Washington Hospital Center And here is the doctor's testimony that Seth Rich was murdered at the Same Washington Hospital Center.

This cinches it, the Washington Hospital Center appears to be where people go when they are supposed to die.

Eight good reasons to be suspicious of the shooting in DC

I am highly suspicious of this. I believe this was done by a programmed patsy who was handed military hardware and that the hospital is finishing the job. Here's why:

1. First of all, the early reports said the guy used a handgun and a military issued M4 carbine. Now this has morphed to other guns that better match a story line that will lead to the death of Scalise. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE: EARLY ON IT WAS A MILITARY ISSUE M4 CARBINE. A CONTROLLED ITEM. AND THEY CAN'T CHANGE THEIR STORY WITH SUCH AN OBVIOUS ITEM. PERIOD.

2. Second, RIGHT FROM MINUTE ONE the media was claiming 1 congressman down, 216 to go. And they were rejoicing. But it was impossible to say that, because early on there were multiple people shot and they would not have known how many congressmen were actually shot, let alone that 1 would die, thus leaving the number "216 to go". The only thing that makes sense with this as far as I see it is that they knew for sure ONE would die, and the only way they'd be sure of that is if they knew someone in the hospital was there to finish the job. From there, they'll fabricate any story line that fits.

3. Here we have a patsy, who was living a perfectly normal life, then suddenly wonked out, "lived in his van for two months" with no one knowing where he vanished to, and suddenly he surfaces and does this. That's fishy folks, and fits with "The CIA or some other Rothchild/Soros owned entity successfully drugged this guy, tripped him out, made him malfunction while he was out with the van and then programmed him for this." The fact he did the shooting, as the "first five minute" reports stated: with a military issued M4 carbine, would prove he was provided his weapons by someone beyond the ordinary. Who would that be? You guess.

4. The guy was an awful shot. From this perspective it could not have gone better. With the guns this guy had, hillbilly joe or even six pack bob who might have a gun or two of that type would have accomplished 25 head shots with 25 bullets fired. All shots were within 50 yards. That's too easy of a shot for anyone who knew anything about guns at all to miss even once, with a gun as good as even the worst assault rifle, including the SKS. How could you get such an awful shot? Answer: WITH A PROGRAMMED PATSY who knew nothing about guns, that you suddenly abducted and mind wiped for the job. That sure fits "vanished with the van for two months, " only to suddenly surface with this.

5. Scalise showed up at the hospital in fair condition. This was reported so widely that even Politico reported that he was in good spirits and called his wife before the surgery. Suddenly, after the surgery, he skipped right over serious condition straight to critical condition and the hospital started lying, saying he was in shock and delerious and in critical condition before he went into surgery even after liberal crap outlets like Politico reported he was fine. This is the biggest key indicator that he was sent to a particular hospital to die. They need their cover story for his death, and can't say he was cheerful when he went into surgery after they intentionally botched it. Calling the wife in a cheerful mood simply won't do, even if the worst liberal rags reported that.

6. Very suspicious: Now, the media is trying to scramble the story line about the gun used, to try to explain the details on the ground. They are sort of leaning towards the SKS, which might have a solid bullet deflect off the hip and cause serious internal injury, at the same time it explained why he was such an awful shot. But the SKS is not that bad, inside of 100 yards it is accurate enough to not make a difference and all shots were close. And they botched it early on by saying it was an M4 carbine. So the SKS story line is a blunder.

7. Ok, so let's say somehow our patsy got ahold of a NOT military issued .223 (which is the caliber of an M4 carbine) and he had a knock off. It will still be identical to the military version when it hits something. What happens when you hit a hip with that? Well, nothing should really happen. The bullet is designed to fragment in soft tissue and make a huge mess, but if it hits something solid like a hip, it ought to do significant damage at that point, but stop there.

They therefore want the story morphed over to it being an AK or an SKS, because that round penetrates better without fragmenting and would fit the story line of Scalise showing up all cheery and then dying because the bullet deflected into vital organs. I guess a .223 might do that too, but if you get a bad hit with a .223, you will NOT feel cheery and call the wife, PERIOD. The only way he'd be cheery after getting hit with a .223 is if it was neutralized when it hit the hip bone and spread nowhere from that. So if he was reported as cheery before going into surgery, that would be what happened. And there would be ZERO chance of reducing to critical condition just because someone dug around in your hip.

So we are watching the story about the gun used twist and turn to fit whatever happened when a doctor intentionally botched the surgery to reduce Scalise from fair condition to critical. SKS it will be then.

Trump may have figured this out, he's not stupid. So he sent the best white house doctor. What happened next?

8. CNN and all the other liberal media outlets FLIPPED OUT and started trashing trump for sending that doctor, who would obviously be outside of the control loop of a calculated hospital murder. That would mean key people at CNN and other liberal outlets KNEW THERE WAS A MURDER IN PROGRESS, and were pissed that Trump found a way to interfere with it. Will Scalise make it? Only time will tell now, IF the doctor Trump sent will be good enough to see the obvious, and get Scalise back away from critical condition.

If Scalise dies, he was Seth Riched pure and simple, and that is my FINAL ANSWER.

The following has been bumped to below the top posted portion of the Scalise report even though it was posted later.

I have confirmed the "asteroid sighting" was not the space station

This went almost directly from west to east, and it's intensity stayed the same during the entire traverse, which would have taken about a minute and 20 seconds if viewed crossing the entire sky. That does not match the space station or any satellite.

Satellites take longer to traverse the sky, are not as bright, and in the case of the space station, the direction of travel was wrong.

I just saw what was probably an asteroid miss the earth by about 150 miles

I do not think it would have been the space station because it was far too bright and appeared to have two mountains on it. It traveled approximately west to east and passed directly over Leon Mexico. It was probably about 150 miles up because when it got to a position at about 20 degrees above the horizon an hour after sunset, it changed colors from white to yellow to orange to red to gone (in a few seconds) which would be explained by having the sun set on the horizon behind it as it went past the earth. The speed was much higher than I'd expect a satellite to be, it took it about 25 seconds for it to go from directly overhead to passing into the earth's shadow at about 20 degrees above the horizon.

After I concluded it was not an airplane I pointed out the bright light to Claudia a few seconds before it started to change color and disappear and she said asteroid. I did not even have to tell her because it was obvious. And then she said no airplane changes colors to red and vanishes like that

My guess is it had to have been about a mile across because you could pick out two mountain peaks on it but could not see detail. It might make the news, but passing over Mexico it might get missed.

The hospital Scalise is in is LYING and setting up his death

This is super easy to prove.

Here is what the hospital said at 8:30 PM:

Congressman Steve Scalise sustained a single rifle shot to the left hip. The bullet travelled across his pelvis, fracturing bones, injuring internal organs, and causing severe bleeding. He was transported in shock to MedStar Washington Hospital Center, a Level I Trauma Center. He underwent immediate surgery, and an additional procedure to stop bleeding. He has received multiple units of blood transfusion. His condition is critical, and he will require additional operations. We will provide periodic updates.

My response: That statement is a LIE, and there is cold hard proof of that! If you are in shock, you are NOT in good spirits, no, you are completely dazed and have lost color, and are delirious and probably hallucinating. I can prove the hospital's statement is a lie, BECAUSE POLITICO REPORTED THIS:

Prior to entering surgery, the Whip was in good spirits and spoke to his wife by phone." - Politico. AND NOW HE'S ON HIS DEATH BED? HOW?????!


Scalise entered the hospital in FAIR condition. Fair condition means you can be missing an arm or leg, or have some other horrible injury, but your vital signs read completely normal. Scalise had perfectly normal vital signs when he entered the hospital. Then he leap frogged right over serious condition (where vital signs are no longer normal) to critical condition (where vital signs indicate you might die.) Folks, that can't happen in todays world. You don't go from fair condition to critical condition unless something causes it.

Trump responded to this by sending his own white house doctor to oversee Scalise. AND WHAT HAPPENED THEN? CNN and other commie news outlets flipped out, and started shredding Trump for sending a doctor he trusts to oversee Scalise! It does not take a huge brain to figure out why!

Here's why: If Scalise went from fair to critical condition, someone who wanted him dead caused it, just like Seth Rich. And someone at CNN knows the plot, and that Scalise was sent to that hospital to die. And now, because Trump sent a doctor that is not there to kill Scalise, CNN can't handle it and is whining and moaning about it. And if Scalise died, there will be a real doctor right there, to say it was caused by foul play.

I believe Scalise was sabotaged during the surgery, which was botched on purpose to kill him. That's the only way digging a bullet out of a hip is going to put someone who was perfectly stable and in fair condition, into critical condition. You can't go from fair condition to critical condition like that. It just does not happen. He's being Seth Riched NO IFS OR BUTS. Scalise was a good guy. He was one of us. Let's hope Trump's appointment of a trustworthy doctor saved him.

Now is the wrong time to buy a new car

For context with this, scroll down to the report about Renault's revolutionary new EV battery that is farther down this page

I have been intrigued by Renault's new EV battery. So I have put some time into calculating what is possible with solar. Either way, even if you don't want solar, a gas powered car is probably a bad choice right now because with Renault's new innovation practical EV's will probably hit car lots by 2021, four years earlier than the assumed 2025.

Basically, if you want a no frills car that has a footprint of 15 feet by 6 feet (total outside footprint) you can put enough of the latest solar panels on it to give you a little over 10 kilowatt hours a day on the best day, and right around 7 kilowatt hours on an average day. How much does that convert to? Well, let's back up a bit here . . .

Let's say you are fashion concious and don't want something that looks like it belongs to a geek. Let's be realistic. In that case, you could probably make 8 kilowatts max, and 5.5 kilowatt hours on a not so bright day fashionable.

Let's go with that assumption, and split the difference between the two fashionable numbers and say you will get 6.75 kwh daily put on an average mundane car. How much is that, in real world traveling?

If you use what Renault has as a model, they are able to get 41 kwh to reliably push a car 250 miles in combined driving conditions. 41 kwh divided by 6.75 kwh equals 6.07. 250 divided by 6.07 equals 41.18 So with fashionable solar on your car, you get 41 miles a day. How many miles is that a year? 41.18X365= 15, 030 miles. That's more than an average American drives in a year. It will be stupid to not put some form of solar on the new generation of electric vehicles, because solar is now good enough to make fashionable appearances support absolutely free practical driving. On days when you did not use all your miles, you'd simply put more reserve into the battery. And if you did have to go somewhere beyond what the solar could handle, you can still charge the car normally.

If Renault did what Tesla is doing, and put their great battery tech into a 1, 600 kg battery, the Renault, with such a huge battery, would go 1, 300 or more miles on a charge. This is not saying a Tesla battery would make a renault go that far, because Tesla's tech is inferior. But if the superior tech Renault has was used with the same weight limits Tesla has, it would go that far.

The bottom line here is that the writing is on the wall - The correct innovations have happened to push the electric car squarely into the mainstream. Renault's battery weighs less than an engine and transmission in a normal car, and forget about the weight of a full tank of gas to boot! If everything was made equal RIGHT NOW, and Renault's tech was used at a weight that equaled an engine, transmission, and full tank of gas, the range of the car with combined city/highway driving would easily be more than 400 miles.

You don't need to worry about the weight of the electric motors, because they run at about 600 volts, which means they can output lots of power and weigh practically nothing. As voltage goes up in electric motors, they hit higher horspower levels with the same amount of weight. Small motors can do a huge job, especially with Tesla's design, which uses a liquid cooled electric motor that has a small radiator. The entire system is the size of an ordinary rear differential in a rear wheel drive car.

Anyway, I think this is interesting because we will soon see a day when it will be possible to have a car that basically operates for absolutely no cost at all, IF people are willing to put solar panels on it. I am sure there will be precisely ZERO (0) manufacturers that will do that with a stock model, because they are all owned by the same elite that won't want people to have that level of independence come with a normal monthly car payment.

Anonymous sent:

Hi Jim, would like to be able to repost the main core report and to copy it for sharing around my family. Could you please make it a link on the right side of your site so we can do this? Thanks for all you are doing

My response: That report has been in the right hand column for 4 years. It is there, under "The Main Core"

It looks like Scalise is going the way of Seth Rich

Correct me if I am wrong here, but I don't recall getting shot in the hip as being potentially fatal unless you are out in the woods and can't get to a hospital and you bleed to death, or you don't take care of it and die of an infection.

It is now known that Seth Rich was walking when they took him to the hospital - he could walk, and did not even know he had been shot. Maybe he was not shot. And maybe Scalise has a superficial wound and is now being killed at the hospital, JUST LIKE SETH RICH.

It seems odd to me that he went from "fair and stable" condition to critical condition, once you hit the hospital, it usually goes from fair and stable to good condition, does it not? This is one to watch no doubt. If we don't keep an eye on this they will probably kill him.

CNN claims shooting "was not evil"

That's how communists think. If the target is their target, then killing is never evil. Keep that in mind when you take a look at this re-post:


Years ago, I did a detailed report about what was called "The Main Core". The main core is the key group of people who make America what it is, who are all tracked and slated for killing or internment when Hillary's (or whoever elses) hammer drops. These are the people the FEMA camps are for.

Sean Hannity had two investigators on who revealed that revealed that 20 million Americans had been "unmasked" revealing all details of their lives so they could be rounded up and put in internment camps and/or killed. Hillary and Obama spearheaded the effort. If Hillary had scammed her way in, we'd be toast, Trump saved our lives.


So we have ALL of the liberal left MSM saying Trump should be killed, Twitter is lit up with tons of high profile leftists who are posting happy comments about the shooting today, Twitter is doing nothing to stop it, and all is well, because killing conservatives is just the right thing to do. The writing is on the wall folks, now we see with clarity what the left is all about and has been all about all along. These people are dangerous, and their behavior today proves it without question.

Now re-read this - I am dead serious with it:

The Main Core

America's back bone of 20 million patriots has already been identified for killing

Jim Stone, July 7 2013

What the NSA hacking on America really means

When I worked for the NSA prior to 9/11, the NSA only looked outward, not inward. And I never thought the NSA ever would look inward and spy on the American people. I knew that if that ever happened the result would be catastrophic. After 9/11 I knew the NSA was looking inward to some degree, and had suspected they might be recording everything before Snowden blew the whistle, but I was not certain. Now we all can be. And I would like to go into a few things here to explain to people how grave this situation really is.

When an agency like the NSA looks outward into other countries, it cannot be a tool that is used by the governments of the countries being spied on to oppress the people in that country. When used to spy on foreigners the NSA and other similar agencies are not part of the policy making for that which they are observing. So the purpose for any spying by agencies such as the NSA will be limited to key elements of the observed nation, such as the government agencies and major companies that could present a problem to the whole of America in the future. The NSA will not pay attention to Joe the bar-b-q chef or Moe the mechanic, because on an individual level ordinary people in foreign countries are a waste of time to observe.

It is very different when such an intelligence agency looks inward at it's host population

With the NSA looking inward, especially with them recording every phone conversation and e-mail and not just the meta data, the people who understand what America really is supposed to be are now fully identified. These people, which are referred to as "the main core" represent what remains of the backbone of this once great nation, the core of which numbers 8 million with 30 or so million close enough to the main core for any psychopath to be able to justify taking out along with it. If America is to become the totally transformed Communist society that the Zionists want it to be, the main core has got to be ripped out, and the NSA has made this future event possible to accomplish with minimal effort and pin point precision.

There is no question that the elitist zionist faction wants every aspect of America it cannot control with ease wiped out, just like the elitist Zionists Bolsheviks did to the Ukranian people. And as America approaches this same reality, we have the same approximate numbers, 30 - 70 million slated for death and internment in America. With the DHS ordering well over a billion rounds of ammo, countless tens of thousands of cheap plastic coffins already purchased and sitting in storage yards, 2, 700 giant heavily armed vehicles which are totally impenetrable to civilian weapons, vehicles perfectly capable of gutting American homes with high caliber gunfire right from the curb side, it is time for Americans to face a simple fact - All of the stories are more than just rumor. And because these stories are not just rumor, I would take the NSA spying on everyone VERY seriously.

It's too late

If you think Americans can change this situation with a 300 million eyed monster observing everyone's every move, you are off in fantasy land somewhere. It is GAME OVER. You cannot beat this monster with a cute little encryption trick performed on a compromised operating system with a compromised processor tapped into via a compromised internet. I see all of the new stupid pet trick type encryption fantasies some people are parading on the web now to "secure" themselves against the NSA as some sort of useless bubble gum fad, IF YOU WORKED FOR THEM AND UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON, YOU WOULD REALIZE SUCH EFFORTS ARE AS LAUGHABLE AS TRYING TO FIX A SEMI WITH A PLASTIC BARBIE TOOL SET. And if you are even able to HAVE that barbie tool set and try to use it, you are already flagged for elimination anyway. You should be focusing your efforts on other subjects like GETTING THE HELL OUT.

And they know who you are. They know you know. They know if you have guns. They know you are not pleased with Obama, Bush, and false flag terror. They know you probably know the truth about the "holocaust", the truth about vaccines, GMO, and any other number of your particular pet topics that make them itch. They know where you are going to bug out to, and they know what you bought for it. If your car is 2005 or newer, they will watch you go to your bug out place and nail you there. Ditto if you are stupid enough to bring your cell, or bring anyone elses for that matter.

Your only option is to get to Iceland, Venezuela, Ecuador or any other country that proved itself with Snowden before the axe falls. Unlike the illegal immigrant "problem" America has, a large scale influx of Americans into nations such as Ecuador would intellectually launch any country that accepted them 30 years into the future because it won't be the idiots fleeing America, it will be the cream of the crop - those smart enough to see the asteroid coming. And if for any of the 500 reasons America now revokes passports from complete non criminals you are one of the 50 million that does not have one, GO INTO THE FOREIGN EMBASSIES AND START REQUESTING ASYLUM NOW.

When the axe falls

When the axe falls, you WON'T be running to Mexico because the border fence was for YOU, and unlike the B.S. you were told, it is totally impassable if you can even get to it. The border is so well surveilled now that you can't even get close to that fence which is impossible to get across even if you do. I know this because I spent four days in the back country border zone observing what is going on. Believe me, the security is real, and it is for stopping Americans, NOT Mexicans. And if you think Canada will save you, WAKE UP.

When the axe falls, the Zionist Bolsheviks who run the U.S. government will be on the diplomatic channels to all nations saying it is fair and balanced and everyone will get a fair trial, so anyone who is complaining here and asking for asylum is some sort of lunatic. They will have PR campaigns of epic proportions coming out of Hollywood and paid for advertisements in all prospective refuge nations, calling you a criminal or a nut case or a deadbeat to hinder your asylum bid. They will have the CIA working overtime, and the zionist factions within the not totally infiltrated prospective asylum nations working overtime in secret to flip public opinion against you. If you were part of America's main core, they have ONE objective for you - to burn you to ashes or bury you in a pit somewhere, and that objective does not involve allowing you to escape to bring the seeds of America out of the country to sprout a whole new "problem" for them elsewhere.

We just saw proof of this today. A gunman walked onto a baseball field, shot at a bunch of people, and because CNN and the left did not agree with the politics of the people shot at, "it was not evil" and many celebrated on Twitter. Let this be a wake up call - if the left gets its way, it will be the Ukraine massacre all over again. They absolutely will repeat their behavior.

Huge apartment fire in London


I was skeptical, so I waited to report this.

This is how this morning's shooting happened: A liberal leftist fruit cake asked if congressmen that were practicing baseball were Republican or Democrat. Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis said the shooter asked the group of they were Republican or Democrat. He was told they were Republican. The shooter then left, and returned with his guns and opened fire. This indicates that it was obviously a leftist, and that this shooting was not planned, The shooting was probably definitely inspired by CNN, Kathy Griffin, and the recent Julius Caesar play that appeared to encourage the killing of Trump.

We need a crack down on the media openly encouraging people to kill the President, and to kill conservatives in general. Enough is enough!

Assasination attempt on Republican congressmen

A leftist shooter who was probably inspired by Kathy Griffin and the new Julias Caesar play that depicted what looked like Trump being assassinated, along with the rest of the promptings to assassinate conservatives that have been so prominent in the media, opened fire with high capacity magazines at a batting park where Republican congressmen were practicing baseball with their kids.

Somehow the shooter got ahold of the schedule and showed up with high capacity rifles and opened fire. Several congressmen were shot but none fatally. Capitol police fired back and took out the shooter as he was about to get to the first base dugout, where several congressman were sitting. It appears that everyone who got shot was out on the field, while the shooter was shooting from another dugout.

The Leftist media have already depicted the shooter as a white male, to milk the story from that angle, but it is going to be a hard sell when he was trying to kill conservatives. The media can handle "Right wing white male" shootings, but they are going to choke on "Leftist white male shooting". Let's see how they spin this . . . .

At any rate, no one except perhaps the shooter was killed but several are hospitalized.

I have a comment here: If this guy had been "right wing", he'd have known how to shoot, and EVERYONE would be dead. You can't just go on a shooting spree if you are a leftist turd who never touched a gun before! WHAT AN IDIOT. So there is a happy ending to this story - the shooter was a leftist IDIOT who could not hit the broad side of a barn! We were very lucky this guy was such an awful shot!

Renault is going to leap frog Tesla

Yesterday I reported about a new EV battery that was developed by LG and Renault, that out performs pound for pound anything Tesla has by a huge margin. Renault electric vehicles already had 20 kilowatt batteries with decent energy density, but seemingly overnight a similarly priced direct replacement that would go in the same cars doubled the capacity to more than 40 KW (from a 300 kg battery), and blew the energy density of Tesla's battery tech away. Since almost all Renault batteries are leased, people want to turn in the old batteries (that are not very old) and get the new ones for practically the same lease price.

So what will Renault do with a huge number of perfectly good EV batteries that get turned in after lease and replaced with better batteries? ANSWER: Renault now has 50 of them under testing in private solar powered homes. They are cheaper than Tesla's home batteries and have a 20 kilowatt capacity, which is far better than Tesla's 10 kilowatt home battery.

If testing goes well and the batteries can actually be efficiently used for solar, Renault will easily beat Tesla in the home battery business. Since the returned batteries would be perfectly working "junk" anyway, Renault has nothing to lose - in effect a free resource that is readily available - to beat Tesla with at a per-unit cost of $0. Tesla was so far ahead for so long it seems like they relaxed and gave someone else a chance to catch up. Renault did just that by developing a completely modular battery system that can be removed easily as an entire unit and re-appropriated (or upgraded) with perfect simplicity. See this

PREDICTION: People who are saying electric cars are going to fail are dead wrong - Renault's new battery tech is going to tip the balance with ease, and put an electric car in everyone's drive way. It will be super easy from that point for anyone to put 1000 watts of solar on the roof of the car, generate 5 KWH per day and drive 40 miles a day for free.


Here is something that got wiped out of the original post about Sandy Hook below (I am posting this from a cyber cafe)

They have posted fake schedules and fake cover stories to cover for the fact no kids were at Sandy Hook from 2008 up until the shooting. They are doing this to "prove" the school was open. But this is easy to shred still, PEOPLE, PLEASE DO SCREEN CAPTURES OF THIS RIGHT NOW:

This following article reads like a load of puff, and claims to be welcoming the kids in 2010. And Google has it indexed for 2010. And the paper says it is 2010. Sandy Hook welcomes kindergardeners in 2010 This is a lie, even though Google says it is real. HERE IS PROOF: dropped the "truth burial" ball, and shows the earliest posting of this report happened after the psy op, in November 2014. It got indexed regularly ever since.

SEE THIS. The first record of the page existing was in November of 2014. That simply does not cut it, and you will see the exact same anomalies happen with everything sandy hook related during the time frame between shut down and psy op because the school was closed, and all that exists is fake postings and Google complicity with "legitimate" dating to cover it all up. The Wayback machine was not sufficiently accounted for and compromised so (for now) the proof is there that the school really was closed.

In case there is anything wrong with the links, here is the copy paste version:

Fake posted years later report:

Wayback machine, confirming it was not posted in 2010 as stated:*/

There is a reason why they triggered a shutdown of my main computer when I was about to post. It had the battery in, the power supply hooked up, and there was no power outage or other problem. The screen simply went blank and all the work was lost. For that, I am going to slay them even worse, just wait. Because if they are that desperate over Sandy Hook, it means it is an achilles heel that can blow them to smithereens. I did not know this topic was that sensitive. Now it is time to dig.

I will update this more later.


I had a beatiful report on this that I spend a huge amount of time on, and when I went to post it the computer shut off! Someone shut it off. Now I don't have time to re-do it. Additionally, during the re-type I had to battle deletes!

Here is the gist of the report: The Wayback machine indexed the Sandy Hook web site. All indexing stopped in the spring of 2008 Because the school was shut down permanently at that time, to be demolished. This shut down and demolition order is something I covered at the time of Sandy Hook in detail. Sandy Hook was shut down because of asbestos problems.

Additionally, if you go to the indexing in the Wayback machine, it shows the days it indexed the last pages, but when you click them they are all deleted, because for the last two years on the Sandy Hook web site, it said the school was soon to be shut down and demolished and the Wayback machine is a totally fluid political tool that exists to fill a history expungement agenda, all the while it fronts as legit.

The Wayback machine indexed nothing from spring of 2008 until 2013, because there was no web site to index for a school that did not exist. Then, after the psy op, someone re-registered the Sandy Hook web site to prove the school existed, which is something anyone can do to any web site that has been abandoned. The Wayback machine can't tell the difference between the original web site and the hoax web site, so it indexes them as the same.

So here is the link to the Wayback machine that shows this. You can click any date that is within two years of the shut down, and the pages will be blank, but if you go back in time to before 2005, the pages work, and prove that this really is the web site for Sandy Hook.

There are trolls out there saying this is fake, but it is clearly not fake. It absolutely is the real web site for the same Sandy Hook that was supposedly shot up, and there really is a five year gap in updates that prove the school was not in operation prior to the psy op.

That's as good as I can do in 10 minutes fixing hours of wrecked work. REGARDLESS OF WHAT TROLLS SAY, THIS IS THE REAL SANDY HOOK WEB SITE, AND IT REALLY WAS SHUT DOWN FOR FIVE FULL YEARS because the building was abandoned and just waiting for one last use in a psy op.

Creepy: "Indivisible" sleeper cell groups popping up EVERYWHERE

I'd bet George Soros is behind this, and wants to make good and sure there are a huge number of registered activists ready for the next election, to crush it. Take a look at this map of locations, it is absolutely freaky

There is obviously the usual "Trump lost the election and blah blah to justify it" also. This really looks like something Soros is backing.

SO HERE IS WHAT YOU DO: find a location near you. Join the group. Infiltrate it and at a minimum expose it. At a max, divert and subvert it. This is a game they play, and we had better start playing it also.

It takes a village

I might as well mention this, because it is (sort of) making the rounds -

In Hillary Clinton's 1996 book "It takes a village to raise a child", she wrote about using black prison labor to maintain the Arkansas governor's mansion while the Clintons were there. Someone went back in time, read that piece of trash, and found it. Now it is a scandal I guess.

Hillary does not look good in retrospect, because first of all prison labor is frowned on, and second of all, she claims to have become friendly with a few of them - African American men in their thirties who she claimed were emotional illiterates. That's certainly not a politically correct way to say it.

Yep, this can get published by her directly in a very well known about book, and the MSM won't touch it. Imagine what would happen if Trump did anything of the sort, let alone published it!

June 13 2017

PREDICTION: The electric car will go completely mainstream by 2025

Renault may have revolutionized the electric car

Renault just switched over to a new 46 kwh battery that costs remarkably less per kwh, and holds twice the power of the previous generation. The new battery weighs 306 kilograms. The old battery weighs 290 kilograms. The new battery costs far less per kwh, and holds twice as much. At 306 kilograms holding 46 kwh (41 allowed to be used) it is far more energy dense than the absolute latest from Tesla. The electric car will take over. The writing is on the wall. One note: There is confusion with the media about the new battery pack specifications. The real specs are HERE and it is important, because the breakthrough is the fact that the battery is the same size, almost the same weight, and has double the capacity. Much of the MSM is getting this wrong.

Tesla is still the champion of storage, with car battery packs starting at 60 kwh. The big deal with Renault however is that the battery is relatively small, plugs into the exact same place as the old battery and does twice as much for practically the same price. And in addition to that, Renault's battery gives a relatively cheap car the same range as a Tesla.

Because the cost of the battery in an electric car is so high, Renault decided to not include the battery with the car when purchased. Instead, the battery is leased after purchase of the car it goes in. This then means that all people have to do to get twice the range is let the lease expire on the old battery, and then lease the new one. It fits. It has a 250 plus mile range. That's a breakthrough for a low budget electric.

Tesla sales are brisk in the luxury segment

I got onto this topic because when the government in Denmark pulled the subsidies for Tesla, sales dropped by over 90 percent. So I figured it was doom for the electric car. But reality is far from that. Denmark only had high Tesla sales because a 180 percent import tax that is applied to all gasoline vehicles was not applied to the Tesla, which made it ridiculously cheap compared to competing gasoline cars. Obviously if that kind of tax is suddenly put on Tesla, which is an expensive car anyway, it will instantly jump out of everyone's reach overnight. That's not Teslas fault.

Right now, with Tesla, the average subsidy in the U.S. is only around $5, 000 dollars. Removing that subsidy won't affect the sales of a $65, 000 car, especially when under some conditions it is the fastest thing on the road. Tesla has earned a rightful place in the luxury segment. So it cannot be said that subsidies are, at this time, keeping the electric car alive.

Back to the new battery that Renault just came up with -

The battery, which is leased, goes into the Zoe electric car. The old batteries that are still good (all of them are still good, there were not problems with them) are likely to be returned and replaced with the new. Renault is not going to throw away the old batteries, instead Renault plans to put 100, 000 of the old batteries into a electric storage facility. There is no guarantee they will get 100, 000 back, but when the new battery with twice the range only costs $13 more per month, what do you think people are going to do? I'd sure take twice the range for $13 a month.

Where the cost is in cars

With a gasoline car, the main cost is the chassis, followed by the engine and transmission. With an electric car, the main cost is also the chassis, followed by the battery, and the drive system is DIRT CHEAP, costing only a fraction of what a gasoline drivetrain costs. So the big barrier holding the electric car back is the cost of the battery. Renault's new battery arrived so unexpectedly and is so cheap, so compatible, and so powerful for its size and price that some are speculating that it will take only one more similar step in price and performance for the electric car to beat gasoline cars and make them obsolete. The general speculation on that is if you can get an electric car to match the price of a gasoline car, and have a 500 mile range, virtually no one will say no to electric. Before Renault's new battery, people were speculating this would happen by 2025. Now people are not so sure, and are instead beginning to speculate that price and performance will break that barrier by 2020.

LG developed the battery tech in Renault's battery. Panasonic developed the battery tech in Tesla's battery. Right now, LG is ahead by leaps and bounds. I would not expect the people at Panasonic to sit on their hands after being beaten so solidly, with those two companies at war with each other I'd expect battery tech to move ahead very quickly.

There is lots of speculation about who will enter the electric car race, with Volkswagen and manufacturers from China hitting the top of the list. This report is going on what is happening now, with cars already on the road. Right now, we have Renault with a cheap car that can match the range of Tesla with a 306 kilogram battery, at 250 miles. Tesla, with the less efficient battery packs, is making up for it very well by having battery packs that weigh 1, 600 kilograms. With that much of a weight advantage, obviously they hold more power. But that's not a revolution. Let's wait for the counter punch . . . . . .

June 12 2017

Puerto Rico votes in favor of statehood

Now that the government in Puerto Rico has proven itself to be as irresponsible and corrupt as the rest of the United States by going so helplessly into debt they had to file bankruptcy, it's time to join the union! Gee, I can't possibly imagine better news than that!

It still has to go before Congress for approval. I'd strongly advise against that.

It sort of looks rigged to me, only 23 percent of the population voted and 93 percent of that said yes? Well, maybe. I doubt it. But whatever, and it will be foolish to take on a 51st state that is that messed up by any measure.

June 12 2017

Russia's nuclear arsenal has a dead man's switch

War with Russia is not winnable. If the Russian government is taken out, Russia's nuclear arsenal has a dead man switch that will simply launch and annihilate everything on the target list. This dead man switch will also instruct submarines to launch. Ok, so that's bad. War with Russia is not advisable, because it is not winnable. (that is if you have no morals, if you have morals there are plenty of other reasons not to.

Ok, so why did I mention this? Because Russia's Satan2 missiles/nukes are rated at 40 megatons. That's approximately how much power the restricted Tsar bomba that was tested had. It was supposed to have over 80 megatons but they limited it to about 47 for testing. Even the restricted version blew windows out over 500 miles away.

Here is a description of what Tsar Bomba did:

Although simplistic fireball calculations predicted the fireball would impact the ground, the bomb's own shock wave reflected back and prevented this. The fireball reached nearly as high as the altitude of the release plane and was seen almost 1, 000 kilometres (620 mi) from ground zero. The subsequent mushroom cloud was about 64 kilometres (40 mi) high (over seven times the height of Mount Everest), which meant that the cloud was above the stratosphere and well inside the mesosphere when it peaked. The base of the cloud was 40 kilometres (25 mi) wide. All buildings in the village of Severny (both wooden and brick), located 55 kilometres (34 mi) from ground zero within the Sukhoy Nos test range, were destroyed. In districts hundreds of kilometers from ground zero wooden houses were destroyed, stone ones lost their roofs, windows and doors; and radio communications were interrupted for almost one hour. One participant in the test saw a bright flash through dark goggles and felt the effects of a thermal pulse even at a distance of 270 kilometres (170 mi). The heat from the explosion could have caused third-degree burns 100 km (62 mi) away from ground zero. A shock wave was observed in the air at Dikson settlement 700 kilometres (430 mi) away; windowpanes were partially broken to distances of 900 kilometres (560 mi). Atmospheric focusing caused blast damage at even greater distances, breaking windows in Norway and Finland. The seismic shock created by the detonation was measurable even on its third passage around the Earth. Its seismic body wave magnitude was about 5 to 5.25.[8] The energy yield was around 8.1 on the Richter scale but, since the bomb was detonated in air rather than underground, most of the energy was not converted to seismic waves.

My conclusion:

War with Russia should be avoided.

Maryland Attorneys General to sue Trump

They are going to sue him for "accepting money from foreign governments" after people from foreign governmnents stayed at his hotels! If that is not a mis-application of the law, I don't know what is. I guess Comey's testimony was too much for these pukes.


"Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh outlined details of the lawsuit in an interview with The Associated Press. Much of it is focused on alleged violations of the emoluments clause of the Constitution, based on Trump's real estate holdings. The clause prohibits the president and other government employees from accepting foreign gifts and payments without congressional approval.

The Trump Hotel in the nation's capital affects business in the Washington area and is part of the reason the lawsuit was filed by officials in the District of Columbia and Maryland, Frosh said.

"We have economic interests that are impacted, but the most salient factor is that when the president is subject to foreign influence, we have to be concerned about whether the actions he's taking - both at home and abroad - are the result of payments that he is receiving at the Trump Hotel, payments that he is receiving at Mar-a-Lago, payments that he is receiving at Trump Tower, payments that he is receiving in all of his other far-flung enterprises, and he brags about it, " Frosh said.

My comment: Frosh needs to hang. And I mean literally, from a branch in a park. It was well established that Trump owned hotels and casinos, and the people voted him in, knowing that. The fact that anyone who is traveling can walk into a hotel and stay makes the fact a foreigner might stay irrelevant. Now that the Russia story is dead, NOW THIS? This borders on treason, if it is not treason, you can't legitimately bother a president like this without it being some sort of highly punishable offense.

See this

June 12 2017

Time to shred a snowflake report

The degradation of quality in workers that liberals hire is not limited to subway systems and infrastructure, you can now see it EVERYWHERE. Today I came across a great example.

Back in the past, when a paper reported on something scientific, it was syntactically accurate down to the last letter. Anything scientific was proof read and vetted by knowledgeable people. But that's not the case anymore. Now, either because the people writing simply have no education, or those above them have no education, they foray off into topics they should not go into and screw everything up. Here is an example from The UK Express:

ASTEROID WARNING: NASA discovers TEN 'potentially hazardous' rocks close to Earth

NASA has announced that it has discovered 10 new "potentially hazardous" space rocks close to Earth that could put life on this planet at risk.

The space agency has been working tirelessly to identify dangers that Earth face from space, and has said that it has found 10 new asteroids of meteors which it believes could harm life on Earth.

(there should be an s on the word face. But I occasionally typo, so whatever)

The discovery was made by NASA's asteroid detecting mission - Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer or NEOWISE.

(There should be the word "the" before Near Earth, so not looking good here, that's two in a row)

Amy Mainzer, NEOWISE principal investigator from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said: "NEOWISE is not only discovering previously uncharted asteroids and comets, but it is providing excellent data on many of those already in our catalog."

"It is also proving to be an invaluable tool in in the refining and perfecting of techniques for near-Earth object discovery and characterisation by a space-based infrared observatory."

On top of the 10 "potentially hazardous" objects, Nasa says that they have identified 97 other space rocks and seen an unexplained spike in comet activity.

My comment: There is no "unexplained spike" in comet activity. But either because people at NASA are now not as qualified, or because the article writer does not understand the topic, this blunder was stated. The only possible explanations for "increased comet activity" (if it is happening) are 1. Better observation methods or 2. Observation of new comets that are not in the historic record. This has nothing to do with "activity" from a scientific standpoint, and everything to do with finding more to document and keeping better records. No real scientist would ever say there was a "spike" in activity because the comets were already out there. A real scientist would simply say we have discovered something new.

Emily Kramer, a NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow at JPL and lead author of paper on the NEOWISE study stated: "Comets that have abrupt outbursts are not commonly found, but this may be due more to the sudden nature of the activity rather than their inherent rarity. My comment: This is either a stupid statement, or the article writer did not understand how to present what was said properly.

"It is great for astronomers to view and collect cometary data when they find an outburst, but since the activity is so short-lived, we may simply miss them most of the time."

The findings come shortly after a group of Czech scientists warned fragments of asteroids which could wipe out entire countries are hidden in the Taurids meteor shower.


The startling finding means that experts may not be able to spot the massive space rock hidden in the annual Taurids meteor shower until it is too late. My comment: Wait a minute, your own headline said they knew about 10 big ones, and later you said 93 other smaller ones. But your context in this paragraph is singular, not plural, which by that context means they don't know of a single one for certain!. You need to decide what you are going to write about and stick with it!

According to the group of researchers, one of the fragments could hit Earth in 2022, 2025, 2032 or 2039 during the annual meteor shower. My response: Wait a minute, you just said that they did not know where the fragments were. If they don't know where the fragments are, how can they pick out specific years as potential problem years in an annual meteor shower? That's bad.

Bottom line: This was as poorly written as a sixth grade report, where if the teacher had any scientific mind at all in the OLD SCHOOL, would have been covered in red ink and given a C minus. It would not have been an F for old school sixth grade science, but that does not cut it where whoever wrote this was supposed to have been an on-the-ball college graduate producing materials for the world to see!

This is a common core issue, not a race issue, because the guy who wrote this has a white middle American name! Maybe if the college he attended did a little less male bashing and actually taught, he'd be able to write a real report!

OK, I'll sum this up, and write his report in ONE PARAGRAPH:

Astronomers have discovered a dangerous debris field in the Taurid meteor shower, which is produced by Enke's comet, which on a previous pass lost large fragments. Because of this, large impacts are possible. The space rocks measure 650 feet to 900 feet (200 to 300 meters) across and have been registered on the International Astronomical Union’s list of "potentially hazardous" asteroids.

Ok, so there you have it. There are no ifs ands or buts about it, the objects are KNOWN AND TRACKED as I'd expect if they were dangerous enough to mention. Now that's news! Fat chance you'd figure that out from the common core report! They are treating them as asteroids even though technically they are comet debris, simply because they are so large. So a slight pass on that one, but if I'd written that report, I'd have at least mentioned that.

The bottom line is that our entire quality level is dropping in American and Europe, and we are now seeing this show up, even in MSM publications. And that's the goal of common core, and male bashing in college, which predominantly happens in language classes and in any class that teaches people how to produce coherent reading material. They are spending so much of the course time on off topic garbage that it is really beginning to show in the real world, and as long as the kid goes along with the off topic garbage, the kid will get an A. If anyone does not go along with the garbage, they will be given a C at most, even if they have an absolute mastery of what the course should have been about.

Sorry dear writer Sean Martin, I know you probably hate yourself after getting brainwashed about how bad it is to be white and male, the fact that happened clearly shows in the quality of your writing, when you missed out on college and in place of an education instead got fed a load of sh*t. Now you have to pay off your student loans, after in effect being given nothing. WHAT A RIP OFF!

Paul sent:

"Hi Jim, If you go to Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad or one of many islands inhabited by 'natives' or people of colour you will see them living just as they did 50 years ago. They never design, build, invent, create. Is that due to unfair victimisation from 'colonial' days? Well if you look at the same races who have been 'assimilated' into 'diverse' and 'multicultural' countries like anywhere in europe what do we see? It's obvious except that there is the 'racist' accusation to block our clear vision.

What you are saying is pretty clearly true but people don't want to deal with truth but prefer a pretence because of emotional bullying which overrides reason. Hence the retrograde growth of multicultural countries. But what the solution is going to be...? I also think there are exceptions. There is a skilled surgeon - several - and these are from such countries as I opened with above but there is a low % of these people. Paul"

Anonymous sent:

"Hi Jim, I have heard Comey's 'humans' comment before from leftists/atheists/evolutionists a good number of times. They think it is clever, and makes them look clever. At the least, it's pretty pretentious, which I would assume is Comey showing his true colors. Thanks again."

Anonymous sent:

"It looks like the main core story has been completely spiked... One of the biggest reveals in our history and everybody yawns."

My response: Nobody yawned, what you have seen with that is artificial intelligence or whatever else spiking a story. That got re-posted in full in many locations and still did not take off. It will not be allowed to, because it simply can't be allowed to become mainstream knowledge.

Anonymous sent:

"Incompetence? Same scenario for higher ed and government. I was the asst to the Dean of a top 20 law school. My usual learning curve without any tutoring is 2-3 weeks, this job was highly skilled and took me 3 months to master without any help. I streamlined it and was so good the Dean let me take off 2 hours a day for classes. When I transferred departments, they had to hire THREE people to replace me. said I was a genius and they did not know how I did it.

Another example is my friend who is an attorney for the govt. She is exasperated because of all the minority hires -- one brought her sleeping bag and slept half the day. The judges are so incompetent, she has tried to educate them how to write a proper report but they are unable and SHE has to rewrite all their decisions for them. The lead judge, a male, left for maternity leave for 3 months (just to get a free vacation, I'm sure he never changes a diaper or watches the kids or cooks ...) and hired his friends out of town to run the place and they have no idea what they're doing while collecting bonus pay.

My response: It will be very good for us to have people hired into government that won't work with traditional first world values. That way, tyranny will be stifled by laziness! It will cost a lot though.

Electric cars

There was a report posted recently (I do not know where originally) about a "new type" of electric car battery that simply swaps battery electrolyte and can be therefore filled up like a regular car. Don't get your hopes up.

This same tripe has been blatted over and over and over again since the EV-1. I am actually tired of it. If there really was a viable tech that involved only swapping battery electrolyte to charge a car, it would have hit mainstream by the mid 90's. Thus far, Tesla is the only mainstream company to put a meaningful battery in a car, and there will be NO swapping of electrolytes.

One of the big problems is how much you will be able to drive with the type of battery that can swap it's electrolyte. Right now, NIMH is the champ, BY FAR, and you can't swap electrolyte. What good is it going to do to have a battery that can be charged simply by changing fluid, if your range is going to be 50 miles? It takes a special battery that does not perform all that well to allow that. You can't even swap electrolyte in a lead acid battery and have it work.

We won't see a day when swapping electrolyte at the gas station is what gets done. We WILL see a day (soon) when a Tesla gets 600 miles on a charge that happens in 1/3 the time. Actually right around 800 miles on a charge (that's where the new tech is.) And if that happens, why bother with anything else? That would be good enough for me to go electric.

I know it all sounds good to hear the latest story about kids at snowflake U swapping electrolyte but when they subsequently fail at math and reality, and only repeat what's been done for 30 years it is all too stale for me.

Anonymous sent:

What happened to the commenters on Zerohedge? They used to be relevant and insightful, often more interesting than the articles themselves. Now it's mouthy blowhards, they have to be extremely vulgar, and void of any real thoughts. I see it on many websites. I think they might allow some sites to stay up, but completely control the conversations. Am I the only one noticing this?

My response: This has been a trend for some time. However, it comes and goes. Right now Zerohedge may be a target, but check back in a month or so and it might be back to normal.

it all depends on the web site and how well they can regulate trolls. Any web site that makes no effort is going to get slammed. If it really gets bad, an AI gets assigned and then it really is all crap. From what I have seen, it is degraded lately overall, but there are still good things getting posted in most places that still allow comments. This will be an ongoing trend, until (if ever) good thinking patriots rise up and stop it.

65 year old engineer sent And before the common core idiots were the accountants cutting down maintenance budgets, says a 65 year old engineer

My response Many companies went with "use it or lose it" budgets. And they applied those budgets to maintenance. So lets say one year nothing big goes wrong, and the next year a $2, 300, 000 transformer blows up and takes a whole bunch of crap with it? I saw that happen. And then maintenance starves! Gets pegged at the lowest possible expense year as the bench mark! What IDIOCY!

Yes, and that was BEFORE there was such a thing as a "snowflake" so really, it is all nothing new, it is just that now the severity is worse.

I am not backing down on my statement about why the New York subway is failing

I will repeat: After more than 100 years of maintenance and management with a work force that was predominantly white male, and VERY QUALIFIED, New York has sold out to political correctness and affirmative action. There are minorities that are qualified, but the hiring process has no doubt been usurped by desk sitting snowflakes that can't tell their butt hole from a pot hole and therefore they did "feel good" hiring, while denying that that particular grunt job actually required people that were a hell of a lot smarter than the average bachelor or master. And not the modern politically correct feel good bachelor or master, I'm talking old school.

If you want to get a metro system running proper, you have to have people in maintenance that are a unique combination of doctor like brains that are willing to get out house dirty. You will never get that via an immigrant favored hiring system that craps all over old school white males. It is as simple as that, and if people can't handle hearing that plain and obvious truth too bad!

There are plenty of Mexicans that fit the bill and can do the job. The Mexico City subway proves it. The Mexico city subway is ENORMOUS and runs like a swiss watch. So it is not a racist issue. The issue is that for the sake of meeting quotas and pushing a political agenda, too many of the wrong people are being hired and the serious down grade of the quality of the New York subway proves it. The problem is that the snow flakes in the hiring process won't know what is what. It is all a bunch of feel good garbage to them, and THAT is going to have to stop NOW and not later, or we are going to hear a lot more stories about people stripping down to their underwear to avoid heat stroke.

The work force I spoke about at a facility I worked for that was predominantly incompetent was 100 percent white. Not all whites are up to the job, obviously. You can't just pick a race and say that's it. But you also can't take a modern snowflake and expect that snowflake to know jack AT ALL about anything technical, the universities and common core destroyed them all. And now we see the results. If some of the competent people from the past were still in the New York subway maintenance staff they'd be preventing the problems that are happening now, it is OBVIOUS many suddenly got their walking papers and need to be hired back. And until they are brought back, New Yorkers can enjoy getting stuck in a tunnel. New York might as well just shut off the pumps and let the system flood for all it will be worth very soon if someone in management does not grow a brain, AND QUICK.

I can just see it: Some idiot snowflake really believing the lies about mechanics being stupid grunts, and that sitting through 4 or more years of male bashing at a university actually makes someone smarter than grease bob. FAT CHANCE!!!

Political correctness and common core wreak havoc with New York subway

I am going to say it like it is: Cities like New York have started hiring only minorities and foreigners to maintain critical infrastructure and it is causing major problems. This is perfectly evident in Washington DC, which has practically no white males in subway maintenance and a completely new system that went from beautiful to dungeon in a decade and runs like absolute crap. Having maintenance with virtually no skills might work where systems are simple, but it is not going to work for a subway, which actually needs qualified people to maintain it.

It is possible to run reliable transit with Mexicans (the Mexico City subway proves it) and I have seen perfectly competent Mexicans in industry, but you are not going to do it with affirmative action hired minorities from the American ghetto. You also are not going to do it with third world people who were amazed when they saw a television 15 years ago. You are not going to do it with common core educated fools from American suburbia either. New York has 2 options to get their subway back to working, and they are 1. White American males over 40, and 2. Mexicans who worked for the transit authority in Mexico City.

The age of the subway in New York is being blamed for the problems. Folks, that is BULL. If age was a problem it would have shown up 75 years ago when the subway was first old. More than 50 years old by then. REALITY: If you have knowledgeable staff, and a system that was not garbage when installed - even if that was 100 or more years ago, it can be run with perfect reliability regardless of age. Boston has the green line that runs great and is well over 100 years old.

I have seen this in industry first hand. Unilaterally it is not the age of the system that matters, it is the quality of the electricians and mechanics that work on it. The magic ratio is if 30 percent of the people who have to maintain it actually know what they are doing, they can carry 70 percent completely incompetent idiots on their backs and all will be well. Someone in New York obviously got rid of the competent 30 percent. Probably a snowflake that believed what the professors said about white males in college.

Most likely the people they flushed were age 40+ white guys that knew the system and it's idiosyncracies like the backs of their hands. You know - the people liberals HATE. They probably got fired 20 years before retirement. They probably got ditched for their "hate". And whoever got rid of them is assured to be far far far too stupid and blind to realize that if the system was running absolutely perfect a few months ago, it can't possibly be the age of the system that is the problem.

Their solution will be to replace all the trains with new. Rather than the decades old tech, they'll get all new inverter based tech that will work absolutely perfect for 5-10 years with little to no maintenance, pat themselves on the back for how smart they were by getting rid of the old stuff, and then they'll be back to square one, when the simplest things start going wrong. Yes, the inverter based stuff is easier to keep running, but it won't keep running forever with a maintenance crew that has no skills AT ALL.

Oh, but they have skills, RIGHT? They have all the papers and diplomas that prove it, RIGHT? Only an IDIOT would believe that, when it comes to third worlders, paper means NOTHING. I have seen that countless times, papers simply mean nothing at all. It matters a LOT MORE where someone grew up!

My advice to New York: If you want your system back up and running perfect, like it has been for well over a century, BRING THE WHITE MALES YOU RECENTLY FIRED BACK, AT 2X THE PAY, WITH FULL BENEFITS AND PENSION REINSTATED. How do I know you fired them? Because your subway went from perfect to sh*t overnight. That did not happen because of "aging!"

I have seen this before - at one place I worked for there were 4 qualified people carrying the weight of 13. The 4 people split due to the fact the incompetents ran a qualified boss out the door, and when I checked back things ran for 3 days and then all hell broke loose. That same company now has 30+ people trying to do the same work, and even doubling the staff could not make up for the loss of 4 qualified people.

There were some power supplies that I built for less than $200 each and weighed five pounds that were endlessly capable of handling massive power surges and running sensitive electronics perfectly in an incredibly hostile DC power environment. Zero failures for years. The idiots that ran the good boss out threw them off the cranes when they could not figure out why the cranes quit running (they actually got in trouble for that) because that company could not get anything else that worked without getting blown out, so they ended up giving my schematics to a design firm that replicated the power supplies for $9, 000 each, and when they arrived they were 10X as large and weighed 200 pounds. If I did not draw up schematics for those power supplies when I made them, they'd have been SOL permanently. That's what happens when qualified people leave.

There is absolutely no doubt this is the type of thing that happended in New York if suddenly they went from no problems to tons of problems. And rather than $9, 000 their solution is going to cost BILLIONS. And then not work in 5-10 years. Welcome to the third world America, your common core high schools and colleges that now teach sensitivity and socialism rather than real progress have ensured that future. And according to them, it will all be the white male's fault when everything falls apart!

Trump is going after Comey

President Trump's personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz will file a complaint with the Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General asking for an inquiry into James Comey over his leaking the details of his conversations with the president and the memos about those conversations, according to a source close to the Trump legal team.

Kasowitz is also drafting a similar submission to be sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the former FBI director's Senate testimony Thursday and "other matters, " the source told ABC news. SEE THIS

Trump is going after Comey

President Trump's personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz will file a complaint with the Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General asking for an inquiry into James Comey over his leaking the details of his conversations with the president and the memos about those conversations, according to a source close to the Trump legal team.

Kasowitz is also drafting a similar submission to be sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the former FBI director's Senate testimony Thursday and "other matters, " the source told ABC news.

Escalation in Qatar

Turkey sent 3, 000 troops to Qatar, with 10, 000 more to follow, Iran may be sending troops, and Qatar now has the support of Russia, which along with Iran is encouraging negotiation. Russia is also sending unrelated food assistance. So, my advice to the Sauds: There is nothing blessed about your form of Islam. Don't count on divine intervention to save you from your stupidity if this goes a step too far.

New Jersey cops break ribs of burning man

This one is disgusting. Police were pursuing a fleeing criminal, who wrecked his car into another car, and both burst into flames. The driver of the car he crashed into got out of it on fire, and was trying to extinguish the flames. He managed to get his burning body extinguished (apparently from the video) and the police ordered him to lay down with his hands spread out, and then they started kicking him and broke his ribs. The innocent guy is now in critical condition with burns and broken ribs.

I'd say the police definitely mishandled this situation only because the guy was so clearly complying with their orders when they started kicking him. This one is really graphic and crazy See this with a warning - it is very graphic because the guy was badly on fire as he fled the burning wreck. As if he needed to get kicked in addition to that . . . . .


Comey's statement: NOBODY would say "I have had a lot of conversation with humans over the years" unless they were not human.

Comey may have exposed a master species

Comey had a MAJOR, and I mean MAJOR freudian slip while testifying yesterday. What he said probably made David Icke's skin crawl. Comey spoke in a way that implied "humans" were a species separate from whatever his is. People have noticed this and ran with the topic - Did Comey accidentally let the truth out about a master species that the human race is subservient to? A master species that runs the shadow government?

Whatever you think about this, it made my skin crawl and really ask the question, "what if?"

Here is the relevant portion of the transcript, in context, with the exact wording Comey used. This really could be a smoking gun.

"MCCAIN: Yeah, but I - I think it would intensely arouse my curiosity if the president of the United States said "We had that thing, you know" - I'd like to know what the hell that thing is, particularly if I'm the director of the FBI.

COMEY: Yeah, I - I get that, Senator. Honestly, I'll tell you what - this is speculation, but what I concluded at the time is, in his memory, he was searching back to our encounter at the dinner, and was preparing himself to say, "I offered loyalty to you, you promised loyalty to me, " and all of a sudden his memory showed him that did not happen, and I think he pulled up short.

That's just a guess, but I - I - a lot of conversations with humans over the years."

My comment: ???????!!!!!!!

Hmm, let's say the equivalent - I - I - a lot of conversations with dogs over the years. A lot of conversations with birds over the years. A lot of conversations with horses over the years. A lot of conversation with humans over the years. NotOTHER PEOPLE or simply "PEOPLE", the fact he left out the word other in relation to HUMANS, which denotes a species is really creepy. Maybe it is nothing, but I gotta say, I am shaking my head. That really is enough to make me wonder if David Icke has it right about the lizards. Quite honestly, I would not be surprised if he is right about that considering the way the shadow government is driving our civilization off a cliff. Maybe our nukes are too much for somebody's comfort. It really may have been a classic freudian slip with Comey.

I do not trust the British vote (and more)

It was probably rigged. Now Brexit is going to be a shell, if it happens at all. What good is a system which can be rigged, and re-run if the first rigging does not go the way the elite want?

On the other hand, America got delivered solid gold on the same day. I'd say the rigged British elections and Comey canceled each other out.

On another note, it will be important to watch Qatar right now, Saudi Arabia has managed to blockade the country. But Qatar has an ocean port, and backing by Iran so who knows how that will go. I see this as a brazen move by Saudi Arabia after Trump emboldened them.

On another note, to be clear about what is going on in NK: Two carrier groups left, but the worst one of all - the Nimitz is on it's way. Kim Jong successfully tested a medium range cruise missile today, it really is hard to know what is up with that mess. I'm sure Kim changed his diaper and is now partying. The pictures published in the North Korean press sure look like that is the case.

Kim Jong is best ignored. Yes, he'll advance his weapons. Yes, he'll sit there and make threats. And that's about all, there are no nations with nuclear weapons that will actually use them other than with low powered versions in a clandestine way as I believe Israel has, Kim Jong is simply not stupid enough to actually launch first, despite how he runs his mouth. But if one bomb ever dropped on North Korea, it would be like springing a trap - Kim would let everything fly at once, and let the chips fall where they may afterward.

Maybe the carrier groups left after another group of special forces and CIA were deployed to North Korea, and this time it was not leaked, with Comey gone. Maybe that's it, and they want Kim Jong to get comfortable while a clandestine team once again tries to take him out. Seal team 6 failed, (if that happened at all) but that does not mean everything else will. All speculation, but it really is odd that the carrier groups left, and perhaps something else is now afoot.

On another note, Iran has made the official stand that the attacks on it's parlaiment were saudi backed and Saudi initiated. It really looks to me like after the huge arms deal, Saudi Arabia is going to get nasty everywhere. I am genuinely surprised they cut off Qatar. But if you look at a map of the Persian gulf region, Qatar is practically all surrounded by water, and Iran is RIGHT THERE. Iran offered Qatar use of three of its ports. Qatar will not starve. They might take a hit to their standard of living, but no one is going to starve.

This shows very poor planning on the part of Saudi Arabia, because with so much coastline, it will take a massive naval presence to cut off Qatar for real, and I don't believe the Sauds are up to it. Iran has for a long time wanted an alliance with Qatar, and now is the big chance. I really don't see how the Saudi blockade is going to benefit Saudi Arabia. This really looks to me like it will backfire.

Today was probably a turning point

They will never impeach Trump. Comey's testimony backfired so badly it in fact served as a well targeted weapon against the Democrats Trump-Russia collusion bit the dust today.There will be fallout for the democrats.

The democrats, Clinton, the NWO has now arrived at only one possible final answer: To kill Trump. Truly, they thought they had it and Comey was nothing but a bumbling nitwit that blew it for everyone. Not that he could have made it work when there was NOTHING on Trump in any way whatsoever, but he certainly should have at least looked better than he did. He looked like he was assigned to be the FBI director as some sort of honorary role, and not anything that would actually do a job. He was a national disgrace.

It looks like Comey's testimony is going to backfire

What if Trump was playing multiple dimension chess by keeping Comey as long as he did? Comey destroyed himself today. Today it was confirmed that Trump did not interfere with anything and is guilty of nothing and that Hillary is well protected. It was confirmed (after Comey said he met with Obama twice, ) that he in fact met with Obama many times. It is confirmed that Comey had a hatred for Trump.

Comey basically completely fell apart. He hit several conflicts in his words that proves he lied all the way through the testimony. If Trump wanted late-in-the-game ammo to use at the best possible time, Comey just handed it to him. Additionally, it is now confirmed that Trump was never under investigation over Russia, and that the media lied about every single bit of it.

House Democrats have begun drafting articles of impeachment for Trump, and made it formal a day before Comey's testimony. No doubt they were expecting to get what they needed during that testimony. And they got NOTHING but a Trump check mate. I am actually stunned by how miraculously badly this went for the enemies of Trump, rather than make Trump look bad, Comey's testimony bolstered Trump strongly. Trump is not going to get impeached, he's going nowhere but back to the white house amidst a shower of shrieks from wild political monkeys.

I am not going to listen to Comey's testimony (ongoing)

For one, I don't have the bandwidth. For two, it would grate me, like sitting through a "global warming" conference with bogus math and science, and claims the ocean will "rise by six feet here" and "12 feet there" when anyone with any knowledge would know the ocean can't be on average more than a millimeter different from anywhere else on the globe because water is self leveling.

Comey is going to be spewing the same type of B.S. because he's off level, leaning so far left that the flat earthers just might be right - you really can fall off the edge of the earth (at least in politics). Comey is at bat right now for all the child molesters, vaccine trolls, and other various scamsters that would see a jail cell within a week if his ilk was not mucking up the system and preventing it from functioning. I simply won't be able to stomach watching it. I'll read the transcripts afterward I guess, and then comment further.

Nothing has been officially announced yet, but it looks like the conservatives will win the British election

Hey, how about: Maybe the london bridge attack was staged so the election would overwhelmingly be cast in a way that saved Britain? That would be a psy op I'd have a hard time ridiculing!


This is what his testimony will be. It is 7 pages long. Proof Trump was not under investigation when he fired Comey is on page 7. The media is whipping up a big nothing, there is nothing here to nail Trump with. For the news a day early, SEE THIS

I cannot get this to format correctly with the site in combat mode, so the source has been linked. I strongly suggest people take the time and read it in its entirety, because it will greatly help people cut through whatever the media spews about it. CONCLUSION: Despite being slippery as he** with how Comey stated things, Trump is not toast. There is simply nothing to burn him with.

HA HA, I told you the London bridge attack was fake! Now we have proof. SEE THIS

After all, you can't throw your actors in jail, can you?

Iran to take revenge on Saudi Arabia for terror attacks on Parlaiment, See this

Video: Military contractor on Hannity: 20 million Americans unmasked by NSA, 600 million files

Here is an example of the NSA story partially seeping out

I thought the NSA/comey topic was going to explode today

It got contained. It made it to Investment watch, Free Republic, and a few others and then got completely squelched. But that won't stop this from progressing, the cat is out of the bag. This probably should not be allowed to die, someone try to get this story to Alex. Once again, to find it you have to type "20 million americans unmasked" into a search engine. All the hits are from the past 24 hours.

HUGE ISIS terror attack on the Iranian government SEE THIS

Explaining the following report:

Former U.S. intelligence contractor Dennis Montgomery has uncovered a plot by the Obama administration and failed Clinton administration to round up and kill 20 million Americans. This is verified across many sources. This story blew up when Sean Hannity had two investigators on that confirmed it.

Now, because James Comey was fully aware of this, Dennis Montgomery filed a lawsuit against James Comey for knowing and participating in the intelligence gathering effort which involved gathering all data on the main core of Americans who are the last resistance holding the country together. I did a detailed report on them doing this and posted it in 2013. That report is now fully confirmed 100 percent accurate, and is re-posted below. And my being dead accurate on this type of topic years before it is "proven" is precisely why my readers have kept this site alive. Thank you.

You can read all you want on this by using the search terms "americans unmasked 20 million" without the brackets. This exploding open and is no hoax, it is going nuclear right now.

I am going to say it: There are very few (if any) others in alt media that can do a report that so perfectly matches what is eventually revealed as 100 percent true, complete with even accurate details, so many years later. There is a cold hard reason why this site gets hit so hard by people who want it wiped out. Make sure you read the report that is posted below, titled The Main Core. It has been reposted with zero edits, and has been permalinked in the right hand column for FOUR YEARS.


Years ago, I did a detailed report about what was called "The Main Core". The main core is the key group of people who make America what it is, who are all tracked and slated for killing or internment when Hillary's (or whoever elses) hammer drops. These are the people the FEMA camps are for.

Tonight, Sean Hannity had two investigators on who revealed that 47 hard drives were stolen from the FBI, and on those hard drives were 600 million documents on Americans who had been "unmasked" revealing all details of their lives so they could be rounded up and put in internment camps and/or killed. Hillary and Obama spearheaded the effort. If Hillary had scammed her way in, we'd be toast, Trump saved our lives.

Now there is going to be a lawsuit on behalf of the 20 million (plus) people who had been unmasked, Comey is going down, the NSA might get it's ass kicked and Hillary and Obama had better worry. NOW FOR A REPOST of what I said about this years ago! Call this site FOUR YEARS AHEAD!

The Main Core

Jim Stone, July 7 2013

What the NSA hacking on America really means

When I worked for the NSA prior to 9/11, the NSA only looked outward, not inward. And I never thought the NSA ever would look inward and spy on the American people. I knew that if that ever happened the result would be catastrophic. After 9/11 I knew the NSA was looking inward to some degree, and had suspected they might be recording everything before Snowden blew the whistle, but I was not certain. Now we all can be. And I would like to go into a few things here to explain to people how grave this situation really is.

When an agency like the NSA looks outward into other countries, it cannot be a tool that is used by the governments of the countries being spied on to oppress the people in that country. When used to spy on foreigners the NSA and other similar agencies are not part of the policy making for that which they are observing. So the purpose for any spying by agencies such as the NSA will be limited to key elements of the observed nation, such as the government agencies and major companies that could present a problem to the whole of America in the future. The NSA will not pay attention to Joe the bar-b-q chef or Moe the mechanic, because on an individual level ordinary people in foreign countries are a waste of time to observe.

It is very different when such an intelligence agency looks inward at it's host population

With the NSA looking inward, especially with them recording every phone conversation and e-mail and not just the meta data, the people who understand what America really is supposed to be are now fully identified. These people, which are referred to as "the main core" represent what remains of the backbone of this once great nation, the core of which numbers 8 million with 30 or so million close enough to the main core for any psychopath to be able to justify taking out along with it. If America is to become the totally transformed Communist society that the Zionists want it to be, the main core has got to be ripped out, and the NSA has made this future event possible to accomplish with minimal effort and pin point precision.

There is no question that the elitist zionist faction wants every aspect of America it cannot control with ease wiped out, just like the elitist Zionists Bolsheviks did to the Ukranian people. And as America approaches this same reality, we have the same approximate numbers, 30 - 70 million slated for death and internment in America. With the DHS ordering well over a billion rounds of ammo, countless tens of thousands of cheap plastic coffins already purchased and sitting in storage yards, 2, 700 giant heavily armed vehicles which are totally impenetrable to civilian weapons, vehicles perfectly capable of gutting American homes with high caliber gunfire right from the curb side, it is time for Americans to face a simple fact - All of the stories are more than just rumor. And because these stories are not just rumor, I would take the NSA spying on everyone VERY seriously.

It's too late

If you think Americans can change this situation with a 300 million eyed monster observing everyone's every move, you are off in fantasy land somewhere. It is GAME OVER. You cannot beat this monster with a cute little encryption trick performed on a compromised operating system with a compromised processor tapped into via a compromised internet. I see all of the new stupid pet trick type encryption fantasies some people are parading on the web now to "secure" themselves against the NSA as some sort of useless bubble gum fad, IF YOU WORKED FOR THEM AND UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON, YOU WOULD REALIZE SUCH EFFORTS ARE AS LAUGHABLE AS TRYING TO FIX A SEMI WITH A PLASTIC BARBIE TOOL SET. And if you are even able to HAVE that barbie tool set and try to use it, you are already flagged for elimination anyway. You should be focusing your efforts on other subjects like GETTING THE HELL OUT.

And they know who you are. They know you know. They know if you have guns. They know you are not pleased with Obama, Bush, and false flag terror. They know you probably know the truth about the "holocaust", the truth about vaccines, GMO, and any other number of your particular pet topics that make them itch. They know where you are going to bug out to, and they know what you bought for it. If your car is 2005 or newer, they will watch you go to your bug out place and nail you there. Ditto if you are stupid enough to bring your cell, or bring anyone elses for that matter.

Your only option is to get to Iceland, Venezuela, Ecuador or any other country that proved itself with Snowden before the axe falls. Unlike the illegal immigrant "problem" America has, a large scale influx of Americans into nations such as Ecuador would intellectually launch any country that accepted them 30 years into the future because it won't be the idiots fleeing America, it will be the cream of the crop - those smart enough to see the asteroid coming. And if for any of the 500 reasons America now revokes passports from complete non criminals you are one of the 50 million that does not have one, GO INTO THE FOREIGN EMBASSIES AND START REQUESTING ASYLUM NOW.

When the axe falls

When the axe falls, you WON'T be running to Mexico because the border fence was for YOU, and unlike the B.S. you were told, it is totally impassable if you can even get to it. The border is so well surveilled now that you can't even get close to that fence which is impossible to get across even if you do. I know this because I spent four days in the back country border zone observing what is going on. Believe me, the security is real, and it is for stopping Americans, NOT Mexicans. And if you think Canada will save you, WAKE UP.

When the axe falls, the Zionist Bolsheviks who run the U.S. government will be on the diplomatic channels to all nations saying it is fair and balanced and everyone will get a fair trial, so anyone who is complaining here and asking for asylum is some sort of lunatic. They will have PR campaigns of epic proportions coming out of Hollywood and paid for advertisements in all prospective refuge nations, calling you a criminal or a nut case or a deadbeat to hinder your asylum bid. They will have the CIA working overtime, and the zionist factions within the not totally infiltrated prospective asylum nations working overtime in secret to flip public opinion against you. If you were part of America's main core, they have ONE objective for you - to burn you to ashes or bury you in a pit somewhere, and that objective does not involve allowing you to escape to bring the seeds of America out of the country to sprout a whole new "problem" for them elsewhere.

I got banned at a not so "godlike" forum for posting the following:

What I posted was not quite as detailed, but it said the same thing. It was an instaban, which means someone read it as I typed it - they have an agenda of hate to push, obviously. Anyway, This sign appeared in Indiana, and Muslims are very upset:

The billboard is mostly wrong. Here is my debunking of the billboard that tripped the ban:

1. Aisha was Mohammed's youngest wife. She was 14 or 15 when it became formalized, and they actually "did it" for the first time when she was 19. 14 is early to commit nowadays but back then they started early and died early.

2. The rape allegation is statutory, and based on a lie about the age they were when relations started. However, at that time it was normal to start everything at age 14 because times changed. Life was shorter. Applying statutory law from a different system a thousand plus years later, and on top of that, to a myth, is completely bogus.

3. The battle that supposedly according to the account of ONE historian who lived 150 years afterward with no other accounts whatsoever had 600 Jews beheaded is deeply refuted. See this and it is downright brazen to claim that in such a prominent and public way when historians can't decide on whether or not it is true. And even if it was true, war is war. America has killed many times as many people with a single bomb before.

4. Mohammed did not ever have 11 wives at one time, and the majority were economic marriages to widows who needed help to survive after their husbands died. That's just the way it was back then, and why polygamy existed. Mohammed married his first wife at the age of 25, when she was 40. Most likely only two wives were ones Mohammed actually married out of love, and the others were for charity and politics. It was certaintly not the scenario that became urban legend, see this

5. Slave owner and dealer? Who knows, but the definition of slavery has changed. Back then, a slave could be a prisoner of war, and had to be released after 7 years with enough money to start a life. It was not like "Kunta Kinte". So whatever with that.

6. Tortured and killed unbelievers? That may have happened, because there were wars back then and Islam was a new religion. The wars are a reality that can't be debunked.

So perhaps the sign gets a score of 2 out of six questions, or right around 33 percent, which is a flat F anywhere, by any standard. And the context is out of whack with all of it except the wars.

And that's worth a ban because there is one tribe that desperately clings to the benefit of victim status at all cost.

Londoners chant "WE LOVE TRUMP

I was wondering why the Brits would hate Trump, because that is all you can read anywhere. But the truth slips out, and this video has it. You can hear, from somewhere in the background, a group of people chanting "we love Trump" in London. Pretty much says it all. SEE THIS

Anonymous sent:

The Russian hacking report (fake) was created specifically to trap leakers......and it worked like a charm. Jim, York PA"

My comment: That would make sense, I never thought anything would come of this. Perfect trap, if so.

Anonymous sent:

If you were actually a climate scientist and wanted life to fluorish on this planet, you would want about 1200 ppm CO2 and about 35% oxygen. All life on the planet is currently suffering from a severe lack of oxygen

My response: 1200 ppm Co2 is right on, but 35 percent oxygen would not be good, because at that high a level if a fire started everything would burn and it would never stop until everything was gone. wildfires are bad enough as it is.

For reference, atmospheric Co2 is right around 450 ppm right now. That's far below optimal.

Notre Dame Cathedral:

Apparently a guy attacked a police officer with a hammer and the police officer shot back. 2, 000 people are temporarily being held inside the cathedral.

Possible new "terror attack"

This time it is gunshots at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. It looks to me like they are ramping up the psy ops for some reason, but I can hardly think it would be to justify another war. Something else is up with this and I have not figured out what, other than a clamp down on the public. How about this hypothesis: Europe had a law abiding populace. A reason was needed for a police state lock down on all of Europe. So they started shipping Muslims in, to take the blame for the loss of freedom. Then a bunch of terror attacks are staged, and the people accept the loss of all liberty and freedom. Hitler's Europe gets set up, but instead of Hitler, it is done by the JWO. Make any sense there? it is the only thing I can think of.

This story is minutes old (5 minutes old at the time of this posting) so let's see how this evolves.

A few headlines that mean absolutely nothing today

Russia intercepted a B-52

So what? The intercept happened in international airspace. Nothing follows, and I mean nothing.

Mayor of London wants Trump state visit canceled.

So what? London is toast anyway. Muslim mayor calls to block Trump visit. A tree fell into rows 1-30 of Farmer Bob's back 40 corn field.

UK killer seen on TV unfurling ISIS flag

Really? You mean the MSM, which got busted setting up fake interviews with Muslim women afterward, would not plant that for political reasons? Just add that, in addition to the fake interviews, to the video of the actors getting dressed before the London Bridge attack and getting filmed later laying in the street as perpetrators and victims. Yep. That again. How boring.

More interesting is his name: Kurham Butt. That does not mean anything good, even in Islam. Where do they get these names? off the floor of the CNN war room?

New York passengers trapped in dark hot subway train for an hour

HA HA HA, what kind of headline is that? Just try the Red Line in Boston when that is having problems. You'll do that every day. And what about the subway in Washington DC? If you are going more than five stops, chances are you'll have the same thing happen for at least 20 minutes at some point, and if you are going 15 stops, you will be trapped for an hour or more, CONSTANTLY. Gee, if that is news the New York subway must be GREAT.

Pets: the new probiotic

Yep, if you are a totally unhygenic slob that has not changed the litter box for a month and a half. And unlike what the article implies, not all of those "biotics" will be "pro!"

Anyway, a lot the news has been boring lately. Much of it is reading like filler. Maybe a few will care about the mayor of London wanting Trump banished, but all I see in that is what everyone already knows: London is TOAST.

Nothing will come of NSA leak to the Intercept

The name is painful to publish, because it is so hard to believe - "Reality Leigh Winner". Anyway, if she is real, she supposedly leaked NSA documents of Russian hacking to The Intercept. Nothing will come of it.

It appears "Reality" has no grip on reality. She did not know what she had, or what it meant. All she had was proof that Russia tried to hack one company that works in election related software. The reason why this is no big deal is because Russian hackers go after everything, and simply by the numbers, one election related company ended up getting hack attempts. Russians also try to hack Dunkin Donuts. So what.

There is nothing in this. No proof of any influence on the election whatsoever. And this stupid girl took the hit for her stupidity, she simply saw something she figured was good, could not make heads or tails of it, and sent it off. I'll give an example of what a nothing burger this is:

When I was 9 years old, I and a friend found hundreds of canceled checks laying in a ditch, and not knowing how anything at all worked figured we'd found a huge pile of cash. Obviously we did not. And that is how stupid miss "Reality" was with this NSA document - she just saw the words "Russia, hack, and election" and figured she had it. Not hardly!

The only thing that might come out of this is more false allegations from a scamming MSM, which will drive that MSM further into the black hole it is already getting eaten by. And oh, there will now be a new "Reality" in jail, because the FBI busted her over the week end. What an idiot.

routing test

Brain death reversal?

This would be a game changer if it worked.

An American company called Bioquark wants to do experimental trials of injecting brain stem cells into people who have been declared brain dead, in the hopes of re-booting their brains. They are confident it will work. They tried to do it in India and got rejected, and will now try to do it in Latin America. My take on this is why not try it, if all they are going to do is pull the plug anyway? It will be interesting to see if the same people come back, or if they get a different spirit (if this works) because I believe that if it is your time to go, you're gone. And then something else can take your place if the body becomes viable again . . . . . . anyway, it will be interesting to see how this goes. See thisand Here is the closest thing to an abstract It is not exactly an abstract, it is more of an appeal for people to experiment on but it is, at least, for real.

Flint official stated the water crisis was caused by "Ni**ers not paying their bills!

A Flint official suggested in May that the root cause of last year's Flint water crisis was that black people refused to pay their water bills, according to a video obtained by a Michigan-based activist group.

"Flint has the same problems as Detroit - fucking niggers don't pay their bills, believe me; I deal with them, " Phil Stair, a manager at the government-operated Genesee County Land Bank, reportedly said in a May 26 conversation with environmental activists. Stair, who is white, claimed that the city's black residents' failure to pay their bills caused price hikes, which ultimately prompted officials to switch the Flint water supply.

My comment: Due to the fact that they were not getting the money they needed to buy high quality water from Detroit, that came from Lake Michigan, Flint had to switch to the Flint River, and then did not treat the water properly. It had a different PH than the lake water, and it ate the pipes it was sent through. This put lead in the water, along with a lot of iron oxide.

So I am a fence sitter with this - they should have simply shut the water off to those who were not paying, rather than give everyone, payers and non payers, what amounted to toxic crap. That's a mis management problem, not a "people don't pay their bills" problem. Perhaps political correctness played a role in this, where it was simply un-acceptable to start cutting water to predominantly one group.

85 percent reduction in food stamp participation after work requirement

13 counties in Alabama put in place a requirement that if you were able bodied and wanted food stamps, you had to either work, or participate in an approved training program. This requirement was put in place in January, and now, the number of people in this category has declined by 85 percent. See this

NSA Russian hacking report handed to The Intercept

A top secret NSA report that outlined what the NSA knew about Russian hacking was handed to The Intercept, and they went ahead and published it. This story is fishy as far as I see it.

First of all, it seems to amount to nothing. Obviously Russia conducts hacking the same way the U.S. conducts hacking, but the U.S. is a lot better at it, because the hardware has back doors to help the NSA. The report does not show that Russia accomplished anything of significance. But you can bet the MSM will be all over this, because they had absolutely nothing before, and now have at least a grain of sand, even if that grain of sand is composed completely of a new ability to bend public perceptions.

Additionally, if Russia really did hack during the election, it is a safe bet the benefit went to Hillary after the uranium deal and the wide open mail server. Russia would have wanted Hillary, but they are too good at the game of politics to state that openly.

The report from The Intercept is here. Needless to say, I am skeptical.

Kathy Griffin fired completely

As fallout from her Trump severed head gig, at this point, every single gig and venue and sponsor she had has pulled out, and she is now officially completely unemployed. She still has $20 million in the bank. If she's smart, that ought to do, but who knows.

Crying wolf

The problem with staging all the fake terror attacks is that enough people are waking up to it to have a reaction to a real attack fail. We have been lied to so much that people are rightfully skeptical, so skeptical that the press is becoming the boy who cried wolf. Today, an "aftermath to the London Bridge terror attack" video was released by CNN, with several Muslim women and a kid staging a protest against terror. Problem is, it was only CNN pushing out fake news and they got busted by it with a guy that filmed the entire setup from behind the scene. The debunkers are trying to say this was fake, but there is no denying it, CNN got clearly and totally busted. SEE THIS

Ok, so now we have video I posted earlier of the actors getting dressed in a group before the supposed terror attack, with the same actors laying on the ground after the terror attack, AND CNN clearly getting busted staging more fake news. This is getting dangerous, because it destroys the credibility of those who are supposed to warn us about legitimate threats so much that if a legitimate threat does arise, only idiots are going to respond, people who were smart enough to cut through the B.S. are going to sit around doing nothing, letting their "best minds" go to waste until it is too late.

SHAME ON YOU CNN and others who keep staging these despicable hoaxes. Don't blame us when your pants really are on fire and no one arrives to put it out.

Another great crying of wolf is with global warming, but many people have seen through this one. Obviously crying wolf in this case will only be detrimental if people believe it, because there never will be anything to respond to. FACT: Al Gore and others want a global government. There is no way to fund it. The carbon tax is the income tax that will fund the global government. That tax is set to be $15 trillion. If people sufficiently disbelieve in global warming, the global government that is tied to the carbon tax is likely to fail. This is precisely why all the New World Order people flipped out when Trump withdrew from the Paris climate accord.

How much did the global government get set to lose when Trump did that? Answer: $250 for every man woman and child in the U.S. PER YEAR at current carbon tax levels That's $75 billion. Not counting all the gasoline taxes and other perks. When it all settles out, they probably a couple hundred billion, and when your goal is to get the global taxes to be so ominous they hit 15 trillion, that's a nice solid kick in the shorts.

I'd like to thank CNN for staging such a nice fake news report, and getting so solidly busted. That will no doubt wake people up to the lies. And once you wake up to one lie, the rest can begin to fall like dominoes. And crying wolf will be for yesterday's fools to believe.

Russia's new Zircon missile could be a game changer

I always thought the S-300 was over hyped when talked about years ago. However, Russia's latest missile system has zero hype, it is for real.

Russia's latest cruise missile can travel 4, 600 miles an hour at sea level. 4, 600 mph is no big deal for an ICBM that does not have to fight wind, but for a low altitude missile it is more than a first, it is a solid milestone and a game changer in the game of nuclear war.

Russia must have pushed the schedule on this missile forward, because it was not supposed to even be tested to the extent it has been for more than a year from now. The latest test showed that the missile can indeed perform as planned. Now, they are saying that rather than waiting until after 2020, they will have it deployed by the time they had originally planned to be as far with it as they are now. That means deployment in 2018 or before.

I have looked over the photos of the launch, and it appears to me that it is using exotic fuels and not hydrogen and oxygen. That would be expected if the performance is as high as it is - hydrogen and oxygen simply can't produce enough thrust to accomplish what this missile does. It leaves a smoke trail but I don't know if it is solid fuel doing it, it does not appear to be so. All I know is it has a solid fuel booster to get it off the ground, and then uses a scram jet. There will probably be more details about how this missile actually works released to the public if Russia is stupid. Don't bet on them being stupid.

I guess the real news in this is not that Russia finally delivered on all of the talk, and has done so on solid concrete terms, the real news is that Russia can now completely penetrate everything developed in the Strategic Defense Initiative anti missile program, at this time there is simply no way to stop a missile that can go so fast at such a low altitude.

Another thing that is important to note in this is that Russia believed it was absolutely critical to get this missile system up and running WAY ahead of schedule, not just a little ahead of schedule - Russia is ambush ahead of schedule with this. I would bet that Russia will have this deployed long before the neocons can conjure up an excuse for war with Russia.

This is a bona fide aircraft carrier killer, the real deal, and I really don't care how big of a wall of bullets an aircraft carrier support group can put up. All Russia has to do is monitor when planes are taking off, and then have the missile approach as a plane is being launched, and the decision will have to be made about whether or not the plane is going to be a casualty. Killing the missile, if it was even possible, would by default require the aircraft that just launched to be shot down if the missile approached from the direction the aircraft was taking off from, and the aircraft would take 500 bullets before the missile took even 1. Russia definitely, beyond all doubt, now has an ace in the hand.

How fast is 4, 600 miles an hour? Let's put this in perspective:

If the missile was skimming the surface of the ocean, and was far enough away to be 55 feet below the horizon, it would reach an aircraft carrier in a little under 7 seconds. Good luck with that. The only people who would go to war with that would be people who viewed America as being expendable.

CNN host: President is a piece of sh*t

Remember a while back when a CNN host went to a tribe in northern India, where they ate brains, he was offered a piece, and he ate it live on camera? You know - that episode where after that CNN host ate the brains, he said something the tribe did not like and they were going to make him next so he and the crew split? YEAH, THAT GUY. Anyway, the host, Reza Aslan has done another doozie. Trump has flipped out over the London attack. Now, even if that attack is not legit, which I strongly suspect, Trump does not know that and the political fallout might be great for America. Bonus. ANYWAY

When in response to the terror attack Trump tweeted "We need to be smart, vigilant and tough. We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!" last night at a little after 11, Reza fired back with a tweet, that said this:

"This piece of sh* is not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency. He's an embarrassment to humankind."

I don't think Trump's tweet was at all out of line, especially if he really thinks that terror attack was legit, and he probably does think it was. What part of that tweet makes Trump a piece of sh*t? Was it the part about being smart, vigilant and tough? Was it the part about the courts giving Americans their rights back? Was it about restricting travel to keep America safe from such attacks? I don't see anything bad in there, so what is Reza's malfunction?

I think I know what the problem is. You know how mad cow disease was caused by having the cows eat other cow's brains in bulk produced cattle feed, which then triggered a prion chain reaction that resulted in Bovine Spongiform Encephalothapy? Mad cow disease? The same happens in people when they eat other people, cannibals have all kinds of health problems, and Reza ate the wrong brain. Yep. That's it. Malfunction time.

I am depressed.

If everything they do is fake, and then gets peddled by the MSM as real, and then gets used to push policies that wreck countries, and no one can do anything about it, that is good reason to be depressed.

It is not a hobby of mine to call B.S. on things, but as it turns out, lately it always is bs. THIS VIDEO shows the actors putting on their clothes for the London Bridge hoax. I quite frankly don't care how real they made this look, because this video basically kills it.

I guess in a sense I am satisfied that I don't have to go back on my original skepticism, but I'd also really rather not have all these hoaxes. WHAT IF they actually killed people fronting this? They killed people on 911, what if they actually killed people for this also? If so, this was a false flag with real blood, but a false flag nonetheless, the staging of the police actors proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Click that video link now, if you have not already.



Something has been eating at me, for me to post this again.

So since all we have is another (possibly but not likely) credible Muslim attack story in Londonistan in the news, it is time to wake people up with this again:

Drone strike on American soil PROVEN

Blast effects from Indianapolis explosion prove it was a military bombing.

Jim Stone, freelance journalist, updated May 15 2014

Initial report:

Indianapolis blast caused by high velocity explosive

There is little information coming out of Indianapolis, but all of what is coming out indicates that it was a high velocity detonation which occured a few feet off the ground.

There is little concrete foundation remaining at the house the explosion happened at, which totally rules out gas. The lack of high definition photos is damning, we are getting nothing of the blast epicenter and only the debris in the streets. I managed to find a super high quality photo of the neighborhood that does not focus on the house where it originated, but it is clear enough overall to seem to show that the foundation is gone and there is only dirt. But there is so much rubble that it is really hard to tell what is there without a better photo. I am working on this now, and will update it later.

I have received requests to explain the following photo better. When I mention the decompression damage, this is what I am trying to say. If you have a detonation from a military grade explosive, rather than a natural gas explosion, the shock wave that goes out from the blast is supersonic and forms a wall of bunched up compressed air as it moves outward. This creates a vacuum cavity in the heart of the detonation, which can go outward for several hundred feet. Air needs to rush backwards to fill that void after the blast wave has passed, and this creates an enormous suction after the intital blast that can cause significant damage in addition to the initial blast damage. So the arrows are pointing at windows, garage doors, and exterior walls of houses that got sucked off by this negative pressure wave. The fact that the houses I refer to had the external sheathing ripped outward, instead of being blown inward, proves that this was no gas explosion, which is subsonic, it was a detonation of military grade ordinance. Explosions are subsonic, detonations are supersonic, and detonations will cause the reverse pressure wave following the blast. Subsonic explosions will not. This is what I am referring to in the high res photo.

Click the image to enlarge it.

This is the only decent photo which will allow a study of the scene, It can tell us a few things, but not everything. More detail of the epicenter is needed. I hunted for that and cannot find it anywhere.

In the arab world, where the homes are made of solid concrete and have no wood at all, even inside, the negative pressure wave has a negligible effect. But in America, the homes are wood even if they have a brick face, and this will drastically increase the damage potential of the negative pressure wave. When our government decides to make such attacks commonplace, our homes will not offer any protection at all. In fact we are sitting ducks.

This was a much bigger blast than is being stated in the press, with eyewitnesses saying that 8 miles away it sounded like lightning hitting their homes, a recording being made at the time six miles away clearly recorded the blast, and it is not an explosion, it sounds like a detonation. Military veterans are saying it sounded exactly like military ordinance, and people two miles away from the blast say it was so loud they thought a bomb went off within their own yards. The blast effects in the high resolution photo indicate that not only was there a strong compression wave, but there was also a very strong subsequent decompression wave, with homes not badly damaged having their windows sucked out and not blown in, even while facing the direction of the blast. This effect is also visible on several garage doors.

Injuries from the scene exactly match those of battlefield blast wave injuries, which include lung damage, pulmonary damage, ear damage and psychosis/disorientation. This was NOT a gas explosion, meth lab explosion or anything else, it was a detonation of high grade explosives.

Since I do not have a better explanation I am going to tentatively state that the black helicopter and missile plume story could be possible, we all knew this was coming. But I have absolutely no confirmation of this or any other evidence other than blast effects. It appears that it was a smart guided bomb or missile with an ability to detonate after impact, (there are many bombs now that can be set to go off after they have entered a structure to a pre set depth.) This is what we are looking at, they did not want a crater forming ground burst but it appears to have stripped away the foundation. It sure would be nice to get a few REAL photos out of there.

I have also heard now from many writers that Fema and the DHS were on scene within three minutes. If true, this would be proof positive that it was a government hit, and as you know, Obama wrote himself some nice little tyrant powers that allow him to kill anyone he wants. I am not going to take the time to link it, if you don't already know this, you need to study your way to it. Welcome to the U.S.S.A, and in fact, it has been at least partially this way for a few years now.

I would like to know what the people who owned that house were doing. I would like to know if they had the goods on election fraud. I would like to know if they were in a position to be whistleblowers. I would like to know why on earth they were targeted like this, and I am not going along with a Sorcha explanation. The bottom line is I just don't have the answers here, the only thing I can affirmitively state is that this was a military hit of some sort.

The following contains credibile testimony of eyewitnesses

-- admin comment - An Air Force colonel familiar with bombing runs said that this damage was equal to 4, 000 pounds of military grade explosive. How do you get that much blast from a BBQ with at a max 20 pounds of fuel? Answer - Get educated in a modern public school that graduates people who can't think.

Absent a barbecue, you would then need a gas connection. ERROR, the utility company confirmed these houses do not have one. -

Question - How did a barbecue get Fema and the DHS on scene within three minutes of the blast? I know! THE SAME WAY CNN AND OTHER NEWS AGENCIES WERE AT THE MURRAH FEDERAL BUILDING BROADCASTING LIVE, ALL SET UP, THREE MINUTES AFTER IT BLEW UP!!!


A comment from a police officer "It turns out that I am just over four miles in a straight line from the explosion near Sherman and Stop 11. I didnt even put on my uniform as I climbed in my crusier to go to the scene. What I saw was total devistation to four houses and secondary damage to surounding houses. Some houses moved 3 feet off of their foundation!

Initial speculation was that it was a gas explosion. The fire side stated that it didnt look like the normal gas explosion where a house is lifted up and set back down. This had a massive debris field that looks much more like a bomb. The blast was higher than a normal gas explosion. The tree limbs were sheared off at an upward trajectory, not straight out from the house that exploded.

We have had a police presence since Saturday. Today NTSB Haz Mat members arrived at the scene. WTF, for a gas leak? I am begining to subscribe to the notion that something fell from the sky. A couple that lives north of us was outside and said that they heard a sonic boom"


My comment:

A sonic boom? From the sky? Bombs dropped from airplanes go supersonic in freefall. Bombs dropped from high altitude can make a sonic boom on their way down. Looks like we are inching closer to the story here.

"INSTABILITY AT HOME" A retired Air Force colonel speaks up on the Indianapolis bombing

A reasonable analysis of what is being seen in the US is clear. America faces an insurrection driven by extremist groups within the financial community who are actively working with religious cults that have penetrated the officer corps through America’s discredited service academies. (those cults would be the Jewish community, pretty brazen statement)

Many American military, some retired but some actively serving, have displayed clear signs of treasonous disloyalty and the willingness to, not only overthrow the civilian government but to stage terror attacks inside the United States in concert with foreign intelligence agencies. (Israeli Mossad)

This is not conjecture. One such potential attack may well have happened yesterday, perhaps a “test run.” The report of this wild conspiracy theory came to me from a retired Air Force pilot who flew nuclear-armed F-111’s for a living.

He indicated that the mysterious explosions that took place in Indiana yesterday do not pass the “sniff test.” The retired Air Force colonel responds below, one with top security clearances and a career of special operations behind him.

This is his assessment:

There are two people dead and they will not release their names so far.

The damage area looks like about 4-6 500 pounders, MK-82 Low Drag hard bombs or two 2, 000 pounders.

The wife also said that there is a Russian neighborhood and the Arab neighborhood earlier mentioned very near to the explosion. If the Feds release a bombshell, I will email you back. (Redacted)

Has the long warned of “drone war” inside America actually begun? One legitimate expert thinks so."

My response: Solving this mystery explosion is going to require assembling bits and pieces like this. A Colonel is a high rank and that carries credibility. There is no doubt that the government has gone fully rogue and we should expect to be seeing more of these mysterious explosions. The fact that Fema and the DHS were on scene within 3 minutes pretty much says it all. Those types of agencies do not respond while the dust is still in the air unless they did it themselves.

Springfield "gas explosion" likely a psy op

Bomb arrived AFTER the gas stink wore off

LET ME REPEAT: They smelled natural gas, evacuated the area, and 45 minutes after the smell of gas was gone, an explosion happened that could have only been caused by a huge ordinance blast

There are serious problems with the story, and I now believe the new method is going to now be to set off "gas explosions" where the gas company shows up for a reported smell and then the bomb gets dropped

The first problem is the color of the explosion. Look up the "shock and awe" footage from the Iraq war and compare those blasts to this blast. It's a perfect match for "shock and awe." The biggest problem however, is the amount of devastation, and the story line. The story line is: There was a smell of gas prior to the blast, and the place got evacuated. Firefighters and the gas company showed up for the smell of gas. The gas company looked all over that club for a gas leak, and found no leak. The smell of gas had dissipated and was no longer there, so they figured wtf, and were packing up to leave when the place blew up

Extrapolation, what probably happened

U.N. GI blue hat "New World Orders" Joe was sent to the strip club with a can of natural gas stink. Gas has no odor, they add that smell to it so people know when it is leaking. But it's just an aftermarket stink they add, and a little can of it goes a long way. GI U.N. NWO Joe hates America and had no qualms about setting off a little stink bomb, especially if he knows that everyone will leave because of it before there is a smart bomb on the way, and THIS TIME, after that Indianapolis blast, he knows that to run his little psy op, people need to start believing that natural gas is a military grade weapon because it's not yet socially acceptable in America to just kill dissidents at will, and speed is needed for the next step in the NWO plan. It's just too difficult to send assassins now that people know the gig, people know about "boston brakes" anonymous detention, suicides, the whole 9 yards and they need to now just cut to the chase and do drone strikes like in Afghanistan because the sheeple are waking up and time is wasting. So "natural gas" needs a whole new "attitude" and re-education of the populace with regard to it's fury needs to be done post haste.

There is too much public record of what natural gas is capable of. We all know it does not level neighboring buildings or blow windows out and knock homes off foundations a block away. But to do a good job militarily, that type of power is needed and to get a blast big enough to kill someone with certainty, the neighbor's house has to go too. So now they have the fire department saying there was a gas smell, the gas company saying there was a gas smell, and then BOOM, the big boy goes off.

The major underlying problem with all of this is that the bomb arrived too late for some reason.

Either Joe played with the stink and used some for fun, or our illiterates the schools are now graduating did not get the calculations right and the stink was gone before the blast happened. Or maybe they could not get the drone started on cue. The firefighters and gas company came, they saw, they found no gas, the smell was gone, they were leaving, and BOOM. And it was a BIG boom. Totally erased that club, And I call BULLSHIT. And I mean ERASED. Glass thrown for blocks. Speaker magnets laying in rubble. Bricks everywhere, totally stripped of the concrete mortar, All from a "gas leak" that was looked for, not found, SMELL GONE, WITH PROFESSIONALS ON SCENE SAYING, WELL, THERE IS NOTHING HERE, TIME TO GO, AND THEN BOOM!

And when you see the picture of the buildings ACROSS THE STREET, HARDENED BRICK AND MORTAR, NOT WOOD BUILDINGS ACROSS THE STREET, THIS WAS OBVIOUSLY A BOMB. Watch the shock and awe videos from the Iraq war, and watch the video of this blast. Notice the color spectrum IN THE VIDEOS. Don't use the photographs of this blast because "they" are playing with the contrast/saturation in the pictures, to hide the real light spectrum (a tell all) but the video is still original color.

They killed the newscast video which had all of this minutes after I linked it. It's gone. But it was the local WWLP covering it, and had all of the info, about how the gas company and firefighters were packing up and leaving after finding nothing in an inspection, and there was no smell because it had gone away and THEN it blew up. With the video removed I can't prove it with their own video anymore but I do have some quotes I transcribed while doing this article.

These are quotes from the newscast

"This is where the scores gentlemans club once stood we can tell here that it is destroyed, in addition there is glass all over the neighborhood, Buildings being evacuated, windows blown out of other buildings"

"This is right near fire department headquarters in springfield, we understand firefighters came into this area after a very strong smell of gas. This is near Northington and Chester streets in Springfield, right in their entertainment district."

"People felt this as far as West Springfield and Wilberham, they heard that huge explosion and felt the ground vibrating."

"We understand there were gas company workers there addressing this gas leak, they had been there for about an hour, felt that they had wrapped up their work and were just getting ready to leave when this happened."

My comments, on the obvious ramifications of these quotes

Gas company workers and firefighters are NOT GOING TO LEAVE A SCENE WHERE THEY ARE SMELLING GAS UNTIL IT IS SOLVED. "in the hour prior to this blast" does not mean "at the time of blast".

Ok, so the gas workers were there for an hour and found NOTHING. WTF is up with that? They found NOTHING and were "packing up to leave" and then BOOM. And it was an EPIC boom, a 2, 000+ pound bomb blast type boom, throwing bricks and breaking windows for blocks. Once again, how much energy can be present with a given amount of oxygen and a certain amount of gas? Not enough to do this, especially if people were walking around the building looking for a gas leak prior to this, even if it was as bad as the max possible which is certainly not enough for this, they would not have been able to even go in without getting poisoned by the gas. And if the smell was still there, they would not have been "packing up to leave", firefighters and gas workers just don't do that.

The "gas leak" might have just been a can of old fashioned fart spray for all we know, but it is obvious from this report that whatever caused this blast could not possibly have been gas if you apply an ounce of thought to just the fact that the firefighters and gas workers had decided to leave when things went boom. Then there is the damaged area, which is totally out of character for gas, and TOTALLY on par with a heavy bombing during a war.

So you can forget about your guns, your bow and arrow, or whatever else you have, just bring your propane stove and throw it at "them" when they come for you, the following blast will level everything for at least a block. for $45 spent at Wal Mart, you can have what it takes to do Rambo proud.

Bottom line? IF GAS COULD DO THIS, IT WOULD BE CONSIDERED A WEAPON AND BANNED. People would be buying scuba tanks, and pressurizing them with a perfect gas/oxygen mixture and making bombs that way. In fact, that would be the ONLY way to do things if gas really was THAT BAD.

The following picture was taken at the center of the blast, looking out at the surrounding buildings. Look at the concrete dust in the debris, which will only happen from a high intensity explosion, not natural gas. Look at all the perfectly separated bricks. That does not happen easily. Look at the surrounding buildings. This was at least a 2, 000 pound bomb, something really big. We have a nation to save if our government is going to get violent and peddle bullshit like this.

Shock and awe anyone? Yes, yes indeed.

How big was that bomb?

As I looked over the pictures from the night club blast and the damage to buildings blocks away, natural gas was the last thing on my mind. Unlike the Indianapolis neighborhood which had wooden structures that are easy to destroy, this particular blast happened in a business district with solid brick and mortar. Natural gas should have done little other than blow the windows out of the building the explosion happened in.

I have already looked at many war time photos, photos taken in the Arab world where pretty much everything is built as strongly as the night club and surrounding area was, and I never saw any type of single blast bomb damage that even approached what happened there. Go through the photos of Israel's recent attack on Gaza and look at the type of damage the bombs did there. You can at least recognized a structure existed. Not so for the night club, it was completely erased and neighboring buildings look as badly damaged as the directly hit buildings in Gaza.

This field of bricks is where the night club once stood. Typically in warfare you won't get this level of devastation from a single bomb blast, this would be expected of a carpet bombing with normal bomb sizes yet it happened in one big boom. This was something big, 10, 000 pounds perhaps?

There are different levels of ordnance and typically in warfare you will have 100, 200, 500, 1000, and 2, 000 pound bombs. Most typically used sizes are below 500 pounds. Any bomb size, even the little ones, will totally out perform any natural gas blast. So how big was that bomb, and WHAT was the reason for it?

Obviously, for some political reason, "natural gas" needs an image upgrade

I would like to know the reason. They had their scenario ready to go. They got their smell of gas at the scene, witnessed by firefighters and the gas company, and there is no doubt that the official story will call this gas and drive it home with 9 inch nails. But have you ever tried to trick a two year old? One famous trick is when the two year old eats something like a cookie, to pretend you pulled it out of their tummy simply by hiding a different cookie in your hand, and then rubbing the child's tummy for a second or two and then show the child the other cookie. Any two year old will think you stole their cookie right out of their tummy. To an adult the trick is obvious, after all the cookie was chewed and there is no way it is anything but gone. But a trusting two year old who has not yet learned to think about what is possible, will fall for the ruse every time. And people will probably fall for this "gas explosion", where a little gas stink (which had already vanished before the blast) was traded for military ordinance.

So the question is not "was it a gas explosion, " the question is, instead, WHY are they suddenly souping up the image of what natural gas is capable of? This bomb blast was easily a 2, 000 pounder if not more. There are bombs up to 40, 000 pounds now, and I really don't know what they thought the limit was this time. But it was something big, really big, much bigger than Indianapolis.

Perhaps they want to set a precedent for drone strikes so they can false flag dissidents to death under the guise of natural gas. Perhaps they want an excuse to go into homes and perform inspections for anything but natural gas, using gas as the excuse, because gas is really dangerous you know, and we have to go into your home and check things out several times a year to make sure you do not blow the neighborhood up, and if you don't let us in you are a jerk who belongs in a detention camp because you really don't care about anyone. You are just a dink who would sooner see the neighbors die on behalf of your furnace than give up a little privacy. What a jerk you are.

I had a reader send me a mail saying that it might even be probable that now that they have false flagged nuclear to the fringe, that they are going after other clean and reliable sources of energy. After all, enough of these blasts will certainly scare the public. What a victory it would be for the NWO crowd if they managed to get us to give up natural gas - we use it just about everywhere.

Knowing the real reason for this psy op is not as important as one simple thing which can stop it in it's tracks, and it is for the public to stop being a bunch of non thinking two year olds and simply pop the question - Gas can't do that, how big was that bomb?

LONDON ATTACKS: THE PERFECT RUSE FOR BANNING LONG KNIVES . . . . . . . because you really can cut a head of lettuce with whatever comes on a fingernail clipper. After all, plastic knives did the job 4 different times, with ZERO failures on 911!

London attacks

This time on the modern replacement for the iconic London Bridge. Gee, that's as memorable as 911!

I don't really know if I want to even look into this one. I am tired of calling hoax.

Ok, for people sleuthing out there, there is the london milennial bridge. It comes up when you search for london bridge. Don't get burned by that, (I almost did) the London Millenial bridge is all pedestrian. Obviously that can't be what was used for the supposed attacks.

Ok, so we have someone screaming THIS IS FOR ALLAH and knifing people. Sorry, but:

Ok, I could not resist. And I don't care.

If I am wrong about this, so what. Same tired script. Other proven fakes. Same tired script. Oh, not so tired, because they added knife to van attack. Ok, variety. Knives because you can't get a gun in britain. As if that would not be furnished for a real attack. Yep. I'm bored.

If you sent a donation a while ago, and it is not showing yet, that will be fixed later today when I get everything synchronized, thanks!

Fundrazr is working exponentially better than direct Paypal (for now)

There is no known problem yet, the following is a warning to trolls:

This is not really a message to my readers, it is a message to the correct the record trolls or whoever else got into the Paypal stream and blocked or stole practically everything. It has probably been going on for at least six months, but they got really brazen with it toward the end. This messages is for THEM:

Correct The Record, Media Matters, and whoever else has been handed NSA tools: Don't mess with Fundrazr They have an exponentially better system than Payapal. Their system can be manipulated to totally circumvent Foxacid or any other man in the middle application, and Fundrazr probably does not even know it. If you think you are going to get away with putting up a mirrored page of Fundrazr, and bug people's computers so they always divert to the mirrored page and never see the real fundrazr (so things can then be stolen again) well, that can be done but you won't get away with it. I have discovered a way to get people to the real page even if you do a DNS server rooted man in the middle diversion. I can't fix Paypal because their system is bloated and shitty. With Fundrazr, the rules have changed, their system is elegant. I have figured out how to Iframe your fake version of things (if it happens), and in a subsequent window, Iframe the real deal, so anyone who hits the site can see both in real time. It is the very nature of the Fundrazr system that makes this possible. I am giving no further details, because my only goal with this is to get you in trouble, and get your permission to use the NSA tools rescinded.

I bet you think you are smart. But I have a little warning: Your trolls are all common core educated. You can't get old school people into your system, because their quality is too high and you are on top of that too "politically correct" to seek them out, and on top of that, they are not gullible enough do do your crap. Your trolls are clueless about what that software actually does, they only open menus and execute features, like a Saudi Prince driving a Bugatti, completely oblivious to the details of how the tech works. That puts you in a really weak position, when you are using an NSA app, to screw with former NSA that is old school. Screw with me. I dare you. I can bash you to pieces this time around. And the NSA won't be happy with you afterward.

And as a secondary note, if you do call in a corrupted piece of old school crap that thinks the old way, it will be a permanent position, because once again, the very nature of how things are now will allow me to continuously change the rules. Your days of screwing with the funding for this web site are OVER.


First, Foxacid is told what web site it has to spoof. It then makes a copy of that web site on a powerful computer. Then Foxacid integrates with the DNS system, and tells the DNS servers to send everyone to the Foxacid copy. On the back end of the Foxacid copy (or whatever other NSA app it happens to be) all requests, image loads, EVERYTHING, is duplicated and sent to the legitimate web site, so everything there looks normal. At first, everyone goes through Foxacid. But as people are targeted or cleared in the system, more and more are sent to the real version of the web site, until only the targeted individuals are completely isolated. Once this is accomplished, the targeted people are screwed to oblivion, getting bugs planted on their systems and they will only get the holoweb version of the web site. And the holoweb will not match the real version on top of that.

At this point, the targeted individuals become 100 percent troll managed, and absolutely everything they do is compromised completely. They can see and confirm that they wrote something, and it won't be written, they can see and confirm they sent help somewhere and it won't be sent, and trolls will back manage everything, to make sure the target becomes demoralized and totally ineffective. Forum posts will show to them and no one else, comments will show to them and no one else, they will be erased and abducted by the holoweb.

That's the new reality. Fortunately, up until now, only targeted web sites and individuals are affected, and both have to be compromised for it to work. The internet is still mostly real. Don't bet on that lasting much longer if we sit on our butts and do nothing about it.

Details on the Paris Climate Accord pullout

Al Gore said: "It is reckless and indefensible"

My response: Yes, because America was ordered to pay more than any other country into your $15 trillion carbon tax.

Leonardo DiCaprio said: "Today, our planet suffered. It’s more important than ever to take action"

My comment: Your brain must still be stuck on the Titanic. Trust me, the water is not supposed to be cold everywhere.

Elon Musk stated: "Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world"

My comment: Obviously, when your bottom line might be impacted by this. Tesla is a really cool car, but until I see the entire surface of your cars turned into a solar generator, which would likely produce most of the electricity they need without producing ANY carbon at the generating facility, you are complaining to the wrong guy if I am the audience. No one can convince me that meaningful solar can't be put on a car at negligible expense nowadays, with solar going for as low as 23 cents a watt. Any car could have enough solar on it to produce 1000 watts for only $230 now that prices of solar have plummeted. That's close to the amount a 120 volt plug in charger for your cars will do. Happening all day. Making your cars less of a hassle to charge. And it could happen for ZERO carbon. Why did you miss that?

John Favareau: "Coulter is at least honest for the reason Trump made this decision: to piss off the left.

My response: Stuck in delusion are we? Trump made this decision because it was a campaign promise, and he wanted to protect America from injury. If that pisses off the left, I am happy to see an enemy scorned.

Bette Midler: "There has never in US history been such a destructive megalomaniac in the WH. Thank you to US press and other numbskulls who put him there."

My response: Obviously you can't get the big picture while watching "from a distance". If you think the press put him there, you are the numbskull. Please protect yourself by avoiding further comment, at least the others did not say anything so stupid.

Niel Tyson: "If I and my advisors had never learned what Science is or how & why it works, then I’d consider pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord too."

My response: Oh, are you a pro vaxxer too? That "science" line is all too familiar. How about: For science, study why the desert gets cold at night. Study atmospheric composition, and what gasses hold heat the best. #1 is water vapor, #2 is methane. Water vapor has about 5000 times the heat retaining potential of Co2 in the atmosphere. That's why the desert, which has just as much Co2 as anywhere else, gets very cold at night, because the air is dry and the heat goes right out. If you can't understand that simple concept, you can read all the science you want, and you'll be too stupid to avoid getting scammed. I BET YOU PAY YOUR MECHANIC BIG BUCKS, MISTER SCIENCE!

Michael Moore: "USA to Earth: FUCK YOU"

My response: You have proven your conviction by storing so much carbon in your fat. If you get creamated, we just might see a carbon apocalypse.

Chelsea Handler: "I’m guessing that Donald Trump doesn’t see the irony in making his announcement to leave the Paris Agreement while standing in a garden."

My response: OH MY GOD, the IDIOCY! The more Co2 there is, the better the garden will grow! Indoor growing facilities all know that most plants like the Co2 to be about 3x as high as the CURRENT atmospheric levels you are calling a disaster! YEP, Trump in a garden was PERFECT and you are a nitwit!

John legend: "Trump is a national embarassment"

My response: Not for Americans. He just took an important step towards "Making America Great Again". If you call that an embarassment, you are no friend of the American people!

Bernie Sanders: "Trump's decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement is an abdication of American leadership and an international disgrace."

My response: FAR FROM IT. Now we ALL KNOW YOU would have been an abdication of American leadership, and that you would have happily followed your "New World ORDERS." Thank God hillary botched it all by rigging the primaries!

Google facing $9 billion fine for rigging search results

See this

MY COMMENT: This is a JOKE. Google could pay this like paying a toll on the information turnpike. Additionally, this does not even cover censoring news and public discourse, nor does it even touch the subject of Google destroying people by denying ads. I am sure Google is really scared.

Kathy Griffin press conference

The media showed up to her press conference that was announced yesterday. Kathy Griffin has retained a lawyer and is trying to sue Trump for damages related to the public outrage caused by her posing with a convincing mock up of Trumps severed head.

Kathy did indeed cry the victim, and blames Trump for what she did. The press conference did not go well for her, even CNN did not buy it. See it here

Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord

This means no carbon tax. Gas prices should therefore drop almost instantly, more in some places than others.

Obviously Co2 based global warming is a patent hoax, but climate change is a reality simply because the sun's output does not stay constant, and also because the earth goes through periodic magnetic pole flips. The sun flips poles frequently, once every 11 years on average, anything in the universe that has a molten core and a magnetic field can usually flip at any time. That would cause climate change as much as having the sun's intensity change. Erupting volcanoes also can cause climate change if the eruption is bad enough. But putting more plant food in the air will not cause it, water vapor alone is many times the greenhouse gas than Co2 is, and there is a lot more water vapor.


I recently pointed out how I can spot trolls, and then got the idea of simply collecting all their IP addresses and publishing them so anyone can use them to block trolls from their forums and web sites.

Here is a start to that list.

If they are going to provide me with free information by trolling the wrong guy, I'll just publish it so they eventually have their job get difficult by atrition of IP addresses they need for work.

Obviously this could also block innocent people, but if the list is elegantly and thoughtfully created, the chances of that happening are very small. Additionally, if the list gets large enough and used by enough web sites, it will eventually ruin IP proxy services that allow their resources to be used by trolls, and don't sufficiently work to keep trolls in check. UPDATE: Two IP addresses ended up on the list that I did not put there, they have been removed. It was not an error, I really did not put them there because the source pages I took the IP addresses from did not even have those two appearing anywhere! So I will have to from now on take pictures of the list to compare and see if anything got added by someone else. This would get done by trolls who want to cause the IP ban list to cause damage by censoring legitimate activists.

It looks like Kathy Griffin is going to sue Trump

Kathy did not like the fallout from her Trump decapitation stint, so now she's claiming to be the victim! She has paired up with a lawyer. Press conference tomorrow!

Here is the lawyer's twitter

My comment: Do you remember the fad a while back that involved making very expensive coffee out of beans a monkey ate and pooped out? It is called Kopi Luwak, and I have a hunch these two had coffee together before deciding to cry victim, and along with the coffee beans, the monkey ate a few mushrooms.

UPDATE: Wow, Kathy is absolutely horrible. If you want to know who the enemy is, take a look at this report from December of 2016. She proves it all in her own words - she's bad.

THE VERY IMPORTANT CORRECT THE RECORD REPORT IS ON THIS PAGE UNDER THE HEADLINE "An intercepted transcript from Correct the Record reveals a LOT."

The transcript proves Hillary was not at any debate, that David Brock knows who killed Seth Rich, That correct the record and Media Matters are connected, that Correct the Record was given powerful NSA malware, which obviously is also now in the hands of Media Matters, and that this happened BEFORE the NSA leaks, AND MORE. The transcript is absolutely ground breaking, and after it floated around on the web for six months unnoticed by many, it surfaced again, What Really Happened linked to it, and that's where I found it. So this is mainstream alt media folks, SCROLL DOWN TO THE REPORT, READ IT, AND LET THEM WEEP.


Don't sweat it. It is a Hebrew word Trump typed, which in the context stated meant that the media will never tell the truth and it will make things difficult but we will succeed anyway.

Files deleted from message window server

The goons deleted all their obvious goonage off the files stored on the messaging server after I posted an example of what they do yesterday. They did not delete their goonage with any care at all, they simply deleted entire files, with good messages AND their goonage in them. This means that even if a message makes it, if I don't see it before they get to it, it is gone.

FACT: I HAVE MADE ZERO, AND I MEAN ZERO security errors that would make such access possible. If they did this, it means absolutely no one on the web is safe, and it was not man in the middle, they simply went right into the server through a back door.

They did not get access via a stinger in the data stream, because the connection I use for the main server is never used to type a password into a back up server. The server they accessed had a recent password change at a totally random computer that I never saw before in my life, in a cyber cafe I never saw before and while at that computer I did one thing: Change the password to that server, and then leave. And my passwords are all similar to this: 1nqq335rt7/9- which means there's no possible way they hacked the password.

The deletion of the files proves without question that absolutely no one in the world can secure a server or any computer anywhere, because there are transparent back doors they walk right through and can do anything they want. Maybe exploiting this is a feature of Foxacid. This web site does not require a secure connection to access, but it DOES require a secure connection to administer. The fact the files vanished, and they were ONLY files these trolls wrote into, proves without question the world is completely exposed to the shadow government at all levels of computing and no level of "secure access" or good password will stop that.

So I am going to fight back any way I can, to cause them problems any way I can. COMING SOON TO THIS WEB SITE: An IP list that anyone can put in their forum ban list or .htaccess to keep the trolls out. It will get long, because these people have a whole pile of IP's but I have figured out how to identify them when they come in, and they will be added to a list anyone can see here, and use, to make their forums better. Eventually it will do significant damage. They must be sensitive to this, because why else would they delete all files they posted to, with their IP addresses recorded there? It would have been better for them to just let it all sit unless they had a specific reason to do the deletes, and the IP addresses would probably be that reason. So I will publish them when they come in.

To see the goonage I am talking about, See this

An intercepted transcript from Correct the Record reveals a LOT.

This has been out there for six months, and I missed it! So I will guess that many others missed it also, and post it. This conversation, which was acquired during a hack, reveals several key things:

1. Hillary has been replaced, and was replaced before the first debate.
2. Seth rich was murdered and David Brock knows who did it.
3. Correct the record was given NSA malware for the express purpose of ferreting out key people in alt media, locating their physical location, and killing them. This software was recklessly given to an army of correct the record trolls who busted into the computers of over a thousand top Trump supporting reddit users, and hundreds more chan users.
4. AS I ALWAYS SAID, Hillary lost every single online poll, and the polls were faked to show her winning. It is clearly stated here that despite doing well at the debate, Hillary's replacement still lost 100 PERCENT of ALL online polls and everyone at Correct the Record knew that.
5. Not everyone is aware of the entireity of the conspiracy, even people working deep within it. The syntax here proves it.
6. As I have said all along, there really is NSA malware that can get into your computer even if you never visit a malicious site, or click a link in an E-mail, or do anything else that is known to be able to infect a computer. My custom ROM chip is going to be replaced very soon, because it is obviously hacked. I'll make 20 of them this time, and swap them out regularly, and throw the used ones in the trash. I will also ditch the laptop battery, which has it's own processor for power management, and is definitely infected.

OK, so on to the transcript.

Begin Transcript ekim [5:52 AM]

ekim [5:52 AM] set the channel purpose: clean up this mes

brock [5:52 AM] joined post-debate from an invitation by @ekim

brock [5:53 AM] go round up the others. i need some coffee.

brock [5:54 AM] good morning to u to fink.

efink [5:55 AM] the only good thing about it was that whoever that was, she looked pretty good. how tf did they do that?

brock [5:56 AM]I can't talk. very hush hush. still, we've lost every online poll and we need to get tough here. get this under control.

[5:59] i don't see what's so bad. She looked really healthy! I thought she did GREAT!

efink [5:59 AM] she was scoring 3 on AMTS a couple of weeks ago and 22 on mmse. Yeah, whoever that was was normal.

MY COMMENT: Clearly here, you can see they know it was not Hillary at the debate.

[6:00] but the telemetry sucks. look at all the snap onlines: we're losing 100%

[6:00] romney v obama numbers

My comment: That proves they knew all the online polls were false, and had the real numbers in the background.

ekim [6:01 AM] but those don't mean anything

efink [6:01 AM] it means they're enthusiastic. organized. if they can swarm a poll whats to stop them swarming a voting booth?

[6:01] it also creates a counter-nar. the free press will sniff it. we have to stop the bleeding.

ekim [6:01 AM] k

efink [6:02 AM] don't worry. we have something. GET SHAW OUT OF BED.

[6:02] i'm going for coffee.

cshaw [6:05 AM] hello!

[6:06] hi Liz.

[6:06] I see we're not happy :disappointed:

brock [6:06 AM] Not at all.

cshaw [6:06 AM] I read the round-up. It looked good?

brock [6:07 AM] the round up my burning ass. Im talking about the real world. Trump made her look like a girl. Today we hit back. We hit back hard.

[6:07] Fink?

efink [6:07 AM] one sec.

[6:10] okay. guys, this is 18-2381 stuff. Got it?

cshaw [6:10 AM] yes

ekim [6:10 AM] yes sir.

efink [6:11 AM] alright. we need to move beyond the disruption scripts and down-voting. we need to start hurting people and that's what this is about. This is about winning because we'll never get a chance at this again. everything is justified. David?

brock [6:11 AM] dramatic.

[6:13] fuck-okay. so the Trump team is an emergent order. thirty million little chan and reddit assholes that bump around and then congeal to vote in a poll or push a meme or make a hashtag trend or whatever. This is new. It isn't like fighting a centrally organized campaign.

[6:13] It's more like fighting a disease.

[6:14] So what we need to do is break the pattern. The usual means isn't working. Trump's too charismatic. Morale is too high. This is an army of chaos folks.

[6:14] so we have full clearance. Word of God.

[6:15] Fink-let's do this. I have a plane to catch.

efink [6:16 AM] uploaded and commented on an image: foxacid.jpg 1 Comment FOXACID

ekim [6:16 AM] Ew.

cshaw [6:16 AM] i like it! wtf is it??

efink [6:17 AM] This is manna from heaven, kids.

[6:18] We have the use of an NSA intrusion package. We are going to find the thought leaders. the meme-generators. the shit-posters. I need a target analysis for reddit, twitter, and the chans by tomorrow 5 PM.

[6:18] You will monitor, identify, and using the FA [foxacid] software set we have, identify/dox.

cshaw [6:18 AM] that will dox them??

efink [6:20 AM] It will man-on-the-side for the anon boards and intercept traffic. We can use that for IP addresses and loading tracking software and magic lantern onto their devices. Once we have them compromised

[6:20] David? How many do we need?

brock [6:21 AM] I want 150 from 4chan, whatever you can get from 8. I want 1000 top reddit drivers exposed and I want content analysis for their posts. I want the people who are really driving their narrative.

[6:22] I need all that in a packet by tomorrow afternoon with lexical analysis, proof of compromise. I want clips of memes. I want to up-vote patterns. All this has to be inside the US too. We can't use externals.

cshaw [6:23 AM] It won't work outside the US?

efink [6:23 AM] It works fine outside the us you idiot. That's NSA stuff.

brock [6:24 AM] WE don't work outside the US. Do you think this is fucking bean-bag?

[6:24] We are going to disrupt them before this shit goes any further.

[6:24] if they don't have leaders, we're going to get their thought leaders.

cshaw [6:24 AM] like pajama boy!

brock [6:25 AM] I AM NOT N THE MOOD cshaw

cshaw [6:25 AM] sorry

efink [6:26 AM] just get us the target profiles. Hit the numbers. Give us a matrix for each of them. Okay? PII, influence grid, recent activity, Q-rate. Like that.

[6:26] You know what to do.

cshaw [6:26 AM] Yes sir.

ekim [6:26 AM] What are we going to do with that?

brock [6:27 AM] do u really want to fucking know, kim?

ekim [6:27 AM] i'm good.

brock [6:28 AM] u better be. I am going to get a plane. You will be up ALL NIGHT. Keep the lab LOCKED. Fink bring in pizza or whatever to keep the kids going.

[6:30] Get those files together.

ekim [6:30 AM] I'm on it. Do you know what brock is going to do with them? I do kind of want to know, sir.

efink [6:31 AM] google Seth Rich and shut up about it.

cshaw [6:31 AM] OOg.

[6:32] well, they are deplorable. idk. I think we should have done this a long time ago.


In case you missed it, Kathy Griffin posted a disgusting and realistic picture of herself holding Trump's severed head by the hair, and it was so convincing Trump's younger son thought it was real. It is illegal to do that to a President, and now, (surprisingly) Kathy is on the rocks.

Ok, so Kathy is one point scored towards the win . . . . . .