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August 31 2016

Texas District Attorney: Vaccines can and do cause Autism

The cover on the vaccine scam is slowly coming off. This District Attorney could lose his job over this, and of course, the vaccine trolls are calling him "uninformed". Last night, when I first went to post this they cut off access to the server, and I had to wait until this morning to get on and quickly re-configure the page with one of these windows which allows me to post when someone does not want it. Since it was this particular report that seemed to trigger it all, it is my guess that this one has them scared more than much of anything else. I did a screen capture of this last night and can finally post it. I will try to hunt this down again and if the article has not been scrubbed I will link it below (it has a lot more detail than this capture, which is just the first part of it.)

Good news: When I looked for it this morning, this article is getting widespread attention, the original is here

Brief comment: Huma is cold hard proof that someone who claims to be "Muslim" can live in the heart of Satan.

Practically all Muslims are more than decent people, but then, we have Huma to balance it all out . . . .