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Trump went over like 99 lead balloons, and educated Mexicans are not impressed with Pena Nieto

There is a new meme with Trump and Pena Nieto circulating in Mexico already that is based on the Dumb and Dumber movie cover photo, with them in the graphic instead of the two idiots.

As it turns out, Pena Nieto should be impeached because he forged his thesis papers in law school and got busted for it two weeks ago. He did not handle Trump well, and Mexicans are even madder at Trump because he pushed for the border wall hard. HillBillary was all stuck up talking about how great she is compared to Trump in the aftermath. It was a real show down here.

Dear Hillary: If you are so proud of how great you are with diplomacy after this Trump fail, what about that body count? If all you can do is kill people who "disappoint you", well, Trump's diplomacy is light years ahead of yours, even if it was not that great in Mexico.

Yep, I'd much rather work for Trump, because if anything goes wrong, he's a comparative diplomatic masterpiece. He'll just say YOUR'E FIRED! and i would not need to watch for snipers in the weeds for the next three years.

I switched over to LED light bulbs

I found them for $2. They are allright. Not great but good enough for the price. There is a powerful CFL in the kitchen that was left where it was but all the power eating locations are now switched over to LED. it is my bet that these bulbs will pay for themselves in a single month because they were so freaking cheap

They put out a very pleasant light with good color reproduction, but they are not extremely bright. Good enough though, considering every light can be on (except the one in the kitchen) and TOTAL household power consumption is below 50 watts. The CFL's had similar light output, and would eat more than 200 watts if they were all on. I also replaced a couple of incandescents. Anyway, I will see how this goes I guess. Over time I will probably replace them with better LED bulbs, but who can argue with a $2 price tag?

One thing I noticed was that even with a low power consumption rating, CFL bulbs got too hot to touch. These LED bulbs do not get hot. That's the proof that they are better right there.

If you can find generic LED light bulbs for $2, buy one to test it and if it is OK, it would be a great time to make the switch.

So Hillary is "down" in the polls?

It is time for them to adjust their equations then. Because amplifying her support by 5X is not working anymore, they now have to amplify it by 7X. They will fix that. Come election time, who cares if they have to multiply her actual support by 50 X as she keeps losing more and more support? Once you tweak something by even a fraction of less than 1X, (like, let's say 0.2X (twenty percent or so) the lie is so huge that nothing matters beyond that anyway. If you are going to rig anything at all, you might as well do it right and take it all the way.

More on the LED light bulbs

I did actual light measurements with a camera, and they are a lot stronger than they looked. The brightest CFL was a Philips (no wonders there) and these cheap $2 LED light bulbs hit exactly 66% of the output of the best CFL in the house. Not bad at all.

Important if you are going to buy an LED light bulb: The good ones look sort of like a regular light bulb (even these $2 generics do) and the light they make goes in ALL directions. They light the walls, the ceiling, the floor - they behave like an incandescent and don't just pool all their light in one spot to look bright, and then leave shadows and dark spots everywhere.

If you buy an LED light bulb, make sure it is shaped the same as an old incandescent, all the modern ones are. If it is shaped like a funnel, it is the old type, and they were not as good as a normal light bulb at all.

China and Ukraine building world's largest plane?

There is a story going around that China and Ukraine are going to be "building the world's largest plane". This aircraft is a soviet era AN-225. One was built, and it proved to be reliable and is still flying. However, bigger is not necessarily better unless it is made only to do a specific job. The job of the AN-225 was to carry Russia's "space shuttle" that was never used.

The only thing the AN-225 truly has going for it is the fact that it never crashed. So it can't be junk. But in terms of usability it won't match a 747, which is almost as big, more efficient and still got beaten by newer designs which are better.

Hanjin bankruptcy a non issue

Several venues are spouting gloom and doom over Korea's Hanjin Shipping company getting locked out of ports due to a bankruptcy. It is impossible, however, for this to have any real impact on global markets, because Hanjin is #7 globally and the six companies above it needed work anyway due to a major slow down in shipping traffic. They will pick up the slack no sweat. The real issue is whether or not your custom ordered Hyundai or Kia is going to be stuck somehwere, rather than be delivered on time. Beyond that, there is no story with this.

God was with us today - Facebook satellite destroyed

Too bad for Spacex, they were test firing a rocket with a new $150 million dollar Facebook communications satellite aboard, and it blew up. TOO BAD FOR SPACEX, but with regard to Facebook I could not be more pleased.

It was an Israeli made satellite that was supposed to give Facebook access to sub saharan Africa. FACEBOOK ACCESS to sub saharan Africa, NOT Sub Saharan Africa access to facebook as far as I see it, nothing Zukerberg does is with honor, he had a plan and GOD ENDED IT, "Israeli made" says it ALL.

At first I ignored the story of a rocket exploding at Cape Canaveral because well, that happens. I guess this time around details mattered!