Another journalist probably murdered

She was old, but this is odd timing - Phyllis Schlafly published this column, and was dead less than 10 hours later.

Trump in Mexico recalls Reagan in Geneva

Phyllis Schlafly - (Her last report. She is not writing like she had any problem at all)

Donald Trump's surprise visit to Mexico, where he met the Mexican president and discussed the many contentious issues between our two countries, reminds me of President Reagan's important trip to Geneva in 1985. Reagan was more than willing to sit down with the Communist leader of the USSR in an effort to build a personal connection between the two men without sacrificing America's vital interests in the Cold War.

The 1985 Geneva summit was highly advertised as a potential showdown between Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, the supposedly reasonable new Soviet leader. When it was over, Americans realized that behind Reagan's genial affability was a steely determination to protect our country against the threat from Soviet nuclear missiles.

Just as today's mainstream media are bent on undermining Trump's call to put Americans first in our dealings with Mexico, the media of the 1980s (led by ABC's Sam Donaldson and CBS' Dan Rather) were overwhelmingly pro-Gorbachev and anti-Reagan in their daily coverage.

Left-wing celebrities from around the world converged on Geneva to support the media narrative that a stubborn President Reagan was refusing to consider Gorbachev's reasonable proposals for world peace. Rep. Bella Abzug, actress Jane Alexander and the inevitable Jesse Jackson were giving daily interviews.

I led a delegation of 25 distinguished women leaders to Geneva to support Reagan and American nuclear superiority. The media didn't give us much coverage, but President Reagan telephoned me afterward from the White House to thank me for our support.

Reagan had been elected on a promise to "win" the Cold War against the Communist forces arrayed against America. Before Reagan, our country's foreign policy was controlled by men like Henry Kissinger, who thought victory was impossible and that his job, as he famously told Adm. Zumwalt, was "to negotiate the most acceptable second-best position" for the United States.

After three decades of steady deterioration of America's place in the world, Trump is the first candidate since Reagan who is comfortable using Reagan's vocabulary of winning. Trump has pledged to make America "win" again, instead of being cheated and outmaneuvered by our adversaries and even our so-called allies.

Trump's visit to Mexico recalls Reagan's trip to Geneva in other ways, too. At both meetings, there was one signature position on which the American refused to budge.

Reagan's no-surrender pledge was his unwavering commitment to the Strategic Defense Initiative, that is, to build and deploy a system to shoot down Soviet nuclear missiles headed for our cities. With Trump, it's his rock-solid promise to build "an impenetrable physical wall" on our southern border.

Both Reagan's and Trump's signature ideas were purely defensive weapons to which no country could have any legitimate complaint. Reagan's SDI was a non-nuclear weapon whose only function was to destroy or deflect incoming nuclear missiles.

Reagan stuck to that non-negotiable position at the summit with Gorbachev the following year in Reykjavik, Iceland. As we now know, that's when Gorby realized he could never win an open competition with the United States, so that his "acceptable second-best position" was the dissolution of the USSR over the next five years.

Likewise, Donald Trump's wall is not a provocative, but a neighborly idea to stop the rampant illegality that harms both nations along the U.S.-Mexico border. With no legitimate objection to erecting a fence, wall or other physical barrier between our two countries, Mexico should be grateful for Trump's leadership and even agree to help pay for it.

The value of a wall begins with stopping "murderers" and "rapists" from freely entering and re-entering our country with impunity, as Trump mentioned when he announced the start of his campaign last year, but it doesn't stop there. Felony assault by motor vehicle is another deadly crime that seems to be rampant by illegal aliens driving recklessly without the licenses or insurance law-abiding Americans take for granted.

Schafley was probably murdered for this column. She was old, and they probably decided to get rid of her. This final column was posted to World Net daily

Everyone has the same headlines today

And when that happens, I do not usually post more of the same unless it really should be posted.

I'll say this, and get on to other stuff:

Hillary could be dragging an intestine, and the media would say all is well with her health. Do I need to say more? Why even bother with the latest episode?

This is important: The world is obviously figuring out Americas elections are rigged, and that Obama probably is not the rightful President, and that he is just low class ghetto trash being primped up as real. So their respect has dropped through the floor, I'd say Obama is probably below Kim Jong in the thinking world.

It could not be more obvious, because the Phillipine president never called Kim Jong the son of a whore, and IF Kim Jong ever flew to China, even if they did not roll out the red carpet he'd at least be safe enough to use the regular door. The two recent huge Obama gaffes prove the world has no respect for him, and Americans should not either. If this election is stolen, it is really not going to be good for all of us.

The LED light bulbs I recently purchased -

I posted a few days ago about some LED light bulbs I picked up for $2. One of them failed. I took it apart and saw it was a power supply capacitor that failed and ate the driver chip when it did. The bulb had 20 CREE LED's in it. It does not have a transformer, it instead had a digital switching power supply that charges a capacitor to prevent flickering. A pretty nice design for $2 and hopefully none of the other bulbs will have a capacitor fail. So far so good with the rest of them. I'll use the remaining good parts in the failed bulb for play time.

I put one outside above the front door, and it produces copious amounts of light, way more than you'd ever expect, it totally lights everything up. From down the street, it looks like a normal house light, the same as the rest of the houses that have a light. So $2 will do the job for an LED bulb now, I'd call that a revolution in lighting.

Here's a strange one I'd like explained -

Three years ago I picked up a microwave that was a warranty return from a store that sold warranty returns, rather than sending them back. After I proved to the store it really was broken, they let me have it for $15. It was new. I checked, and the magnetron had a broken magnet. So I picked up a generic magnetron for another $15, put it in, and had a perfect medium performance microwave. Recently, I accidentally nuked some mylar for less than half a second, (I was right there and stopped the microwave right away. When this happened, the transformer made an authorative grunt like it really got loaded. An odd thing happened - After this, the microwave is approximately 30 percent more powerful, has been that way for about a month, and I can't figure out why that would happen. It was not weak to begin with (not a super strong microwave, but not weak, ) and after this I'd have to say it is performing like a really high powered microwave. QUESTION: Why? That was weird.

There is an obvious glaring lack of talent in the entertainment industry now

What does music consist of now? Very poor remakes, drum machines, and no talent songwriters. Even Jennifer Lopez, who has occupied the top spot chews dog turds compared to even middle of the road stuff from the 80's, 70's and 60's, and it is not opinion, it is easily provable fact.

If you look at the total composite of any new song released now, it has far less chord variety, far fewer sub themes, stripped out instrumental parts, and usually relies completely on pre fabricated drum riffs that are machine generated. All it does is drone. It has been stupefied. Often, all an artist does is take a 10 second section of a past great song, and repeat it over and over again while he mutters bullshit. Are we all that stupid now, so stupid that all creativity is gone? Or are we living in a world now where if you are not Jewish, or not gay, or will not murder your baby to Satan, you won't be allowed on the air?

If complete aemorality is a requirement to be allowed to be famous now, it would go a long way towards explaining why we don't have a Pink Floyd, Styx, Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springstein, Niel Diamond, Billy Joel, Queen or anyone else that is worth even half a dog turd nowadays. The modern music industry can't even sputter out a Barry Manilow. And it is not a style change that did it, the new music simply has no substance.

The musical crap-a-thon extends into the movie industry, which can't even produce good theme songs now. Back in the day, lots of the music on the radio was original stuff done for movies. We don't even have that now. Now all the movies often do is grab old music, (much of it crap) and put it in the movie, rather than create anything new.

And what about the movies? Practically all of them are PC B.S. where they just gotta get a racial balance in the caste, rather than a good caste, and they have to have a socially engineered plot, rather than just tell a story, and it all is starting to look like the same thing over and over and over again, same villain new face, same idea, different line, same whatever, repeat repeat repeat.

I think I know why - because the Jews cornered the market, do not have a big enough talent pool, will only accept the bottom feeders from the general population, and all the great ideas and musical themes are languishing in garages and on desktops, never to be heard, never to be played, because the people who created them are not the low life gutter trash that gets approval. Additionally, even the Jews are taxed out right now, as more and more of their talent is diverted into other social war efforts.

It is probably the end of the great era of music, but I doubt it really had to be that way.