I know there is a minimum of 11 inches of rain forecasted for Oroville, but I don't think it will actually hit Oroville because it is too easy to prove this was all a setup for the $50 scenario and they have to back out on that plan now. The last rains did NADA. That means that somehow, seemingly impossibly, nothing landed in the oroville watershed despite massive heavy rains in the near vicinity. I do not believe that was coincidence.

Facebook artificial intelligence based censorship censored

Mark Zukerberg released a short 6000 word manifesto about Facebook's future, and in an early version accidentally stated he is developing an artificial intelligence that will automatically censor all discussion that could conceivably be construed as against the New World order. While you could get away with posting something against the New World Order on your Facebook page (to fake there is openness and freedom of speech) there would be an AI running in the background to automatically prevent it from being spread by others. Only globalist supporting content will be allowed to be spread.

Now, within short few hours, all reference to using artificial intelligence to filter free speech in the background while it fakes total openness in the foreground has been wiped off the web. I cannot find it anywhere. All Google puts up is how Facebook and others are using AI and how it "could be misused" but google is refusing to give up any evidence that Zukerberg fully intended to do it on purpose to shut up anyone who speaks out against the new world order.

Now, all that is admitted to is that Zukerberg's AI would be used to monitor what is posted, and flag "terror". One such report is HERE and I am bewildered because this changed even as I was typing about it. There is obviously a system already in place to smash topics into oblivion at the flip of a switch somewhere.


Fake is fake. Fakebook. Where fools spew their life straight into the hands of a Jewish troll.


HERE IS HIS MESSAGE: Really sick of all this JEW-HATE on your website I am Jewish and fought and served for this nation for 25 years. My FATHER landed at Inchon with MacArthur, and my brother died in Vietnam! Many times, I was NOT ALLOWED to RnR in Muslim countries because I have a Star of David on my DOG TAGS... While my platoons were partying in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, or the UAE... I was sent to Jew-Hating Germany, Greece or Italy.. Yes, a VERY FEW "JOOS" own SOME telecommunications, Banks, Factories etc. But YOU IMPLY that ALL "JOOS" are the enemy... THEY ARE NOT. The MUSLIMS ARE YOUR ENEMY and PROVE IT ON VIDEO EVERY DAY! This will come back to bite your ass and every fool who believes it. There will NEVER BE another NAZI GERMANY because EVERY JEW I KNOW is ARMED and PREPPED. (if every Jew in Germany in 1935 had a Mauser k98 and a full internal magazine of just 5 rounds, WITH THE WILL TO USE IT.. The "Holocaust" would have never happened.) Mark my words, Get off the JOO SHIT and GROW THE FUCK UP! You are DISMISSED, Gunny USMC E-7 ret. 1978-2003"

HERE IS MY RESPONSE: You got out in 2003, eh? Ok, so THAT's where the fake WMDs in Iraq probably came from, because you were PISSED they would not let you have any fun because YOU wore a star of david. OK, I guess that denotes a special privilege then because Christian's don't get a cross on their dog tags.

"while my platoons were partying in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Quatar or the UAE I was sent to Jew hating Germany, Greece, or Italy?" What a load of SHIT. The military takes leave wherever it wants, and you chose to take leave there, PERIOD. If you took leave in Europe, it most likely means you were stationed there and that is where your platoon was. If it was so damn dangerous for you to be out having fun with your pals, it would have been too dangerous for you to be stationed in the middle east at all. And since you lied about this, your father landed NOWHERE and you probably don't even have a brother.


Ok, so I imply the Jews are the enemy, when really the Muslims are? HA HA HA, what a load of CRAP, it is WELL KNOWN that Site Intelligence Group, the source for ALL the "horrifying ISIS videos" is an Israeli front, and ISIS itself is a U.S. based mercenary corporation. It is well known that Larry Silverstein A JEW said "pull it", that Cheney, A JEW gave the stand down on 911 and let the planes hit the tower, and that it was JEWS that were seen dancing on top of a van on 911. Who is the enemy? Duh.

Next point: "A FEW Jews own SOME telecommunications? HA HA HA, A FEW JEWS OWN PRACTICALLY ALL telecommunications, 96 percent of all telecommunications are now owned by Jews. What was the motivation for that? Why did they seek such a smack down in that area?

Oh, but all of that could be hearsay, but Carl Cameron did this as a 12 part series, which the Jews CENSORED after part 4 because they could not handle the truth. HERE IS THE BEGINNING OF THE TRUTH THE JEWS CAN'T HANDLE, cut when there was 66 percent of it left to be told. Listen to that report, and WAKE UP, someone at least tried to tell the truth and it aired on FOX of all places shortly after 911. That alone proves the Jews own communications, and have for a long time. Only a F****** FOOL would say business secrets over the phone now.

I don't carry a phone AT ALL because when I do there are too many weird incidents and traffic anomalies compliments of WHO? And they won't let it work anyway, I get ONE call per cell phone and POOF, they never work again. Gee, I wonder why. I have a stack of cell phones from before I gave up, after every cell phone I had during the 2 decades prior worked perfectly and suddenly no more after the Fuku report. Believe me, the Fuku report did not suddenly make me too stupid to dial a phone, or receive a call. WHO WOULD CAUSE THAT??!!?? Can you please send me information on a non-Jewish phone provider so I can have my phone back? If Jews don't own it all, I WANT A WORKING CELL PHONE THAT IS NOT TRACKED SO MUCH I HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT GETTING RUN OVER WHEN I CARRY IT.

THE CHALLENGE: I challenge ANYONE to get phone service from a company that is not Jewish. Try to do it! And if you can, SEND ME THE NAME OF THAT COMPANY SO I CAN HAVE MY PHONE BACK.

Oh, here is the report that got GUNNY shooting his mouth like a fool, READ IT, STUDY IT, THIS IS BANG ON:


Set up your own pre paid phone card company. You will need at least a 50 line phone switch, where every line is answered when the same number is dialed. These are easy, many businesses have them. You put that number on the phone cards and hand them out cheap to people who will re-sell them. These people are all over the big cities, you see these phone cards everywhere. Then you set up VOIP and have someone else handle the output from your phone switch and actually make the connections everyone who dials into your switch asks for.

AT THAT 50 LINE SWITCH, YOU HAVE 50 PEOPLE LISTENING IN AND RECORDING EVERYTHING. BAM. There's your own little NSA. You will be able to listen in on ALL contacts and ALL calls made by approximately 3,000 people with that ONE 50 line switch, because they won't all dial out at the same time. And if max capacity is reached, you can just start dropping calls because everyone knows those cards are crap. They will just try later. And you will know everyone anyone calls, what their business contacts are, what they will be doing, EVERYTHING, all from one little 50 line switch that is easy to get, and one VOIP deal with a secondary handler so you don't have to handle the hard part of it.

The Jews do this ALL THE TIME, it is modus operandi. I'd bet every single phone card out there is exactly this. And they will absolutely destroy anyone they want that makes a call over their system.

This is true of any cell phone service (but that is hard to set up), any land line service (but that is even harder to set up) so just sell pre-paid cards. THAT is EASY.

A strategy against Trump I think they are trying

All of us saw what happened with Flynn, where the intelligence agencies hit him with baseless accusations and then forced him out of his position only to have the intelligence agencies immediately flip and exonerate him of all wrongdoing - this could be a tactic they are going to use to make people afraid to join Trump's administration, so Trump is then left with no options. Trump had to make something up and fire Flynn just to stay alive. Trump knew what the intelligence agencies were trying to do and did what he had to.

The CIA and other intelligence have sent a message that they will destroy anyone who associates with Trump, and that if they don't betray Trump they will be fighting a wall of lies and accusations from powerful people. Lies and accusations that will carry the full weight of reality (no matter how baseless they are) in court. The intelligence agencies have sent a clear message - that they will fabricate anything they want and destroy people who get on the Trump train.

That is my take on this, and you can read any flavor of opinion out there with what happened with Flynn. I am going to leave it at that, and give a heads up: It has become evident to me that a filthy tactic is coming out of the intelligence agencies now - and that is to destroy anyone who associates with Trump with baseless accusations and slander. If the public knows they are doing this, it will go a long way towards stopping them from using this tactic.

It once again looks like Oroville may not get the rain

"huge rainstorms" went through the area and the lake levels are still dropping. That means that for as menacing as it all looked, they missed the mark. I am not going to say the dam is out of the woods yet, but I am least hoping the elite backed off on destroying this dam and will prevent the rains from hitting in critical places. Let's all hope we get a new $50 without incident. Obviously it is too early to call this, but so far so good.

Here's an interesting message

"Hi Jim: A relative who lives in Calif and does big contracting work out there says money was allocated to the maintenance of the Oroville dam, but it was used for something else. (like the new rail line?) Ana"

My response: I would not be surprised. Here's a nice little unrelated tidbit - I have an acquaintance who is a contractor. He tried to get hired on by the state so he could start getting state projects. And right up front, in negotiations for being qualified, he was told that he had to give kickbacks to certain people, or he would not get any contracts. He did not seem to be bothered by it, all he did was run the math, figured out he was getting paid so much more for the work than was needed that he could turn a good profit and pay the kickback.

That is how it all runs I'd bet, in all governments everywhere. THAT IS HOW YOU END UP WITH A $700 TOILET SEAT.

There is so much crap getting spewed about Oroville and the coming rains that I cannot sort it out.

Watch and wait. If you live in the flood zone, get whatever is most important in the car ready to go. Watch the water levels. If they come to within 3 feet of the top of the emergency spillway and are rising rapidly, I would say that is your signal to bug out and be ahead of the wave.

A GMO apple will be hitting store shelves this year

It has been genetically programmed to not turn brown when it is cut, bruised, or spoils. I won't be eating this apple. See this

A few messages

Anonymous sent:

Jim- Since Trump is many moves ahead of the cabal, he would have forseen all that is happening. Operation: Take Back America is long in planning. I suspect the Flynn 'plan' was designed to expose these leakers; just look how the conversation changed and is now about charging these people. I have full confidence in the people behind Trump. They know what they are doing X1000."

My response: I can only hope. I am worried.

Anonymous sent:

"Jim I live a few miles above Oroville dam and we've been having a heavy storm here for a couple of hours. Lightening up right now, but it was furious for quite awhile, and very concerning about flows this might create behind the dam."

My response: I think I was wrong about Haarp tech stopping the storms. (oh, and a note on that ) Haarp is a name like Kleenex. It no longer applies to the facility in Alaska. But any time you use the word, even in that context, the trolls will bash you into oblivion and will never back down, claiming Alaska is shut down and you are stupid. Anyway, that is annoying. It now looks like weather mod tech is not going to be used to save Oroville. Too many strong storms are moving through. I got sight of that storm you are talking about on weather radar earlier, and then the power supply cut out . . . . .

I have really paid attention to the dam situation and have concluded the primary spillway will probably fail all the way up to the gates and whether or not this ends in disaster will depend entirely upon whether or not the gates themselves give out. They are anchored in bedrock so maybe they will hold.

Anonymous sent:

"I think you were right on the dam all along, you let the cat out of the bag and they shut you down. I think you had a hand in ensuring it didn't happen. Once they knew it could come out it's been rigged all along, they had to fold their cards (and stopped messing with your site when they realized they could use haarp, which is what I felt they could do to stop the rain). I believe you are partly responsible for ensuring Trump's win too. Your instincts are right. Go with what your gut tells you. You're a bigger influence than you think."

My response: There was no reason to cut the DNS servers for this site. I have gone over things and can't find a single reason, other than that someone really did manually take it offline. The outage was spurious and never got to all DNS servers but it got to a lot of them. That alone is fishy. It is as if planted people in various locations took it off whatever servers they had control over. If the shut down was legit, ALL DNS servers would have simply cut off. I was surprised the site started working again like normal after that letter I had posted here that I sent to tech support, and I was also surprised at how well the site resisted the attack, because traffic was still substantial.

Anonymous sent:

"Jim, Paul Preston just gave an 8 minute update on the Oroville dam with Dave Hodges on the common sense show (youtube). He lives locally and his sources at the dam are saying right now with no rain there is still a 30% chance of failure, let alone the rain that is to come over the next week. He will be packing up and leaving the area within the next couple of days. He will lose his house and everything also.......the situation is very dire."

My response: The problem is, that even if there is no rain and the emergency spillway is not used, the primary spillway has a major problem that is definitely working its way up to the flood gates. They can't stop this, they just have to accept what happens, and dam failure is a very real possibility, with ZERO rain. This is literally like riding an airplane that is losing a wing, and looking out the window at it, hoping you will land safely.

Anonymous sent:

"hi Jim, as of today, one of my firefox plugins (Adaware) suddenly started to tag your site for being "malicious". I reported this error to them. I rarely had any problems reaching your site so its very disappointed to see this what they resorted to. Please post more "malicious" information.


My response: Adaware is supposed to be open source if I remember right. That means that someone got on the open source team that does not belong there.

Anonymous sent:

"Jim, I realized that a perfect proof as to why the Orroville Dam broke. Look at the first pictures closely and look for bare rebar hanging from the edge of the broken cement. If you have this then the cement eroded away from the reinforced metal through water mechanic. If the 1 to 2 inch rebar is gone then they blew it away pure and simple. I don't understand why I didn't think of it till now. It's because I didn't see any rebar on the edge because it was all pulverize by the explosive. I knew something was missing but couldn't pin why in my mind's eye. Lots of Love"

My response: I am sticking with the sabotage angle because it is the only thing that makes sense, fits the communist agenda, and would get my site shut down. They don't shut down B.S., someone very powerful got scared as far as I see it.

Anonymous sent:

"Hi Mr. Stone, I had a funny experience last night. I was on 4chan. org/pol/. I tried to refer to this guy miles w mathis. when I tried to post my comment, I was immediately banned. I went to 8ch.net/new/ and literally almost the first comment I saw was someone complaining they had come there because they had been banned from /pol/ for trying to start a thread about miles w mathis. I have even seen people refer to you on there. never experienced a ban there til I tried to mention his name. It was very strange."

My response: HMMMM . . . . . .

Do not post my name sent:

"Hi Jim, You have not mentioned Zika for awhile. Here's an interesting development in Vietnam. They are releasing Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes to combat Dengue carrying mosquitoes.



Notice in that Scientific America article, the Australian scientists have trailed this in Brazil. They are trialing in Vietnam and Indonesia now. Note that Australia is a vassal state of the Empire, could the previous release of Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes in Brazil be related to the Zika outbreak? I am keeping a close eye on Zika or new pandemic in Nam and Indo.

My response: Yes but the actual problems were caused by a new Tdap shot and the mosquito was an excuse.

Shadow government steps forward and shows who is boss

A nuclear strike on the FBI, CIA, and NSA is probably America's only way forward

Obviously these agencies are not under the control of the American people, as they turn their observation powers inward at their own government, and do all they can to destroy it under the instruction of infiltrators such as Soros, Rockefeller and Rothchild, who want America destroyed. The only answer is to destroy the intelligence agencies, and jail everyone in them, and eliminate all people who appear to be external to them that actually own them by any means necessary to accomplish it. If the white hats within these agencies will not unite and destroy the darkness, they deserve to go down with the entire ship.

I really do not know what can be done to stop what is going on. Obviously if any action is launched against them, they will know and render it neutral. The infiltration of America by dark forces which are obviously old world communist is now showing itself to be so complete that there is no way the American people can ever take the country back in a peaceful way.

Trump sent out several tweets that amount to an emergency distress call, stating that the intelligence agencies have gone fully rogue and are working directly against the American people. He is right. And I do not think his firing of Flynn was anything other than a desperate attempt to distance himself from an attack by the intelligence agencies that was fully intended to go all the way up to him, and take him out as well. The bottom line is that by becoming President, Trump basically bought the Titanic 1 minute before it broke in two pieces as it was sinking after it hit the iceberg. We all knew it, and are hoping he's some sort of God that can lift the Titanic back out of the ocean. He might be, but the war is going to be a tough one.

Trump's biggest disadvantage is that he still trusts Jews. They will rip his guts out if he does not grow a brain, and he won't even know where the attack came from.

FACT: The Jews own all the telecoms, and have their own spies for everything. If you can't make a phone call without them knowing what you said, you can't organize an effort to take the country back even if the NSA was not there. This is CLEARLY outlined in the Carl Cameron Fox News audio file that was done shortly after 911 that I have linked in the top portion of this page. That report shows clearly that the police could not do ANYTHING to stop Jewish crimes, all the way back in 2002 because the Jews owned America's communications and knew everything about what the police would do ahead of time because they could listen in on everything the police said. If Trump does not address this issue, he can do all he wants to save America and eventually the Jews will erase his efforts.

The swamp is such a cesspool, primarily Jewish, that Trump is like a lone firefighter trying to snuff a 3 state wildfire in a forest full of cannibal pygmies with blow gun darts that are trying to paralyze him and serve him up for lunch. If he does get this fire snuffed, it seems it will be by the will of God alone.


Set up your own pre paid phone card company. You will need at least a 50 line phone switch, where every line is answered when the same number is dialed. These are easy, many businesses have them. You put that number on the phone cards and hand them out cheap to people who will re-sell them. These people are all over the big cities, you see these phone cards everywhere. Then you set up VOIP and have someone else handle the output from your phone switch and actually make the connections everyone who dials into your switch asks for.

AT THAT 50 LINE SWITCH, YOU HAVE 50 PEOPLE LISTENING IN AND RECORDING EVERYTHING. BAM. There's your own little NSA. You will be able to listen in on ALL contacts and ALL calls made by approximately 3,000 people with that ONE 50 line switch, because they won't all dial out at the same time. And if max capacity is reached, you can just start dropping calls because everyone knows those cards are crap. They will just try later. And you will know everyone anyone calls, what their business contacts are, what they will be doing, EVERYTHING, all from one little 50 line switch that is easy to get, and one VOIP deal with a secondary handler so you don't have to handle the hard part of it.

The Jews do this ALL THE TIME, it is modus operandi. I'd bet every single phone card out there is exactly this. And they will absolutely destroy anyone they want that makes a call over their system.

This is true of any cell phone service (but that is hard to set up), any land line service (but that is even harder to set up) so just sell pre-paid cards. THAT is EASY.


UPDATE: Light rain is now coming across. I could be wrong with this, but we have to wait and see if anything like the forecast actually happens to know for sure.

UPDATE: They opened the main spillway up to: ABSOLUTELY RIPPING. They are worried about something.

There are no pictures since the beginning of this crisis that show it flowing like this picture, which was taken around 11 AM California time.

HAARP Tech will be used to stop Oroville from failing to save Commie @ss.

I still think the main spillway was blown with explosives, the $50 bill dam break, ALL OF IT. However, I have been keeping a close eye on the weather radar, and it seems to me that a Haarp type system is being used to block the rain, and push it North, away from the dam. The rains will not hit.

To the left here is a storm that has been stalled 200 miles West of the dam for more than a day now. It is being mostly kept in the ocean. How would Haarp do that? By creating a high pressure region between the dam and the storm. The storm will not pass through a high pressure region. All they have to do is keep a high pressure zone over the dam, and the rain will not come.

They can probably have this in any flavor they want, but the outcome now will be that the dam will not be allowed to fail because the plot to destroy it was uncovered.

The rains will not be a problem now, all they have to worry about is the spring runoff, and they will probably be able to handle that.

Watch. I'll probably end up being right. Let's hope I am.

CONCLUSION: The $50 dam break might not ever happen now, EVER. I did not believe it for the Hoover dam, because Hoover dam looks nothing like what the bill depicts. That bill shows Oroville, so clearly it has to be what it is. If the rains are stopped and the intentionally set up failure of the emergency spillway is circumvented by a massive construction project that is allowed to continue for weeks, resulting in a rock solid strengthening of the hill below it, they won't be able to make the dam break happen no matter what they try. They will have to print a new $50 I guess.


What you will see in This Video that is noteworthy

1. They got the large scale mining trucks (these are way beyond what is allowed on the road) and used them to rapidly bring in large rocks from a mine somewhere, and with them built an entirely new road across 50 plus foot deep erosion trenches.

2. With that road in place, they managed to get cement trucks back onto the ground at the emergency spillway, and they are pouring concrete as fast as they can.

3. A secondary helicopter effort to bring in rocks to areas that the trucks still cannot get to.

Do I think it will work? Not if the spillway is put to heavy use in the next couple days. But the effort is actually a real effort. I never would have thought they would ever get a road back in, but they did it, and that alone is a major achievement. It was the only way they would ever have a chance. How effective they are with this will all depend upon how much concrete they can manage to lay down, and if they can get it into the key places.

I don't want to comment on this report, It is too depressing and I am already stressed out.

They cannot drain the dam enough. As of this evening, they have only dropped it 15 feet. They can't hit the target, which means they had better hope the weather man is wrong.

The main reasons why they can't run the generators and get rid of water that way:

1. There is too much garbage backflowing from the broken spillway to discharge into. Though I don't think there is risk of generator damage as long as the intake is clean, they made that decision and shut them down. But there is a bigger reason I think they shut them down: the power lines that go across the natural part of the dam.

2. If there is any chance of the power lines getting washed out, power lines that are providing the load that prevents the generators from overspinning, you can't run the generators. If those lines toppled, the first thing they'd do is either blow the generators by shorting them out, or blow a protection circuit. If that happened, suddenly none of the generators would have anything holding them back, preventing them from overspinning. The valves are huge, and I doubt they'd close fast enough. You can't just unload a system that large that is being driven by as much inertia as water has completely and instantly and expect a happy outcome. Even the water itself needs time to slow down, because the column of water in the pipe will have as much or more motion inertia as several semi trucks. You really cannot just slam that off. So the generators are sitting there, idle because it is not safe enough to run them.

3. THIRD REASON - A NEW ONE: The spillway damage has caused so much debris to flow into the river that it has impeded the water flow, caused the water to back up and now the power station is flooded. There is NO CHANCE the power station will ever come back on until this crisis is totally over, and after the power station is no longer flooded there will probably be major repairs needed.

No problem with people going back to Oroville

A reader asked if I thought it was a bad idea to let the people go home. I do not think it was a bad idea at all. They all know the dam is still in danger. I do not believe in mandatory evacuations - I instead believe in telling people the way it is, and let them decide for themselves. Mandatory evacuations are communist.

Right now, there is no imminent danger of dam failure. For there to be imminent danger, they have to have either the main spillway eat much closer to the floodgates, or overtop the emergency spillway. If neither happens the dam will live.

I am not going to play games saying only the man made portion to the right of the floodgate is the dam. To say so is fraud. Part of this dam is man made and part of this dam is natural. It is ALL DAM. If it was not ALL DAM, there would be no emergency spillway, no main spillway, and it would be only a hill out in the desert with no water either. If it holds the water, can fail and let it go, IT IS THE DAM. And I was seriously annoyed with the scam play on words saying "the dam is in no danger, only the spillway is". That's lawyer/commie/Hillary speak. No honesty in the statement at all.

Anyway, I am ALL FOR informing the public and letting them make up their own mind. If my home was in the path of this I'd be going back right now, now that they have allowed return, and I'd pack EVERYTHING, including on top of the roof racks - EVERYTHING of value, carefully calculated for what took space and what things cost. I'd park it in the garage to help prevent theft and keep an eye on the situation myself, not waiting for the government to decide for me. Obviously they gave the evacuation warning so late that everyone would have been dead. That was a real show of idiocy.

Hey folks, the emergency spillway is now failing within the hour, PACK UP AND ENJOY A 7 HOUR TRAFFIC JAM. Yep. That was cute.

I still think this dam will fail. They have record water by a long shot, and no way to get rid of it. The emergency spillway absolutely will overtop again unless the hand of God holds back the water and I'd have to see some really nifty helicopter work to believe they could do anything at all about this. The erosion is way too much. Maybe they will be able to control the rains that are coming, but they are going to be toast when all the snow melts.

Trump wants Russia to give Crimea back to Ukraine

Where in the world did that come from? Is Trump drugged or what? Is Trump even running the government? Now I am worried. Trump should not be poking the bear, that has nothing to do with making America great again.

I had to check to see if this was fake news. NOPE. It is not fake news.

New format to keep the most important issue on top: The dam near perfectly matching the disaster on the $50 bill. - I am going to post today's stuff in the crudest simplest way to save time while I fight a war AND keep the most relevant topic at the top of the page.

New Mexican soap opera features white supremacist shooting Mexican school in opening episode ** OROVILLE: The whole story in precious few words ** Google: Claudia's perspective: They are evil ** Michael Flynn Resigned ** Absolutely rational: Oroville was built to fail on cue ** Kim Jong's half brother killed **

Staged event: Dam failure in $50 bill near perfect match for Oroville

There is a dam failure that shows on the $50 bill if you fold it right. This could be it, Oroville, being the tallest dam in the country could DEFINITELY BE IT.

HEADS UP: RABBIT HOLE SENT THE FOLLOWING, AND THE $50 DAM BREAK DOES INDEED LOOK A LOT LIKE OROVILLE! Look at the trees on the side, and compare it to Oroville!

Much awaited Oroville updates

Aside from handling the attacks on this site this morning, I have spent a fair amount of time getting rock solid info on the Oroville situation which seems to be difficult to do.

1. They cannot get trucks into the emergency spillway area to repair it, because the road is gone. See this:

2. There is a huge ravine that may look small in the photos, but it is very large that has eaten its way to within a short distance of the emergency spillway. It is at least as deep as the hole in the road photo above, which also looks insignificant in wide area photos because this disaster is so big it cannot be shown in a photo.

They are trying to fill the holes with helicopters, but I do not believe that will work with holes that big. If the dam overtops the emergency spillway again, it will fail, period. The only way they would have a chance is if they could get a huge line of cement trucks in there, and they clearly cannot because the road is gone. And how many truckloads of cement would it take to patch even the first hole, which cut the road in half, and is washed out for at least a thousand feet with similar ravines and erosion? That is not even the big hole in the photo above, it is only the one that starts the cut in the road.

3. The main spillway continues to get eaten. In my opinion they are not letting enough water out of it. They need to simply let it rip at the full 250,000 cfs it is rated for and hold onto their pants and pray the whole mountain does not give out, or that the entire spillway system including the gates is not ripped out from it after being so badly damaged. What else can they do? Clearly, the emergency spillway is death upon next use, so they had better do everything possible to avoid using it.

4. Every other dam in California's system is filled to capacity, and spring runoff has not even started. Levee failures are already happening due to all the dams at high outflow and the fact that communists in California's government gave $25 billion to illegals, while they let California's water infrastructure rot with far less than $1 billion. Good solid snowflake logic there. And the "snowflakes" in the mountains are going to do a nice job of re-enforcing the outcome of that logic this spring.

MY CONCLUSION: Lake Tulare, an enormous 600 square mile inland sea that was once in the San Joaquin valley is coming back this year, and the city of Tulare is GONE.

Oroville alone would fill lake Tulare, but is not well positioned to do it. It will take other problems to cause that, which will probably happen.


Joy Villa, a singer I have never heard of, wore a Trump Make America Great Again dress at the Grammys. Within hours, her album sales exploded by 18,106,633%. Ok, I hate it when people state percents, because it makes it look like more than it is. So let me say that with real numbers: After Joy wore the MAGA dress, her album sales increased by 181,066.33 TIMES. So if she sold six albums yesterday, today she sold over a million. Her album, "I Make the Static" was number 2,300 on the charts, which means with normal sales she probably had 100 a day. It is now #1. It is on Amazon HERE

By the way California spent $25 billion on entitlements for illegals last year, and only budgeted $730 million for water infrastructure. I don't think that is what caused Oroville to fail, but it really is something to consider . . . . . .


There will be no more updates tonight because I have to get some sleep. Listen to the emergency personnel, this emergency is no hoax.

UPDATE: By opening the primary spillway to 115,000 cfs they drained the top foot and a half off the reservoir quickly and dropped the lake level to below the emergency spillway level. However, so much erosion happened that they don't know how far below that they need to go to get the water to stop flowing around the emergency spillway through an erosion breach. THEY HAVE NOT GIVEN THE ALL CLEAR, but it might be getting better, my guess.

They decided to sacrifice what's left of the main spillway to stop a catastrophic failure elsewhere. That won't last, more rain is coming and record snow is there to melt.

There were a few readers who said I reported about the dam too much. I kept on it, because I strongly believe the spillway failure was sabotage. And I did not think they would sabotage the spillway unless they had run endless 3d modeling proving an absolute failure would result. I was confident this failure was the end result of careful modeling and sabotage to make it happen, but did not say it because it sounded too "out there".

And now, TOO BAD, I'D RATHER BE WRONG but now the emergency spillway is failing also, because it is just too much water to run over a damaged dam. I believe communists in California's government blew the primary spillway up with explosives. After that, nature would finish the catastrophe. And I believe they carefully planned this out fully, complete with ground penetrating radar scans to prove there would be a horrible end result. That is the type of people that are running California now, I would not put this one inch past them.

Whatever happens now all depends upon how strong the rock in the mountain is that all of this water is going to flow over if the emergency spillway does give out completely. Hopefully we will only lose the top 50 feet of water, and not all 770 feet of it. The dam report will be updated regularly in the embedded window.



They are trying to patch a breach that happened to the side of the emergency spillway with rocks and sand bags dropped from helicopters. They also alleviated the pressure by opening up the main spillway a lot more than they wanted to. Time will tell if this works, but the problem is, more rains are on the way in a few days, and it is going to be difficult to drain the dam down far enough for this, to prevent overtopping of the emergency spillway again if they manage to get this latest breach stopped.

And then there is that snowpack . . . . .

My guess is that they will probably save it tonight, and lose it later. They simply can't handle what is coming when the main spillway has to operate at it's full capacity of 250,000 cfs to get rid of it and maybe even that would not handle it.

All oroville dam reports below this point have been superseded by the emergency failure report above, yes, they lost it but not catastrophically yet and are trying to get it back by dropping rocks and sand bags from helicopters.

Oroville update

I spent a couple hours going over videos, comments, and pictures with regard to Oroville dam. From what I can see, the hillside below the emergency spillway is better material than what the main spillway went over. However, there are some minor indicators that the emergency spillway has issues. I don't know how significant they will end up being, but it appears there might be minor erosion happening on the face. And so far, the depth of the water going over it is only about 1 foot 4 inches. If the inflows become significant, I would guess it could have a wall of water 6 feet high going over it. That will be an entirely new ball game.

All the maintenance records on the dam show that the spillway was in perfect condition. Since the initial rupture video shows concrete flying high in the air, I still think the spillway was blown up or sabotaged. This dam has had recent outflows through that spillway of 170, 000 cfs (double Niagra Falls) without issue. For it to self destruct with only 60-70, 000 is a serious reach, I do not believe this was any sort of mishap. Obviously I have no proof of explosives destroying the spillway, or of intentional digging under it by a sabotage crew happened, but can say that is a perfectly rational explanation. Even the engineers are wondering how this happened. That means a LOT.

I have my doubts that this will end well, but also have a fair amount of hope that it will. But this year outflows are likely to reach 300, 000 cfs and with no control over what is going on, well, what can be said? Can the mountain side handle 3-4X Niagra falls? Your guess is as good as mine.

Ultimately it will all depend on how well the materials around the emergency spillway hold up, and how well the spillway itself holds up.

Whale beachings

9th Circuit Court considering hearing immigration ban block again

President Trump did not request this. The 9th circuit court did. The first hearing was done with only 3 judges. The court is considering doing the hearing again with 11 judges. Why would they do that? Because they know they broke the law, and want to avoid being broken up. Breaking up the 9th circuit court is the only way to handle them obstructing justice, when the law so clearly states Trump had the power to do the travel ban.

WHAT'S WORSE? They want Trump to file for them so they can run it again! If Trump is smart, he'll tell them to stuff it and simply take the court apart.

The MSM is doing backflips to try to say it is a new executive order the are going to hear. But I have been over a few reports, and in the second half, they all say the 9th circuit court wants to re-hear the ORIGINAL executive order with 11 judges, not a new one. And the only way they'd be considering that is if they knew their butts were on a hot plate.

Oroville dam within 1/4 inch of overflowing over emergency spillway

The emergency spillway is a concrete wall that simply drops the water onto the mountainside. If it works without ripping the mountain back, that's great, but there is significant reason to believe it won't go so well.

All the maintenance paperwork was submitted for the main spillway, and all of it shows the spillway was in perfect condition. The spillway gets regular inspection, and all reports said it was in perfect shape. I still say the most probable scenario was that it was intentionally sabotaged or bombed. If they can produce the paperwork to show it was in perfect condition, and all the photos out there indicate that, then what else is there to conclude?

They have a serious problem - the erosion is so extreme now that they had to reduce flows over the main spillway because it was going to eat the mountain all the way back to the power lines (these are in the pictures, they are the super huge ones) and make the power lines fall. The original breach was nowhere near those power lines, but running the destroyed spillway caused the water to eat the mountain back so far they were worried about the power lines falling. That is hundreds of feet of erosion.

Hey jim, do you know anything about what causes whales to beach themselves? A mass beaching of 300 whales just happened in NZ, and i found some information saying whale beachings are indicative of a major earthquake or changes in the earth's magnetic field...your thoughts please

My response: The biggest cause of whale beachings that I know of is high powered navy sonar that is searching for submarines. High powered Navy sonar is so loud it can be heard by whales for a thousand miles. When it is close enough it hurts them badly. And they often beach because of it. Whales will beach themselves any time they think they are sick enough or have enough of a problem to harm other whales. Mass beachings happen when large numbers of whales get extremely upset about something, enough to make them think they have a problem with themselves. So whatever that would be, outside of navy sonar it is anyone's guess.

Trump has backed the one China policy

When Trump first took office, he offered support to Taiwan as an individual nation. China sees Taiwan as a renegade province. Previous administrations have honored China's claims to Taiwan by dealing with Taiwan only through China. When Trump gave Taiwan special attention in the first days of his presidency, it angered China badly. Today, in a call with President Xi, Trump backed off on supporting Taiwan as an independent nation and supported the one China policy. I say that was a GOOD MOVE, if Trump wants to "Make America Great Again" there is absolutely no reason to anger China. It is going to be rough enough going as it is with the new position on trade. By backing the one China policy, Trump has greatly reduced the chance of war with China, which is the last thing he needs. Let China be China, and stick to MAGA.

That boy learns quick.

Trump said no to Eliot Abrams

That's good news, we don't need a POS war hawk swamp supported big media loved globalist back stabber like that running the state department. We don't need another Clinton clone in office anywhere.

The state department, in my opinion, got so corrupted under Clinton, Bush, and Obama that it needs a purge all the way down to the lowest employees. Not just stopping with ambassadors. Trump has already done a significant purge, but it won't do a whole lot of good if he puts crap right back in.

Oroville update:

The water is now 4.5 feet from the top of the emergency spillway. They are using the damaged spillway as much as possible. One reader asked why you can't see the rebar My guess is that the cameras can't resolve it because the scene is too big. If there is none, that would be quite a shock.

Betsy DeVos got attacked

This is pretty much a non story but I will mention it because it is making the rounds. Leftists at a school in DC attempted to prevent her from entering an event at the school. She managed to get to a door that was not blocked, and spoke at the event. That pretty much sums it up.

Lots of messages about Kristol

Both sides of the fence. I am on the side of : If he in any way said whites should be replaced by immigrants, he's toast and belongs in the grave. Period. End of discussion.

Preliminary impeachment filed against Trump

Yep, they did it. The basis for impeachment proceedings is that Trump owns businesses, and there is a conflict of interest. The chances of this working are probably nil, but it is still important to at least say someone had the audacity to do it.

OROVILLE DAM IS PROBABLY DOOMED UPDATE: Maybe not if they accept the complete death of the normal spillway.

UPDATE: They are going to just open up the damaged spillway and let it rip. That would be a good move as far as I see it, because it will put the worst erosion more than a thousand feet away from the top, rather than risk whatever happens if they use the overflow and put the erosion right at the top.

New damage proves probable doom

This photo to the left shows the damaged after they did a small release to see how the damage would progress if they tried to use the spillway. As you can see, it is total doom, because it is working its way up the dam rather than down it. The next photo down is making the rounds, claiming it was a maintenance issue. Though that might be possible, I still think it is improbable and that what has happened is the result of sabotage.

This doom photo to the left here shows it has progressed up the dam to where the maintenance trucks are in the photo below. The trucks in the maintenance photo could have been there for any reason. And IF they are at the point of the original failure (that is hard to determine but I don't think so) all it proves is that the democrats who have been destroying California for decades now chose to neglect things rather than repair them, and it is still their fault. This happened after Arnold was out, but I don't think he'd have done anything either because he's a worthless pocket stuffer as bad as any democrat.

What we are seeing at Oroville is cold hard proof that environmentalists, democrats, all of what has been running America lately have real consequences in the real world and it really does not matter how much they can spew about how great they are when we can look at the results right here. There is an extremely high chance of total catastrophe now. I was totally depressed last night over this, because there is true impending doom that would have NEVER happened in Trump's America and there is nothing at all that can be done about it now, we just have to watch whatever happens unfold.

Improbable explanation photo for dam failure making the rounds

I seriously doubt it!

There is a 2013 photo of maintenance crews with their trucks on the spillway making the rounds, and the claim is that they knew the dam had a problem and did nothing. I doubt it. Obviously if they can just drive their trucks on the spillway this is normal maintenance and from what I can find of this photo, the trucks are not even where the failure actually happened, they are higher up on the spillway. The photo is cropped in a way that makes it impossible with the different perspectives to see where the trucks actually are on the dam.

You can't just take a random photo and then make a claim like this, but this will probably still go viral. My take is that this dam was sabotaged by communists in California's government to cause the current problem, and maintenance had nothing to do with it. And if I am wrong about that, it was still Communists anyway, who probably made a stupid environmental excuse for doing nothing while they stuffed their paychecks with the money that should have gone to maintenance because they hated America and wanted it to fail. I doubt it, but if it was maintenance related the story would be that.

And lots of people I can only call idiots are saying the dam failed because it was old. That's a load of BUNK, this type of infrastructure is designed to last 500 years or more, this dam was NEW. Mexico is absolutely loaded with dams that were built at the time of Cortez and age has not made a difference, they are fine. Their biggest problem is reduced capacity due to sedimentation.

Nuclear plant explosion in France

There was no explosion at a nuclear power facility in France and that is why I did not mention it. The reports should have all said "Explosion near nuclear facility in France". All the reports mention there was an explosion but I did not see one that mentioned exactly what exploded. Most likely it was a transformer or something else of the sort. But it happened outside of any nuclear area so I did not bother with it.

The Oroville dam will probably overtop by tomorrow at noon. If not then, shortly after. Then it will finally be big news, when it is TOO LATE. Just the way the scamming MSM and other assorted communists would want it.

UPDATE: THEY ARE HATCHING THE LIE THAT THEY RAN TOO MUCH WATER THROUGH IT AND BLEW IT UP THAT WAY. That is a lie. They peaked at 70,000 CFS and I have re-confirmed that it was designed for 250,000 CFS. My (unproven) explosives theory stands stronger now, because why would they lie like that? If the destruction was not intentional they'd have instead said, "we were only running it at 28 percent capacity, and it gave out". Now they are inventing stories to explain how on earth it got destroyed and that is very suspicious.

I did a capture of Wikipedia because it matched what I already said. Don't let the trolls fool you, WHY ON EARTH would they lie about this now? GOOD QUESTION.

Surprise: I wanted a second source to post here about the spillway capacity in case Wikipedia got expunged. But there are countless reports about this that are years old, and they all say 250,000. So don't fall for the lie when it gets spewed about them "blowing it up" with 70,000. Oh, yes, they probably did "blow it up", with the water as a coincidence.


He just came right out and said it. And he was worried about getting caught on video saying it. Well, he did get caught on video saying it, and of course, Youtube jammed the video so it cannot be viewed. If anyone has this video, SEND IT. He's obviously now finished. And Youtube should be finished for blocking this truth from widespread views.

Kristol said that white America had become lazy, so they should be thrown away and have immigrants work instead. PROBLEM: White America built the greatest country on earth. You don't do that by being lazy. Immigrants do not work as hard or as well as white America because it is too hard, and wherever they come from has either no work schedule or a relaxed schedule. Additionally, no pool of immigrants is anywhere near as educated as the baby boomers or GenX. That matters. Even Mexico has relaxed work schedules. They do not work in Mexico as hard as white America works in America. That said, Mexicans don't have to work as much because the Mexican government is not screwing them at every turn. Maybe Kristol should suggest similar treatment of Americans. Oh, he hates Trump because Trump is going to do that! Kristol is just a white race hater and that is all. He can't possibly be that stupid on this topic.

Trump presented his tax plan

No taxes on singles making up to 25,000, married couples making up to 50,000, no death tax, and no tax rate anywhere above 25 percent. Loopholes completely ripped out for corporations, they will pay now.

Sounds good. Awaiting details.

Brexit passed Parlaiment.

I don't know enough about British government to know what happens next, but the margin it passed by was ENORMOUS. 3:1 (approximately). It looks like the British government is not going to walk on the people after all. This is euro DOOM to the max.

Department of education to be disbanded in 2018

REP Massey Thomas submitted a bill (H.R. 899) to abolish the department of education. This is to happen in December of 2018. DeVos will clean up the mess, and then it will likely be put in a trash bag and thown on the curb. Congress.gov does not have the text of the bill posted at the time of this writing, but when it is posted it will be HERE

Melania won her defamation lawsuit

Even the scamming Politico had to be honest about this. She sued the Daily Mail and blogger Webster Tarpley for calling her a high end escort and other defaming comments that were pure fiction. The court threw out her case against tthe Daily Mail, saying it was out of the court's jurisdiction. But they let the lawsuit against Tarpley proceed, and she won. Sorry about the link to Politico, but their report is complete. You can tell they hated to say this!

Nothing changed at Fukushima

The only difference between this week and last week is that this week the mainstream discovered just how bad it really is. This is something I have covered for YEARS. And they still are not saying how bad it really is. I am not going to bother with this topic right now because I have already said it all and more multiple times, and Oriville dam is a lot more important for America.

A dam in Nevada just broke

The twentyone mile reservoir in Elko county Nevada broke. It is not nearly as bad as the Oroville dam but it should be mentioned. This will result in flooded roads and little more.

Trump knocked down by courts

The swamp monster lives in the court system. I will not say justice system. The courts violated the law, and for some reason are protected. This needs to be priority number one on Trump's short list.

The Oroville dam is going to overflow and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

Right now the inflow is 180,000 cfs and they can only get rid of at most 30,000 cfs. The conditions at the dam were greatly worsened by increased rains. I still believe the spillway was destroyed with explosives to prevent a controlled release. If the spillway was not damaged, it would handle the current inflow without incident. However, now they are going to have to let the water flow over the mountain that forms part of the dam, and that has never been done before. If the mountain cannot take the beating, it is going to be GAME OVER.

At the current inflow rates, once the dam overtops the mountain will have to take, at this time, the full fury of the entire Niagra falls, TIMES TWO, and worse, Niagra falls only has a drop of a little more than 200 feet. This water will do a drop of 900 feet. It is going to be epic, even if it does not end up being an epic disaster.

There is nothing they can do to stop this, because with the spillway as damaged as it is, there will be little difference between letting the dam overflow and trying to use the spillway which is effectively destroyed.

The silence of the government is deafening. They are still telling the public not to worry. I believe that is negligent to the point of criminal. At the current rate of rising water, the dam will overtop tomorrow. If you live downstream it would be a very good idea to pack the car and take a week end vacation.

Target stocks down $10 billion since bathroom policy

Many of you may remember when Target changed its bathroom policy about a year ago. This change in policy let a man use the woman's restroom if he claimed to be a transgender and at least half dressed like a woman. Well, it backfired on Target.

Target has been forced to discontinue expansion efforts after its stock value fell by $18, which was a 25 percent decrease.

TARGET IS A CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF LIBERAL TRASH. THE BOYCOTT IS WORKING. KEEP AT IT, AND WIPE THEM OUT. They can't take much more of this. As much as Wal Mart should not be an option, it is a FAR better option than Target, which is a self declared enemy of values and common sense.

Breitbart had a great write up on this, SEE THIS


Some of my readers are saying I have understated the capacity of Oroville dam.

My calculations are accurate, and are based on the acre feet the dam is stated to be capable of holding. It may be the tallest dam in America, but what it will actually hold is completely dependent upon the terrain behind it. It is not the highest capacity dam, it is the tallest dam. Even still, 4.8 estimated cubic kilometers at overtopping level is a lot.

Why is it important that Jeff Sessions was sworn in?

Because Jeff Sessions is not a traitor to the United States, and Jeff Sessions has the ability to destroy corrupt judges. Jeff Sessions has the ability to launch prosecutions and drain the swamp. Sessions will destroy the corrupt judge that defied Trump's immigration ban because the judge clearly went against the laws of the United States. Here is the text of the law the judge violated in clear insubordination to the President:

8 U.S. Code ยง 1182 - Inadmissible aliens - (this code was written before Trump took office, so he's totally in the clear on this) (f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President

Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate. Whenever the Attorney General finds that a commercial airline has failed to comply with regulations of the Attorney General relating to requirements of airlines for the detection of fraudulent documents used by passengers traveling to the United States (including the training of personnel in such detection), the Attorney General may suspend the entry of some or all aliens transported to the United States by such airline.

The judge that blocked Trump's order, which was clearly a legitimate order that was based on this pre-existing code, is going to be in DEEP DOO DOO now that Sessions is sworn in.

A final summary of the Oroville dam situation


The engineers are totally confused at what happened, and are saying they can't explain it because "it was not supposed to do that". That is engineering lingo for "there is something seriously unexplained here". Yeah, like 2,000 pounds of high explosives.

They probably will not be able to make the mental leap to that conclusion however, because, you know, the brain wash.

A giant dam in Northern California (the largest dam in the United States) suffered a major failure in its spillway when it was operating at 28 percent output capacity. Forget what others are saying about how "huge" the outflow was because the outflow from this particular dam is always huge. Some say it was at 60,000 cfs when it failed, others say it was at 70,000 CFS when it failed, but when it can handle 250,000 cfs that's just a trickle no matter how huge it looks on camera.

I strongly suspect it was destroyed by a bomb by communists and subversives in California's government. I find it extremely odd that this enormous water resource has been crippled right when it could save California agriculture after an extended and proven fabricated drought, which absent the draining of the dams on purpose would have meant nothing. It is proven that the dams were drained in the name of giving tons of water to a fictitious fish called the "delta smelt", which was an invasive species dropped in the Sacramento River delta by settlers 100 years ago. It does not belong there anyway, so saying it is endangered is pure fiction, and nothing but an excuse to destroy California. A textbook communist tactic.

Due to the well proven fact that California has been over-run by subversives who fully intend to destroy America, I believe it is perfectly rational to state a high but unprovable probability that the destruction of the spillway at the Oroville dam was done with explosives. "Made In America" does not fail at 28 percent capacity, "made in America" fails at 300 percent capacity, when this dam was built America usually overbuilt everything by that much. It is irrational to the fringe of lunacy to think that there would be any reason at all, other than intentional sabotage and destruction for this to have happened.

Now the dam is filling at a record rate, and over the last two days has used 230,000 acre feet of it's 500,000 acre feet remaining reserve. My estimate, probably bang on. And the snow runoff season has not even started, with record snowpack. The dam cannot release enough water through the power station to get rid of the water that is coming in, the spillway is needed for this. They can either use the spillway and destroy it entirely, or allow the water to flow over the top of the natural part of the dam (which has trees, roads, it is just basically a mountain) and hope to God the natural materials can handle having that much water running over them. At this time, "that much" is equal to the flow over Niagra Falls. When the spring runoff hits, it will probably be more than that.

My big worry is that even if the natural mountain can handle that, that there are probably additional explosives embedded, that will be set off once enough water is flowing to obscure the blasts. Granted, this dam is in a remote region but it is designed to hold 4.3 cubic kilometers "business as usual" and will be holding (by my estimate) 4.8 cubic kilometers of water when it over tops. That is a recipe for a serious disaster.

To sum it up: There is a very tense situation developing in Northern California that could result in absolute catastrophe. There is nothing the engineers can do, because the hole is 30 feet deep, 100 feet across and 200 feet tall. This will be impossible to fill in only two days, which is approximately how long it will take for the dam to hit 100 percent and start flowing over. I believe it was done intentionally, with explosives but have no proof other than common sense. And even if the dam does fail, I do not believe communists in California's government will turn on the pumps in the delta to give any of the huge burst of water to California growers because they want California agriculture destroyed, that fact is plain as day from past actions alone. When the government becomes your enemy, and wants your nation destroyed (which clearly, clearly is true of California now) this type of thing will become the status quo.


UPDATE: Engineers were sent to the spillway to assess it. There is probably nothing they can do unless a national effort involving every aircraft available bombs the hole with cement to fill it before the dam overtops. This probably won't be done.

They cannot explain how the hole got there to begin with and are only guessing. They might just open the spillway and accept it being destroyed. I think that would be safer than letting the water flow over the top of the dam. Everything is very risky when there is almost 800 feet of water pressure being held back. Absolutely anything can happen.


This means Pizzagate will finally be prosecuted, and Hillary is going to jail. It means a whole lot more. This is what was needed to FINALLY drain the swamp. It means the people who wrecked the dam in California are probably going to jail. MAGA!


I have no proof of this yet, but the videos of the failure show chunks of concrete flying high in the air when this failure happened. Add to this a huge crater at the failure site, and the cold hard fact that the dam was discharging water at only 28 percent of capacity when this happened and outright sabotage starts to look very plausible. And there are other questions: This is the tallest dam in America that is about to be overtopped by floodwaters. This is IMMINENT, and now they can't get rid of the water. Yet the state says no one needs to worry??!!??

This all adds up to the dam being wrecked on purpose, to invite a spectacular disaster. This report is getting widespread attention and I think I should tone it down a bit, but COME ON NOW, something is fishy here and I really do think this is an attack on America's infrastructure by hardline communists in California's government that want nothing other than for America to be destroyed. That this is happening just as California agriculture has a chance after a totally fake drought/water crisis the same communists caused is just too fishy to ignore.

Be aware that they are comparing the output of this dam to Niagra falls, and how much water was coming out - that it matched Niagra Falls. That sounds impressive, but this dam is designed to be able to output 2.5x as much as what goes over Niagra falls when Niagra falls is at absolute max. So the comparisons are a ruse that sounds good, but NOT IN THE CONTEXT OF THIS MASSIVE PIECE OF INFRASTRUCTURE.

This happens to be an absolutely giant dam, with absolutely awesome output capacity. 28 percent of that capacity will look like a LOT.


Whatever happens to this dam is going to depend upon what the base under the spillway is made of. If it is predominantly solid granite, a complete failure might not do a lot. But if it is any sort of aggregate it is going to be GAME OVER.


This dam is 50 feet taller than the Hoover dam.

The communists in California's legislature set this disaster up and are ignoring it on purpose. WHY??!!??


Anonymous sent:

Isn't the dam system a federally funded project? Why can't the feds step in and do something about this? I have been on lake Oroville many times and you cannot get a proper perspective of the size of the lake with pictures. It is huge! If they do nothing and it breaks the death toll will be unimaginable. There are a lot of homes that will simply be swept away. To let that happen knowing it is a possibility should make the government guilty of pre-meditated murder! It is absolutely insane that there is not even a sign of anything in that picture that shows they have even looked at it! Not even a "Do Not Cross" tape around it. Clearly a case of mismanagement at the very least! Un-f**king believable!"

My response: If Trump is kept in the dark about this long enough, the disaster will happen and then you can bet they will try to use this as grounds for impeachment all the while Trump had nothing to do with it. That is how the left in this country operates. The camera angles used to photograph this crisis are borderline criminal. It is all camera tricks to make people think this is just a small project, when in fact it is the tallest dam in America with 2.5X the controlled output capacity of Niagra Falls at peak flow. They make the damaged spillway look like a small rain gutter in the pictures! And the floodwaters are going to overtop the dam in less than 5 days without the spillway working. Ignoring this is CRIMINAL!.

I have searched for pictures that show how huge the dam is, and there is nothing that can show it because the dam is so huge that by the time the dam is in the picture, anything people normally recognize is too small to see. Cars, people, houses, all become either indistinguishable or invisible entirely.

To be clear about Arnold Schwarzeneggar for the dam report:

Arnold was the governor of California until 2011, and he let subversives destroy California agriculture and get away with the delta smelt water shortage fakery until he left the governorship, and at that time the water scam was well into three years. He is either a foreign enemy on American soil or a complete idiot only able to act a script. Being from Austria he should never have been allowed a government position, let alone be governor of California. Just because he acted Terminator really well means nothing, I don't own a terminator movie that has him in it and never will. Boycott.

The bottom line is that the dam failure in California was probably done intentionally via sabotage and intentional mismanagement, to finalize the destruction of California agriculture. And even if the dam breaks you can bet that evil powers will do everything they can to divert even that flood away from growers, and if they do a controlled drain of the dam for repairs, the growers will not get a single drop.

Publicity trolls are trying to cover up the fact it was probably sabotage by comparing the dam's output at failure to Niagra falls. FACT: Despite having almost as much outflow as Niagra falls when it failed, IT WAS ONLY AT 28 PERCENT RATED MAXIMUM FLOW. The dam was built to absolutely dwarf the flow over Niagra falls. Failure with an outflow that was so much less than it was designed for is far more than improbable.

California authorities are saying there is no danger to the dam or to the public. This is a LIE. They just want people to sit on their butts until disaster strikes and at current inflow rates that will happen in less than 5 days. Maybe the dam itself won't fail, but the mountain to the side of the dam, where the spillway is located, sure as hell will. Why the word play? Ask your local California communist.